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 In this article, we have reviewed a number of differences and a few similarities between the bear mattress vs nectar.

Given their similarities, Bear and Nectar are difficult to select between. But there are some differences between them. We’ll take you through those distinctions in our Bear mattress vs Nectar comparison.

These two mattresses are made for various types of sleepers due to their construction and firmness. Which brand-new mattress would be best for you? Discover your match by reading on.

Head to Head Comparison Between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar In 2022:

Bear Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Nectar

2014 saw the founding year of Bear. The Bear Mattress, the company’s signature product, is a multilayered foam mattress covered in Celliant technology, which is intended to keep the body cool while you sleep. The Bear Mattress is regarded as firm.

The Bear Hybrid mattress was introduced by Bear in 2018. The 14-inch Bear Hybrid mattress combines coil and foam technology. It feels solid . The Serene foam is made to fit into every body crevice to provide support and alleviate pressure. Individually pocketed Quantum Edge coils provide plenty of support for sleepers.

Nectar Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Nectar

In 2017, Nectar Sleep made its debut. Gel memory foam and transitional polyfoam are combined to create a closely conforming feel in the company’s flagship mattress. High-density polyfoam makes up the support core. Medium firmness is the feel of Nectar mattresses. Nectar beats out its rivals in terms of foam mattress quality while charging less.

Similarities Between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar: 

  • The Bear and Nectar mattresses are made of memory foam.
  • Both mattresses fall within the same range of affordable prices.
  • Both mattresses provide a level of comfort that is great for the typical sleeper.
  • Both mattresses are remarkably responsive, swiftly responding to the movements of the body.
  • Both mattresses lack a soft adequate top layer for side sleepers who are light.
  • Both of these mattresses have good spinal alignment, which implies they support your body weight equally from head to toe.
  • The contouring foam and strong foundation layers of the Bear and Nectar make them both excellent mattresses for back sleepers
  • The medium-firm texture of these two beds strikes a mix between support and comfort.

Differences Between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar: 

  • Bear better supports the spine, alleviating back muscle tension, while Nectar provides superior pressure relief and a deeper, more cradling sensation.
  • Bears have better breathing abilities and sleep cooler.
  • The trial time for Nectar Sleep is longer
  • For partners and combination sleepers, the Bear is the best option because it responds more quickly to changes in position.
  • The Nectar, on the other hand, somewhat improved motion isolation, which is also beneficial for couples.
  • Both mattresses offer superior pressure reduction, but the Nectar offers deeper shoulder and hip cushions while the Bear has less sinkage.
  • Despite the fact that both mattresses have efficient cooling systems, the Bear mattress keeps colder than the Nectar.

Comparison of Design Between Bear mattress VS Nectar:

The Nectar and Bear beds have very different feels, with the Nectar having a more conventional memory foam feel and the Bear having a firmer, more responsive foam feel. These distinctions, which are brought about by their differing foam compositions, make these two mattresses more suitable for various types of sleepers.

For back, side, and combination sleepers who weigh less than 235 lbs, the Bear mattress is the ideal option. The lighter comfort layers may not be enough to keep heavier sleepers from sinking through. We adore the Bear for sleepers with aches and pains because of the superb spinal support provided by the high-density foam layers of the mattress.

The Bear is a great choice if you want a foam mattress that doesn’t sleep hot because it’s one of the coolest all-foam beds we’ve ever evaluated.

In comparison to the Bear, the Nectar mattress contains thicker layers of memory foam that behave more traditionally and provide a cuddling feeling. Though it can sleep a little hotter than the Bear mattress, this offers superior pressure relief. To enjoy the deep cradling feel of the Nectar, you must appreciate the sensation of softly sinking into a mattress. The nectar might help you feel better if you have hip or shoulder ache.

Comparison of construction Between Bear mattress VS Nectar:

Bear mattress

Comfort Layer that is made  of Graphite-Gel Memory Foam:  This layer dissipates heat from the body and offers comfort.

A responsive foam transition layer: that offers balanced support and benefits for pressure reduction.

Cooling Celliant Cover: The Bear mattress comes with a Celliant Cover that is permeable and aids in cooling the surface.

Polyfoam Base Layer :  The Bear mattress’ ultimate layer provides enduring durability.
Nectar Mattress

 Smart Layer: The flayer is made up of  gel memory foam, which is cushioning and provides excellent pressure relief while you sleep.

Dynamic Adjustment

Full-body support is provided by a foam layer that is capable of dynamic adjustment.

 Base Layer for stability: The final foam layer in the Nectar’s construction supports the mattress as a whole.

Lower Cover that is shift resistant: A shift-resistant lower cover aids in maintaining the mattress’s position throughout the night.

Motion Transfer In Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

To prevent disturbing their companion, partners require a mattress that effectively isolates motion. With an 8/10 rating, the Bear did well in this category whereas the Nectar struggled. Consider the Bear mattress if you share a bed with someone.

Cooling  Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Nectar:

Both mattresses performed an excellent job of keeping us cool despite the fact that memory foam mattresses tend to trap heat more than hybrid mattresses. Both businesses work hard to build cooling technology into their mattresses so you can sleep at the perfect temperature. Nectar employs a cooling cover, while Bear uses graphite-infused foam to draw heat away from the body.

Comparison of Spinal Alignment In Bear Mattress VS Nectar:

It’s crucial to maintain a neutral spine so that you don’t experience any new pains when you wake up. Although the Bear mattress performed exceptionally in this category, we thought the Nectar mattress was only fair. The Bear mattress can be a better option if you suffer from back discomfort.

Comparison Of Durability Between Bear mattress VS Nectar:

The durability of the Bear and Nectar mattresses is comparable. The typical lifespan of high-density memory foam is five to seven years. Under the warranties of both firms, you might be entitled to a replacement if your mattress develops indentations larger than 2″.

The Nectar mattress is guaranteed for your lifetime (as long as you’re the original owner) while the Bear mattress is also guaranteed for lifetime. 

Comparison of Firmness Between Bear mattress VS Nectar:

Your body shape also affects how a mattress feels. For instance, heavy sleepers typically sink deeper into the layers of the mattress and, depending on the materials, feel the mattress to be either softer or firmer.

The Bear mattress has a firmness rating of 7/10, which puts it toward the top of the medium-firm spectrum. The mattress features a soft top layer and harder second and third layers, so the firmer it feels the more you sink into it. For sleeping postures that call for extra support, such as on one’s back or stomach, this firmness level is ideal.

Comparison of Pressure Relief In Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

The main contributor to a mattress feeling comfortable and cloud-like is pressure alleviation. For side sleepers, who want more softness around their shoulders and hips, it is a crucial feature.

We advise The Nectar to most of the people who are side sleepers since it offers excellent pressure reduction. Even though the Bear is a little firmer, it still offers effective pressure relief. The Nectar is our recommendation for side sleepers and those with hip or shoulder trouble, but it should also help for back and stomach sleepers.

Comparison of temperature In Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

A comfortable mattress is essential because if it’s too warm or cold, it will be difficult for you to go asleep and stay asleep for very long.

Both of these mattresses aren’t the coldest on the market, but memory foam is known for holding a lot of body heat. Nevertheless, they both have cooling components to keep heat from building up beneath your body. For the typical sleeper, they’ll be OK, but if you get very warm at night, have a look at our list of the best cooling mattresses.

Comparison of supportiveness between Bear Mattress VS Nectar: 

Bear Mattress

Supportive mattresses can make a difference in how well you sleep at night, whether you wake up refreshed in the morning or every hour. These mattresses are excellent at offering long-lasting support to sleepers.

 Nectar Mattress

Overall, these mattresses perform admirably in terms of support in the market. The back and spine may be properly aligned on them, and customers say they are comfortable. The surface layer of these mattresses, according to reviews, is supportive, and there are no short-term support loss issues.

Comparison of Sex In Bear Mattress VS Nectar:

Lovers shouldn’t feel trapped in the bed on the Bear mattress because of the harder transition layer. This is a reasonable choice.

The Nectar is not among the top beds for sexual activity. The Nectar is not the most sensitive device, so moving around and changing postures could be challenging.

Comparison of noise Between Bear Mattress VS Nectar::

Because the Bear and Nectar mattresses are both comprised completely of foam, there was no audible noise when testing them.

Comparison of off-gassing In Bear Mattress VS Nectar: 

The materials of Bear mattresses are CertiPUR-US certified as being free of dangerous substances. There shouldn’t be any scents or off-gassing to speak of.

The Nectar, though, is another matter. Although some mattress off-gassing is to be expected, it should only linger for roughly 48 hours.

Comparison of Edge support Between Bear Mattress VS Nectar:

The distinction between being able to fall asleep anywhere on the Bear mattress and only being able to do so in the center is excellent edge support. But these mattresses do a great job of offering edge support.

For people who lay close to the side of the bed and need a supportive surface, edge support is a crucial feature. The edge support on Nectar mattresses is excellent as they move toward the side of the mattress.

Score Comparison Between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

On the overall mattress score scale, both got 9.7 out of 10 point

Comparison of Price value Between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

On the scale of Price value, Bear scored 9.5 out of 10 while Nectar Mattress got 9.8 out of 10 points.

Comparison of Prices between Bear Mattress Vs Nectar:

Prices of a Bear mattress range from 748 US Dollars to 3997 US Dollars. Prices for Nectar Mattress range from 499 US Dollars to 1999US Dollars

Comparison of Advantages Between Bear Mattress VS Nectar: 

 Bear Mattress

  • Celliant Cover’s breathable design hastens muscle recuperation.
  • Foam with copper infusion for a fresher, cooler sleep.
  • Unwanted body heat is removed by gel memory foam.
  • Responsive Transition Foam provides balanced support while relieving pressure.
  • Long-lasting durability is provided by high-density support foam.

 Nectar Mattress

  • The high-density foam is used to create the top layer of the foam because it doesn’t sink in as much as conventional foam does.
  • Additionally, it is tougher.
  • Your body temperature can be controlled by the phase change material inserted in the layer of gel memory foam.
  • Three inches of foam make up the support layer which is good for spinal alignment.

 Comparison of Disadvantages Between Bear Mattress vs Nectar:

Bear Mattress

  • According to me, this mattress needs some time to break in and seems stiffer than anticipated when it is first delivered.
  • Since the top layer is so plush, stomach sleepers could not get enough neck support from it.
  • Additionally, individuals with larger bodies or couples who weigh more than 200 pounds each can find it to have too much sink.

Nectar mattress

  • No springs are affixed. The Nectar mattress series consists of three foam-only mattresses.
  • Foam mattresses frequently have a weird new mattress scent, which is a customer service issue.
  • Although Nectar has several lovely corporate policies, there are many complaints regarding its customer support.

Bear Mattress Vs Nectar Mattress Recommendations:

I Recommend Bear Mattress for:

Memory Foam Lovers:

Memory foam has a tendency to hold on to a lot of body heat, but the Bear adds cooling gel and graphite to its memory foam layer to combat this issue. Sleepers who are hot stay cooler than they would on conventional memory foam mattresses as a result.

Combination Sleepers:

 Combination sleepers move more easily to change positions since they stay more upper part  of the mattress than inside  it. Check out our list of the best mattresses for combo sleepers for mattresses that are more responsive.

People who sleep on their back:

On the Bear, back sleepers enjoy a comfortable combination of support and whole-body shaping.

 I recommend Nectar Mattress for:

CouplesBecause memory foam naturally lessens motion transmission, couples should anticipate fewer sleep interruptions.

Joint Ache Sufferers: The Nectar’s comfort layers provide plenty of pressure alleviation for people with hip or shoulder pain.

Side SleepersThe Nectar’s top memory foam layer will cradle side sleepers as they sink into it, easing pressure on pressure points like the shoulders and hips. Even for side sleepers, we think the Nectar is one of the top mattresses.

Not Good for Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Nectar: 

Bear Mattress is not good for:

Side sleepers: Because of their propensity to brush up against the stronger transition layer, side sleepers may experience a squeezing sensation in their shoulders and hips.

Heavy Sleepers: The 10″ all-foam Bear mattress is not suitable for heavyweight sleepers (those above 235 lbs.). They often require mattresses that are deeper than 12″ and have a supporting coil base layer.

Nectar Mattress is not good for:

Stomach sleepers

Those who sleep on their stomachs should choose a firm mattress with plenty of lumbar support. The Nectar does not rank among the top mattresses for stomach sleepers because it is a medium-firm mattress with a soft top layer.

Heavy Sleepers: 

If you weigh more than 235 pounds, you may sink too far into the Nectar, which could lead to spinal misalignment and back pain. Heavy people require a mattress that is more supporting, such as one made of coils, latex, or other dense and long-lasting materials.

Company Policies Of Bear Mattress Vs Nectar: 

Bear mattress

 The company gives hundred days of free trial duration and a lifetime warranty. The shipping of mattresses is also free.

Nectar Mattress

The company gives a lifetime warranty and three hundred and 120 days free trial. Shipping of mattresses is also free.

Buyers Guide

According to me, the best choice is the Nectar mattress as its prices are more promising and also good firmness. Moreover, the company policy is also better than Bear mattress. If you sleep with your partner then go for Nectar mattress But if you are solo sleeper than both Nectar and Bear mattress will do good for you..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Nectar mattress good for back sleepers?

The Nectar mattress, despite being made entirely of foam, is on the harder side of the firmness spectrum and can support some back sleepers. Lightweight and average-weight back sleepers should find that their spines stay upright on top of the bed thanks to a memory foam layer designed to prevent sleepers from sinking into the mattress.

Is a Bear mattress good for average-weight stomach sleepers?

Additionally, this bed is excessively soft for stomach sleepers of normal weight. It will permit their hips to sag too deeply into the mattress, which may eventually result in pain.

Is a Nectar mattress good for side sleepers?

The Nectar’s pressure-relieving foam under the shoulders and hips makes it a wonderful mattress for side sleepers. Side sleepers who are between average and high weights should sink into the contouring layers created to maintain spinal alignment.

What is the size of the Bear hybrid mattress?

The coil system has a solid foundation to rest on thanks to a final coating of polyfoam. The Bear Hybrid is a high-profile style and measures a total of 14 inches thick. The Bear Hybrid may require extra-deep sheets because of its thickness.


The type of mattress which is best for you depends on your needs such that sex, body weight sleeping position, budget, and a number of other factors. But between the two I am more on the side of the Nectar mattress.

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