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Nectar and Purple mattresses are doing tremendously in the bedding market because of their durability, content, performance, and eco-friendly products. 

We will go through the side-by-side comparison between nectar vs purple mattress. These side-by-side comparisons include prices, edge support, warranties, trial period, design, construction, recommendations, motion isolation, and many more.

Further down in the article, you will find a detailed buying guide that will greatly assist you in decision-making.

Nectar vs Purple Mattress: Head To Head Comparison In 2022:

Both the purple mattresses are Nectar mattresses and produce other models besides their all-foam original models. These models coincide with some qualities but greatly differ in other qualities. To check out how they differ check our detailed guide.

Models Difference between Nectar vs Purple Mattress:

Nectar sells all foam mattresses and lush nectar mattresses _ Nectar original, Nectar, Nectar premium copper, and Nectar premium mattress while purple sells all foam and two cool systems I.e the purple origins mattress, purple hybrid premium purple mattress, and the purple hybrid mattress. These mentioned models of each mattress are totally different as they have design and construction.

Firmness Differences Between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress:

Nectar offers only one firmness level: medium (5) while purple mattress offers two firmness people for each mattress_medium(5) and medium firm(6).

Stand out features difference between Nectar Vs Purple mattress:

Purple mattress:

  • Luxurious and breathable 
  • Cooler than many other many beds
  • Provide excellent pressure alleviation from pressure points.

Nectar Mattress:

  • 365 long free night sleep
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • Provide the best contouring and cushioning support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best in motion isolation function

Key similarities of Nectar Vs Purple Mattress

The following are the main similarities between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress

  • Both brands offer 3 models 
  • Neither  Nectar nor Purple mattress features springs and coils on its construction
  • Both of them are shipped in a card box
  • Both brands offer free shipping in the contiguous USA.

Key differences Between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress

Some of the most prominent are as follows

  • Like Amerisleep and Tempersic mattresses, the Nectar mattress has an all-foam soft feel while the purple mattress is more weightless and bounces
  • Nectar comes with 365 days of free night trial while purple comes with only 100 days of free night trail
  • Nectar comes forever warranty while purple comes with only 10 years warranty
  • Nectar is more affordable than a purple mattress
  • Purple all models are cooler than Ne

Sizes differences between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress

It’s important to choose the size of the mattress wisely. Your room space and the type of sleeper force are the driving factors in choosing the best mattress size.  A good size is that which has the capability to adapt to your sleeping style and body size. Moreover, accommodate your pet and partner, if you are sleeping with any of them.

Purple Mattress:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

Purple Original Mattress(9.5″): Purple original mattress is available in 7 different sizes which are twin, twin XL, full, Cal king, King, split king, and queen.

Purple Hybrid Premium(11′): Purple original mattress is available in 6 different sizes which are twin XL, full, Cal king, King, split king, and queen.

Purple Hybrid Premium(12″ and 13″): Purple original mattress is available in 6 different sizes which are twin XL, full, Cal king, King, split king, and queen.

Nectar Mattress:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

Nectar Original Mattress(12″): Nectar mattress is available in 6 different sizes which are twin, twin XL, full, Cal king, King,  and queen.

Nectar Premium Mattress(13″): Nectar mattress is available in u different sizes which are twin, twin XL, full, Cal king, King, split king, and queen.

Nectar Premium Copper mattress(14″): mattress is available in 7 different sizes which are twin, twin XL, full, Cal king, King, split king and queen.

Prices differences Between Nectar vs Purple Mattress:

All models of purple mattress fall between $1,149-$2,999 range while all models of Nectar mattresses fall between the $899-$1,549 range.

Recommendations comparison between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress:

I Recommend a Purple mattress for:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

Heavy sleepers; Purple mattress is best for heavy sleepers who require more support and a place from their mattress

Frequent Movers: It is best for frequent movers as it provides more space to them to move around in the mattress

Back sleepers: The medium firm mattress alleviated all the pressure points from back sleepers resulting in comfy and cozy night sleep.

Stomach sleepers; As we know stomach sleepers often suffer from hot flashes, the purple mattress is good for them as it has open cell technology.

I recommend Nectar Mattress for:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

Side sleepers: Side sleepers are more prone to pressure build-up on their heavy body parts. Nectar mattress cradles all the parts of the body leaving no chances for pressure build-up.

Petite sleepers: Due to the multi-layers of foam, petite sleepers find it a comfortable and supportive mattress for themselves.

Average weight sleepers: They also adore the ever-lasting comfort and support of Nectar mattress

Couples: The mattresses ergonomic design excellently cuts off motion isolation making it ideal for couples

Motion Isolation Comparison in Nectar Vs Purple mattress

Nectar mattress cuts off motion isolation more effectively due to all foam construction. While in the other hand as the purple mattress is made of responsive coils they are always susceptible to transfer motion across the mattress.

Edge Support Comparison Between Nectar Vs Purple mattresses;

Both purple and Nectar mattress have excellent edge support. Edge support makes it easy for a sleeper to get in and get out of bed. Moreover, the sleeper can sleep on the edge without fear of falling down on the ground. But the purple mattress is a point high in this aspect due to hybrid construction.

Noise and off-gassing Comparison Between Nectar Vs Purple mattress:

We found the Purple mattress a bit noisier than the Nectar mattress. When you will open any model of Purple hybrid mattress, you won’t feel the funky smell of chemicals that normally many mattresses do. While unboxing a Nectar mattress, you may feel a little off-gassing.

Temperature Regulation comparison between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress

The purple mattress sleeps cooler than the Nectar mattress. Due to the use gel grid, the purple mattresses allow ton of air to pass through its core. This effective ventilation and narration keep the sleeper cool and prevents him from swearing at night. While on the other hand Nectar lacks a gel Grid, making it a hotter option.

Construction and Material Difference in Nectar Vs Purple Matress

Although Nectar and Purple initially have a similar appearance, they differ in ways that make one or the other a preferable choice for various individuals. Purple employs their own hyper-elastic polymer foam, which differs in several aspects from the Nectar’s standard memory foam and polyfoam comfort layers. Which of these mattresses is the most comfortable for you will depend on personal characteristics like body weight and preferred sleeping positions.

Purple Mattress:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

There are three products from Purple: the Purple Hybrid, the Purple, and the Purple Hybrid Premier, which is available in two thicknesses. While the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier both have pocketed coil support cores in addition to foam comfort layers, Purple is an all-foam mattress.

The Purple Grid, a hyper-elastic polymer grid comfort layer that promotes ventilation and gives the bed a responsive feel, is a component of all three mattresses.

While the Purple Hybrid is more expensive than the Purple in every size, the Purple is more reasonably priced. At each size, the Purple Hybrid Premier is slightly more expensive than the Purple Hybrid (and more than that if you opt for the larger thickness option). Each mattress’ price is most heavily influenced by the size of its Purple Grid.

Core support

Purple’s support cores are made of 4 inches of high-density polyfoam (2 PCF). 7.5 inches of pocketed coils are present in all other Purple mattresses. Beds feel more responsive because to pocketed coils, which also let cooling air flow through. Although each coil encasing helps to lessen some motion transmission, beds with pocketed coils often transfer more motion than all-foam beds. Hybrid beds typically have more noise than all-foam mattresses because of the coils.

Due to their pocketed coil layers, the Purple Hybrid and Hybrid Premier will probably last longer than the Purple. Given that memory foam can leave body imprints over time and coils do not change much over time, hybrid mattresses are believed to be more dependable and long-lasting. However, all Purple mattresses ought to last at least a few years.

The 13-inch-thick Purple Hybrid Premier is softer than the company’s other mattresses, with a medium firmness of 5 out of 10 compared to the 6 of all other Purple mattresses. This variation in hardness makes the 13-inch Purple Hybrid Premier a better option for the majority of light sleepers and a less desirable option for heavy people.

Cover Material

The cover materials used in all Purple mattresses are the same, therefore this does not distinguish any of them from one another. A mixture of lycra, viscose, and polyester is used to create the Purple coverings. To the touch, they are supple and smooth.

Comfort layer

The comfort layers on all Purple mattress models are remarkably similar. The Purple boasts a 3.5-inch layer of high-density polyfoam underneath a 2-inch Purple Grid (1.8 PCF). A Purple Grid is found on top of a one-inch layer of transitional polyfoam in the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier models (2 PCF).

The hybrid variants simply differ in terms of the Purple Grid’s thickness. The Grid on the Purple Hybrid is 2 inches, while the Grid on the Hybrid Premier is 3 or 4 inches.

Nectar Mattress:

Nectar vs Purple mattress

There are three mattresses available from Nectar, and they are all made of foam. The 12-inch thick original Nectar mattress is rated as medium firm (6 out of 10) and has a thickness of 12 inches. Both Premier Copper and the Nectar Premier are medium-firm, however, the former is thicker at 14 inches and the latter at 13 inches.

Comfort layer

Three inches of memory foam with gel infusion make up the comfort layer of the Nectar Mattress. Sleepers can anticipate some obvious contouring without too much sinkage or “hugging” due to the mattress’ medium firmness.

In order to lessen the buildup of body heat, the comfort layer of the Premier also comprises 3 inches of gel memory foam that is mixed with phase-change material. The memory foam utilized in the 4-inch comfort layer of Premier Copper is also infused with gel and PCM.

Core Support

The support core of all three Nectar mattresses is made of polyfoam. The support cores of the flagship model and Nectar Premier are each 7 inches thick, while the support core of Premier Copper is 9 inches thick. To prevent shifting on the foundation, each of these mattresses also has a bottom cover with an anti-slip surface.

Cover Material

Both the Nectar Premier and the company’s flagship mattress include quilted covers manufactured of permeable mixtures of polyester, polyethylene, and nylon. To increase cooling and thermoregulation on the surface of Premier Copper, copper fibers are incorporated into the same cover material.

Company policy comparison Between Nectar Vs Purple Mattress:

Purple policies:

Nectar vs Purple mattress


Purple all three models are compressed and shipped in a box for delivery to FedEx Ground. Purple offers free shipping to American citizens. Purple also provides free shipping go Alaska, Hawaii and Canada but beyond Canada shipping is not free.

White glove delivery is not available with all Purple mattresses. You can avail of white globe delivery with a Purple Hybrid mattress for $149. Purple hybrid Premier mattress comes with free white glove delivery while Putplw doesn’t offer any white glove delivery for the Purple Mattress. Purple sets up the new bed for you and will also remove your old bed without any charges.

Free night trial and Warranty

Purple offers two different warranties for cover and interior mattresses. Zippered cover of the mattress comes with 2 years warranty while the interior mattress comes with 10 years.

 warranty. The guarantee is only acceptable if the bed has a covering on it. has been sitting on a , firm, flat non-adjustable bed frame  Purple offers 100 days free night. But in case Purple find any customer abuse like bodily fluids, odors, and stains on the mattress, then you can’t return it.


If the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the mattress, he| she can return it within 100 days, requiring a 21-night break-in period first. During these first 21 days, customers are not allowed to use it.

Nectar Mattress:

Nectar vs Purple mattress


Customers in the US’s 48 contiguous states can get free shipping from Nectar. The mattress is delivered compressed and in a box by either UPS or FedEx Ground. Nectar mattresses can be shipped to customers in Alaska or Hawaii for a $150 charge. There is no option for shipping abroad.

White glove delivery and old mattress removal are available from Nectar for $149. They will precisely place your mattress where you wish it thanks to their white glove delivery service. If you decide you no longer want your old mattress, they will also remove it. For $45 per item, you can have more items removed simultaneously.


A lifetime warranty is provided by Nectar. If your mattress ever turns out to be damaged, they will replace it. Body impressions that are 1.5 inches or less in depth are not covered by the guarantee. The warranty can be started at no extra cost.


Within Nectar’s 365-night sleep trial, returns are free. Before starting a return, customers must break in a mattress for 30 nights.

Buyers Guide:

According to me, the most comfortable and supportive mattress is the Purple mattress which covers a variety of sleepers and body sizes. Moreover, the design and construction of materials are innovative. Whether you are a heavy, back, and stomach sleeper you will find motion isolation, edge support comfort, durability, and ease of movement. Moreover, it is cooler than the Nectar mattress.

If you are a petite or average-weight sleeper or sleep with your partner, you can better go for the Nectar mattress. Nectar mattress is also more affordable and diverse in sizes than purple mattress. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the trial period and Warranty of the Purple mattress?

The purple mattress comes with 100 days of free night test and a 100-year-long warranty.

What are the trial period and Warranty of the Nectar mattress?

Nectar mattresses offer 365 days of free night trial and a lifetime warranty.

Is a purple mattress cooler than a Nectar mattress?

Yes purple mattress is cooler than the Nectar mattress because the purple mattress features  a gel grid that enhanced airflow that keeps the sleeper dryer and college at night.

Let’s Sum up:

We found Purple mattresses more Luxurious, comfortable, and supportive than Nectar mattresses. The purple mattress is only lacking in durability as it comes with only 100 days of free night trial and 10 years limited warranty. On the other hand, Nectar is more durable as this best mattress comes with 365 days long trial period and a forever warranty.

Hopefully! Our Nectar vs Purple mattress comparison will help you to take the final decision for your comfort. To have a healthy investment I recommend giving it a thorough read at least 3 times.

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By Muhammad Asim