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If you’re looking for a premium bed-in-a-box option that’s built for life, the original Nectar mattress from Nectar is an option you need to look into. Casper Mattress vs Nectar, both considered to be great quality products that are built with serious Zzz’s in mind, but they are actually quite different. There was a most asked question; Is Casper Better than Nectar?  Well, It is all about knowing yourself and knowing the right product for you.

However, in this comparison, I’m going to analyze all the major similarities and differences between the original Nectar and Casper mattresses. We are going to help you decide which of the beds was designed just for you, from their distinctive looks to their unique feels.

In Depth Comparison Between Casper Mattress Vs Nectar in 2022:

Both Casper and Nectar mattress is a bed in a box mattress that is comfortable and supportive. These two mattresses are entirely different from one another in design, construction, and performance.


The Casper brand was officially founded in April 2014. They sold their mattress inventory on the very first live appearance,  which not only surprised the competitors but also the owners. Besides selling mattresses, Casper also sells pillows, light glows dog mattresses and many more.


Nectar sleep foundation made its advent in 2017. In a very short time(5), Casper has become one of the leading bedding brands due to its content, performance, high quality and innovative design.

Standout features Comparison between Casper mattress vs Nectar:

Some of the most notable characteristics of the Casper mattresses include:

Casper Mattress

  • Durable Airscape polyfoam blends responsiveness and cushioning support
  • Unlike Nectar mattress, Casper comes in a variety of choices and price range
  • Zoned materials are upgraded for better contouring support and comfort
  • Casper really cares for mother nature, they use recycled plastic to make the cover of their products

Nectar Mattress:

The quality which makes Nectar mattress stand out in the crowded set of mattresses include:

  • Breathable and soft cover that disperse off heat and moisture effectively resulting in no hot flashes and sweating at night.
  • The longest free night trial and lifetime warranty
  • Provide immense motion isolation and pressure relief due to the use of a comfort system of memory foam.

Models comparison Between Casper mattress vs Nectar:

Casper mattress offers 5 models to choose from. These mattresses feature Airfoam polyfoam which make them breathable and supportive. These models are 

  • Caspar Original Hybrid
  • Casper Original Hybrid
  • Casper Wave hybrid
  • Casper Nova Hybrid
  • Casper element

The Nectar 3 models represent a new generation of a memory foam mattresses. They provide motion isolation and pressures without the downside of traditional foam mattresses. All the models greatly differ in its construction and design from one another. The 3 different models of Nectar are as follows 

  • Nectar original mattress
  • Nectar Premium copper mattress
  • Nectar Premium mattress

Firmness Options Comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

Casper mattress offers two firmness options which are

  • Medium (5)
  • Medium(6)

Nectar offers only one firmness option for each model.

  • Medium firm(6)

Price comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

Our price comparison is based on each model queen size.

  • Nectar Mattress:$899-$1,549
  • Casper Mattress:$595-$2,595

It is clear from the queen-size mattress prices that Nectar is the most affordable option.

According to, Casper provides a wide range of prices. These include low-cost and more entry-level options. The Casper Original and Casper Element are the best options for people who are on a tight budget and don’t want to break their bank. The Casper Hybrid is expensive due to its sophisticated construction and use of extra materials.

The Nectar Premier Copper and Nectar Premier coat less than the Casper Nova foam hybrid and the Casper Wave Hybrid but are more expensive than The Casper Element, Casper Hybrid, and Casper Original mattress. Moreover, Nectar provides free accessories and more frequent discounts on their products than Casper. 

Construction & Material comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

The performance and quality are driven by the construction and the material used in the mattress. The design of the mattress is the indicator of whether a mattress will provide utmost comfort and support or not.

Casper Mattress Brand:

They are the pioneer in bed in box mattress policy. It is one of the few mattress brands, which got huge popularity on its early advent. They are giving a tough time to its competitors by releasing high  quality products, with a variety of choices.

Casper Original Mattress:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

Casper only started with Casper Original, but due to immense popularity and high customer satisfaction, they extended their business by producing 4 different and striking models.

Casper Original& Casper Hybrid:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

These 2 mattresses feature 🙁 with the only exception that pocketed coils are used in Casper Hybrid)

  • base polyfoam(7″)
  • 3-zoned memory foam(2″)
  • Airscape polyfoam(1.5″)

The zoned support makes sure that the heavy parts of the sleeper get more support. The combination of memory foam and Airscape foam can relieve even the smallest pressure points on the body.

The pocketed coils assembled in the support core( not present in Casper Original) provide greater bounce and edge support. Moreover, the pocketed coils also lessen the motion transfer to other parts of the mattress.

Casper Nova Hybrid:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

Casper continued its research and came up with the most comfortable and luxurious mattress. With a medium-firm feel, it features 4 interior components

  • 3-zoned Airscape polyfoam(1.5″)
  • 3-zoned Airscape polyfoam(1.5″)
  • perimeter foam encasement (7′)
  •  pocketed coils(6″)
  •  Airscape polyfoam(1″)
  •  7-zoned memory foam(2′)

Foam-encased coils in Casper Nova Hybrid enhance edge to edge stability and responsiveness while the 4 comfort layers give the mattress a softer and gentle feel that is absent in the other 4 models. The 3 different foam layers make sure that each inch of the sleeper’s body is contoured and cushioned.

Casper Wave Hybrid:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

The most Luxurious and latest model by the Casper brand is the highly durable and long-lasting Casper Wave Hybrid. It features:

  •  perforated polyfoam(1″)
  • zoned polyfoam with targeted gel pods(1.4″)
  •  3-zoned perforated memory foam(1.5)
  •  perimeter foam encasement(6 inches) pocketed coils(6″)
  • perforated latex(1.5″)

Efficient Airscape foam facilitates the top three layers to furnish a blend of conforming and bounce. The  Airscape foam is followed by a polyfoam layer strengthened by targeted gel pods that efficiently respond to sleeper weight and give extra adapted support. The horizon support system and  robust coils  give the mattress a significantly more secure edge and hop.

Casper Element:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

Casper also cares for people who are on a tight budget. They offer the high quality Casper element at the lowest prices.  Casper Element features

  • Base polyfoam which is 6.5 inches thick
  • Airscape foam which constitutes 3 inches of mattress thickness

The mattress doesn’t provide enough tailored support like the Casper models but provides significant support and comfort for every sleeper. It has the simplest design among all the Casper models. It features a thick layer of poly foam that provides a balance of responsiveness and contour support to the sleeper.

Nectar Mattress Brand: 

All the 3 models of nectar have all foam construction. Despite sharing the same interior design and firmness, they vary significantly in some features.

Nectar Original Mattress:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

This is the first model of the Nectar mattress which is designed by combing 4 layer of construction

  • Polyfoam base layer(7 inches)
  • Transitional polyfoam layer(7 inches)
  • Memory foam with Gel infusion(3)

The polyfoam base increases the dependability and durability of the mattress besides preventing the sleeper from sinking in, in the mattress. The gel-infused memory foam provides a cooler and dryer environment for sleeping while transition polyfoam increases the responsiveness of Nectar’s original mattress.

Nectar Premier:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

After the unexpected success of the Nectar Original mattress, the brand released its a new model in the market which is 1 inch tall than the Original mattress

  • Highly durable poly foam base layer(7 inches)
  • Transitional polyfoam layer(3 inches)
  • Phase-changing material with gel-infused memory foam(3 inches)

The mattress’s multiple foam layer provides significant edge support, motion isolation and pressure alleviation while the gel-infused memory foam wicks off all the moisture and heat. Moreover, the transitional layer provides core support that uplifts the sleepers during sleep.

Nectar Premier Copper:

Casper Mattress vs Nectar

Nectar premier copper features

  • 9 inches of polyfoam base layer
  • 1 inch transitional polyfoam base
  • Gel infused with memory foam + phase change material (inches)

The base layer is more sturdy which implies that it will provide more contouring and cushioning support as compared to Premier or Flagship models. The copper induction layer makes it more appealing to hot sleepers as copper has better thermal and conductive properties than simple gel layers.

Sizes Differences between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

In this section, we will mention the sizes of each model of nectar and carpet mattress, which they are available on the market.

Casper mattress: 

Casper model along with available size options in the market are as follows:

  • Casper Original Mattress (11″): Casper original mattress is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full, and full XL.
  • Casper Original Hybrid (11″): is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL.
  • Casper Nova Hybrid (12″): is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL.
  • Casper Wave Hybrid(13″): is twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL sizes.
  • Casper Element(10″): is also available in 6 different sizes which are twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL.


  • Nectar mattress(12″): is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, twin XL, cal king, king, and queen
  • Nectar premier(13″): is available in 7 different sizes which are sot king, twin, Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL.
  • Casper Premier Copper(14′): is also available in 6 different sizes which are twin, split king,  Cal king, King, Queen, full and full XL.

Motion Isolation: Differences Between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

Nectar mattress limits motion transfer more effectively than the Casper mattress. Nectar mattresses feature a top layer of memory foam that absorbs all the motion. This factor makes Nectar Mattress a better choice than the Casper mattress.

Edge Support Differences Between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

Despite the fact that both are foam mattresses, they feature significant edge support. You will feel secure while lying down or sitting on a Casper and Nectar mattress. According to mattress clarify com, both have good edge support.

Cooling Difference between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

As stated above, both are all foam mattresses and they will trap enormous quantities of heat. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, both are blended with cooling materials. Casper mattress features Airscape cooling technology while Nectar features an infusion of gel in memory foam.

The lack of memory foam on top and Airscape technology makes Casper’s mattress cooler than the Nectar mattress. If you are a hot sleeper and often suffer from hot flashes, then it’s better to go for a Casper mattress.

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Recommendation differences Between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

Casper Mattress:

Casper mattress will do good for:

Nectar mattress:

I recommend Nectar mattress for:

Company Policies comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

The company policy of both Casper and Nectar mattresses is good and provides customers excellent service. You will greatly enjoy shopping for Nectar and Casper mattresses.

 Free night Trail Comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

  •  Nectar mattress: 365 days and Canadian states
  •   Casper mattress: only 100 days

Nectar mattress has gone beyond and above as it provides 365 days of free night trial. The brand doesn’t apply any charges upon returning the mattress. The only condition is that you have to keep the mattress for additional days. The only downside with returning policy is that white-glove deliveries are not refundable.

Casper manufacturers don’t abide by the break_in-period rule. Whenever you want to return, just contact them and they will instantly pick up the mattress from your doorstep. Like Nectar mattresses, the additional charges you paid for bed in a box or white glove delivery are not refundable.

Warranty Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

  •  Nectar mattress: Lifetime warranty
  • Casper mattress: 10 years limited

Many online mattresses last for approximately 8 to 10 years. If you find any defect in your mattress, before the predetermined time, you have a free hand to call the owners, so that they may change or fix your bed: normal wear and tear and incidents won’t be considered a defect.

Shipping Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Nectar:

  • Nectar mattress: Free in the USA 
  •  Casper mattress: Free in the USA and in the Canadian States

Nectar mattress offers free standard shipping to all the states of America. Nectar also ships to Alaska and Hawaii but that is not free. You can avail of the white glove delivery for $149.

Casper mattress also offers free shipping in all the Contagious states of the USA. The bed in a box will apply charges to the shopper if he is pacing orders from Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii. Like Nectar, the mattress also charges $149 on white glove delivery.

Buyers Guide:

We found the Casper mattress more comfortable and supportive. Casper Mattress covers a wide range of sleepers. Moreover, Casper mattress provides more options for purchase and is cooler than the Nectar mattress.

On the other hand, Nectar is more affordable and appeals to a larger crowd. Unlike the Casper mattresses, it strictly limits motion transfer, providing excellent for couples. The lifetime and free night is far longer than a Casper mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are two famous methods of mattress shipping?

The two famous methods of mattress shopping are Bed in a box and White Glove delivery. Bed in a box is also known as standard shipping. A standard shipping facility is the typical aspect of online mattress shopping. Bed-in-a-box shopping means that ground shipping services will be used to deliver the mattress in 1 to 2 weeks to your doorstep.

To facilitate easy shipping it is wrapped and compressed in plastic. The bed in a box mattress needs 3 to 4 people to move it to your room. Another method of shipping is white glove delivery. In this method, the company is responsible to remove your worn mattress(if you want) and setting the new mattress for you. Some brands offer free glove delivery while some mattress brands charge you some dollars.

Is a Casper mattress cooler than a Nectar mattress?

Yes, Casper’s mattress is cooler than Nectar. It is due to Airscape technology which wicks off moisture and heat from the sleeping environment.

What is the trial period and warranty of the Casper mattress?

Casper mattress comes with 100 days of free night test as 10 year long warranty.

Is a Nectar mattress a good mattress for couples?

Yes, Nectar is a perfect option for couples.

It features 4 layers of memory foam in its construction, which significantly cuts off motion transfer. This feature prevents you from turning and tossing corruption of your partner.

Let’s Sum up

To cut it short, both Nectar and carpet mattress have similar but greatly differ from one another in other aspects. They feature different materials and designs that make them stand out in the market. I found the Casper mattress a far better option the Nectar mattress due to its high durability, many options, comfort, support, and performance.

Scroll up to find the best match for yourself by reading our head-to-head comparison between Casper Mattress vs Nectar.

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