Bear Vs Layla Mattress


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  In this article, we have compared the Two hottest mattress brands on the market. After consuming 24 cups and spending 67 hours in front of a laptop screen we have written this article for you.

We examine the distinctions, resemblances, price ranges, and structures of the Bear Vs Layla mattresses below. Find out which mattress is the greatest for you by continuing to read.

Head To Head Comparison Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress in 2022:

Bear Mattress:

Bear Vs Layla Mattress

In order to help people sleep better, recover from daily exhaustion more quickly, and perform better in life, Scott Paladini, a New Jersey native, launched the Bear Mattress company in 2014.

Layla Mattress:

Bear Vs Layla Mattress

The inventors of Layla set out to build the ideal mattress by taking into account all of the major issues that people who sleep have. Cooling and support are the two factors that matter most when choosing the best memory foam mattress. Creating a cooling mattress that is also comfortable and supportive at the same time was Akrum and Gregg’s goal.

Main Similarities Of  Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Both the Bear and Layla mattresses are made entirely of foam, with a bottom layer of high-density foam and several memory foam levels.

  •  Each of them has the same memory foam sensation or feel.
  • In lab evaluation, these mattresses had comparable results for spinal alignment.
  • On both, you can count on having a perfect sleeping posture.
  • They also received high marks for suppleness, which refers to how well the mattress surface adapts to your changing posture.
  • The memory foam will have returned to its original position by the time you roll over it, so you won’t feel as though you are rolling back into the imprint your body left on it.
  • Both Layla and Bear provide a lifetime warranty on their mattresses, which is practically unheard of.
  • The comfort layer foams on both beds have cooling agents. The Layla mattress is made of copper, whereas the Bear mattress is made of graphite.
  • Both beds lack enough support for people who are quite heavy because they have polyfoam 
  • support cores rather than coils. Each will have some border sinkage as well.

 Main Differences Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

  • Layla performed substantially better at isolating movement on the mattress surface, as seen by its significantly higher motion transfer score.
  • Celliant yarn and foam with graphite infusion are only two cooling technologies in the Bear mattress. Compared to Layla’s mattress, it offers much colder rest.
  • Even while both businesses run deals often throughout the year, Bear typically offers deeper discounts, so irrespective of when you buy it, you’re probably going to save more money.
  • Despite the fact that both beds include memory foam, they have fairly different feels. 
  • The Bear features an elevated surface with a little givedue to the combination of soft memory foam and thicker polyfoam. 
  • Although Layla’s memory foam doesn’t have the same viscosity as conventional memory foam, it feels fluffier and settles in a little bit more.

Comparison of Construction and design Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress: 

Bear Mattress

Comfort Layer that is made of Graphite-Gel Memory Foam:  This layer dissipates heat from the body and offers comfort.

A responsive foam transition layer:  that offers balanced support and benefits for pressure reduction.

Cooling Celliant Cover:  The Bear mattress comes with a Celliant Cover that is permeable and aids in cooling the surface.

Polyfoam Base Layer :  The Bear mattress’ ultimate layer provides enduring durability.

Layla Mattress

Memory foam impregnated with copper: The mattress’ soft side is thicker than its hard side. It contains copper, which has cooling, soothing, and antibacterial properties. As the memory foam conforms to your shapes, bones, and joints are relieved of pressure.

Airy foam layer:Underneath the soft layer is an egg-crate-shaped foam grid that controls air flow. The foam’s divots enhance ventilation, which keeps you cooler.

Memory foam infused with copper; Similar to the soft side, the hard side also contains copper, which reduces inflammation and dissipates heat. The supporting qualities of the foam are activated by your body weight in this layer, which Layla refers to as “variable support.” You gain additional support as you put more weight on the foam.

Removable Clothing cover : All four layers are protected by a removable cooling cloth cover.

Base or Foundation Layer: The durability and motion isolation of the mattress are enhanced by this high-density support foam.

 Comparison of firmness Between Bear Vs Leesa:

The firmness of the mattresses and the kinds of foams utilized in their construction can be used to explain the differences in feel between the Layla and the Bear. Because it contains the bigger memory foam comfort layer of the two sides, Layla’s soft side delivers the most traditional memory foam sensation.

The Bear is a little firmer than Layla’s firm side, but they are more equivalent. The hard side of the Layla has a fluffy, airy sensation that you burrow into, while the Bear also has a dense feel that provides lift and pressure reduction.

Comparison of Durability Between  Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

The Bear and the Layla appear to be comparable to memory foam mattress industry averages. With nightly use, they should last approximately seven years. A hybrid bed, however, can have a longer lifespan if you’re seeking a mattress that is extremely robust.

 Comparison of Spinal Alignment in  Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

On any mattress, establishing spinal alignment depends on your sleeping position and weight, much like pressure relief. For light-back sleepers and average-weight side sleepers, we believe Layla’s soft side is ideal. Any position of works nicely with the firm side.

The Bear’s dense foams and medium-firm feel give stomach and back sleepers a wonderful lift, but certain side sleepers might find it difficult to sink into the mattress deeply enough to attain proper spinal alignment.

Comparison of Pressure Relief  Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Your weight and sleeping posture affects the pressure relief you feel on a mattress. Generally speaking, both mattresses should offer sufficient pressure alleviation for light to average size sleepers. Layla’s soft side is best for those who desire a mattress that conforms deeply to their body.

For practically any sleeping position, Layla’s firm side provides balanced pressure relief, and the Bear’s thicker, firmer side provides more subtle pressure relief for back sleepers and average-weight sleepers.

Comparison Of Temperature Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Compared to the typical memory foam beds, these mattresses provide a reasonably cool night’s sleep. Copper, which naturally regulates temperature, is included in the Layla to increase breathability. The Celliant cover and graphite-infused memory foam of the Bear are made to do the same thing.

However, if you have a tendency to overheat at night, an innerspring or hybrid mattress that allows for appropriate ventilation through the coil layer is advised.

Comparison of Supportiveness Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress: 

Adequate support is essential for a restful night’s sleep since it makes the difference between waking up frequently and waking up feeling rested. The bear mattress has some of the greatest support ratings in the business.

A comfortable mattress is essential for getting a good night’s rest. You don’t want anything that will cause your back to bend instead than straighten and sink. The Layla offers support that is tailored to your physique.

Comparison of Edge support in Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Bear Mattress : 

Excellent edge support makes the difference between being able to find comfort wherever on the mattress and only being able to do so in the center. But these mattresses do a great job of offering edge support.

Layla Mattress:

For people who want to sleep close to the edge of the mattress or have mobility concerns, edge support is crucial. When pressure is applied to the ends, these mattresses don’t significantly slump and offer strong edge support.

Comparison of  Warranty Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

The bear brand gives 365 days trial and lifetime warranty and also gives free shipping. While Layla mattress 120 days a night trial and a 10-year warranty. The shipping is also free.

Comparison of Price Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress: 

The less expensive mattress of the two is Bear, while the queen-size Layla costs approximately $1,000 but this is after a discount.

Comparison of Company Policies of Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Bear Mattress:

Delivery should arrive in seven to ten business days. FedEx shipping is free. The Bear  is made in Wisconsin, United States, and sent from there, thus delivery timeframes may vary depending on where it is going.

The mattress is rolled into a 45″ x 20.5″ x 20.5″ box, compacted, and vacuum sealed. Your Bear mattress should be set up by two individuals, as recommended.

Layla Mattress:

Your Layla is manufactured specifically for you, so it’s not gathering dust in a warehouse. The manufacturing and shipping of your mattress could take four to five business days from the day you place your order. Once it has been dispatched, you will get an email with tracking details. Give the mattress an additional seven to eleven business days to reach your house.

Comparison of recommendations Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress: 

For Bear mattress:

Customers with limited funds:

After discounts, the Bear is typically more affordable than the Layla mattress, making it the best choice for those looking to stretch their budgets. With discount codes, a Queen size can be purchased for as little as $699.

Those who adore the classic memory foam feel:

The Bear feels like viscous memory foam, which is likely closer to memory foam you’ve tried before. Though firm, it is. Regardless of your weight and sleeping position, you’ll feel pressure alleviation, but the heavier you are, the deeper you’ll sink into the top layers of the bed.

Exercise enthusiasts and athletes: 

The Bear’s cover is made of a substance called Celliant that is intended to speed up circulation and recovery. Professional athletes and anyone who engages in physical activity may find this useful. 

For Layla mattress:

Customers seeking a flippable design:

In a sense, Layla’s flippable design provides the equivalent of two mattresses in one. The firm side has a denser feel and is great for all sleeping positions, but especially for back sleepers. The softer side offers excellent pressure relief, especially for side sleepers.

Those who want the plush feel of memory foam:

The light, fluff memory foam feel of the Layla might be ideal for you if you’re on the fence about memory foam or simply don’t enjoy the sticky, sinking sensation of standard memory foam beds. In particular, on the firm side, the foam utilized in the Layla is a little more responsive than standard memory foam.

Comparison of Benefits Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress:

Bear Mattress

  • The multiple levels of the Bear bed are designed with load deflection in mind. This gauges how much weight is required to leave an impression on a mattress. For hot sleepers, the cooling graphite gel in this mattress makes it one of the cooler options available on the market.
  • The technology in the Bear mattress can assist in realigning your spine and rejuvenating your body if you’re an avid sportsperson or are regularly in marathon training. As previously mentioned, this mattress converts body heat into infrared energy. This mattress can actually enhance your energy levels while you sleep, preparing you for the next day.

Layla Mattress

  • Let’s talk more specifically about the copper wire that was stated earlier. The mattress makes the claim that it would not only keep you cool while you sleep but will also aid with circulatory problems because copper is a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient. 
  • This mattress should ease tight joints and strain if you or someone you know has circulation problems, such as arthritis.
  • The Layla bed has copper wire on both of its sides, the firmer side and the softer side. Even though the mattress has a lot of memory foam, which retains heat, the copper wiring helps get the heat out of the mattress and replace it with cooling agents.

Comparison of downsides Between Bear Vs Layla Mattress: 

Bear Mattress

  • Even while the Bear mattress has a substantial layer of graphite gel designed to keep you cool while you sleep, this may not be sufficient for you. Some people frequently awaken in the middle of the night with night sweats because their bodies naturally heat up while they sleep. It might not be the greatest option for you if you tend to sleep overheated.
  • The Bear bed includes some edge support as well, but not as much as you may find in another mattress if that’s one of your key determinants. If you require additional support to sit on a bed’s edge, edge support is crucial. A higher danger of falling or tumbling over could result from a weaker frame. When buying for the frail or ill, keep this in mind.

Layla Mattress

  • Despite having cooling copper wiring throughout, the Layla may still feel a little warm to you depending on your needs and expectations. This mattress contains a lot of memory foam, so even with the special cooling system in place, you might still find it to be a little warm.
  • The firmer and softer sides of this bed also appear to be a fantastic, multipurpose feature, however, if you’re elderly or a solitary sleeper, you might not understand this benefit. It does require some physical strength to turn over the model, and given that, depending on your sleeping preferences, you might find that the stiffer side is still too soft or the softer side is too firm.

Buyers Guide

These cutting-edge mattresses are adaptable and designed to satisfy different sleepers’ unique needs. Do you desire a modern mattress that is cooler? Your best option would be the Layla mattress. Want a thicker mattress to support your active way of life? Your preferred mattress is the Bear.

Moreover, The choice essentially boils down to feel because these memory foam mattresses share so many characteristics, including cooling capabilities, price points, and firmness levels. Choose the Layla if you want a flippable memory foam bed. We also suggest the Layla if you like the light, fluffy feel of memory foam over that of typical memory foam.

The Bear is ideal for those who prefer a conventional, yet dense, memory foam feel. The power of the Celliant cover for active recuperation and improved circulation may also be tested out with this, which is wonderful

But if I had to pick one in this comparison, I’d have to go with the Layla mattress because it has a dual cooling mattress. There aren’t many mattresses with soothing copper infusions on the market, and this suits my particular sleeping requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Nectar mattress better than a Layla mattress?

Yes, because The Nectar has greater sinkage and contouring for those who desire firmness while still receiving that traditional memory foam sensation, while the firmer side of the Layla also provides an on-top-of-bed feel that should be appealing to back sleepers.

Is Layla’s mattress washable?

Yes, made with a sturdy, safe fabric that can be machine washed and dried. It’s simple to clean Layla’s protective cover along with the rest of your bedding. Maintain a spotless, fresh, and fully shielded bed.

Is Layla’s mattress toxic?

 No, because The Layla memory foam mattress is free of ozone-depleting substances, flame retardants, Hg, Pb, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other toxic substances thanks to all of the foams in the mattress are safe and CertiPUR-US certified.

Bottom line 

We appreciate you taking the time out to check the comparison of the Bear and Layla hybrid mattresses. We made an effort to compare all the relevant data to assist you in selecting the mattress that is best for you.


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