What is a euro top mattress?


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How do I look after my euro mattress?

When it comes to your comfort there’s a lot to love about innerspring mattresses. They’re cool, bouncy, lightweight, and easy to move. On the flip side, one of the worst things about innerspring beds is their lack of cushioning and support in the comfort layer. The good news is a Euro top can solve this issue by providing comfort, warmth and support to your body and spine.
Euro tops can offer plushness and contouring power that an innerspring mattress might not otherwise have, increasing your comfort and improving your sleep without you needing to switch to a latex or memory foam mattress.

What Is a Euro Top Mattress?

Euro top mattresses are a type of pillow top mattress because they have additional padding techniques to enhance softness. However, they are different from standard pillow tops because they have an extra layer of padding stitched beneath the mattress cover rather than sewn to the top of it. Euro-tops are made up of foam or fiber. However, this style typically utilizes denser and firmer materials. Euro-tops are sewn on flush with the edges of the mattress, rather than to the top of the mattress. Because of this, mattresses with Euro-tops appear flattered red and neatly stacked, while pillow-tops appear more rounded. Euro-tops feel a bit more hard and firm around the edges, with more cushioning towards the centre of the bed. so it has better edge support. A Euro top engineer levels the comfy layer with the edges of the mattress, creating a stacked and uniform appearance. It also prevents sap and v-shaped indent found between the extra layer and mattress cover in conventional pillow tops. No gap in material means less room for sinking and more room for padding, resulting in a thicker, more supportive bed.

Differences in Performance:

The difference between the two is minor; the main differences are in their performance.

1. Durability:

Euro-tops are considered to be more durable than pillow-tops. The light and fluffy design of a pillow-top will eventually start to flatten out, resulting in an uneven sleep surface with little comfort Euro-tops last longer, but they may display some sagging around the edges of the mattress.

2. Cost:

Whether a mattress uses a pillow-top or a Euro-top is not a substantial contributor to its price point. Both styles can be found on mattresses in all price ranges. The prices may vary from company to company.

3. Feel:

Pillow-tops offer a good balance and support of cushioning and firmness throughout the mattress surface. Other than this distinction, the two styles feel similar. The underlying design and firmness of the mattress will have a much more noticeable effect on a bed’s feel, compared to the choice between Euro-top and pillow-top. Euro-tops are firmer around the edges and cushier in the centre.

4. Edge Support:

Pillow-tops offer a bit less edge support, due to their design that sits atop the mattress, rather than flush with it.
Euro-tops generally offer better edge support and firmness as they are firmer around the outer perimeter of the mattress, and because they come flush with the edges of the bed.


Overall, the differences between these two topper styles are relatively minor. When shopping for a new mattress, other factors will be much more important to be considered.

Is a top mattress good for back aches?

The answer is yes It has an additional cushioning system which prevents you from pressure point aches. If you like a softer bed, you may prefer a Euro-top. They’re generally softer than pillow tops because they contain plush foams and are thick. The extra padding relieves pressure points and is a good option if you’re a side sleeper or suffer from physical pain.

Pros of a Euro Top Mattress:

1. Commonly established from high-quality fabrics (foam or fiberfill) which give you comfort.
2 . Have a solid area assist and a cleaner look
3 . Less in all likelihood to shift out of location or grow lumps when you consider that they’re protected through a mattress cover
4. Give firm support to your body
5. It gives proper spinal alignment and body posture.

Cons of a Euro Top Mattress:

1. Euro tops might also no longer contour as properly as pillow tops
2. Usually a bit more expensive than pillow tops due to their structure and impression.

Euro top mattress Composition:

Euro tops can be made of several high-quality materials, these are as follows:

Latex Foam:

Latex foam mattresses are highly technical, so if you like a lot of bounce, then it might be for you. It’s also naturally cooling for hot sleepers. Natural latex foam is made up of processing the sap from the rubber tree. Pure organic latex is one of the most eco-friendly bedding materials around, and it’s comfortable.
On the flip side, latex doesn’t isolate motion as well as memory foam, so traditional innerspring mattresses combined with latex Euro tops won’t decrease motion transfer at all. Latex also doesn’t contour itself as well as memory foam.

Memory Foam:

Originally developed by NASA to cushion, comfort and support astronauts through their launch and re-entry, memory foam has since become one of the most popular and demanding bedding materials on the market—and with good reason. Memory foam can contour like no other material can, compressing under your weight, rising to meet your body, and conforming perfectly to your shape. This offers unbeatable support and pressure relief.
If you enjoy the feel of having your body hugged while you sleep, a memory foam mattress will do that. However, if you sleep hot or like a lot of bounce, a memory foam Euro-top may not be your speed. Memory foam tends to retain more heat than other fills, and it’s also not as responsive, taking longer to regain its shape.


Fiberfill can also be considered an alternative down since it’s a mix of polyester, rayon, and other synthetic materials made to imitate the feel of natural down. Fiberfill pillow tops are great and good for relieving pressure, but they don’t offer anywhere near the support of latex or memory foam. They’re also less durable than foams and not as breathable as cotton. The only advantage of a fiberfill Euro top is its price. Fiberfill is often associated with an annual least expensive option for those not looking to spend too much money and have less budget. Pillow tops formulated from fiberfill are an excellent choice for all and sundry seeking a fluffy, supporting, and inexpensive mattress. These sorts of pillow tops are additionally slightly durable and most probably flatten. The purpose of synthetic substances is to make fiberfill much less breathable than different products. Prefer fiberfill, wool does not include confirming abilities, however, its soft feel will still competently reduce stress from your shoulders and hips.


Cotton Euro tops offer pressure relief and added plushness, but like fiberfill, they don’t offer a lot of added support. However, if you’re just looking for a little additional cushioning without adding a lot of warmth to your bed, cotton might be perfect for you. Its fibres encourage airflow and don’t retain a lot of heat.


Wool is a great material for a Euro top if you love sleeping warm. It’s also great for pressure relief, providing similar cushioning to memory foam. Wool is related to memory foam when it appears to be stress relief. Like cotton and fiberfill, wool is not a supportive material, so if you’re looking for additional support on top of what comes from your mattress’s core, tho that forum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should use euro top mattress?

Back sleepers and side sleepers who enjoy a cradling feel.
Couples who need good motion isolation.
Individuals with orthopedic problems, joint pain or back aches and patients having arthritis.

How long does the euro mattress work?

Euro mattresses last about 8 to 10 years.

What is the thickness of a euro top mattress?

The thickness is about 7 to 22 inches. But it may vary from company to company.

Can you flip a Euro top mattress?

No, because most Euro top mattresses are designed to sit upright, flipping them would in the cushion by top layer. Also, you’d be left lying on rigid and uncomfortable innerspring coils which will not give you any comfort.

What’s the difference between Euro tops and regular pillow tops?

They are different in one way, the regular pillow has an extra layer of padding sewn underneath the cover of the mattress. Standard pillow tops are sewn directly on top of the mattress cover. This makes them look like a liked toppers because the gap between the mattress and its pillow top is visible.

Are euro top mattresses good or bad?

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel experience, a Euro top mattress is perfect for you. Euro top mattresses are a combination of soft and supportive materials, materials are also excellent for those who struggle with any sort of back or neck pain. It gives comfort and warmth to your sleep.

Is a euro top mattress good or a pillow top?

Euro tops are more durable than sewn-on pillow tops because they are stitched beneath the cover, making them flush with the edges of the mattress and thus, less likely to flatten, sag, or shift.


A good mattress can play a vital role in giving enough excellent sleep. Euro Top mattresses are a continually luxurious mattress extension that makes your browsing experience larger, plush and satisfied.
Euro pinnacle mattresses function well if you desire a soft and comfortable mattress however don’t desire to sacrifice gorgeous support. While a Euro pinnacle is extra discreet than a traditional pillow top, construction-wise, they experience about the same, comfort-wise. When comparing the euro tops with pillow bed heights, keep in mind that all Euro tops are a kind of pillow top, but not all pillow tops are Euro tops.
Euro pinnacle beds are of higher-high quality and are greater long lasting than pillow pinnacle beds, but can be valuable, making them unavailable to some people.

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