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Casper and Layla’s mattresses are often placed together for online shoppers. Casper was introduced in 2014 and is known as the first bed-in-a-box company while Layla got started in 2016. Both brands offer hybrid and all-foam models. The produce models that fall in a wide spectrum of prices and firmness options_ give a variety of choices to shoppers to choose from. Besides mattresses, they also sell pillows, Hopper’s, frames, and many more.

Due to several similarities between Casper vs Layla mattresses, shoppers always find themselves in an ocean of dilemmas. To help you in this uncertain situation, we have unbiasedly compared Casper mattress vs Layla. The main heads in Casper mattress vs Layla include differences in pieces, sizes, temperature regulation, firmness options, warranties, construction, trial periods, edge support, motion isolation, shipping warranties, and many more.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla in 2023:

Casper employs a variety of foam in its construction i.e it utilizes polyfoam for support and foam for comfort. For breathability, it features gel pockets and air holes. Gel pockets are also intended for providing zoned support.

On the other hand, Layla offers two mattresses in one mattress. Due to the flippable design of the Layla mattress, you can easily switch between soft and from mattresses For maximum cooling it features copper in its construction. It should be noted that Copper is more conductive than gel particles_ implying the fact means that it is one of the coolest mattresses on the market.

Similarities Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Despite clear differences in its construction, the Casper mattress is like the Layla mattress in one way are the other way: These similarities include

  • Both produce bed in a box mattress
  • Both Layla and carpet mattress comes in a 10-year long warranty
  • Both produce hybrid and foam models
  • Both have a strong only presence
  • Both Kayla and carpet are CertiPUR US certified
  • Both characteristics coil in their construction, giving a more traditional innerspring feel.
  • Both come with a wide range of for ness options and prices

Differences Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Some of the differences between Casper mattress vs Layla are as follows:

  • Layla Mattress has a flippable design while Casper features a one-sided design
  • Casper provides white glove delivery, while Layla doesn’t have such a service for customers
  • Casper is specialized in providing zoned support while Layla lacks in this property.
  • Casper features perforated memory foam whole Layla features copper-infused memory foam for temperatures regulation and breathability
  • Casper comes with a 100-day free night trial while Layla comes with a 120-day free night trial.
  • Layla is less responsive than Casper mattress
  • Layla is more affordable than the Casper mattress
  • Layla only offers 2 models while Casper offers 6 different models
  • Layla contains more memory foam in its construction while Casper characteristics less
  • Layla sleeps you cooler than a Casper mattress.
  • Casper comes with only  10 years warranty while Layal comes with forever warranty.

Models Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

As stated above, both Casper and Layla offer both foam and hybrid models. These models are as follows:


Casper Mattress vs Layla

  • Casper Original mattress
  • Casper wave hybrid mattress
  • Casper nova foam hybrid
  • Casper Element mattress
  • Casper Original hybrid mattress


Casper Mattress vs Layla

  • Layla memory foam mattress
  • Layla Hybrid mattress

Proven that Casper is more versatile and constantly researching to come up with something new, comfortable, and supportive.

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Sizes Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

In this section, we will discuss the sizes of Casper and Kayla mattress


Casper mattress along with the sizes in which these models are available is given as:

  • Casper Original Mattress(11″): is available in twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king
  • Casper Original Hybrid(11″):is available in twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king
  • Casper Wave Hybrid(13″):is available in twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king
  • Casper Nova foam hybrid(12″):is available in twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king
  • Casper Element Mattress(10″): is available in twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king


Layla’s two models along with the sizes, in which this copper-infused mattress available is given as:

  • Layla memory for mattress(10.5″):is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, twin Xl, Cal king, King, queen, and king
  • Layla Hybrid(11″): is available in 6 different sizes which are  in twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, queen, and king

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Prices Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

For most online shoppers price is a driving factor. Quality, comfort layers, type of construction, and size of mattress imitate the price of a mattress.

  • Casper mattress:$595-$2,595
  • Layla mattress: $1,099-$1,699

The above price assessment is based on a queen-size mattress. It is clear from the above-mentioned prices that carpet is pricier and offers a narrow range to the shopper. If you are on a tight budget, good to go with a Layla mattress.

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Firmness Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

The Casper mattress is rated 7 out of 10_ firmer than average. As stated above, Kayla features a dual-sided design_ soft side is rated 6 out of 10 while the driver side is rated 7 out of 10. It is important to note that the amount of firm feel you get from a mattress entirely depends on your body weight.

Due to the zoned design of the Casper mattress, it might feel firmer or softer_ depending on your sleeping position. Foreclxamole will feel softer if you are a side sleeper and on the other game, it will feel firmer if you sleep on your back or stomach.

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Construction Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Both Casper and Layla mattresses feature different types of material in their constructions. Some of the top-notch construction differences are as follows:


Casper has a soft, breathed, and perforated cover that allows airflow, keeping the sleeper cool. While Layla also features a soft, breathable and gentle touch cover_ Layla’s cover feels cooler and soft to the touch.

Comfort layers

Comfort layers are the core of mattresses. Without enough comfort layers, the mattress loses its popularity quickly. For.  comfort, per mattress, features proprietary AirScape foam. The proprietary AirScape foam is not only supportive and responsive but provides enough space for aid to pass through it.

Layla features a thick layer of copper-infused memory foam on Its softer side and a thinner layer on the firmer side. Besides ventilation and station, it uplifts the whole body of the sleeper and provides him excellent pressure alleviation.

Transitional layers

Transitional layers are often intended for zoned support. Both Casper and Layla mattresses provide zoned support but Casper shines more in this aspect. Casper mattress features target zoned support mattresses, that provides the needed support to every part of the body. Layla mattress features MaxAirflow foam that is also known for maximum zoned support.

Support Layers

Both Layla and Casper mattresses contain support layers in their base. The support layer is made of either  simple foam or polyfoam layers. They are designed with utmost care as all the durability of every mattress is driven by this factor.

Temperature Regulation Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Each model of Casper and Layla features foam, meaning that both have the utmost capability to trap heat and moisture. To tackle the situation both mattresses feature cooling materials. Casper mattress features hole and pocketed gel to enhance cooling and better aeration while Layla mattress is composed of Copper infused memory foam for ventilation and breathability.

As a quick cooling comparison, Layla mattress is the winner here because the copper has more thermal benefits and is more conductive than any other cooling agent used in a particular mattress. If you are a hot sleeper, we highly recommend going for a Layla mattress.

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Motion Isolation Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Those mattresses, which effectively absorb motion isolation, win out in the market. For couples, motion isolation is the primary factor to sleep comfortably and without disruption.

Mattresses that contain large amounts of memory foam, isolate motion effectively and limit it across other parts of the mattress. Layla mattresses contains more memory foam in its construction, which makes it an excellent motion isolation mattress. On the other hand, Casper doesn’t shine effectively in this aspect.

Edge Support Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Not only for couples but for all other sleepers, edges support  the primary factor to sleep comfortably without falling off. Edge support provides you a comfortable zone to get in and get out of the bed. As far as edge support, Casper mattress is more ideal than Layla mattress. The low rating of Layla in this factor is that it contains more quantity of memory foam than Casper mattress.

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Durability Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Both mattresses got even numbers in terms of durability. Both the foam models of Casper mad Layla, last for 6 to 8 years. If you want a more long and more healthy investment, then go for hybrid models.

Off-gassing Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

You might experience a faint or strong mattress after unboxing an online mattress. As per customers’ reviews, on unboxing Layla you will feel more chemical smell then unboxing any model of Casper mattress.

Noise Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Noise is irritating when a sleeper moves around. All foam models are free from noise while the hybrid models make a little noise as they contain coils in it’s construction

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Recommendation Comparison Between Casper mattress vs Layla:

In this part of the article, we will do our suggestion tha which type of sleepers will fell more comfortable and supportive on Casper and Layla mattresses:

Casper Mattress: 

The following sleepers will extensively enjoy the source of Casper mattress: 

Soft mattress Lovers: If you want cloud-like comfort, then choose Casper  will100% do good for you.

Cold sleepers: if you feel the coldness and have no ability to retain heat, then it’s the best option for you.

Luxurious life lovers: If you are more in big investment, buy Casper mattress.

Layla Mattress:

The following sleepers should buy Layla mattress:

Hot sleepers: due to copper infusion they will get rid of hot flashes, moisture, and night sweats.

Back sleepers: Due to its responsive nature, side sleepers enjoy it more than other types of sleepers.

For people who are on a tight budget: there is a big difference between Casper and Layla mattress prices. If you do want to break your bank, good to go for the Layla mattress.

Memory foam lovers Due to the intensive use of memory foam, it exclusively attracts memory for lovers.

Company Policy Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Layla:

Not so brisk while doing mattress shopping. Go through the entire policy of the brand to have a clear and intensive knowledge about each aspect of mattress. In this section, we will briefly discuss the company policy of Casper mattress vs Layla


Both brands provide free shipping in the USA

Trail Periods

Layla mattress comes with 120 free night trails while Casper comes with 100 days free night trails.


Layla mattress comes with lifetime warranty while Casper comes with 10 years long warranty.

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Buyer Guide

While mattress shopping, one should frequently ask questions about mattress durability, performance, quality materials, firmness, reliability, temperature regulation, ease of movement, noise size and price. Above all, take into consideration your sleeping style and body size for a good investment. If you are on a tight budget, memory foam feels and firm mattress lover and stomach sleeper, it is good to God with Layla mattress. But if you seek a luxurious living, soft mattress lover and side sleeper, Casper mattress will support and comfort you the best. If you sleep with your partner, before diving into mattress shopping, must consult your partner for hassle-free shopping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Casper’s mattress better than Layla’s mattress?

Neither a mattress is good nor a mattress is bad. Your sleeping position and body weight decide whether you will put a mattress in the good category or the bad category.

Is Layla cooler than Casper’s mattress?

Yes, Layla is cooler than a Casper mattress. Because Layla mattress feature copper infusion in its construction that is more conductive and thermally active then other cooling agents.

Can you Flipp Layla and Casper mattress?

You can Flipp the Layla mattress as it has Dua sided design but you can’t Flipp the Casper mattress as it has a one-sided design. Avoid frequent flipping of Layla’s mattress, as it leads to losing the cooling properties of the mattress.

What is the trial period and warranty of the Casper mattress?

Casper brand provides 100 days of free night trails and 10-year long warranty for each of their models.

Let’s Sum up

We have compared all the aspects of Casper mattress vs Layla that one might consider before going for mattress shopping. Forever shopper to have a long time investment, basic mattress knowledge regarding its construction and working is compulsory. Our Casper Mattress vs Layla is totally unbiased and free from any influence. It will greatly help you, in the way of mattress shopping. We recommend you read the post at least 3 times, to avoid any confusion.

Hopefully! We were fruitful enough to get you out of the Casper mattress vs Layla dilemma.

For a healthy life, healthy choices matter!

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