Puffy Mattress vs Purple


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Puffy and Purple both are bed in a box mattress that provides top-notch pressure alleviation. Both Puffy and Purple brands have a powerful online presence in the bedding market.

In this detailed guide, we will uncover the main differences and similarities between the Puffy mattress vs Purple. Our detailed article will leave you with a clear perception of both Puffy and Purple that will help you choose the cream of the crop.

Puffy mattress vs Purple: Head to Head Comparison

Puffy Mattress:

Puffy Mattress vs Purple

The bedding market saw the advent of puffy mattresses in 2017. The main objective behind this best mattress was to upgrade the landscape of sleep in the USA. The most trademark feature which makes it distinctive from its competitor is its elegant cooling Cloud technology that feels like you are sleeping in a cloud.7 Best mattress under $500

Purple Mattress:

Puffy Mattress vs Purple

Purple industries were founded by two brothers named Tony and Terry Pearce, in 2015. Besides the mattress, Purple also produces platform beds, seat cushions, and pillows. The cooling gel used in its construction makes purple stand out in the crowded market of the bedding world.https://amzn.to/3R3lNoZ

Main Similarities between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Even though Both purple and puffy mattresses have different designs and construction, they share some common characteristics which are as follows.

  • Both puffy and purple are bed-in-box mattresses
  • Both mattresses offer some supportive foam base layer
  • Both brands provide excellent service to the customer 
  • Both mattresses offers significant pressure alleviation

Differences Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Due to different construction and design, both mattresses have different characteristics which are as follows:

  • Purple mattress features grid construction and hyper-elastic polymer while puffy is a memory foam mattress.
  • Purple is more efficient in ventilation, so it keeps the sleeper cooler and dryer than a puffy mattress.
  • The purple mattress has a squish and gel-like feel while the puffy mattress has a balanced foam feel.
  • A puffy mattress is softer than a purple mattress(but this entirely depends on the sleeper in question)

Comparison between standout features  Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Puffy Mattress:

Some of the distinctive and standout features of a puffy mattress are as follows:

  • The foam layers cushion strain points and isolate motion
  • Worry-free night lifetime warranty
  • The transitional layer offered targeted and zoned support to every inch of the body

Purple Mattress:

Some of the features which make the purple mattress stand out in the market include:

  • Notable bounce with motion isolation
  • One of the most durable mattresses on the market
  • Studded with open-air channels for effective ventilation
  • Feature under FlexGrid, that contours and cool the entire body.

Models Comparison Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

The purple mattress is available in 3 different models_

  • Purple Mattress
  • Purple Hybrid,
  •  Purple hybrid premier mattress.

Puffy mattress is also available in 3 models which are:

  • Puffy Mattress
  • Puffy Royal Hybrid
  • Puffy lux hybrid.

These models greatly vary in construction, design, and performance from one another.

Firmness options between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Puffy brand only offers one firmness option for all of its models_ medium(5) while purple offers two firmness options for each model_ medium(5) and medium firm(6).

Differences in Sizes Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

There are several aspects to consider before buying a particular-size mattress. Layout and room size determine how much space you have to fit the mattress without any hassle. In general, a solo sleeper requires a small bed for sleeping peacefully while the one who shares his bed with a pet or partner always prefers a broader mattress.

All mattresses come in high profile, standard profile, and low profile. High-profile mattresses are those which feature thicker comfort and support layers and also occupy more space to fit in. Standard size is medium-sized mattresses that feature medium-sized comfort and support layer making it less supportive and comfortable than high-profile mattresses.

The low-profile mattresses are best for twin and RV beds. These mattresses ah e a very thin support and comfort layer, making it less ideal for pressure alleviation.

Both purple and puffy mattresses come in different sizes. The sizes even vary between models of the same brand mattress.


Puffy Mattress(10″): puffy mattress is available in 6 different sizes which are Cal king, king, queen, twin, twin xl, full, and queen.

Puffy Lux Hybrid(12″):is also available in 6 different sizes which are Cal king, king, queen, twin, twin xl, full and queen.

Puffy Royal Hybrid(14″): is available in 6 different sizes which are Cal king, king, queen, twin, twin xl, full and queen.


Puffy Mattress vs Purple

Purple Mattress(11″): is available in 6 different sizes which are split Cal king, king, queen,  twin xl, full and queen.

Purple Hybrid ( 11″):is available in 6 different sizes which are split Cal king, king, queen,  twin xl, full and queen.

Purple Hybrid Premium: is available in 7  different sizes which are twin, split Cal king, king, queen,  twin xl, full and queen.

Prices difference between  Comparison Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

All puffy models price ranges from $1,049-$2,399  While purple all models falls between $1,149 – $2,999 range prices.

It is clear from the above statistics that purple is a little pricier than a puffy mattress.

Comparison of Recommendations between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

I Recommend Puffy Mattress:

Back Sleepers: Back sleepers who need balanced comfort and support from a mattress.

Petite Sleepers: Petite and average weight slumberers who don’t need enormous support but a little cushioning and contouring support for hips and shoulders.

Couples; The memory comfort layer efficiently cuts off the motion disturbing, making it an ideal option for couples.

I Recommend Purple Mattress for:

Puffy Mattress vs Purple

Hot sleepers: Hot sleepers who are looking for the coolest mattress

Heavy sleepers: A purple mattress is best for heavier sleepers as it provides significant support to both lighter and heavier parts of the body.

Stomach sleepers: As purple mattresses provide even support and comfort to the entire body, they will do extensively good for stomach sleepers.

Puffy Mattress Vs Purple Construction differences:

The quality material and type of construction imitate the performance and durability of a mattress. Mattresses made of high-quality materials are often pricier but more durable, comfortable and supportive than low quality mattresses. The design and construction of both puffy and Purple mattresses significantly varies from one another. For detailed insight, read below:


The purple mattress features a SoftFlex cover that is breathable, soft, and flexible enough to move around the grid construction underneath. While the puffy mattress has a soft, thin, breathable cover and stretchy cover.

Comfort Layers

The top layer of the Purple mattress features a high-quality gel grid. The Gel grid is studded with hyper-elastic polymer. This layer bounces and is firm but as sleepers lie down it sits down to provide pressure alleviation. For extra edge support, a thick foam engagement around the purple mattress.

The main comfort of a puffy mattress is Cooling Cloud memory foam with a slow-moving feel. The Cooling Cloud memory foam Ias a gel infusion to increase the ventilation and aeration of the mattress for a cooler night sleeper followed by a transitional layer climate comfort transition layer that is a bit plush and adds a bounced feel to the mattress. Additionally, it is also responsible for good temperature regulation.

Feel Differences between Puffy Mattress Vs Purple:

Due to the middle transitional layer and top memory foam, the mattress provides a balanced feel of comfort and support to the sleeper. The responsive support layer uplift the body of the sleeper for easy position changing while the memory cushions and contours the whole body of the sleeper for pressure and strain alleviation.

The purple mattress is famous for its bouncier and responsive nature that provide fiem and squishy feel to the sleeper. The mattress provides zoned support by providing uneven support to different parts of the sleeper’s body.

Temperature Regulation differences between Puffy Mattress Vs Purple:

As stated above purple mattress features a gel grid_ known for vital ventilation,  wicking all the heat and moisture from sleepers resulting in a neutral environment. The puffy mattress features a thin layer of gel that is not efficient enough to keep the sleeping environment neutral resulting in hotter and sweaty nights.

Motion Transfer comparison between Puffy Mattress Vs Purple:

The puffy mattress is the winner here because it features an all-foam construction. The memory foam comfort layer absorbs all the motion and prevents it from spreading to other parts of the mattress. While a purple mattress is lacking in this regard due to less use of memory foam.

Edge Support Differences between Puffy Mattress Vs Purple:

Due to the extra 3″ foam investment around the purple grid, the mattress provides extra edge support than other mattresses. This feature makes it an excellent choice for elders, and one who is suffering from any type of pain and throb. While a puffy mattress due to all foam construction is lacking in this property. 

Durability comparison between  Puffy Mattress Vs Purple:

With the proprietary use of the purple grid, the mattress is more resistant to wear and tear and other deteriorated short-short, a purple mattress provides more long-lasting and efficient comfort and support to the sleeper.

Off Gassing differences between Puffy Mattress Vs Purple

According to customer reviews, off-gassing is more pronounced in puffy mattresses than in purple mattresses. Secondly, puffy mattresses require more time for expansion than purple mattresses.

Spinal Alignment Comparison Between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Both purple and puffy mattresses scored 9.5/19 in the spinal alignment test. Both of these mattresses provide full contouring support to keep your spine in proper position. Good spinal alignment is synonymous with good back, hi, shoulder and neck health.

Pressure Relief Comparison between Puffy Mattress vs Purple:

The pressure alleviation that Puffy Mattress’ mattresses provide is one of the main draws for customers. Puffy Mattress uses many foam layers to provide some outstanding outcomes and has an excellent understanding of how pressure relief mattresses should be constructed.

The firmness of a mattress and your sleeping position are the main factors in pressure reduction. Puffy mattresses provide pressure alleviation for nearly every type of sleeper due to their medium-firm level.

Their Lux mattress’ top layer is especially soft to aid side sleepers in preventing pressure spots on their hips and backs. With their unique foam layers and mattress designs, The Original and The Royal are also intended to help with spine alignment and ease typical pressure points. On the other hand Purple mattress is lacking in this aspect due to its bouncier nature.

Trail Period and warranty: Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Puffy mattress comes with 101 nights free trial and lifetime warranty while the Purple mattress manufacturer offers 10 days free night yest and 10 years long warranty.

Company Policies comparison between Puffy mattress vs Purple:

Both Puffy and Purple mattress manufacturers offer free shipping and money-back warranty on returns. As per users reviews, both provide excellent customer service.

Buyers Guide:

According To me, Purple is a more healthy and fruitful investment than a puffy mattress. The mattress is more durable and long-lasting with excellent edge support. Although it is a bit expensive, it lasts much longer than a puffy mattress. Moreover, they won’t sag with time.

But if you sleep with your partner, then you must switch to a puffy mattress as the puffy mattress is best in motion isolation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a puffy mattress cooler than Purple mattress?

No puffy mattress is hotter than a purple mattress due to all foam construction. Purple mattress features a cooling grid that makes it an excellent option for hot sleepers.

Does a purple mattress last longer than a puffy mattress?

Yes, purple mattresses last longer than puffy mattresses due to the use of durable hyper-elastic polymer material.

What is the warranty of the puffy and Purple mattress?

Both purple and Nectar come with a 10 years warranty.

Let’s Sum up:

No mattress is best, not bad. The comfort and support you receive from a particular mattress are all dependent on your body weight and sleeping style. My personal favorite is the Purple mattress, as it is cooler, durable, long-lasting, luxurious, and comfortable.

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Choose better, Live better!

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By Muhammad Asim