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Confused about which bed in a box Casper Mattress Vs Purple will comfort and support you the best?

To leave you with an ultimate decision we have compiled a head-to-head comparison between Casper Mattress Vs Purple. Both models have a gigantic presence in the online mattress market and are more famous for their original flagship models. They also release hybrid models, which are giving tough competition to other brands’ hybrid mattresses.

To cut down the chase we have mentioned top similarities and differences for each aspect of Casper Mattress Vs Purple.

Head To Head Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

 Casper, a company that created beds-in-a-box online and debuted in April 2014. The main aim of Casper is to  Make the best mattress that a purchaser can purchase at a reasonable price, sell a single model, and swiftly, for free, deliver it with a 100-day trial period.

The Purple Mattress, created using Utah-based Purple Innovation’s own Hyper-Elastic Polymer, was introduced in 2016. This responsive and flexible gridded material, also known as GelFlex, is designed to relieve pressure while maintaining a neutral temperature.

Similarities Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

  • Both  Casper and Purple are bed in a box mattress.
  • Despite discounts, the prices of the Casper and Purple mattresses are quite comparable.
  • Both companies provide free delivery and returns.
  • A foundation foam support layer is shared by the Casper and Purple mattresses.
  • For combination sleepers and people who change positions during the night, the Casper and Purple should be ideal options.
  • Both of them ought to rank among the top mattresses for back sleepers. 

Differences Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

  • The firmness of the Casper and Purple mattresses may vary depending on the user’s weight.
  • The Purple mattress lacks the zoned structure of the Casper, which targets three ergonomic zones.
  • The top comfort layers of the mattresses are made of completely different materials: the Purple has a gel grid and the Casper has a responsive poly foam layer.
  • The Casper and Purple mattresses feel extremely differently; the former has a firmer, though more balanced foam feel.
  • The Purple should sleep cooler because it is more breathable than the Casper. 

Models Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Two of the most comfortable and well-liked mattresses available are Casper and Purple, and both of them have a highly unique design. The Purple mattress has a gel grid that is unlike anything buyers will find in other bed in a box mattresses, and the Casper mattress has a Zoned Support system that delivers more support or comfort based on one’s sleeping position.

Both Purple and Casper have a lot to offer and ought to be excellent investments. They actually work better for certain sorts of sleepers, though. Purple is a better option for those who require a more supportive and long-lasting mattress than Casper is for those who prefer the classic foam mattress sensation.

Casper Mattress:

Two foam models and three hybrid variants are produced by Casper. The Casper and Casper Element are two foam variants. The Casper is the brand’s premium model, while the Casper Element is a more affordable option. With the addition of pocketed coil systems, the Casper Wave Hybrid, Casper Hybrid,and Casper Nova Hybrid utilise many of the same materials as their all-foam predecessors. 

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

A mixture of polyester, rayon, lycra, and recycled polyester from up to 46 bottles, and upcycled cotton, per mattress is used to create the top of the Casper’s cover. The cover may be taken off and manually spot-cleaned with a light detergent. Since heat may cause the cover to shrink, Casper advises washing it in cold water and air-drying it.

Two layers make up the comfort system: a  zoned memory foam layer and an open-cell poly foam layer. The polyfoam layer’s open cell structure enables for ample airflow to dissipate heat much more than many all-foam variants. To relieve pressure areas, the memory foam layer contours to the body of the sleeper.

Casper Hybrid:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The Casper Hybrid’s construction is essentially the same as the Casper Original’s, with the exception of the support layer.

The Casper Hybrid uses a cover made of a polyester blend that combines recycled plastic and upcycled cotton, just like the Casper Original.

The Casper Hybrid also uses the same comfort system, which consists of a  zoned memory foam layer and a  open-cell poly foam layer. This prevents sleepers from sinking too far into the mattress while still offering extra hip support.

The support system of the Casper Hybrid is what sets it apart most. The Casper Hybrid gives the mattress more edge support by having a 6-inch layer of pocketed coils encased in a 7-inch polyfoam encasement rather than polyfoam. 

Wave Hybrid:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The cover of the Wave Hybrid is made of a mixture of wool, polyester, and rayon. By absorbing heat and moisture, wool aids in temperature control. Three layers make up the comfort system: an open-cell latex layer,an open-cell poly foam layer, and a zoned memory foam layer.

Gel-filled grooves in a polyfoam transition layer target support to promote improved spinal alignment. Under the shoulders and hips, this layer is softer and more supporting. The Wave Hybrid has a polyfoam encasement and a pocketed coil support system. This improves the Wave Hybrid’s ability to regulate temperature, bounce, and support edges. 

Casper Nova Hybrid:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The cover of the Casper Nova Hybrid also comprises recycled polyester and upcycled cotton blended with additional materials like rayon and Lycra. This is followed by a 1.5-inch zonal polyfoam layer and a 1-inch comfort layer of polyfoam. The zoning gives the body’s heavier parts, like the hips, extra support.

Casper Element:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The Element’s cover is made of the same blended fabric with upcycled cotton and recycled polyester as Casper’s other models.

Three inches of polyfoam are used in the comfort layer to provide softness, cushioning, and slight bounce.polyfoam is used in the support layer to create an even, sturdy foundation.

Purple Mattress:

The comfort layer known as Purple Grid is the company’s key selling point. The grid’s walls give way and then bounce back to accommodate each sleeper. Each model needs this material. Purple release, the following variants to market.

  •  Purple Mattress
  •  Purple Hybrid
  • Purple Hybrid Premier 
  •  Purple Hybrid Premier 

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The polyester,  viscose, , and lycra cover used by the Purple Mattress is made of. Stretchy material allows this cover to move with the comfort layer. In order to allow air to circulate inside the mattress, the material is also permeable.

A 2 inches layer of Purple’s unique Purple Grid acts as the comfort layer. This material uses a hyper-elastic polymer built in a grid pattern. The grid walls collapse under strain and conform to the contour of the sleeper. The walls return to their original position once the pressure is released. Heat can also escape thanks to the grid layout.

A  1.8 PCF polyfoam transition layer which is 3.5 inches in thickness supports the sleeper and keeps them from sinking into the hard mattress core. 

Purple Hybrid:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

Similar to the Purple Mattress, the Purple Hybrid also features a polyester,viscose, and lycra elastic, breathable cover that conforms to the shape of the comfort layer without obstructing airflow. The Purple Hybrid also contains 2 inches of the same exclusive Purple Grid, which utilises a cutting-edge grid pattern to conform to the body of the sleeper while allowing heat to escape.

A  transition layer of 2-PCF polyfoam which is 1 inch in thickness is used in the Purple Hybrid to keep the sleeper from coming into direct contact with the coil system. With 7.5 inches of pocketed coils in the support layer, the mattress has more bounce, breathability, and edge support. 

Hybrid Premier 3″:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

The same cover is used for Purple’s other three models and the Hybrid Premier 3. The materials used to make this cover are 

polyester, lycra, and viscose. It is designed to cooperate with the Purple Grid comfort layer, enabling free movement and facilitating cooling airflow.

The patented Purple Grid is 3 inches thick on the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. This layer provides cooling that is comparable to Purple’s other models. Although it is an inch thicker than the comfort layers of the Purple and Purple Hybrid, it nevertheless feels weightless and provides additional pressure relief.

Similar to the Purple Hybrid, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3″ contains a  layer of pocketed coils and a layer of 2 PCF transitional polyfoam.The barrier between the  support and comfort layers is the transitional layer. The bed has greater bounce and edge support because of the pocketed coils, which also allow cooling airflow.

Hybrid Premier 4″:

Casper Mattress Vs Purple

Like all of Purple’s models, this model  has a cover consisting of viscose, polyester, and lycra. This elastic, breathable material is designed to complement the comfort layer’s contouring and cooling properties.

The Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic material, is used in the Purple Hybrid Premier 4″. The most effective pressure alleviation is provided by this model. Compared to Purple’s other models, it feels softer since the comfort layer is thicker.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4″ contains pocketed coils and a  layer of 2 PCF transitional polyfoam underneath the comfort layer. Because this model’s comfort layer is thicker, the transition and support layers’ bounce and support might be less noticeable. 

Firmness Differences Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

The top polyfoam layer of the Casper mattress is quite soft, as are the head and foot of the transition layer, but the support layer is very firm. In our opinion, the Casper mattress feels like a 7/10, just a little firmer-than-average.

The Casper will feel firmer and more supportive when used for back and stomach sleeping, and softer when used for side sleeping because the mattress is firmer toward the center. Additionally, as they sink deeper into the mattress and feel the support layers below, larger people may feel as though the Casper is even firmer.

We gave the Purple a 6.5/10, which is around medium in terms of firmness because it felt a little softer to us. However, a person’s weight will undoubtedly affect how firm the mattress is. Petite people can’t activate the potion as they don’t apply on the mattress. Larger people will really activate that gel grid on top, and they should feel like the Purple is softer. 

Construction Differences Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Let’s examine the Casper and Purple mattresses from the inside out. We’ll concentrate on each layer individually and examine the variations in materials.

Comfort  Layers

The responsive polyfoam layer on the Casper has AirScape technology, which means it is vented for increased ventilation. A layer of memory foam with Zoned Support is placed underneath that, with the centre of the layer being firmer than the top and bottom.

 Support layer

Both the Casper and the Purple have a robust base foam layer that is on par with industry standards. 


The Casper has a knitted, stretchable, and breathable soft cover constructed from recyclable materials. The SoftFlex cover of the Purple is stretchable and breathable.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

While the Casper doesn’t have memory foam right on top, it does have it in the second layer, making it one of the greatest materials for reducing motion transmission. It might be the finest mattress for couples because it appears to manage motion transfer better than the Purple. 

Recommendation Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Below we have mentioned the type of sleepers who will enjoy one mattress to the fullest than the other

Casper Mattress:

Frequent Movers: Those who choose a mattress with a balanced foam feel that is convenient for moving around

Petite Sleepers: Light- and medium-weight side sleepers seeking effective hip and shoulder discomfort relief

Back Sleepers: Those who sleep on their backs and need additional lumbar support

Purple mattress:

Heavy Sleepers: Greater pressure relief is required for heavier side sleepers who don’t want to bottom out on their mattress.

Stomach Sleepers: individuals who require the ideal mattress for stomach sleepers.

Hot flashes sufferer: Those who sleep worry about staying warm at night

Temperature Regulation Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Both the Casper and Purple have cooling features; the Casper boasts Airscape technology, while the Purple includes a gel grid that actively encourages airflow. The Purple, however, ought to be the more permeable, cool-sleeping alternative between the two mattresses.

Consider Casper Wave Hybrid Snow if you want a mattress from a company that sleeps cooler.

Edge Support Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Couples should also take into account edge support because it enables partners to sleep farther apart on the bed without risk of falling out. When we sit or lie down close to the edge of the mattress on the Purple, which provides superior edge support than the Casper, we feel more supported.

Durability Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

It is difficult to determine which mattress will last longer, but based on our data, we believe the Purple will prevail. It appears to be one of the toughest mattress materials we’ve seen, and it shouldn’t sag like some foams are prone to do. For additional choices like these, be sure to read our list of the top mattresses that won’t sag.

Prices Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

The prices of both Casper and purple mattresses fall into the same price range.

  • Casper mattress:$595-$2,595(queen size mattress)
  • Purple Mattress: $1,149-$2,999( Queen size mattress)

Trial Period Comparison  Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Both come with 100 days free night trial. Shipping is also free in the USA

Warranties Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Purple:

Like warranties, both come with a 10 years warranty.

Buyers Guide:

There is no sharp distinction between the performance of the Casper mattress Vs Purple mattress. While buying any model of the mattress don’t ignore your body size and sleeping position. The main factors which should be the core part of your mattress shopping are mattress design, construction, durability, material, performance size, firmness, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Casper’s mattress better than purple?

We wouldn’t suggest that one mattress is superior to the other, but certain people may prefer one over the other. One the one hand, folks who want a balanced foam feel, light- to medium-weight side sleepers, and back sleepers who require more lumbar support ought to prefer the Casper. On the other hand, hot sleepers, stomach sleepers, and heavier side sleepers should do better on Purple.

Is Casper cooler than a purple mattress?

According to our observations, the Purple mattress sleeps colder than the Casper. Its gel grid greatly enhances ventilation, resulting in a cooler night’s sleep. 

Let’s Sum Up:

It’s not simple to choose a mattress from all the bed-in-a-box options available. Who are we to believe when they all claim to be the most comfortable and made of the best materials?

The Casper and Purple are two of the greatest mattresses we have tested out of the many. So which mattress should folks choose, then? The similarities and differences between Casper and Purple are fully outlined in our comparison Casper Vs Purple review, making it simple to choose one over the other. 

We hope that our Comparison of  Casper Mattress Vs Purple will help to take a final decision for your comfort.

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By Muhammad Asim