Bear Mattress Vs Leesa


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In this article, we have reviewed the differences and similarities between the Bear and Leesa mattresses. The aim of this guide is to present the differences and similarities with such clarity that will aid greatly in the way of making purchases for Bear and Leesa Mattress

Side By Side Comparison Between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa in 2022:

Bear Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

Three distinct mattresses are available from Bear. The Bear Hybrid has a coil-based support core, while the Bear Original and Bear Pro have all-foam constructions.

All three Bear mattresses have different inside construction, but they all have the same cover, which is one of the company’s unique selling points. The fabric used to make the cover, known as Celliant, has special qualities that enable it to reflect back body heat as infrared radiation.

This achieves temperature neutrality by removing heat from the body. Additionally, according to some scientific studies, the infrared energy produced by Celliant materials can speed up the nightly recuperation of muscles and other tissue.

Bear Original Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

The Bear Original served as the company’s foundational model. Underneath the Celliant cover, this 10-inch mattress features three foam layers for a firm (7) feel.

  • 2 inches of memory foam with a graphite-gel infusion
  • Polyfoam transition 2 inches thick
  • Base polyfoam which is  6 inches

Despite having a straightforward construction, this innovative product has gained popularity in large part due to the top layer’s capacity to cushion pressure points and protect either side of bed from the other’s movements. Most people are discouraged from pressing too deeply into the bed by the transition and base polyfoam layers, which act in conjunction with the gel infusion to reduce heat retention.

Bear Premium Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

The Bear Premium, a second all-foam variant that is 12 inches tall and made of four distinct interior layers

  • 1 inch of polyfoam with copper added
  • 1.5 inches of memory foam with gel
  •  polyfoam measuring 2.5 inches
  • base polyfoam measuring 7 inches

Despite having a medium-firm (6) feel, the top two layers of this mattress work together to give considerable conforming. Being naturally antimicrobial, copper’s infusion also helps to disperse heat. The mattress feels sturdy because to the bottom two polyfoam layers, which also allow the upper two layers to better support the body.

Bear Hybrid Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

The Bear Hybrid has an innerspring support core as opposed to the Bear Original and Bear Pro, which do not. Bear doesn’t provide as much information regarding the Bear Hybrid’s construction, but we do know that it is made of five layers:

  • Gel-infused foam polymer
  • Polyfoam  Transition
  • innerspring coils with pockets
  • foam padding

The comfort system’s polyfoam mixture contributes to the medium-firm (6) feel that offers pressure relief and responsiveness. The coils produce a lot of bounce, while the polyfoam layers provide light contouring. A strengthened perimeter in the support core enhances edge support. On the Bear Hybrid, the Celliant cover, gel-infused polyfoam, and coils all work together to reduce the likelihood of overheating while you sleep.

Leesa Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

Similar to Bear, Leesa offers a variety of mattresses made of both all-foam and hybrid materials. The Leesa Original, the company’s signature product, is what led to its early success.

Leesa Original Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

The cover of the Leesa Original is a polyester blend. Stretchy and having average moisture-wicking properties, the fabric. Under this cover, there are three layers:

  • foam 2 inches thick
  • a 2-inch memory foam cushion
  • Base polyfoam measuring 6 inches

The comfort layer’s 4 inches of foam work together to produce a medium (5) sensation

on. While the memory foam offers deeper conforming and less bounce, the polyfoam in the top layer offers minor contouring and higher responsiveness. In order to relieve pressure and isolate motion without creating too much sink, the combination produces a well-rounded feeling.

Leesa Sapira Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

The cover of the Leesa Sapira Hybrid is a cotton blend. Because cotton breathes better than polyester, this cover can better wick away sweat for comfort cooling. The Leesa Sapira Hybrid has five layers on the inside:

  • Polyfoam transition, 1 inch thick
  • 6 inches of strengthened edges pocketed innerspring coils
  • foam 1.5 inches thick
  • Memory foam of 1.5 inches thick
  • base polyfoam of one inch

The mattress has great responsiveness thanks to this traditional hybrid design. The top layer of polyfoam, springs back very quickly, as well as the coils themselves, contribute to bounce. Memory foam also aids in spinal alignment by adjusting the cushioning of the bed to the weight of the body. Stability is produced by the polyfoam on either side of the coils.

Leesa Studio Mattress:

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa


The brand’s newest and most cheap mattress is the Studio by Leesa. There are three layers inside the cover of this all-foam model, which resembles the Leesa Original very much.

  • Memory foam of 1.5 inches thick
  • Transitional polyfoam measuring 1.5 inches
  • High-density foam measuring 7 inches thick

The Studio by Leesa’s mixed-foam structure gives it a surface that contours while remaining responsive. The bed is rated as moderately firm (6).

Similarities Between Bear mattress  Vs Leesa:

  • Both are 10 inches thick and have a comparable business strategy.
  • In terms of solving the concerns of sleeping overheating, both mattresses perform admirably.
  • Both mattresses are made entirely of foam and include a small amount of memory foam.
  •  They both have excellent customer service, as well as great trials and free returns.
  • Both mattresses include layers of memory foam that conform to the individual curves of the body. Back discomfort may be alleviated by this trait, which supports a healthy spine.
  • Since both beds are entirely made of foam, they both aid sensitive sleepers in getting a good night’s rest by absorbing motion coming from the other side of the bed, such as when partner get into bed or shifts around to find a comfortable position.
  • Both mattresses are made of memory foam and have a 6″ polyfoam base layer, .

Difference between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa:  

  • Bear mattresses are 5 inches thicker than Leesa mattresses, which use memory foam instead of specialized polyfoam.
  • Leesa is 999 US Dollars for a Queen, while Bear is 800 US dollars
  •  Leesa has a springier, more resilient feel, whereas Bear is a little more slow-moving.
  • The comfort layer of the Leesa is.
  • Bear mattresses are 5 inches thicker than Leesa mattresses, which use memory foam instead of specialized polyfoam.
  •   Leesa has a springier, more resilient feel, whereas Bear is a little more slow-moving.

Motion Isolation Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

In  Leesa, the motion isolation is about average. The memory foam in the comfort system is the major component enhancing its motion isolation. Additionally, the upper polyfoam layer has some ability to lessen motion transfer.

There is a little high motion of isolation in the Bear mattress.

Firmness Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

Bear is a medium-firm mattress and rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. Leesa mattress  is medium-firm and rated 6.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

Durability Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

 Your Bear mattress should last at least eight to ten years, much like the typical memory foam mattress.

However, due to its all-foam structure, it won’t be as long-lasting as some other mattresses. A foam mattress will never last as long as a hybrid or innerspring mattress. The typical lifespan of foam mattresses is 6 to 8 years, so you should anticipate your Leesa bed to last around that long.

Edge Support Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

This mattress is praised for its edge support because it won’t sag if you sit on the side of the mattress before getting out of bed.

Edge support is crucial for those who want to sit on the side of the mattress. These mattresses don’t contour too much at the edges and provide decent edge support.

Customer Score Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

The customer score of bear mattress is 3.8 out of 5.o while the customer score of Leesa is 3.6 out of 10.

Prices Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

Bear Twin and Twin XL cost 695 US dollars , the full-size mattress costs 895 US Dollars And  king-size costs 995 US Dollars. While Leesa is a Twin mattress that costs 849 US Dollars, Twin XL costs 899 US Dollars, full size costs 1099 US Dollars and a king-size costs 1199 US Dollars.

Feel Differences Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

The films below demonstrate how the mattresses will generally feel. I think the two mattresses’ levels of firmness are very equivalent. As you can see, Leesa has a springier feel whereas the Bear has a slightly slower tempo.

Pressure Relief Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

Compared to the Leesa, the Bear mattress offers more sophisticated cooling technology that keeps sleepers cooler. Bear is probably going to make you sleep better if you tend to get hot easily or reside somewhere warm.

Sleeping Position Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa 

Both beds are likely to be comfortable for back sleepers, but most side sleepers prefer Leesa’s softer feel, and stomach sleepers prefer the Bear’s firmer surface.

The Bear’s harder top layer provides stronger support for heavier sleepers, while Leesa’s softer surface is typically preferred by light sleepers.

Construction Differences Between Bear Mattress vs Leesa;

  • Bear’s covers are made of client fiber. You might experience certain health advantages from this, but I recommend conducting your own study to confirm such claims.
  • Because Leesa uses Avena foam rather than memory foam at the very top of the mattress, it is a little bit springier than that of the Bear mattress.
  • Both mattresses measure 10 inches in height. Compared to the Bear, whose comfy layer is 3.5 inches in diameter, the Leesa is 4 inches thick. Based on those statistics, there wouldn’t be much of a change.
  • The primary distinction between Leesa and Bear is that one employs memory foam while the other uses speciality foam.
  • The Leesa mattress uses memory foam with a lower density than the Bear mattress.

Recommendation Comparison Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa :

Who should buy a bear mattress?

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

 Celliant Cover Lovers:

 The celliant fabric used to make this mattress’ cover may have some positive effects on your health and help you sleep more soundly.

One who Prefers Sinking into the Mattress More—

Using memory foam on the topping of the mattress gives you a sinking-in sensation that is more pleasant than with Leesa


This mattress is created by Bear to help active people get a good night’s sleep and speed up their recuperation. While cooling advances promote restorative, deep sleep, celliant technology may increase blood flow. Check out the best mattresses for athletes if you want to get the most out of your sleep.

Those who prefer all-foam beds and who sleep hot

For a mattress made entirely of foam, The Bear is remarkably cool. The top layer of memory foam features cooling gel and graphite to draw heat away from where you sleep, and its Celliant cover encourages ample ventilation.

People with Back pain

Back pain sufferers might consider The Bear since it contains firm memory foam that contours to the body and is a great material for maintaining appropriate spinal alignment in stomach and back sleepers. Less pain and discomfort result from a healthy spine

Who Should Buy Leesa Mattress?

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa

 One who desires a mattress that is more responsive; the Leesa is unquestionably bouncy and more durable than the Bear. Some people might appreciate the feel of the bed being easier to move around.

You want a foam feel without sinking in too deeply. Leesa has a pleasant, well-balanced foam feel without making you feel stuck or like you’re sinking in too deeply.

 The Leesa Original mattress, which is made of reactive foam, is ideal for those who sleep on their side  and also good for hot sleepers. 

Side Sleepers

The Leesa has a soft top layer that is made to readily collapse at the hips and shoulders for side sleepers, preventing excessive pressure on these delicate areas.

Lovers of memory foam:

 The Leesa has a memory foam feel, so you may anticipate some sinking in and being hugged by pressure-relieving foam.

Sharing a bed: 

Leesa isolates motion transfer so occupants can rest peacefully without being disturbed. Additionally, most individuals find its medium-firm feel to be a good fit, increasing the likelihood that both partners will like the Leesa.

Bear Mattress Vs Leesa: Not Good for Comparison

Bear Mattress:

Side sleepers:

 The Bear has slow-response memory foam on its surface, which is harder than the comfort layer of most mattresses. Most often, side sleepers want a softer surface to cradle their shoulders and hips.

Those who prefer a cloudy sensation:

Unlike other beds, The Bear does not have a luxurious top layer. If you want a soft surface, either choose a different mattress or invest in a mattress pad.

Heavy stomach sleepers:

While we appreciate the Bear’s toughness and support for plus-size back and side sleepers, those who are heavier than 240 lbs. may find that it caves in a little at the hips.

 Leesa Mattress :

People who tend to get overheated in the morning: 

The Leesa can retain body heat along the surface due to its lack of cooling features. While most people find it to be a pleasant mattress, those who tend to sleep hotly could do better with a different bed.

Lovers of traditional innerspring:

 While Leesa’s surface is movable, it lacks the springy sensation of an innerspring mattress. People who are heavier than 230 lbs. should be aware that Leesa’s surface is a little softer and that its support system isn’t as sturdy as we would like.

Company policy Comparison between Bear Mattress Vs Leesa:

Customer Service

 Now let’s have a look at the customer services of both brands:

 Bear Mattress: When we contacted the representative of the brand they replied on time and instantly gave our questions answers.

Leesa Mattress: Leesa brand representative was a little late. We waited no for about 1 hour to get our questions answered. So Bear has more good Customer service than Leesa mattress.

Trial Period and warranty 

For Bear mattress: The brand gives 365 days of free night trial and gives a lifetime warranty.

For Leesa Mattress: Medium-firm. Give 6 to 8 years warranty and give 100 days free night trial. The company offers free shipping.

Buyers Guide:

I will suggest you go for the Bear mattress as it is more affordable than the Leesa mattress. Bear mattresses offer a variety of options to choose from and are able to accommodate a wide variety of sleepers. It offers greater isolation of motion so it is the perfect choice for couples. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bear Mattress washable?

The Bear Protector can be thoroughly washed in a machine. Use a standard detergent and cold water to wash. Dry on low heat or on a drying rack. Never bleach. Avoid ironing.

Is Leesa’s mattress washable?

Yes, the Leesa mattress is washable as its cover is washable. Wash it and dry it with air.

Is a Bear mattress more affordable than a Leesa mattress? 

Yes, a bear mattress is more affordable than a Leesa mattress.

What is the warranty of the Leesa mattress?

Leesa mattress lasts from 6 to 8 years.


We went through 34 hours of research and a collected side-by-side comparison for Bear Mattress and Leesa. This information is by no means exhaustive and will greatly help you to choose a better mattress for yourself.

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By Muhammad Asim