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 Two online mattress retailers, Bear and Purple, have experienced a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. Each business provides hybrid and all-foam models with unique characteristics that appeal to buyers seeking a change of pace. Both businesses have expanded into a range of additional sleep products, including bed frames and pillows.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, purple and bear are excellent options. To assist you in selecting the mattress that best suits your needs, we’ve put together a detailed comparison of the Bear mattress VS Purple, including technical details, pricing, sleeper ratings, and more.

Head To Head Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

The Purple Grid, a hyperelastic polymer that bends and flexes to offer novel pressure relief, is a key component of Purple. Purple also sells the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier mattresses, which pair the Purple Grid with a pocketed coil support core, in addition to its flagship Purple Mattress.

People that lead active lifestyles are the target market for Bear mattresses. In order to hasten muscle and tissue regeneration, the company uses specialized foams and Celliant technology in all of its mattress covers. The all-foam Bear Original, the slightly more upscale Bear Pro, and the Bear Hybrid makeup Bear’s current mattress portfolio.

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Similarities Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

  • For back and certain side sleepers, both mattresses are suitable.
  • They are both reasonably breathable cooler-sleeping mattresses.
  • The firmness of the mattresses is comparable.

Differences Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

  • The Bear is slightly less expensive than the Purple.
  • The mattresses feel significantly different because of the very various materials used in their creation.
  • The two mattresses feel different from one another. The Bear has that traditional memory foam feel, while the Purple has a special firm but pressure-relieving sensation.

Construction Differences  Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

  • It will be simpler to move around on the Purple because its gel grid is more sensitive than the Bear’s memory foam.
  • Given that the gel grid can support higher weights than the foams in the Bear, the Purple should provide more support than the Bear.
  • The Purple mattress is the one that breathes better. The gel grid provides for enough airflow, which keeps the mattress at a constant temperature.
  • Because the gel grid is made of a substance that is incredibly strong and shouldn’t sag too rapidly, Purple has the advantage in terms of longevity. Our top choice for the greatest mattress that won’t sag is this one.
  • The Bear’s Celliant cover is intended to aid in recovery and has additionally been demonstrated to keep sleepers cooler while enhancing airflow. It is a perfect fit for athletes because of this.
  • The hyper-elastic gel polymer used by The Purple is exclusive and exclusive. Up until you exert a specific level of pressure, the gel grid maintains its flat and supportive surface. When it occurs, only that particular location will collapse; the remainder of the mattress will remain level.

Firmness Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

The Purple felt like a 7.5/10, while the Bear seemed more like a 6.5/10. It is crucial to keep in mind that a person’s weight may have an impact on how firm these mattresses feel to them. Because they could activate that gel grid more than a lighter person , a larger person may experience the Purple as being softer. The Purple might therefore seem softer to them as a result.

Additionally, the Bear mattress might seem firmer to you than it did to me if you are a larger person. The former layers below the soft memory foam might be reached by pressing through it.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

When shopping for a couple’s option, a person will want to know how their mattress handles motion transfer. Will they bother them if their partner moves throughout the night or gets up to use the restroom?

Given that the top layer of the Bear mattress is soft memory foam, this is hardly a surprise. This substance is renowned for effectively reducing motion transmission.

The Bear might be an excellent choice for anyone looking for the finest mattress for couples.

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Edge Support Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

Edge support is something to keep in mind if one sleeps with a partner or simply wishes to use their entire mattress. When someone sits or lies down close to the edge of the mattress, edge support measures how well the mattress supports them. Both of them collapse significantly when seated 

Close to the edge to the edge of the respective mattress.

Recommendation Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

Purple Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Purple

I recommend the Purple mattress for:

Stomach Sleepers: It’s critical that kids have the appropriate level of support if they spend most of their time sleeping on their stomach. The Purple mattress is the more supportive of the two, therefore it should prevent hips from buckling.

Heavy Sleeper: The Purple should be a better fit if a person is on the heavier side for a variety of reasons. For instance, purple is more supportive and should be able to support heavier weights. The grid under the shoulders and hips of larger side sleepers should collapse, providing them with significant pressure alleviation.

Frequent Movers: Purple is a wonderful option if a person prefers not to sink too deeply into their mattress. On top of the Purple, people will sleep longer and should have no trouble getting around.

Bear Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Purple

I recommend bear mattress for:

Petite Sleepers: The Bear should probably be a better option if the sleeper is not too heavy, sleeps on their side, and isn’t too big. The soft memory foam should allow people to sag into it and provide pleasant pressure alleviation for their shoulders and hips. When lying on their side, the Purple’s gel grid may not be able to be activated by someone who is too light.

Athletes: The Bear can be a fantastic option for someone searching for a mattress to aid in their recovery after a strenuous workout. Celliant, which has been created to improve blood flow and keep individuals cool while they sleep, is present in the cover.

Memory foam lovers: Without a doubt, the Bear is the best option for anyone who likes the slow-moving feel of memory foam. People might gradually sink into the mattress due to its quicksand-like texture. People will feel more like they are sleeping inside the mattress as a result.

Prices Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

The Bear mattress is significantly less expensive than the Original Purple. According to the MSRPs, a queen-size Bear, for instance, costs around $300–400 less than a queen-size Purple.

Additionally, when it comes to coupon coupons and promo codes, Bear is more aggressive.  Despite the fact that Purple doesn’t frequently provide discounts, it virtually always includes a free gift (such as a set of sheets, a pillow, or a mattress protector) with every mattress order.

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Shipping Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

Shipping involves two type of methods:

  • White Glove Delivery
  • Bed in a Box 

White Glove Delivery

Delivery staff will come and set up the mattress for you if you choose White Glove delivery. Customers who choose White Glove delivery typically have the option of adding old mattress removal. White Glove delivery is more complicated, therefore it typically takes longer, costs more, and might not be offered outside of the contiguous United States.

For its hybrid mattresses, Purple offers an optional White Glove delivery service. For the Purple Hybrid, this service is available for an additional cost; however, the Purple Hybrid Premier and any versions weighing more over 150 pounds receive it free of charge. Due to their increased weight, king and California king Hybrid Premier mattresses require obligatory White Glove delivery. All White Glove customers have the option to request old mattress removal as well.

For an additional $100, Bear offers White Glove delivery, and for an additional $150, old mattress disposal. Orders being shipped to Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, or other countries beyond the 48 contiguous states may cost more to ship and take longer to arrive. In these places, mattresses might not be offered for sale at all, and White Glove delivery is uncommon.

For an extra fee, Bear and Purple both ship to Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Due to their weight, Purple mattresses that weigh more than 150 pounds cannot be shipped by ground shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.

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Bed in a box

The capability to compress mattresses and shrink-wrap them for transportation has been a major driving force for the online mattress market. These mattresses-in-a-box are less expensive and less complicated to ship.

Mattresses often arrive at your door within a few business days, and the majority of mattress suppliers provide free delivery inside the contiguous U.S. Whether the mattress is transported from abroad or from a U.S. manufacturing facility will affect the shipping times.

Moving the box to the desired area, gently removing the box and plastic layers, and allowing the mattress to expand are all necessary steps in setting up the mattress. With two individuals, this task might be simpler. Both Purple and Bear provide free FedEx Ground shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

Returns Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

Online mattress retailers frequently provide at least a 90-night in-home sleep trial. If you determine the mattress isn’t the correct fit for you during the sleep trial, you can return it for a refund.

The majority of the time, the business will arrange for mattress removal. Mattress returns are either recycled or given to a good cause. While the majority of businesses provide a risk-free policy, some could impose a small restocking or return shipping fee.

Purple provides a 100-night sleep trial, but requests that customers use the mattress for at least 21 nights to give their bodies time to get used to it. Customers have the option of exchanging the mattress for another Purple model rather than receiving a refund.

With a 30-night break-in period, Bear provides a 120-night sleep trial. Customers should return the mattress first, then order the new one, if they want to exchange it for a different Bear model.

Warranties Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Purple:

Consumers are protected from manufacture and workmanship flaws by mattress warranties. Original buyers of a new mattress from an authorized dealer should receive warranty coverage at no extra cost.

The typical mattress guarantee is at least ten years long. The mattress will often be fixed or replaced by the manufacturer during this time, at their option.

The majority of warranties cover flaws in the cover as well as observable indentations and foam splitting or cracking. Most businesses demand that their mattress be used with a suitably stable foundation in order for the guarantee to be effective. Comfort preferences, typical wear and tear, stains, inappropriate care, or mattresses with other indicators of abuse are typically not covered by mattress guarantees. To avoid nullifying the guarantee, keep the law tags attached and take note of any further requirements.

For all of its mattresses, Bear provides a lifetime warranty. Purple provides a separate 2-year warranty for its covers in addition to a 10-year non-prorated warranty for all of its mattresses.

Buyers Guide:

In the end, it shouldn’t be too difficult to decide between the Purple mattress vs Bear. While the Bear should work better for those who prefer to sink into their mattress, for lighter side sleepers and those, the Purple is a fantastic alternative for heavier persons and those who prefer to sleep on top of their mattress. This article should be read several times by the audience in order to examine their own favored sleeping positions and come to a more educated conclusion

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a bare mattress more affordable or purple?

Yes, a Bear mattress is more affordable than a purple mattress.

Is a purple mattress sleeping cooler than a bear mattress?

Yes purple mattress sleeps cooler than bear mattress 

Let’s Sum up:

No mattress is bad and not any mattress is good. The badness and goodness of a mattress is all driven by your sleeping style and body weight. To get an enormous amount of support and comfort, all you have to do is to choose and invest wisely.

Any queries you may have regarding the Purple and Bear mattresses should be posted in the comments section below.

Hopefully! Our detailed Bear Mattress VS Purple comparison has helped you, in the way of decision making.

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