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Neck pain can be an everyday ailment or an infrequent problem. The pain may progress from a bit of irritation to an issue that impairs your ability to sleep and, ultimately, your quality of life. The good news is that adding products with careful design should lessen your frustration with neck pain. Investing in a firm neck cushion is one option.

The ideal pillow is essential in this regard, concur Keith Cushner, a product expert at sleepfoundation.org, and his coworker Logan Foley, a sleep-science coach and managing editor at sleepfoundation.org. According to Cushner, “a person’s sleep environment can play a vital role in pain recovery, particularly neck pain.”A persons with neck pain spend as much time as they can lying on their side or back to support their head, neck, and spine in a neutral posture, said  Dr. Rennes Toussaint-Keshinro, a chiropractor and mental-health coach.

Our team of expert has evaluated endless best pillow for neck pain side sleeper . In our testing, we analyze how they rise up to mileage, conclude who will discover them agreeable, and decide if they could assist with lessening neck torment. Since weight and dozing position both influence how your side sleeper pillow feels, we make a point to utilize analyzers from numerous weight gatherings and sleeper types. Our top pick for best pillows for neck pain side sleeper have been decided for their presentation and given honors that feature their qualities.

Top 9 pillows for neck pain side sleeper 2022:

The ideal pillow for neck pain relief when side sleeping is strong enough to support the head at a steady angle and soft enough to relieve pressure points.  Most people who suffer from neck pain when they sleep find success using memory foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillows. These materials are suggested as the best pillows for side sleepers with neck discomfort because they provide the best balance of support and pressing factor relief.

1.Ghost Pillow:

Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper


It is the perfect pillow for back and neck issues. Because it is made of air-permeable gel memory foam and is designed for back sleepers who require back support as they sleep, the GhostBed pillow offers exceptional contouring support. It is perfect for side sleepers with back and neck aches because of the 6-inch area and the moderately firm feel of the robust memory foam construction. The pillow, available only in one size, is suitable for a standard pillowcase.

The pillow’s ability to adapt to the shape of the neck and shoulders, thanks to gel-infused memory foam, may aid in lessening pressure building. Air can travel through the gaps in the foam, reducing heat retention. The cushion is soft and comfortable enough for people to sink into but barely sturdy enough to keep the spine aligned. Because it has the CertiPur-US guarantee, the foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to clean vermin.


The GhostPillow’s revolutionary phase-change technology quickly adjusts to your body heat to deliver cooling comfort.Thanks to the moisture-wicking performance fabric and cool-burst airflow technology of GhostBed’s memory foam cooling pillow, your head and neck stay relaxed, dry, and comfortable.

The GhostPillow’s ergonomic design supports your head without placing undue strain on your neck and spine while keeping them in optimal alignment—the best pillow for people who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or sides.

You won’t ever need to fluff this pillow because its memory foam core, constructed of pure gel cooling technology, keeps it from collapsing overnight. Its thick, velvety cover also ensures that you won’t need to. The body may be easily removed and cleaned thanks to a zipper.

Your Standard pillow memory foam is vacuum wrapped for convenience, just like other high-end memory foam products, and it may have a slight odor that will go away over time.

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  • Best The fluffy pillow that alleviates back pain
  • It also has a zipper for cover removal
  • Perfect firmness
  • Machine washable
  • Dust mite-resistant cover
  • Hypoallergenic
  • The embroidery may be irritating.

2. Casper Sleep Pillow:

Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper


The best medical pillows for back and neck discomfort rely on a few things, including the person’s height, usual sleeping position, and how mobile the bedding is. People can choose the optimal place by conducting a brief poll on preferences and body types. 

Whereas back and stomach sleepers might prefer the low-profile pillow, side sleepers are likely to find the thicker choice more comfortable.

The cushion is made of three layers of AirScape foam, which combines memory foam’s versatility with polyfoam’s delicate responsiveness. The material is shaped near the head and neck. The pillow won’t retain excessive body heat and should often rest cooler than other foam cushions because of the microscopic holes in the foam that allow air to circulate inside. 

The cover is removable and machine washable for simple maintenance. Casper advises drying the cover level after washing the material on a cool, gentle cycle.


1. spandex and Polyester

2. Our three-layer, cooling foam cushion supports proper neck alignment and provides all-night relaxation.

3. Two soft outer layers offer cushioning comfort while a finely constructed core layer adapts to your head and neck in all sleeping positions.

4. Tiny tubes in the foam move air out and away to prevent overheating. Thanks to our extra breathable jersey knit cover, you will feel more at ease as you sleep.

5. The pillow cover has gotten approval from OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and our foams have received certification from CertiPUR-US, making it safe for you and the environment.

6. Foam 77% polyurethane foam and 23% viscoelastic polyurethane foam. 88% polyester and 12% spandex overlay. Lining, 90% polyester, 10% spandex.

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  • ideal pillow loft
  • Cures neck, shoulder, or upper back pain
  • Those who are Value seekers
  • contours to the head and neck without sinkage
  • Machine washable cover

  • The smell in starting of usage.

3. Mediflow Pillow:


In a clinical report, the Mediflow Waterbase was rated as the best pillow for side sleepers with neck problems at Johns Hopkins University. In actuality, Mediflow was rated highest by test respondents in the five categories they were exposed to. 

The attempted classifications included the length of time it took for individuals to fall asleep, how often they stirred in the evening, how long it took to go numb again after being awakened, and a general assessment of the quality of their sleep.

In the final category, neck pain, participants found Mediflow to be most effective at reducing the severity of the pain. Your head rests on a soft, complete layer of hypoallergenic polyester fiber supported at the cushion’s bottom by a thin water-based. As you sleep, the water-based system adjusts to your head’s natural development to maintain proper support for your neck. 

Regardless of size, firmness preference, or whether you incline toward being delicate or firm, the Mediflow is the perfect cushion for everyone. 

Add the amount of water that provides the appropriate level of support for you, whether it be gentle, medium, or firm, to change how immovable your cushion is. 

Pads can be bought for the entire family, and everyone can adjust them to their preferred level of assistance. More than 6 million people entrust Mediflow with their sleep.


It’s a proven pillow for neck pain relief. The Mediflow Original Memory Foam Water Pillow has been shown in independent trials to help alleviate neck pain. Our water cushion for sleeping, recognized for enhancing sleep quality and easing shoulder strain, offers excellent relief from discomfort.

Memory foam pillow that can be customized for all sleeping positions. Please take advantage of our adjustable pillow for custom comfort. Our water pillow lets you adjust the firmness and height to meet your specific sleeping demands, making it perfect for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

This foam pillow offers an unmatched sleeping experience by combining the contouring advantages of memory foam with the adaptable support of a water-filled layer. A responsive, pleasant sleeping surface is at your disposal.

A premium bed pillow improves the quality of sleep. The Mediflow Original Memory Foam Water Pillow can help you wake up feeling refreshed. This firm memory foam pillow conforms to the contour of your head and neck to reduce pain and encourage a comfortable night’s sleep.

Professionals choose this pillow for healing. Our pillow’s memory foam technology, trusted by sleep specialists, chiropractors, and physical therapists worldwide, offers consistent support and sound sleep. Take advantage of Mediflow’s 25+ years of design innovation and change how you sleep.

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  • water Reduces neck pain and discomfort
  • water base technology
  • Excellent neck pillow for side sleepers
  • Designed to provide comfortable sleep.
  • Wake up rejuvenated
  • Hand Washable
  • Water filling requires time.

4. Coop Sleep Goods The Original Pillow


All sleepers frequently choose Coop’s original pillow, thanks to its CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam. However, in our testing, we discovered that the adjustable nature of this cushion is what sets it apart from other memory foam options for back sleepers.

Every pillow comes with a half-pound bag of the fill, so you can add more if you prefer more loft. The filling is a medium-firm mixture of memory foam and microfibre. We’ve discovered that removing some fill to lower the attic may be more comfortable for back sleepers. Over months or years, you might notice some foam compression; if this happens, fluffing the pillow may assist, or you can add more extra fill if necessary.

If you prefer to sleep warmly and are searching for an excellent option, there might be better choices than this pillow cause it isn’t made to be cooling. However, it has been fine for all the hot sleepers on The Spruce crew who have tested this cushion. Additionally, it is a pretty thick pillow that is difficult to compress, mainly if you use a lot of fill, making it less than ideal for travel.

The removable cushion cover can be machine washed, which is a benefit. To extend the pillow’s life if you tend to sleep hot, we also suggest purchasing the waterproof yet breathable Ultra-Tech pillow cover. A 100-day risk-free trial and a five-year warranty are included with the Coop Original.


The finest adjustable cushion in the world is here. Create a customized version to find your unique point of support and comfort. This pillow is perfect for anyone who sleeps on their side, back, or stomach. Prepare for the most peaceful sleep you can have.

You have complete adjustment and control. Snoring, soreness, or tossing and turning indicate that you sleep incorrectly. You may access the memory foam fill through our distinctive adjustable design and add or remove it to fit your size, shape, or preferred sleeping position. SLEEP WELL! – Foam fill, which you may adjust to your size, shape, and sleeping position by adding or removing. Finally, get a good night’s sleep and alignment.

To guarantee quality and safety, our Coop Home Goods Eden Pillows undergo rigorous third-party lab testing and are GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US certified. No dangerous chemicals here!

The case is constructed of exclusive Lulltra fabric, a viscose rayon and polyester blend that offers softness and breathability. You can now awaken feeling rejuvenated. We don’t use recycled materials to make our foam, unlike other pillows, which do. A supplementary 0.5 lb bag of fill is offered if you require a higher loft.

We are using both native and imported materials made in the USA. We don’t use recycled materials in the creation of our foam, unlike other pillows. You will also receive a free 0.5 lb fill bag with your order.

  • Adjustable, shredded fill
  • Works for the back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Five-year warranty
  • 100-day trial
  • Not cooling
  • Heavy

5. WEEKENDER Pillow:


Use the Weekender Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Pillow to sleep in complete comfort. It is helpful to keep you cool and comfy; this sleeping pillow combines the support of memory foam with temperature-regulating gel.

This firm pillow, sold as a single pack, is an excellent option for side, back, or stomach sleepers. The pillow is made of one piece of foam and compacted for delivery. Additionally, offered in Queen and King sizes are standard pillows.

Find soft but supportive memory foam that offers excellent pressure relief and conforming comfort. One piece of foam creates the ventilated gel memory foam pillow, which maximizes airflow while you sleep.

The cooling pillow uses gel infusion to produce cooling memory foam, dissipating body heat more effectively than conventional memory foam.

Standard one-pack pillows have a machine-washable, removable pillow cover for simple maintenance. For simple shipment, foam pillows can be shipped individually or in pairs. Before using, remove the box and allow it to decompress. The cool side dissipates body heat.

  • Molds to your shape and doesn’t overheat.
  • Cool and comfortable
  • Conveniently compressed
  • Soft and supportive
  • Removable cover
  • Ventilated design
  • Frequent cover removal might cause damage .

6. Bamboo Cooling Pillow:

Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper


Plixio has overhauled its unique pillow. This improved, exclusive cooling shredded memory foam cushion is adequately delicate to adjust to the state of your head, however strong enough to keep your neck and back appropriately adjusted. In the interim, the super rich thick determined bamboo pillowcase is delicate and hypoallergenic pillow.

  • Soft and comfortable cover.
  • Machine washable
  • Beneficial for side sleepers
  • It Relieves neck pain and brings comfortable sleep.
  • Comes with full 10 year warranty

  • Can have a chemical smell.



While more expensive than other choices on our list, Purple’s Harmony Pillow is our top pick for the best splurge pillow for back sleepers due to its loft options, durable materials, and breathability. It comes in low, medium, and tall sizes; we tried the medium choice and found that combo sleepers found it comfortable. For back sleepers, Purple advises choosing the 5.5-inch-high “low” option, so look into that first.

This alternative uses the same proprietary Gel Flex technology as Purple’s other products. This polymer geometric structure can offer cushioning without sacrificing support and adapts to your body as you move. When we tested the pillow, we noticed that the filling almost had a Jelly-like texture; it is a little heavier than other common fillings yet feels sturdy and springs back up when you lift your head. When we evaluated the Gel Flex layer’s cooling capacity, we found that the microscopic spaces in the honeycomb-shaped Gel Flex layer encourage air movement to prevent overheating. Some people won’t like the possibility of feeling the hexagonal design through the cover.

This pillow’s core is also composed of Talalay latex, which adds to its toughness and helps it keep its shape. 

This pillow costs $179, which is more than the other choices on our list, and the Gel Flex layer’s texture can take some getting used to. Although Purple acknowledges that the cushion should endure for years with appropriate care, we also wish the warranty was a little longer. Overall, the quality and durability can work together to make the Harmony pillow worthwhile if you want to test its innovative design.


The Talalay latex core and honeycombed GelFlex layer bend to support and cradle your head and neck. No matter what position you select, you will sleep soundly—the breathable, temperature-neutral dream team of the grid, ventilated latex, and moisture-wicking mesh cover. The combination enables constant airflow, calming you throughout the night.

The pillow maintains its shape over time and uses thanks to the highly sturdy materials. You get to experience that incredible floating feeling every single night. The Purple Harmony Pillow was created at our Innovations Lab in Alpine, Utah. It is made in the USA. The GelFlex Grid Hex layer is made in our American factory using our designed tools.

Our GelFlex Grid material is CleanAir GOLD and CertiPUR-US certified and is 100% harmless. Purple pillows are made of recyclable, food-grade, and contact-grade materials, making them a secure solution for allergy sufferers. For up to a year, beginning on the day of the original purchase, if there is a problem with your pillow, we’ll replace it.

  • [i2pros· Three loft options
  • Unique design with Gel Flex layer
  • Durable material maintains shape
  • Breathable and cool
  • [/i2pros] Non-traditional feel might not appeal to everyone
  • One-year warranty



    When searching for the finest pillow for neck pain, side sleepers choose a tall cushion that supports the neck correctly without becoming flat. Feather pillows are typically reserved for someone other than your pal. The Eli & Elm Pillow measures 17 by 29 inches and is about 5 inches tall. You can buy yours with more fill if you want it even firmer.

    On the other hand, you can choose how stiff you want the fall-out to be. It also has a suitable loft to align your neck with your spine and is ergonomically made to accommodate your shoulder.

    The inside substance, made of elastic polyester fibers and bouncy latex shreds, is referred to by Eli and Elm as “noodles. It achieves a beautiful balance between hard and soft. Latex foam is the best cushion for neck pain since it is robust, bounces back after being compressed, and releases pressure.


    This pillow conforms to your head and neck to provide the proper support and was created specifically for side sleepers. The unique U-shape form of the Side Sleepers is intended to lessen neck pain and improve spinal alignment. Many side sleepers concur that flat pillows do a poor job of holding one’s head up and cause chronic neck and back pain.

    The Eli & Elm side sleeper’s height and support may be adjusted using removable latex and polyester filling. Unzip the cushion to add stuffing for a more rigid feel, or remove extra filling for a softer feel.

    The Eli & Elm side-sleeper pillow is so soft that even your pet will love it. Each cover is made of very smooth cotton, ultra-fine Polyester, and spandex for the best possible comfort and is filled with 25% polyester fiber and 75% latex for the best possible support.

    The interior liner of the Eli and Elm Pillow makes it easy to take off and wash the cover. You may adjust the loft height by zipping up the internal liner.

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    • People who prefer to sleep on their side
    • Perfect choice for Hot sleepers
    • Cures uneven spinal alignment
    • Contoured design pillow that Improves alignment and reduces pressure on the neck
    • Machine washable cover
    • It needs too much care.

    9. Tempur ProForm Pillow:

    Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper


    The Tempur-Cloud Pillow from Tempur-Pedic is ideal for back sleepers. It meets all our requirements regarding materials, height, price, and general quality associated with Tempur-Pedic as a brand. The pillow’s composition and durability wowed us during testing. We used the pad at home for six months and saw no change in its shape throughout that time. It provides a beautiful balance of softness and support.

    As the name suggests, this cushion is composed of the company’s exclusive Tempur material, which can adapt to the shape of your head and neck to relieve pressure. This specific model offers medium hardness, which works well for back sleepers. The Tempur material distinguishes itself from regular memory foam by being more supportive and not just supplying cushion. Additionally, at 5 inches thick, it is within the mid-loft range, which Dr. Holliday-Bell advises back sleepers to look for in a pillow.

    When testing this pillow, we paid close attention to its cooling qualities. We discovered it was cozy and crisp to sleep on; we never needed to flip the pillow over in the middle of the night. This cushion’s removable and washable polyester cover, which we found pretty simple to clean, is the cherry on top. We like that the pillow can be compacted for better transportation when traveling, even if we found it a little heavier than some other pillows we’ve tested.


    It’s a memory foam bed pillow. With its low profile and cushion-soft texture, this pillow is ideal for all sleepers. It properly fits in a queen or regular pillowcase.

    TEMPUR material’s renowned pressure-relieving signature conforms to your head, neck, and shoulders for individualized comfort. Back, side, and stomach sleepers can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep because of the extra-soft texture.

    Adaptive material recovers its original form after each usage, providing improved support and alignment year after year. Simple to pack for travel

    The premium knit cover is easy to remove for washing and is comfortable and breathable. Bring your preferred pillow on your next trip so you can rest comfortably wherever your travels take you.

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    • Soft yet supportive
    • Retains shape over time
    • Feels cool to sleep on
    • Five-year warranty
    • Returns only accepted for product defects.

    10. Sleep Innovations Pillow:

    Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper


    This best pillow for neck pain side sleeper is Bended for solace and molded for help. The delicately bended shape guarantees restorative help for the neck of side sleepers while having a low, agreeable profile for stomach sleepers. With added cool solace from responsive gel memory foam.

    • multi position memory foam pillow
    • Cradling comfort that never goes flat.
    • For side sleepers.
    • Relieves shoulder pain .
    • Smell on unboxing


    Tracking down the right best pillow for neck pain side sleeper can be confusing because of numerous choices. While looking for the pillow that will address your issues, check the audits from different customers. In any case, don’t exclusively depend on surveys in light of the fact that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the purpose for them, particularly the awful ones. There are some fundamental elements of neck cushions that you ought to figure out how to limit purchasing an item that you dislike.Legitimate rest is vital for your general wellbeing and way of life. Safeguarding the typical shape of the neck is additionally significant. The GhostPillow is editor ‘s choice as it highly contours to your neck and head, meanwhile providing significant solace .In case you’re looking for a neck pillow that will fulfill your necessities.


    Legitimate rest is a significant factor for keeping up with great mental and actual wellbeing. Distress brought about by neck torment can diminish the time and nature of rest. In the event that you have helpless neck stance and backing, you might encounter neck torment and firmness, migraine and shoulder bone or arm torment.

    Notwithstanding, a decent best pillow for neck pain side sleeper can lessen the degree of neck torment and work on the nature of rest. There are a wide assortment of pillows accessible on the in different materials, shapes and sizes, so figuring out which pillow is most appropriate for your specific requirements might be somewhat troublesome.

    Components that Influence Rest are:

    Factors like ailments, rest apnea, caffeine, liquor, awkward sheet material and hefty suppers before bed influence rest developments. The manner in which you rest, the sleeping cushion and the sheet material likewise have an effect on the pillow you need. Best Pillow for neck pain side sleeper that utilize fluctuating statutes and have explicit regions for side resting might be a decent choice.

    Delicate or Firm Cushion?

    When looking for a best pillow for neck pain side sleeper, your inclination of immovability is significant. A firm pillow is a decent decision for constant or long-standing neck relief from discomfort and can assist with further developing stance and neck bend issues. Notwithstanding, it isn’t as agreeable or as obliging as a milder pillow, which is for the most part a superior choice for help with discomfort in intense issues that happen often.

    At times, you should substitute from a delicate pillow to a firm cushion as your condition advances or improves. A gel foam cooling cushion is another alternative pillow. It utilizes a cooler innovation in delicate memory foam to control and deliver heat development, offering help for the neck and assisting with keeping your head cool.

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    Uprooting and Steady Cushions:

    Neck pillows come in two classifications – removal and strong. Materials, for example, memory foam or water are utilized in dislodging neck cushions. This sort of pillows adjusts or dislodges to oblige the head and neck during a current or intense condition.

    Lets sum up:

    Finding the ideal cushion for a side sleeper might be challenging due to the various options. Check the reviews from other customers as you shop for a pillow to solve your problems.

    However, don’t just rely on surveys because you need to know what they’re for, especially the bad ones, and you have no notion what they’re for. It would help if you learned how to identify essential neck cushion components to avoid buying something you don’t like.

    A healthy sleep schedule is essential for your overall welfare and way of living. Another important aspect is maintaining the neck’s natural form. The GhostPillow is the editor’s pick because it perfectly conforms to your neck and head while offering much comfort if you’re trying to find a neck pillow to meet your needs.

    FAQ,’s About Best pillows for neck pain side sleeper:

    Can a pillow be the cause of neck torment?

    Resting on some unacceptable cushion can cause or fuel neck pain. In the event that your pillow is excessively thick or excessively dainty, it can constrain your neck into bizarre points that put pressure and strain on your body, bringing about neck pain. Regardless of whether your pillow feels great from the start, it’s conceivable that it’s not giving you the perfect measure of help. Best pillow for neck support keeps your head corresponding with your bedding, as opposed to bowed up or down. That is why you have to go for the best pillow for neck pain side sleeper.

    What cushion Materials are Best for Neck Agony?

    The best pillow for neck pain side sleeper is sufficiently firm to hold the head at a solid point, however delicate enough to lighten pressure points. Most sleepers discover accomplishment with either memory foam, latex, buckwheat, or feather pillow, as good pillows for neck pain . these materials offer the best equilibrium of help and pressing factor alleviation so are recommended as best pillows for neck pain side sleepers.

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