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While searching for the best pillow for migraines that helps to alleviate headaches you have arrived at the right place. At the point when a headache frames, an extraordinary, awkward beating migraine happens that can last a place several hours two or three days. This horrifying agony ordinarily starts in your brow, around your eyes, or in the side of your head close to your sanctuaries. Having migraines constantly and little command over your headache assaults?

We are largely searching for the enchantment thing to add to our search for best pillows for migraine sufferers that will assist you with feeling better quicker. While a pillow may be a contributor to the issue, understanding different issues that could be affecting your absence of value rest is equally significant. That is why you should choose the best pillow to prevent headaches.

Once in a while it’s difficult to pinpoint a definite reason for cerebral pains. Causes of migraines can be related to neck agony and strain. The foundation of the neck contains a gathering of muscles called suboccipital muscles, which straightforwardly allude nerves to the skull, including the front of the head and the eyes. At the point when these muscles worry from helpless arrangement, they allude torment into the head, bringing about pressure migraines. So using migraine relief pillows will grant you wide comfort .

The utilization of a pillow for tension headache with the right arrangement that will diminish cervical inflexibility is critical in forestalling cerebral pains and headaches. Many individuals who awaken with excruciating pains in the head, regularly don’t realize that the shape and filling of their pillow could be adding to the upsetting sensation. It’s been said that a pillow with right filling that will keep your spine in an impartial position will likewise alleviate and forestall cerebral pains and headaches so choose wisely the best pillow to prevent migraines.

Keeping up with the normal bend in your neck and spine is basic to getting a full, peaceful rest. Some unacceptable pillows can tighten your neck and shoulder muscles and, rather than recuperation, can make more torment while you’re resting.
While this implies you have more choices of best pillows for migraine sufferers to track down the ideal pillow to ease your migraines for you, it likewise makes picking the right anti migraine pillow a confounding choice.

Top 9 best pillow for migraines relief to buy in 2022:

All things considered, we’re here to assist with top picks of the best pillows for migraine. Regardless of whether you’re searching for something delicate and comfortable or firm and cooling, we have you covered.
So scroll down and pick the best pillow to prevent headaches and have comfortable sleep the entire night.

1. MALOUF Memory foam pillow:

best pillows for migraine


These Shoulder zoned Lavender pillows are planned explicitly for side sleepers as it induces sleep and helps reduce neck pains which are major triggers for migraines. manufactured with zoned dough memory foam. it adapts to your head and neck and soothes agonizing pressure points.

Likewise, appreciate profound, restoring lay down with the injected sweet-smelling lavender aroma, known to mitigate,calm, unwind and delicately relieve pressure and strain. This best pillow to prevent headaches is known for its capacity to help you fall asleep soundly. On the off chance that you battle with migraines and headaches, this pillow will give you the legitimate head and neck backing to awaken feeling invigorated and rejuvenated. If you are looking for a soft or firm pillow .

This pillow has a zoned configuration to assist it with offering help and solace in the perfect spots. It is designed to be firm and is implanted with peppermint to advance clear relaxing. We would be eager to assist you with a customized suggestion if necessary.if the strong smell gives you a headache so this pillow is imbued with peppermint oil to advance the lucidity of brain and clear breathing. The smell is proposed to be recognizable yet not unbearable. In the event that the smell is excessively solid for you, the pillow can undoubtedly be circulated out in a ventilated room before use. It doesn’t have any toxic chemicals and is CertiPUR-US certified.

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  • Fantastic Cover
  • Special shoulder recess intended for side sleepers for extreme solace and ergonomic help
  • Fragrant lavender aroma known to alleviate, quiet, unwind, and delicately ease pressure and strain
  • It provides moisture and regulates temperature
  • The pillow might get flat
  • Strong chemical order.

2. Contour Pillow:



It is the best pillow for migraine sufferers. Envision laying your head on a cool pillow holding a haze of air. Shape’s 3-layer configuration holds back and side sleepers cool and dry with a ventilated memory foam core, a center layer of cooling, air-coursing network and a delicate, breathable cover that wicks away dampness!

The pillows center is 100% ventilated memory foam to keep the pillow from holding heat. The Air Cross section Layer is 99% air, for cloudlike dozing solace. The delicate lattice layer forestalls warmth and moistness. The knitted, breathable pillow cover is specially fit for the entire evening resting solace. Every one of the three layers work as one to give an air course that holds unique qualities to be the best pillow to prevent headaches.

  • Provides optimum support
  • Three layers to benefit all sleepers
  • Quilted cover that is gentle on face
  • Orthopedic design that helps to reduce migraines
  • Too squishy.

3. Tempurpedic pillow:

best pillows for migraine


These are unique manageable headache pillows , intended to give legitimate alignment, backing, and solace by following the normal bend of your body. Made with firmer material beautifully formed to assist with restoring tired neck and shoulder muscles, this pillow gives a restorative encounter and a more profound night’s rest. Accessible in three sizes to fit all body types and rest inclinations. Incorporates removable and machine-launderable cover, and 5 years warranty .

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  • Hypoallergenic cover
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Polyester knit
  • Great for back and side sleepers
  • Top cooling
  • Adapts to your shape and reduces migraine triggers.

  • Short pillow length.

4. Mediflow Water Pillow:

best pillows for migraine


A pillow with a water base, similar to this one from Mediflow, works cautiously to help the head and neck by making a streaming establishment that moves with the sleeper’s developments. Side sleepers who experience the ill effects of migraines will discover the Mediflow water pillow to work on their rest through its constant exertion to give proper support to the neck, shoulders and head. This will likewise prove to be useful for relief from migraines and assist with advancing appropriate stance during rest.

The Mediflow Waterbase was positioned best of all pillows tried in a clinical report at Johns Hopkins College. Truth be told, in each of the 5 classifications tried subjects in the examination positioned Mediflow best. The last classification was neck pain that triggers migraines and here subjects positioned Mediflow best in diminishing the force of neck torment. Your head lays on a delicate, full layer of hypoallergenic polyester fiber which is upheld by a slim waterbase at the lower part of the pillow.

The water base reacts to your head development naturally as you rest to keep up appropriate help for your neck and relieve your migraines.. The Mediflow is the ideal pillow for all – regardless of whether you’re tall or short or lean toward delicate or firm.You can purchase pillows for the whole family and they would all be able to change them to their own ideal help level. More than 6 million individuals trust their rest to Mediflow – attempt it today and you will perceive any reason why.

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  • 100% Hypoallergenic
  • Temperature regulators
  • Reduces migraines
  • water base technology
  • Having air flow pockets to regulate temperature
  • Adjustability.
  • Designed to provide comfortable sleep.
  • Wake up rejuvenated.

  • Pillows can pop during sleep.
  • Leaking
  • Requires time and energy to fill the water pouch.
  • As the inner pouch is filled with water thus makes it heavier.
  • Molds can grow if not taken care of properly.

5. Beegod Pillow:

It is Comfortable, strong to offer you a quality, torment calming hypoallergenic pillow, and alleviates migraines. . furthermore it helps you nod off quickly, have sweet rest, and awaken rejuvenated. Fundamental for difficult work and everyday life.

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  • Great softness and firmness
  • Balanced support
  • Super breathable
  • High quality polyester filling
  • Machine washable
  • Adequate comfort for head and neck

  • Smell might not be your favourite.

6. Tempur ergo pillow:

best pillows for migraine


the pillow is shaped with two zones of help for tracking down the ideal dozing positions for you. It has an exceptionally bent shape to offer high and low profile edges, planned with firmer sides to help your neck and a milder focus to support your head that will relieve migraines. It is expertly designed to diminish pressure and offer customized help throughout the night.it’s Firmer Tempur material appropriately and serenely upholds your head, neck, and shoulders when dozing on your back or side. It is Sturdy and Adaptive TEMPUR material which never loses its shape..

  • Supportive firmer sides
  • Helps alleviate migraines
  • Relieves pressure and provides personalized support
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Long lasting
  • Contouring might be affected by room temperature.
  • Can be too firm or too soft for some sleepers.
  • Need daily care

7. Clara Clark Memory Foam Pillow:


At the best cost, this bamboo memory foam will in any case take care of business. The inside is loaded up with 100% shredded memory foam, and the pillowcase is made of a bamboo-mix material that is delicate and more breathable than cotton. Even better, this pillow is hypoallergenic and it even returns with a cash ensure, on the off chance that you should give it a shot and choose because it’s the best for you, this is a moderate room fundamental for headache victims. I bought these pillows to assist with everyday headaches. These pillows have made a difference. buy now and get rid of migraines with these anti migraine pillows.

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  • The outer case is removable and washable.
  • Reduces neck pains and migraine
  • Breathable material
  • Super soft
  • a pillowcase keeps the pillow fresh from sleeping experience.

  • Can be too noisy.

8. Buckwheat Pillow:


This is a more breathable pillow, this buckwheat structure pillow is intended to offer stable help to your neck as you sleep. What is buckwheat? Buckwheat is a seed-like grain with a structure that has been a well known filling in pillows in Japan for many years. Instead of memory foam, buckwheat frames permit more air to travel through it, which means you’re less inclined to overheat around evening time.

Since the structure is less inclined to move in your pillow, it additionally gives better and more steady help to adjust your back and spine. The outcome is Less neck torment and less headaches.It surely is an exceptional change from customary pillows . In any case, My neck torments and migraines are no more.. I enthusiastically suggest it as ity can be a great choice for you while choosing best pillow to prevent headaches.

  • Includes a zipper that allows you to adjust the pillow.
  • High breathability
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • High quality design

  • A bit noisy.

9. Hullo Buckwheat Pillow:

best pillows for migraine


These pillows adjust consummately to your head and neck giving cool, agreeable help the entire night. All regular buckwheat structure fill offers firm help that is both pliable and breathable. They are best pillows for headache. From the 100% natural cotton twill pillow case, to the painstakingly sourced and chosen buckwheat hulls, as it relieves migraine and contours to the head and neck.

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  • Contains no animal product.
  • Are Machine washable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • High quality and hidden zipper for adjustable loft

  • It might have a funky smell.
  • Need daily care


The right pillow is critical to a decent night’s rest. Regardless of whether you favor firm or delicate, pillows give an agreeable spot to rest and support your head and neck for the entire night. In any case, with so many pillows choices available, it may very well be hard to tell what’s best for your requirements. Pillows contrast by immovability level, fill material, breathability, and the best fit will rely upon your resting style and bed arrangement.

While choosing a pillow, consider your sleep position. If you are a side sleeper choose a high firm pillow , low loft pillow for back sleepers and stomach sleepers should choose even lower. Memory foam pillow is a great choice for all sleeping positions, they are firm enough and contours to your shape. However they don’t only provide the firmness you need but also reduce migraines. Buckwheat pillows are breathable and it’s duration is high and they last longer.it offers superior support and thus ends up to be a great choice for migraineurs Above we have got you covered with best pillows for migraines, choose one for yourself and get rid of headaches.



Buckwheat pillows have progressively become the best pillow for migraineurs. This could be ascribed to the smell, temperature, breathability, backing and moderateness. In contrast to different pillows, buckwheat pillows don’t emanate a substance smell. Because of the bodies of the pillow, breathability is high as it considers air dissemination.


Yes a pillow that doesn’t provide support to your head and neck can cause migraines as it strains your neck and triggers headaches.


Pillows made to relieve migraines can provide neck and head alignment and thus reduce migraines .


A proper pillow with cooling properties and memory foam support can help alleviate migraines .Common triggers of migraine are smell , sleep ,back or neck pain . While you sleep make sure a proper sleep position and right material filled pillow to rest on as pillows play a vital role in comfortable sleep and can prevent migraines. They provide proper support to the head and neck and thus lessen migraine triggers. That is how by resting on a supportive pillow you will easily get rid of migraines.

Which sleeping position is the best for migraine?

Sleeping with migraines can be really tormenting. Relieving migraines while sleeping requires various factors like making your surroundings dark. Switch off lights because it strains your eyes and makes the pain unbearable for you. Make sure you sleep in a room away from any sort of noise . Intake of more water can relieve migraine as well. Take deep breaths and make sure your pillow is supportive enough.


In order to prevent migraines you must take care of your sleep positions. You will need contour pillows for sleeping on your back that will support your head and neck and keep the spine aligned. For stomach sleepers, a low loft pillow is agreeable. Side sleepers should go for a pillow with a firmer and high profile pillow.


The head and neck relationship is unbelievably significant and upholds the door between your mind and cervical spine. Your focal sensory system conveys your reaction to torment, and its consideration is essential to your body’s recuperation when pain is present..
Blood stream advances recuperating, and aviation route support advances blood stream. Keeping your head and neck in arrangement takes into consideration both of these to assist with mitigating your migraine torment, and give you the energy to all the more likely arrangement with the uneasiness when it happens. Less blood flow or blocked oxygen pathways can increase migraines which is surely caused by poor alignment of head and neck. If your pillow doesn’t give support to your head and neck it will cause migraines to get even more worse. So it’s crucial for your head and neck to be aligned to prevent migraines. Thus add an anti migraine pillow to your routine.


Spinal arrangement and individual solace ought to be a need while tending to migraine torment and the issues that may make fundamental distresses encompassing this. Numerous cerebral pains are hard to manage or mend from when the body is not comfortable, making further anxiety. Our choices of best pillows for migraines introduced above give the fill decisions that you might need to consider while buying best anti migraine pillow to assist with giving alleviation to the causes of your migraines, and permit open aviation routes and dissemination to help recuperate from this irritating, and regularly agonizing, difficulty. So if looking for the best pillow to prevent tension headache , you might need to consider the decisions we’ve introduced above.

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