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Customers can choose the mattress that is best suited to their individual needs and preferences by consulting this comprehensive Purple Vs Leesa mattress comparison guide.

Both Leesa and Purple are likely to be found by online mattress purchasers. Along with foam and hybrid variants, these well-known mattress-in-a-box suppliers also provide pillows, bedding, bases and other sleep-related items.

Which mattress provides the best pressure relief, motion isolation, and temperature regulation may be the question on buyers’ minds. We’ll compare the results of each Purple Vs Leesa mattress in these and other important areas. Additionally, we’ll discuss the cost of each mattress and general user evaluations. Finally, we’ll go over the business policies that customers need to be familiar with before making a transaction.

Head To Head Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress 2022:

Purple Mattress

With its distinctive Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic polymer comfort layer with open-air channels, Purple soon grew in popularity. The Purple Grid supports and eases pressure areas on the body. The Purple mattress range has been expanded to include the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier after the launch of the brand’s original Purple mattress.

Leesa Mattress

The social goal of Leesa, a B Corporation with certification, involves regular mattress donations as well as a charitable activity. The Leesa Sapira Hybrid, Studio by Leesa, and the Leesa Legend have since been added to the company’s product lineup, which originally included the company’s signature foam Leesa mattress. Each mattress includes specialized foam layers for pressure alleviation, with price points ranging from affordable to luxurious.

Models Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

Both Leesa and Purple provide a variety of mattress models to cater to customers with various demands and tastes. Beyond their signature foam versions, both businesses have added more possibilities.

All six of the normal sizes are offered for the Leesa and the Leesa Sapira Hybrid, but a twin size is not offered for the Legend. Each model is offered in a split king size by Purple, although the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier  are not available in twin size.

The comfort layers and support core of each mattress vary, and as a result, so do their height and weight. The Studio by Leesa, the Leesa, or the Purple are mattresses that are 8 to 10 inches tall, making them better choices for customers searching for a low-profile mattress. For both Leesa and Purple, coils give height and support to hybrid models, making them more suitable for sleepers who desire a high-profile mattress.

Each purple model exceeds 100 pounds in a queen size. The mattress may be able to keep in position on the bed frame as a result, but moving or adjusting the mattress is now more challenging. For customers who intend to move with the mattress, Leesa foam versions may be preferable as they are substantially lighter than hybrid alternatives.

Design  Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

Foam, innerspring coils, latex, and other synthetic and natural materials are frequently used to make mattresses. The mattress’s construction decides what kind of mattress it is and has an impact on how sturdy and supportive it is. Although Leesa and Purple both sell foam and hybrid mattresses, the comfort systems and support cores are made of materials that are distinct.

The mattress’s comfort system is in charge of providing pressure alleviation. Latex or contouring foam are frequently used in comfort layers to relieve pressure spots and keep sleepers comfortable all night long. High-density foam is more resilient than low-density foam, which can eventually be prone to leaving deep impressions. Natural latex is more durable than typical and resists imprints.

A mattress’ support core strengthens the comfort system and gives sleepers an even, continuous surface. High-density polyfoam bases are typically seen on foam mattresses for extra durability and good support. In hybrid mattresses, the support comes from pocketed coils. The endurance of steel coils can be increased by tempering.

There are four variants in the Leesa product line, including two foam mattresses and two hybrids. Each Leesa mattress is built with a responsive foam comfort system, albeit the layers’ make-up varies depending on the model. Each Leesa mattress provides substantial pressure alleviation and contouring.

Leesa Mattress:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

A foam mattress with a 10-inch profile is the signature Leesa product. The Leesa’s cover is made of a breathable polyester blend, just like the Studio. The Leesa is gentler, scoring a 5 on a scale of 10 for firmness.

The initial layer of comfort on the Leesa measures 2 inches of polyfoam. While still having more bounce than memory foam, this breathable layer conforms to the shape of the body and allows for easier movement for sleepers. Two inches of memory foam are placed beneath the polyfoam for additional pressure relief and shaping. The Leesa mattress’s 6-inch high-density polyfoam base provides stability and support.

Sapira Hybrid:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid mattress comprises a coil support base, a foam comfort system, and a cotton mix cover. A medium firm rating and an 11-inch profile are the outcomes of the hybrid construction.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid offers a three-layer comfort system. Aerated polyfoam in the first layer measures 1.6 inches thick for considerable contouring and bounce. Increased ventilation and heat dissipation are provided by this layer. For pressure point alleviation, the second layer is 1.6 inches of memory foam. The coil core is protected by a 1-inch polyfoam transition layer, which also lessens motion transfer.

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid gets more airflow and bounce with its 6-inch pocketed coil support core. The coils are reinforced with one inch of polyfoam.

Leesa Legend:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The company’s high-end hybrid model is called the Leesa Legend. It has a 12-inch profile, dual coil design, and a medium firm (6) rating. Organic cotton and merino wool are used in the Leesa Legend’s hypoallergenic cover to wick away moisture.

The Legend offers a mixed foam comfort system that combines polyfoam and memory foam, just like the Leesa and the Leesa Sapira Hybrid. For pressure relief and shaping, this has 1 inch of aerated polyfoam and 1 inch of memory foam.

There are 1.5 inches of micro coils zoned with polyfoam that are unique to the Legend mattress. This layer supports the shoulders and hips while minimising motion transmission. The pocketed coil support foundation and the zoned microcoil layer are separated by a polyfoam transition layer.

Leesa Studio Mattress:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The Studio by Leesa is the model that costs the least for the company. Its 10-inch profile, foam composition, and permeable polyester blend cover are all features. On a scale of 1 to 10, the mattress is considered to be medium firm overall, scoring a 6 on the firmness scale. It contours only slightly.

Two layers of memory foam that isolate motion and relieve pressure make up the Studio’s comfort system. The body is supported by memory foam, which also cushions the shoulders and hips.

A  high-density polyfoam base supports The Studio. The comfort layers are strengthened and consistently supported by this support core.

Purple Mattress:

The Purple Hybrid, Purple mattress, and Purple Hybrid Premier are all produced by Purple. Each mattress model made by the company features a hyper-elastic polymer grid that is exclusive to Purple. The Purple Grid cradles the body with a sensitive feel and open channels for airflow. Every mattress made by Purple is hypoallergenic.Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The Purple mattress is the company’s most well-known foam product. Sleepers can experience the contouring advantages of the Purple Grid because to its stretchy, breathable SoftFlex cover. The Purple is viewed as a medium-sized corporation (6).

When pressure is applied, the 2-inch Purple Grid comfort layer flexes, creating a cradling effect that eases tension and softens pressure points. For further contouring and pressure alleviation, there are 3.5 inches of soft, responsive poly foam underneath the Purple Grid.

The high-density polyfoam support core of the Purple mattress is 4 inches thick. The sturdy foundation supports the body and strengthens the comfort system.

Purple Hybrid:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The Medium Firm (6) rating and 11-inch profile of the Purple Hybrid. For increased ventilation, the StretchMax cover has side panels that are permeable. The Hybrid isolates motion remarkably effectively while maintaining a comfortable amount of bounce.

The Purple Hybrid boasts a  Purple Grid comfort layer for pressure reduction, just like the standard Purple. An inch of transition polyfoam gives the hybrid mattress structure and strengthens the comfort system.

The Purple Hybrid’s core is made up of  of pocketed coils. This flexible layer supports the body and relieves pressure.

Hybrid Premier Mattress:

Purple Vs Leesa Mattress

The business’s high-end hybrid model is the Purple Hybrid Premier. The comfort system is thicker, and customers can select a 4 or 3 inches Purple Grid.

The  Purple Grid supports the body and relieves pressure. This choice has a medium firm (6) rating, just like the Purple and Purple Hybrid. The medium (5) rated 4-inch Purple grid has a gentler feel for sleepers. As the sleepers sink further into the Grid for pressure relief, the thick comfort system creates the sensation of “zero-gravity.”

A  polyfoam transition layer sits on top of pocketed coils in both Hybrid Premier choices. The mattress’s general support and longevity are enhanced by the coil support foundation, which also reduces pressure.

Construction Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

  • The Leesa combines the benefits of latex and memory foam. People should get great pressure relief without becoming caught in the mattress because it is soft but responsive. It offers a balanced foam feel overall, which many sleepers will truly appreciate.
  • A very distinctive substance called a hyper-elastic gel polymer, which remains flat and rigid until a particular amount of pressure is applied, is used to create the gel grid. It will give way beneath the body parts that are heavier while continuing to provide support throughout the rest of the mattress.
  • Many different sorts of sleepers should find The Purple to be a fantastic option. The gel grid will provide comfort for side sleepers and support for back and stomach sleepers.
  • Hyper-elastic gel polymer is one of the more resilient materials I’ve seen used in mattresses, therefore the Purple should be the more durable mattress. It will last a lot longer and shouldn’t sag like foam sometimes does.
  • Compared to the Leesa, the Purple is a little bit more permeable. Both of the mattresses are permeable, but the Purple’s gel grid allows for a lot more airflow.

Firmness Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

The Leesa seems more like a 6/10 in terms of firmness, whereas the Purple feels more like a 7.5/10. It is important to remember that according to one’s weight, the Purple will feel different. The gel grid won’t be activated as much by a lighter individual, making the mattress feel firmer. The gel grid will work harder and the mattress will feel softer if the user is heavier.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

Because the Leesa  has some memory foam properties and the Leesa has memory foam in its second layer, the Leesa handled motion transfer better than the Purple between the two mattresses. Many users  do enjoy the distinctive feel of Purple’s gel grid, memory foam is one of the best materials for reducing motion transfer and it is not as effective as Purple’s gel grid.

On the Leesa mattress, a person should sleep with a partner without disturbing them as much. For couples that don’t want to be bothered by their partner’s movements, it can therefore be the finest mattress.

Edge Support Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

When sharing a bed with a partner, a person should consider how much of their mattress they can actually use. Can they securely sit or lie down close to the edge, or will they fear falling off?

The Purple mattress feels more secure when lying down close to the edge of both beds and when sitting close to them. As a result, the Purple offers overall greater edge support.

Recommendation Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

Purple Mattress:

I recommend the Purple mattress for:

Side and stomach sleepers: the Purple mattress might be a better option for them. Because of its greater support, this mattress should prevent people from sinking too far. Heavy Sleepers; Only the heavier body parts cause the mattress to collapse; otherwise, it is supportive and firm throughout. One of our top mattresses for stomach sleepers is this one.

Hot Sleepers: The Purple should also be the comfiest mattress to sleep on. People should experience less overheating on the Purple mattress as a result of the gel grid’s substantial ventilation capabilities.

Luxurious Mattress lovers: As a very resilient substance, the hyper-elastic gel polymer should withstand extensive use. Purple should be the ideal option for anyone who wants a mattress that will last them for a while.

Leesa Mattress:

I recommend Leesa Mattress for:

Petite Sleepers: The Leesa mattress should be more comfortable for side sleeping for those who are petite. Their shoulders and hips ought to get some lovely pressure relief when they partially sink into the mattress. They might not weigh enough to fully activate the gel grid on the Purple.

Balanced foam feels lovers: The Leesa should be the best option if someone prefers the feel of a foam mattress but doesn’t want to get stuck. Although the foam is soft, it is also extremely responsive, so people won’t get stuck and will instead get a pleasant pressure release.

Tight Budget people: Customers will pay less for the Leesa if they factor in discounts. People could save money by going with the Leesa if both mattresses sound like they might be to their taste.

The decision between the Purple and Leesa mattresses shouldn’t be too tough if individuals take this information into account because the differences are so significant. Side sleepers who wish to save some money should select the Leesa, whereas heavier side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers, and side sleepers should prefer the Purple.

Please use the comment box below to address any particular concerns or inquiries you may have regarding the Purple or the Leesa. This article should be read several times by readers, who should then evaluate their individual requirements and preferences before making a final choice.

Shipping Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

To all 50 states in the US, Leesa offers free shipping. For an extra fee, shipping is available to Canada, the UK, and Germany. For an extra $150, white glove delivery is offered to some locations. This service includes removing your old mattress.

In the United States, Leesa mattresses are created to order and normally arrive between three to eight business days. The mattress is stowed away in a box after being compressed and vacuum-sealed in plastic. It may require an additional seven business days for in-home delivery and setup.

To the 48 contiguous states of the United States, Purple provides free ground shipping. Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska shipping are all available for an additional cost. For $149, white glove delivery that includes old mattress removal is made available.

American factories produce Purple mattresses. The processing of orders takes three to five business days. The mattress is boxed up and transported in that form. White Glove delivery can take several weeks while standard shipment takes three to five business days.

Return Policy Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

A 30-night break-in time is included in Leesa’s 100-night sleep trial before a return can be started. In the event that a customer chooses to return a mattress, Leesa arranges for pickup, delivery, and donation of the mattress. In the contiguous United States, returns are free, but there is a $100 restocking fee for orders delivered to Alaska and Hawaii.

Prior to initiating a return, Purple offers a 100-night sleep trial with a 21-night minimum. Purple arranges for pickup and donation of the mattress in the case of a return. There are no costs for returns.

Warranties Comparison Between Purple Vs Leesa Mattress:

Each mattress comes with a 10-year limited warranty from Leesa, which covers manufacturing and material flaws. This covers physical faults in the foam and/or cover as well as impressions larger than one inch. A faulty mattress will be fixed or replaced by the business. Any shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For its mattress cover and its interior, Purple provides a 2-year limited warranty and a 10-year limited warranty, respectively. This guarantee covers manufacturing and material flaws, including splits or cracks in the foam as well as indentations bigger than one inch. A faulty mattress will be fixed or replaced by Purple, but shipping and inspection fees are the responsibility of the buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Purple Brand was launched?

The purple brand made its first appearance in the bedding world on 22 January 2016.

When was the Leesa mattress launched?

The Leesa mattress was launched in 2016.

Let’s Sum up:

The Purple and Leesa may be the only options left for someone looking for a decent online mattress. These two businesses were forerunners in the bed-in-a-box industry, and the mattresses are of the highest calibre.

People could find it difficult to decide between the two as a result. People can make the best choice by reading our Purple Vs Leesa Mattress comparison.

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