7 Best 12 Inch Hybrid mattress


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Are you couples or single napper who want additional comfort and best motion isolation?

For couples and individual nappers who need more space for switching positions when sleeping than a hybrid, 12 is the best option. It is enraged with coils that make the motion transformation by providing proper support. To make your search easy I have mentioned proper guidelines and descriptions of each mattress that will perfectly contour your body. So buy the mattress and type the suits according to your sleeping style.

Top 7 best 12 inches hybrid mattress to buy in 2022:

A best 12 inches hybrid mattress combines both foam and spring layers and it is designed with multiple layers for perfect support. It is many recommended for combination sleepers, couples, and those individuals who like the bouncing of pocket coils

Our leading choices propose medium firmness for heavier sleepers, actual contouring, best pressure relief, and great motion isolation for couples, and also disappear heat for people who want to sleep in a cooler foam. In this we also have referred to the description of each mattress, specification, firm-level, pros, and cons, and buyers guide.

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1. Vibe 12-Inch Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress:

The vibe gel has constructed this gorgeous mattress with a sapphire blue cover that is topped with a euro pillow. The topped knitted quilt cover is beautiful and enhances the body contouring for a restful sleep. Plus the The mattress has Individually pocketed springs that furnish the back and spine support and prevent the turning and transformation of motions.

This Hybrid mattress has a medium plush feel that provides comfortable support to back and side sleepers. Our mattress is CertiPUR-US for verification that it is free from harmful substances. In addition, it enhances performance and durability. This Hybrid mattress is perfectly adjustable to all slatted and spring frames. Plus provide a worry-free 10-year of warranty. The mattress is rolled and compressed in a box for easy delivery and set up on your doorstep.

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This is a medium plush mattress that is constructed with a Hybrid. The mattress is full in size and has enhanced coils that are adjustable for adults. The mattress has dimensions75″L x 54″W x 12″T and weighs 74.2 Pounds and is white.
It is available with the Model Name 410320-1530. 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this hybrid mattress.

  • Best mattress for motion isolation
  • Beautiful knitted topped cover
  • Adjustable to all frames.

2. LUCID 12-Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress:

Lucid 12 is a latex hybrid mattress having steel coils of high density that are encased separately to raise the flow of air. Due to its coils, the mattress isolates your motion and contours the body for your sleeping position. The mattress has an elegant two-tone anti-allergenic and breathable cover that makes it look beautiful. In addition, this firm contains natural latex in its top layer that prevents sinking and makes the mattress more breathable.
properties of latex
An attractive, two-tone cover finishes the elegant look of this mattress; This 12-inch Hybrid mattress is also perfectly adjustable to all slatted, adjustable, and spring frames. In addition, it provides a worry-free 10-year of warranty. The mattress is rolled and compressed expertly in a box for easy delivery and set up to your doorstep.

Lucid assumes a medium firmness which is perfect for all sleeping positions. It is constructed with memory foam with a weight of 29 kilograms and dimensions74″L x 37.5″W x with twin size. Its foam has enraged individual coils and responsive latex that is adjustable for adults.
4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this hybrid mattress.

  • Spring coils for motion isolation
  • Made with responsive latex
  • Anti-allergenic cover.
  • Prevent sinking.
  • Too soft for the stomach
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3. Classic Brands Celadon Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress:

You can consider this Classic Caledon mattress for support and pressure relief. As it is an incredibly supportive and pressure-relieving mattress that perfectly contours your body for better sleep.
It is covered by a high luxurious silky cover that is woven with knitted designs that perfectly make you feel soft. The cover combines with the innerspring coils and memory foam to provide the best relaxation and comfort that you want for a restorative night’s sleep.
The medium plush feel is supportive for those who need more comfort and support while sleeping.
The Classic brand Hybrid mattress is also best adjustable to all slatted, adjustable, and spring frames. In addition, it can be rolled and compressed expertly in a box for easy delivery and set up to your doorstep.

The best pressure relief mattress with Caledon Hybrid as model name available in King size from Classic Brands. A medium hybrid mattress that has memory foam and Innerspring 12 inches which are constructed with Hybrid. The mattress comes with 76″ W x 80″ L x 12″ H dimensions and 110 Pounds weight. In addition, it has a beautiful white color that is best suited for adults. 4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this innerspring hybrid mattress.

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  • Highly luxurious cover
  • Provide proper counting of body
  • Best supportive mattress
  • Affordable price
  • So firm to sleep on the mattress.

4. Olee Sleep 12 Inch Euro Top Gel Memory Foam Spring: 

The Olee Sleep has constructed the top of this gorgeous mattress wit12-inch thickness. The ever-best gel memory foam has innerspring hybrid construction. Its foam is laid with 5 layers along with pocket coils. The mattress has very delicate memory foam that contours your body and regulates favorable temperature for your sleeping position.

Gel-infused memory foam is adopted by this hybrid mattress for the regulation of body temperature and provides the best pressure relieving points for proper contouring. The mattress comes with CertiPUR-US verification and also arrives in a vacuum-sealed box for easy delivery and set up to your home setup. Wait for 72 hours to expand and retain the mattress’s original shape and best results.
A plush mattress with Queen has a dimensions 80″L x 60″W x 12″ and weight 85.32 Pounds. It has a dark green or white color that is filled with memory foam. It is the best hybrid mattress made by Brand’s Olee Sleep and is perfect for adults. 4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this hybrid mattress.

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  • Regulate body temperature
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Best supportive mattress
  • Affordable price
  • Too firmer
  • Lumpy mattress

5. Early Bird Performance 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress:

If you are looking for a multi-layers hybrid mattress then must read the given description. It is incredibly designed with multiple layers that give the best cooling, support, and comfort. Its gel infusion of the foam makes the mattress feel cool and it also gives comfort to your sleeping position. The next layer is infused with copper that contours your whole body from head to toe. The third layer of this foam is innerspring supportive to enhance the airflow and keep the temperature regulated.

For adequate spinal alignment, the mattress has been adopted with copper-infused foam to keep your spine and back from pain. This is a perfect option for back, side, & stomach positions. The hybrid construction of the mattress relieves all back pains and makes you able to sleep longer as much as you want. You can buy the mattress without fears of warranty as it provides a 100-year of guarantee.

This mattress has a 12-inch style and is Queen foam with dimensions 79″L x 60″W x 12″T and weighs 87 Pounds. The mattress contains the best gel in its comfort layers. It is available in white color that is made by EARLY BIRD’s brand.
It is a hybrid mattress adjustable for adults.

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  • Cooling infusion
  • Perfect for all types of sleeper
  • Best gel for cooling.
  • Easy for setup.

6. Queen Mattress Hybrid Mattress:

The best pressure-relieving and supportive 12-inch hybrid. The foam has 7 layers of pocketed coils that distribute your body weight and make a favorable temperature for a comfortable sleep. An ever-perfect foam mattress for back pain as it is layered with multi foam that feels you relax when you sleep on the mattress.
This hybrid added sound sleep by using pocket coils that work separately to keep the motion isolated. So you will never feel stuck as it reduces the bouncing of your partner
You can chill with this innerspring queen mattress. As the mattress possesses a high density that adds thickness to foam to allow it to be properly ventilated for adjustable temperature.
This 12-inch mattress is fixed to mostly frames like flatted and slatted frames and box springs and delivered in a box for easy shipping and setups. Moreover, the mattress takes 72 hours to retain its original shape and quality. Give your mattress a few weeks to work according to your sleeping position.
Plus the mattress is 100 % guaranteed for satisfaction and offers 30-night trials. So no need to search for other pages just buy this worry-free guarantee mattress.

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The best supportive mattress has a queen size with dimensions of 60″L x 12″W x 80″T. It has memory foam layers and is constructed with a Hybrid adjustable for adults. The individual coils are present which reduces the motion transfer.
It assumes a multi-color and medium firmness Made by JINGWEI’s brand.

  • Best cooling mattress
  • Perfect pressure-relieving and supportive mattress
  • Producing perfect bouncing
  • For some babies, it may be extra firm
  • The edge of the mattress may be flattened after use
  • Highly expensive

7. King Mattress, 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress:

This 12-inch hybrid mattress is incredibly made by Avenco with anti-pilling fabric. The mattress has an anti-pilling fabric for keeping you fresh.. In addition, the mattress is covered by a breathable, co -friendly, cooling touch with anti-pill fabric to improve the airflow.
The foam has been adopted with bamboo charcoal that removes the odors and absorbs no noise.

This king mattress can be boxed and it naturally shapes your body, also contours the whole body from head to toe and aligns your spine. In addition it relieves pressure points to better sleep. It is perfect for all types of sleepers and provides the best motion transfer and support for couples because it is encased with individual springs that keep the motion transformation. You don’t need to worry about turning off your partner.
Avenco mattress is perfectly adjustable to all slatted and spring frames. Moreover, the mattress provides a worry-free 10year warranty so you can buy with confidence. The mattress is rolled and compressed in a carton for easy delivery and set up on your doorstep.

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The best king Mattress with dimensions80″L x 11″W x 76″T that has comfort foam for support and relaxation. It has Pocketed Coils to allow motion separation. A white and blue foam that assumes medium firmness which is adjustable for adults. made by Avenco.

  • Absorbs the noise
  • Odor-free mattress
  • Anti-pilling fabric
  • A Heavy hybrid mattress.

Buyer’s Guide:

Before purchasing any new 12-inch hybrid mattress, each buyer must need to be truly guided about the mattress that he is buying. In this article, we have listed our top 7 selected best 12 hybrid innerspring mattresses. Remember that a poor thickness mattress may not work for your body weight. Also, note your sleeping style then buy according to your sleeping position and warranty as our all hybrid provides 10 years for verification.
All highlighted hybrid Mattresses are 12 inches thick and are durable, supportive, and comforting, and provide a worry-free warranty.
The first mattress Vibe 12-Inch Quilted Innerspring Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress is the most luxurious mattress that is the best mattress for motion isolation and is adjustable to all bed frames.
The LUCID 12 Inch Latex Hybrid Mattress is perfect for motion isolation of couples. and provide 10 years of guarantee.
The Classic Brands Celadon Ventilated Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12-Inch Mattress have a highly luxurious cover that furnishes proper counting of the body and offers an affordable price.
The Olee Sleep 12 Inch Euro Top Gel Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress offers an affordable price, is free from harmful substances, and provides the best comfort for couples.
The Early Bird Performance 12-Inch Hybrid Mattress, the Queen, is infused with the best gel cooling properties that are perfect for all types of sleepers and easy to set upset.
The Queen Mattress, Jingwei 12 Inch Innerspring Hybrid Mattress is the Perfect cooling, pressure-relieving, and supportive mattress which is perfect for bouncing.
The last listed King Mattress, Avenco King, 12 Inch Hybrid King Mattress absorbs the noise and reduces order.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 12-inch hybrid mattress firmer and softer?

Yes, a12 inch hybrid mattress is between firmer and softer because the hybrid is so supportive and very firm mattress while the memory mattress is so softer and might sink in the middle. So the hybrid provides medium firms to sleepers.

How long is the warranty of the 12-inch hybrid?

A hybrid mattress usually comes with 10 to 15 years of worry-free warranty and it is reliable and durable for long-lasting.

Is it better to buy a 12-inch hybrid mattress?

Yes, it is better to buy a hybrid with 12 inches because hybrid innerspring mattresses that come 12 Inches thick are excellent for body contortion and support. These mattresses come with a 10 to 15 years guarantee so it means they are reliable and durable.

Which brands are most popular for producing the best 12-inch hybrid innerspring mattresses?

The most popular brands that are producing the best 12-inch hybrid mattress are: Vibe, lucid, Classic brand Caledon, Olee Sleep, Early bird, Jingwei, and Avenco.

Let’s Sum Up:

The above-listed seven best 12-inch hybrid mattresses are best for all types of sleepers, especially couples who need more space for napping. Surely this guide will improve readers’ knowledge about the selection of the best hybrid mattress. Remember to read the buyer’s guide, pros and cons of these mattresses before purchasing them.
To find your dreamy mattress just scroll up and choose a mattress according to your sleeping style

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