7 Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


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Are you planning for camping but suffering from back pain? Not finding which is the best air mattress for back pain?

Well, we can understand your situation, therefore we did 10 hours of thorough research on different websites and rounded up the top best air mattress for the back.

Researchers found that around 80% of adults suffer from back pain which as a result affects the ability to walk, sitting, and nap. It was also found that lower back pain and insomnia are common among many adults of all ages. Sometimes the reason behind the back pain is the bed which is not offering ideal support as a  result pressure increases on the joints and muscles.

People suffering from back pain might face problems in choosing the best air mattress to prevent and relieve back pain. Therefore we are ready to help you out in selecting the best air mattress for back pain so just read on to learn more.

The Active Era Air Mattress is the most affordable and best option for camping and also for bedrooms.

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Top 7 Best Air Mattress For Back Pain

While traveling or camping people with back pain feel discomfort and therefore they stay awake all night. For this reason, we have rounded up our top 7 best air mattresses for back pain.

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1.InnoTruth Camping Air Mattress:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


If you are looking for a super supportive air mattress for camping, traveling or home use then surely InnoTruth’s camping mattress has all the qualities of the best air mattress pump.

It has an 8.75” raised height and supports 330 lbs weight. Moreover, it’s known to be the best air mattress for back pain because of its high support and extra comfort which keep you relaxed and refreshed.  This best air mattress for camping is light in weight so you can easily handle it , plus the easy to use design and potable make it valuable for saving the floor at room.

Being the best air mattress for back pain, it assumes a 0.4mm PVC design that keeps the mattress stable and the smooth flocked top offers cooler and extra breathable sleep all night long. The handheld Air Pump contains  a high-quality which you can also plug into a wall AC outlet or plugged up to a DC outlet for supportive travel. For storing this air bed it comes with a travel-friendly storage bag which keeps it neat and stored.


It is a Twin size air mattress for camping. The dimensions of the mattress are 75″L x 8.75″W x 39″, weight is 8.1 pounds and when folded it assumes dimensions of 11.6 ”x11.5”x5.9 ”, and delivers a firm feel for back sleepers. Since it’s a plush mattress therefore we can say it’s the best air mattress for back pain. It is the ideal product of InnoTruth’s brand which is made from Polyvinyl chloride.

  • Single High Inflatable Airbed for Guests
  • Comes up with a rechargeable Electric Pump
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Best foldable mattress for camping and home.
  • Resilient PVC design
  • An Elevated blow up air mattress

  • Some buyers says it leaks very quickly

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2.Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


For single people with back pain, Intex Comfort Plush airbed is the best mode. The air bed is made from  Polyvinyl chloride and delivers a plush feel for back pain sleepers. It is a best built-in pump air mattress which is waterproof and puncture resistant so keep the mattress from  leakage and puncture. Moreover it comes with a storage bag for camping and transportation.

The Fiber-Tech design makes the air mattress extra durable. For quick inflate and deflate it has a special built-in electric pump that takes only 2 minutes to inflate the mattress to its actual shape Being a best air mattress  the waterproof flocked joins with Dura-Beam and sturdy design to raise it upto13 inches height from the ground surface.

Moreover this air bed has indented sides to prevent the sinking and slipping of  the fitted sheets from falling.


This Intex Comfort Plush airbed is a twin-size air mattress which is the ideal model of Intex’s brand. The dimensions of this best air mattress for back pain are 75 x 39 x 13 inches, its weight is 12 pounds and supports 300 Pounds. The customer reviewers on this air mattress are 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Assumes Dura-beam construction
  • Firm feel is ideal for back pain relieving
  • Very comfortable air bed
  • Contains a Built-in Electric Pump
  • It is easy to use
  • Worth to money

  • Some consumers say the air mattress is not much durable

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3.Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


If you are searching for the best air mattress for back pain and couples then Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air Mattress is a highly recommended mattress. 

The top of this air bed contains soft flocking for high comfort and the supportive edges help to keep you from sinking. Moreover for couples with back pain it prevents the rounding and turning of the partners. Being an air mattress the Intex- Dura beam supports weight upto 600 lbs so it is preferred by most people for couples.

It is a quick  inflatable air mattress that within 4 minutes reaches 60″ x 80″ x 22″ dimensions. This air bed comes with a hand carry bag for camping, traveling and storage. 


This best air mattress for back pain is Queen in size and support 600 lbs weight. This best air mattress for pain is preferred by 4.4 out of 5 stars customer reviews. The Intex Dura-Beam Deluxe Air is a water resistant and firm mattress therefore its ideal for relieving back pain and is made from plastic by Intex’s brand.

  • Comfortable and durable air  mattress
  • Soft flocked top
  • Firm feel for back pain
  • Build in internal pump

  • The air mattress might rocks left and right
  • Poor Edge support for back sleepers

4.SLEEPLUXE Durable Inflatable Air Mattress:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


SLEEPLUXE Durable Inflatable Air has proprietary I-Beam Design which make it excellent for guests room and home use. The 3 layers of the air bed give  durability and maintain the firmness for all night.

The air bed has a healthier sleeping surface, high density and it has a  polyester mesh core lying in between the durable layers of PVC flocked which offers extra support to back and shoulder. This quick inflatable air mattress blows and deflates within 5 minutes without requiring high energy.

We recommend keeping your mobile charge so that you can charge without struggling, as the built-in USB port needs the charging of electrons. The inflated dimensions of the best air mattress for back pain are 76″ x 56″ which offer an extra supportive sleeping surface. 

All buyers appreciate its  storage bag for  transportation, a pillow for head, and one repair kit for accidents and rip. Moreover  SLEEPLUX’s inflatable Air Mattress is backed up by  year verification.


It is a Queen size best air mattress for back pain. The weight of the product is  9.07 kilograms, dimensions are 80″L x 60″W x 22″T and package dimensions are 16 x 14.7 x 8.8 inches. It is an ideal mattress firm for back pain sleepers and it is manufactured from Polyvinyl Chloride by SLEEPLUX’s brand.

Moreover it supports a weight up to 330kg. Its model name ‎is SleepLux Tritech Airbed Queen 22″ Built-in AC Pump and it has gotten 4.3 out of 5 stars in customer reviews.

  • A quick Inflatable Air mattress
  • Proprietary I-Beam design
  • Used high-quality material
  • Durable and very comfortable
  • Comes with a pillow and USB charge

  • Not stay inflated for a longer time
  • Not true size for some sleepers

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5.Active Era Air Mattress:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


This Active Era built-in pump mattress is ideal for every type of indoor and outdoor activities. As the pump quickly inflates the air mattress within 3 minutes to its final firmness and dimensions of 60″ x 80″ x 20”.  As it’s a queen air bed so it’s adjustable to all  standard Queen size mattress beds. Also we appreciate the it’s storage carry bag that will help you to carry, and fold the air bed for camping and traveling.

It is also the best air mattress for guests as it is Queen in size and assumes advanced design of spring which offer high contour to the body and support back pain to sleep soundly. It’s ideal for kids and old people as its raised height helps to get in and out quickly. Thanks to its 3 inches  built-in pillow, it makes the mattress best for back pain. 

This air mattress is a highly stable and firm bed and it can support 550 pounds weight. Moreover, the plush top offers more comfort to this air bed for restful sleeping. Like all air mattresses it also has a waterproof top which is made from PVC material, and 15- gauges puncture resistance that keeps its firmness and prevents leaking.


The air mattress has a Premium Queen size, 7.6 kilograms weight, and   ‎80″L x 60″W x 20″T dimensions. This mattress is blue in color and is adjusted to weight of ‎550 Pounds. The Vinyl material is present for water resistance and keeps its firmness. Active Era Air bed is backed up by  1-year and it is recommended by  4.2 out of 5 stars customer reviewers.

  • Reasonable price
  • A Best heavy-duty air mattress
  • Ideal Inflatable queen for a single sleeper
  • Assumes the property of puncture-resistant
  • Surrounded by Flocked Top

  • For heavier people, it is not the correct option.

6.SereneLife Serene Life Air Pump:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


Whether you are camping or using it for guests the output built-in pump quickly inflates and deflates the air mattress to the desired firmness. The SereneLife Serene air mattress has a cord storage pocket for this to keep the room temperature ideal and protect the butt from being cluttered. 

As it’s a twin air mattress therefore it raises up to 18-inch height. This design is ideal that when you inflate the air mattress it reaches to 18 inches from the ground surface and it is excellent and easier to get in and out of the air bed for adults of any age and kids.

Being an air pump mattress it contains an ultra constant comfort pump that quickly deflates the mattress when you want to fold. The soft, plush flocked top surface is ideal for sleeping guests and camping and it took up a small floor area. Moreover, it comes with an excellent repair kit for accidents or rips.

Its advanced coil technology rapidly inflates this best air mattress for back pain while the coil design protects your back and spine by delivering extra support. Plus the mattress prevents you from sinking in the middle.


This best air mattress for back pain has 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers. It is a built- in pump air bed assuming twin size, dimensions of 14″L x 6.5″W x 19″T and the product is manufactured by SereneLife’s brand. Due to its firm feel it is ideal for back pain.

  • Convenient to use
  • Internal build-in high-capacity pm
  • Delivers one-year limited warranty
  • Surrounded by quilted top
  • Best air mattress for guests and camping
  • Super comfy bed

  • Some consumers say it’s not much durable
  • Bad customer service

7.Beautyrest Comfort Plus Air Bed Mattress:

Best Air Mattress For Back Pain


The Beautyrest Comfort Air Bed is a well-known brand. Being an air mattress it assumes an anti-leak built-in pump, that fast inflates this mattress. The built-in air pump is made from high-quality Poly fusion material which keeps the air mattress from stretching and keeps the air all night long. It is made from highly Durable premium vinyl that keeps its strength and durability.

It is the best air mattress for back pain, as it has enhanced edge support points that offer a more comfortable surface and Also keep the movement of your partner. A cooling top feature keeps the temperature normal and its zero motion isolation, support, and extra comfort because of its advanced coil-in-spring comfort design. 

A Sure-Lock built-in air mattress has fast delivery which is made in the USA and wrapped by one year verification. 


Beautyrest Comfort Plus is the best air mattress for back pain It is a 17″ Full-size air bed that offers a plush feel to back sleepers. The mattress is liked by 3.9 customer reviewers. Moreover, it is made using Vinyl which keeps it water resistant and punctures resistant. The air bed is made by Beautyrest’s brand with dimensions of 75″L x 54″W x 17″T.

  • Topped with a cooling plush for back sleepers
  • Easy to use the pump
  • With to money
  • Built-in pump air mattress
  • Best mattress for guests and RV rooms
  • Some consumers say the mattress did not stay pumped up for a longer time.
  • Others say it’s not durable for a longer period.

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Buyer’s Guide

When shopping for the best air mattress for back pain, consider the following features.

Balanced foam

People who suffer from back pain need balance support. For this purpose, various types of foam like memory, latex, and poly foam are highly supportive to prevent and relieve back pain. The balance foam offers the best pressure relieving points to prevent sinking at the edges of the air mattress.

PVC Material

PVC is known to be the best quality and most durable material for air mattresses. The PVC-topped air beds are supportive due to their interior fibers, and soft fabric layer. It also features an internal air coil for weight distribution. Therefore if you are camping or purchasing air for home use you must go through the PVC top air mattress.


Contouring is the property of a mattress to conform to the body. The best mattress with body contouring offers evenly distributed support throughout the night. Therefore for back pain, the bed must contour your body.


Everyone wants their new mattress to be ideal for keeping the back and spine aligned. Remember for stomach sleepers with pain the mattress should be firm, for side sleepers a softer mattress is supportive but for back pain, a medium firm mattress with enhanced support  should be take into account 


For everyone, it’s necessary to consider weight. Measure your weight before buying a new best mattress for back pain. The weight is dependent on the firmness and amount of support, therefore a mattress should be firm for a lighter person. Also, remember that a bed with a thick comfort layer must not be ideal because it might bottom out.


All people want their mattresses to be supportive and comfortable for a longer time. So while buying the best air mattress for back pain look  through the durability of the mattress 

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the ideal firm level for the best air mattress for back pain?

Generally speaking a medium-firm mattress with more cushioning is the ideal firm level for relieving back pain. However, some people will suggest going through a firm mattress but keep in mind a too firm mattress can cause spine misalignment by pushing up the hips and shoulders upward. So instead of a very firm mattress look for a medium firm mattress for back pain.

Is a  Memory Foam Mattress a true option for back pain?

Memory foam mattresses have balance of support and enhanced cushioning for body contour. They are well known for preventing and relieving back pain. But remember if you are choosing any mattress you must look for the right level of firmness, also check the high-quality, dense memory foam for more support. Remember that some cheap memory foam mattresses may cause joint and lower back pain because they are very plush.

Let Sum up

People with back pain feel discomfort towards sleeping. Severe back pain can be treated with proper treatment and medication. But as we know sleep is very essential for everyone, therefore,  an appropriate mattress may reduce the pain by offering support to keep the back and spine aligned. If you have back pain and are planning camping, remember the best air mattress is the ideal option because it helps to improve sleep quality.

Moreover, look for the type of pain you are dealing with then according to your need select the best air mattress. The Active Era Air Mattress is the most affordable and ideal for back sleepers for camping and also for home use.

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