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Purple Mattress vs Layla the main question in this comparison is whether you want a flippable mattress or an unflippable mattress.

Purple has a one-sided design and is not flippable while Layla has a modern dual-sided and unflippable design. In online mattresses, you will find countless one-sided design mattresses but dual-sided are not common and are hard to find. To complete the design of the mattress, the purple mattress features Smart Comfort Grid and hyper elastic polymer. These innovations take them to the peak of the market. 

In this unbiased comparison, Purple Mattress vs Layla comparison we are going to uncover all the differences and similarities between Purple Mattress vs Layla.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla in 2022:

Both purple and Layla started with only all foam models. But with changing market and lacking all foam mattresses in certain features, both dive into new research and come up with their hybrid models, which are ruling the bedding market. In Purple Mattress vs Layla comparison guide, we will evaluate the performance, quality and content of the purple and Layla mattress. You will get a clear insight into durability, firmness, comfort level, company policies and reliability differences after reading this detailed Purple Mattress vs Layla guide.

Similarities Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

while purchasing purple  and Layla mattresses, you will find the following similarities among them:

  • Both are adaptable. The adaptability of the Layla mattress comes from the use of copper infusion while in the purple mattress it comes from a purple grid.
  • Both are known for excellent pressure relief. The purple and Layla mattress features hyper-elastic poler and memory foam respectively to eliminate all the pressure points from the body.
  • Both mattresses sleep cooler. The purple mattress features a smart cooling Grid that dissipates all the best and moisture from the sleeper’s body to keep him coils and dry. While layla features copper infusion that has the ability to wick off all the moisture and heat from the mattress and sleeper vicinity.

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Differences Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

The main differences between Purple Mattress vs Layla are as follows.

  • Layla provides more contouring and cushioning support to the sleepers on the purple mattress.
  • Purple is pricier as compared to the Layla mattress.
  • Copper infusion neutralize pressure point on both sides of mattresses while the purple grid only eliminate pressure points from one side of the mattress
  • Layla has a flexible design while purple features a rigid and struck design.
  • Layla offers 2 models the whole purple offers 3 variants of its creation
  • Layla comes with 120 days of free night trial while purple comes only with 100 days free night test
  • Layla comes with a lifetime warranty while purple comes with only 10 years warranty.

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Models comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Layla mattress designed only 2 models since its creation which are:

Purple Mattress vs Layla


  • Layla memory foam mattress
  • Layla hybrid mattress

Since its start, purple presented 3 models which are given as:

Purple Mattress vs Layla

  • Purple mattress
  • Purple Hybrid mattress
  • Purple premier Hybrid mattress

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Sizes comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

It’s important to know about the sizes of each mattress in which each model of the mattress is available.

Purple Mattress:

Purple Mattress vs Layla

Purple mattress(9.5″): This model is available in the purple brands in different sizes which are Cal king, King, split king, twin, twin xl, King, and queen.

Purple Hybrid mattress(10″): This model is available in different sizes which are Val king, King, twin, twin xl, split king, King, and queen.

Purple premier Hybrid mattress(11″, 12″): This model is also available in 7 different sizes which are Val king, Cal king,  King, twin, twin xl, King, and queen.

Layla Mattress:

Purple Mattress vs Layla

Each model with available sizes is as follows:

Layla memory foam mattress(10.5): This model is available in six different sizes which are Val king, King, twin, twin xl, King, and queen.

Layla hybrid mattress(13″):is also available in six different sizes which are Cal king, King, twin, twin xl, King, and queen.

It means that Layla’s mattress is lacking behind in the sizing options.

Prices comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Before leaving for mattress shopping, first, make a rough sketch of four expenses. This procedure will help you to buy a mattress that best come under your bank capacity

  • Purple Mattress: $1,149-$2,999
  • Layla Mattress: $1,099-$1,699

There is a clear distinction between purple and Layla mattress sizes. The higher prices of purple mattresses is all due to the use of added and high-quality materials like purple grid and its innovative and sophisticated design. The above prices are given for queen-size mattresses for purple and Layla mattresses.

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Construction comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

 The driving force in durability and performance are the quality of materials used and the type of construction employed. In this head, of comparison we are going to unveil, the differences between the construction materials of  Purple Mattress vs Layla:


Purple mattress has a stretchy and thin cover that accompanies purple grid to carry out more effective ventilation. Layla cover is made of thermo gel which is a cooling and heat-wicking material. It is cool and soft to the touch.

Comfort layers

The comfort layer of the Purple mattress comprises 2 inches hyper-elastic polymer gel grid which is followed by a responsive and soft foam layer that is responsible for pressure alleviation. For more edge support and protection, the purple manufacturer adds an encased one around the whole mattress.

With each side, the comfort layers in Layla’s mattress vary. On the softer side,3″ comfort layer is present while on the firmer side only 1-inch comfort layer is present. Beneath the comfort layer, a convoluted layer is present, which adds in the comfort and support of the mattress.

Support layer

In both mattresses, a durable support layer is present to increase the supportive feature and longevity of the mattress. In purple, it is present at the base of the mattress while in Layla’s mattress it is present between the soft and firm sides of the mattress. This layer is intended for support and prevents the sleeper from sinking into the middle of the mattress.

Firmness comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

For rating the firmness performance of any mattress, the bedding world uses a firmness scale. According to that firmness scale, a purple mattress got a 6 .5 out of 10 score and is considered a medium firm mattress. As stated above, the Layla mattress features 2 firmness options  _ softer side is 6.5 out of 10 firm while the firmer side is 8 out of 10 on the firmness scale.

It’s important to note here that firmness is subjective. The same mattress used by two individuals with different body weights, will not make the mattress feel the same. Due to this subjectivity, shoppers are strictly advised not to ignore their body weight while selecting a particular firm mattress for themselves.

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Coolness Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Both are considered, the coolest mattresses on the market. But purple has high points due to the use of innovative hyper-elastic gel grids. The gel grid has the capability to wick off even the tiniest amount of moisture and heat from the vicinity of the mattress and sleeper. On the other hand, Layla also sleeps cool at night due to the use of copper infusion but immediately loses its cooling properties by constant flipping.

It is important to note that all foam models of both Layla and purple mattresses are a bit hotter. If you are a hot sleeper and suffer from hot flashes, I highly recommend buying the hybrid variants of both mattresses.

Motion Isolation comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Motion isolation is an important factor if you sleep with your partner. Sleepy g on a mattress that does not isolate motion effectively, will constantly wake you up to constant turning and tossing of your partner. I recommend buying a Layla mattress if you sleep with your partner because it restricts motion transfer due to the extensive use of memory foam.

On the other hand, the purple mattress employs purple in its construction that adding a bouncier and more responsive feel to the mattress_ due to the responsive feel you will feel significant motion transfer.

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Durability Comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Both mattresses are highly durable and last for a longer period of time. Layla mattress lasts for 7 to 9 tears while purple lasts for at least 10. They are famous for long-lasting comfort and support. These mattresses will not sag with the passage of time.

Edge support comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

In addition to motion isolation, couples should also consider edge support for comfortable sleep. Extensive edge support sleepers to use the entire surface of the mattress. In this aspect tides, and turns on_ purple provide more edge support than Layla mattresses. Purple grids uplift the surface of the mattress even when someone lies on the edges of the mattress. You will find yourself unsafe and falling while sleeping on the edges of layla mattress.

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Noise comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

The purple mattress is not noisier than the Layla mattress due to the use of the purple grid. When a sleeper moves around or changes its sleeping position, it squeaks a bit. If you are more on the quiet side, then buy a Layla mattress.

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Off Gassing comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Outgassing occurs by opening both purple and Layla mattresses. But this is common with all mattresses. The irritating smell will be fed away after keeping them for 48 hours in a well-ventilated area.

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Recommendation comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

In this section, we will take your sleeping styles and body weight, and will recommend the mattress that will best suit you.

Purple mattress:

Buy purple if you are:

Back sleepers: If you are a back sleeper and often feel that your existing mattress doesn’t support your spine. It’s time to buy a purple mattress.

Combo sleepers: combo sleepers will really enjoy the bounce and response provided by purple Grid. On the other hand, the Layla mattress is irritating for them due to its flippable design.

Hot sleepers: Due to the use of the coolest Purple Grid in purple mattress construction, hot sleepers will enjoy it to the fullest.

Average weight sleepers: per our research, average weight sleepers gave the highest positive positive comments then any other petite and heavy sleepers. They feel comfortable whether they sleep on their backs, sides, or stomach. Purple grids completely cradle their whole body leaving no chance for pressure point build-up.

Layla Mattress:

Layla mattress does good for you if:

Soft mattress lovers: the softer side of the Layla mattress, is softer than industry standards. You will find heaven-like comfort if you are a lover of soft feelings.

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers face sharp pressure points on heavy parts of the body. Layla mattresses provide ultimate comfort from pressure points if you are a side sleeper.

Petite sleeper: Due to the adjustable design, petite sleepers can adjust the firmness to any range of softness or firmness.

Long-term investment: If you don’t want to invest quickly after purchasing a new mattress, the Layal mattress is the right option for you as it has a lighter longer life than the purple mattress.

Hot sleepers: Like purple mattresses, I also recommend Layla mattresses for hot sleepers. They can enjoy the coolness and dryness of the mattress like a purple mattress.

Couples: Due to its excellent motion isolating capability, the Layla mattress should be the top pick for couples. They won’t be disturbed by the unnecessary movement of their partner turning and tossing.

Company policy comparison Between Purple Mattress vs Layla:

Don’t be hasty and read the entire policy of the mattresses to avoid any happenings. Most mattresses come typically with 100 days free night trial and 10 years warranty. That is not the case with all mattresses. Let’s have a quick look at the company policy on purple and Layla mattresses.


Purple Mattress vs Layla

  • Purple offer 100 days free night trail for each of their model
  • Each model of purple mattress whether that is purple hybrid or Purple premier cones with 10 years warranty.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the quality and performance of the mattress_ you can avail free return offer.


Purple Mattress vs Layla

  • Layla manufacturer offers 100 days of free night trial for both Layla memory foam mattresses and Layla hybrid mattress
  • Layla claims that both their models will last lifelong.
  • Layla offers a money-back warranty if you are not satisfied with the quality of the mattress.

Buyers Guide:

A good mattress choice will take you to a comfortable and deeper night’s sleep. Before leaving for mattress shopping, first do research about every aspect of the mattress. These aspects include size, price, construction, quality materials, ease of movement, durability, reliability, company policy, noise, motion isolation, temperature regulation and edge support.

If you want a more luxurious, responsive, and bouncier feel mattress, go for a purple mattress. If you are more into saving money and memory foam and flippable design mattresses then the Layla mattress will do best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Layla mattress flexible?

Yes, Layla’s mattress is flexible due to dual-sided mattress design. You can easily customize the mattress firmness according to your need and comfort.

When Layla’s first mattress was released into the bedding market?

Layla was founded by Akrum Sheikh in 2016. It gained high popularity only in6 years. They have famous retailers both in physical and online markets.

Is Layla good for back, hip, and shoulder pain?

According to sleepopolis.com, Layla is one of the best mattresses for back, hip, and shoulder pain. It not only cradles and contours your lighter body parts but also provides excellent uplifting support to sleepers parts like hips and shoulders resulting in no hip and shoulder pain.

What are the trial period and warranty of the purple mattress?

The purple mattress comes with 100 days free night trial and 10-year long warranty.

Let’s Sum up:

This Purple Mattress vs Layla comparison is intended to leave you with a clear perception of which one to avoid and which one to own. We have taken a clear stance on whether you need a plush mattress or a unique gel grid. These both bed in box mattresses have been ruling the mattress world for many years. They got certifications from high authorities due to their unique content, durability, and performance. Kindly read the article at least 3 times to validate any turmoil.

Hopefully! We were effective in providing a clear stance on both purple and carpet mattresses.

Good health is driven by a peaceful mind and a peaceful mind is driven by restful sleep choose wisely.

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By Muhammad Asim