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Are you searching for the best 10-inch memory foam mattress on Google? And want to select one which better suits you according to your current situation.

Well, we can understand your confusion. That is why I have created a detailed article about how to select the best 10-inch memory foam mattress.

Top 7 Best 10-inch Memory Foam Mattress to buy in 2022:

A mattress with a 10-inch style and made with foam that becomes softer when brought near to body temperature is known as 10 inch memory foam mattress which was formulated by a NASA engineer for the first time. This type of foam mattress retains its unique shape due to its cooling properties.
In the present time, most side sleepers and those who want to enjoy the coolness of a mattress need memory foam because it is made with the best and most popular foam materials that provide proper contouring of the body, dissipates all heat production, relieves spine and back pain and furnishes best motion isolation.

Below a listed mattress is mentioned that our testing team found to be the most superior mattress for contortion, motion isolation, heat dissipation, and pain relievers. So scroll down and choose the best mattress for your favorite sleeping position. Our top choices propose the firmer feel for heavier sleepers, actual contouring, best pressure relief, and great motion isolation, and also disappear heat for people who want to sleep in a cooler foam. We also have mentioned the description of each mattress, specification, firm-level, pros, and cons.

1. Sweet Night Full Size Mattress:

An ever-best gel memory foam mattress which is a product of Sweet Night that has a 10-inch style and 4 layers of zoned gel memory foam. Due to the presence of memory foam, the mattress keeps your body and spine aligned, provides you full support, and relieves pressure at a comfortable and cool temperature. The foam mattress is ideal for those who are suffering from back pain and the best mattress for lower back pain.This full foam mattress can be easily compressed, rolled, and shipped in a box to your destination for easy setup. It is easy to move all where you want to move. In addition, the mattress fits all frames such as an adjustable and slatted base.

The mattress is designed to give you two sides to sleep on. The upper side is a gel memory foam layer, which is ideal for those sleepers who liked to sleep with a soft, cloud-like feel, and the bottom side is a high-density supportive foam, that is supportive for sleeping on a medium-firm mattress. A CertiPUR-US verified that it is free of unhealthy foam so that you can enjoy a healthier and more comfortable sleep with this full memory foam mattress.

This mattress is made of cooling gel-infused memory foam that slowly adjusts to your body weight and temperature, and reduces heat at the sleep surface. It is a high-density foam that is best for its durability and performance, stability, strengthens edge-to-edge support, and resists sagging and roll-off. The cover of this foam mattress is designed with breathable rayon fabric.The mattress is flabby and medium-firm in the middle section to provide pressure points, and advanced support, and to reduce motion disturbance.

This mattress is made with 4 layers of zoned gel memory foam, that supports the body, relieves pressure, and keeps the spine aligned.
The mattress is a full-size and 10-inch style with dimensions75″L x 54″W x 10″T.
It’s more foam with medium firmness and is available with the model name SN-M001-F2. Moreover, the mattress is made with memory foam that comes in a gray color and is adjustable for kids. 4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviewers liked this mattress.

  • Maintain your body properly aligned
  • Reduces pain at the doze surface.
  • Slatted and flexible base
  • Best mattress for back pain
  • Manufactured without harmful substances.
  • Individually wrapped coils are encased in individual pockets.
  • Euro pillow top design
  • Provide extra buffering and layers for comfort for back pain.

  • The mattress assumes 10 years of limited assurance.

2. Zinus 10 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress:

The best pressure-relieving foam mattress is Zinus which contains a layer of extracted green tea, a base that contours your body, and a comfort foam with high density.

It is a medium firmness that contains green tea-infused memory, it is soft due to a jacquard cover. It is best to soothe you to sleep. Its highest excellence form is the Certi-PUR US Certification for strength and performance. We choose this mattress because of its ten years limited warranty that supports a maximum weight of 250 lbs so it is also the best mattress for heavier person.This mattress can be easily shifted into bedrooms or anywhere you want to shift.

The zinus foam is made with charcoal that functions and works wonders in a mattress, and we have manufactured this one to control odors, retain freshness, and encompass your shape so you are awake and restored. The mattress has enough firmness to caress your shape to prepare you to sleep. This is designed in the best way that maintains freshness, controls smells, and keeps you awake, restored, and refreshed. It is a pressure-decreasing foam that contains layers of conforming green tea memory and high density.

This Zinus Ultima Comfort Memory foam is available 10 Inch, and twin, full, and queen sizes with brown color and a weight of 20.57 Pounds. The mattress has a 10 years warranty and with dimensions of 75” L × 39” W×6” T. This mattress is highly firm to caress your shape, soothe, and prepare you to sleep. It is a foam construction covered with a jacquard that is best for adults. The customer reviews on this product are 4.4 out of 5 stars.

  • Skillfully packed that can be easily shifted and set up in a bedroom.
  • Ten years of verification.
  • Pressure decreasing foam.
  • Inspired by nature
  • Prepared with charcoal controls odors, maintains freshness, and envelop your shape so you awake renewed and refreshed
  • Pressure decreasing foam
  • Cheaper mattress

3. PrimaSleep 10 Inch Wave:

A beautifully soft foam mattress with gel infusion promotes body support and comfort. If you are either a back, side, or stomach sleeper it is a perfect option and an ever best mattress for lower pain.The top layer of this 10 inch gel memory foam is supportive of your body weight and also keeps your body shape perfect for restorative sleep.

For the maintenance of temperature, a gel layer of 1.5 is adopted to accumulate the spreading heat. The mattress also assumes a convoluted layer of 1.5 inches for better airflow and proper spreading of body pressure. In addition, the foam prohibits desertion because there is a 4.5 layer on the bed.
To protect and maintain the softness of the foam it has a body guarduard cover which keeps it decent. The mattress takes a few minutes to regain its original shape which is super to set up and comes in a box for easy shipping and delivery.

An adjustable mattress weight of 3.51 Pounds is adjustable for adults having a memory foam construction. This 10-inch twin mattres has dimensions of 75″L x 39″W x 10″T. It is the best product of PrimaSleep’s brand having medium firmness on which it sits.
4.6 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this mattress.

  • A little heavy foam

4. SSECRETLAND Upgrade 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam:

Ssecretland has expertly designed this queen-size gel memory foam for side sleepers that added a new upgrade to the mattress with the addition of a higher density gel memory foam. The mattress is CertiPUR, the verified gel memory foam and Oeko-Tex Certified foam. The foam uses rayon on the cloth cover and melds the home style into the impression and packaging design. It has a ventilated design that enhances breathability providing cooling effects that dissipate heat to help adjust the temperature.

The cover of this mattress uses skin-friendly rayon fabric with no fiberglass, to assure the highest quality mattress. This queen mattress comes in a box that supports body weight evenly, alleviates pressure on the shoulders, feet, hips, and contours the body, and alleviates all your aches and pain with restorative sleep. The mattress provides a 15-year warranty, a 31-day no-reason return policy, and the best quality service.

The queen memory foam mattress is extremely comfortable and is formulated with a mixture of softness and assistance to relieve the pressure points and to keep the body perfect. It also gives a more perfect cloud-like experience for any position.

This is a queen mattress with dimensions 60″L x 80″W x 10″T, made by Secret land’s brand. The mattress has memory foam for comfort with plush firmness. It is available in white color with gel foam and model name SECRET upgrade. It weighs up to 63 pounds that are adjustable for adults, babies, kids, and toddlers.

  • Excellent for side sleepers
  • Compatible with adjustable base
  • Breathable cover for breathability
  • Best edge support mattress
  • Lower the motion transfer
  • Memory foam may irritate the nose and skin.

5. Sleep Innovations Marley Memory Foam Mattress:


Marley’s 10-inch cooling is a gel memory foam mattress that is best for sex and hot sleepers. The mattress assumes a medium-firm level that features a durable base layer and pressure-relieving support. The mattress is designed with a soft beautiful knit cover that provides breathability.
For increasing the breathability, the memory foam promotes cooling gel foam and proper airflow layers so that you could nap cool throughout the sleeping. For all types of sleepers, adequately for sex position the mattress offers the best edge support, good motion isolation, and breathable cover. This gel cooling mattress is manufactured in the USA and Mexico. All Marley’s foams are toppers mattresses with memory foam with hypoallergenic pillows which are CertiPUR-US certified, that provide the best quality materials. Moreover, the mattress comes in a box for easy setup and offers a 10 year of warranty

Marley Cooling Gel is a mattress filled with memory foam. It is a full-size mattress with 75″L x 54″W x 10″T dimensions made by Sleep Innovation’s brand. The gel memory foam is available in white color and weighs 46.8 Pounds which is best adjustable for adults and couples.

  • Offers 10 years warranty
  • For quick setup arrives in a box
  • Best motion isolation for couples
  • Super supportive mattress
  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Hypoallergenic pillow top
  • Gel cooling foam
  • Perfect for all kinds of sleepers

  • It may irritate your lungs,
  • Itching your skin.
  • The fiberglass may arouse when you sleep on the foam.

6. Novilla 10-inch Gel Memory Foam:

Novilla is very special for giving you restorative sleep without any pain. It’s cover is skin-friendly and made with rayon fabric that is so soft to touch.
Plus this 10-inch queen-size mattress is designed with gel-infused memory foam to keep you cool and provide comfortable sleep all night long. The memory foam mattress also provides a healthier and cloud-like experience. The mattress is designed with bamboo fabrics that enhance 30% breath-ability. The middle foam layer is designed to increase the flow through all areas of this memory foam mattress.

The mattress provides a plush feel and is made of CertiPUR-US verified foam, it is formulated without any toxic off-gassing and harmful substances like formaldehyde, mercury, and other metallic chemicals. This queen mattress comes in a box, is adjustable to all bases, is easy to set up, and fits all kinds of queen bed frames, even on the floor surface. For reshaping and to bring the air out the mattress is recommended to take 72 hours.- The mattress provides a 100-days free trial and this queen-size mattress is covered by 10-year verification.

The Novilla queen-size mattress consists of 4 layers of a foam system. The mattress is not too soft nor too firm for all sleep stances. This mattress is a gel memory foam that assumes a medium-firm mattress made with the combination of comfort foam. Moreover below a high-density foam is present which distributes your body weight and aligns your spine and alleviates pressure junctures while you are napping.

The mattress is a 10-inch queen size with gray color that has dimensions of 80″L x 60″W x 10″T. It is a gel memory foam mattress from Novilla brand with medium firmness. It’s about 51.1 pounds which is best adjustable for adults. The mattress is available with the model name NV0M801-10-QC44.

  • Odorless mattress.
  • Flushable feeling.
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam
  • Best cooling mattress
  • Ideal mattress for lower back pain
  • High-density foam that aligns your spine.
  • The Novilla mattress may not feel firm enough to provide the best mattress for back sleepers weight over 230 pounds.

7. CHITA Full Size Memory Foam Mattress:

This 10-inch Memory foam has unique seven-layer made with gel infusion that is so comfy and supportive to your body’s needs. The upper layer is a bamboo-infused cover. The second is a gel memory foam of 1.5 inches, the third layer is the best pressure reliever with 1.5 inches thickness, the fourth and fifth are the best airflow layers, the sixth is a base form layer and the bottom latter is covered with anti-slippery. All these layers are safe from all kinds of harmful substances because it is a CertiPUR-US warranted mattress. The foam is designed without fiberglass so it uses a threaded cloth.

The cover is infused with Bamboo charcoal that gives it a beautiful glance and adequately shits the airflow. Moreover, it keeps you fresh by dissipating body temperature and with the addition of a double layer, the cover makes the mattress soft and excellent breathable. This Mattress can be easily rolled, and it is shipped in a box for easy delivery to your destination. The mattress would take 72 hours to retain its original shape and size.

A best full-size mattress with dimensions75″L x 54″W x 10″T made up of Gel Memory Foam is adjustable for adults. A product of CHITA’s brand with medium firmness.4.5 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this mattress.

  • Best quality material
  • Removable cover
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable and cool layers
  • Best mattress for back pain
  • Bad smell

Buyer’s Guide:

Before buying a new Memory Foam Mattress each buyer must need to be properly guided about the product they are buying. In this article, we have described our top 7 selected best 10 Inch memory foam mattresses. It should be kept in mind that poor pressure-relieving foam, tough, cheap, and low-quality mattresses may not work for your body weight. All highlighted Memory Foam Mattresses are 10 inches thick, durable, supportive, and comfortive.
Our first described mattress, the Sweet Night Full Size Mattress has 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam to properly keep your body and spine aligned, providing you full support, by relieving pressure at a comfortable and cool temperature.
The Zinus 10 Inch Ultima Memory Foam Mattress is a pressure-relieving foam mattress that contains a layer of extracted green tea.
The PrimaSleep 10-Inch Wave is a memory foam that is supportive for your body weight.
Our fourth product Queen Mattress, SSECRETLAND Upgrade is a 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam that has a ventilated design to increase breathability by providing cooling effects and dissipating heat to help adjust the temperature.
The fifth mentioned mattress Sleep Innovations Marley is also a 10-Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress that is best mattress for sex and hot sleepers.
The Novilla 10-inch is a Gel Memory Foam, to keep you cool and provide comfortable sleep all night long. Also provides a healthier and cloud-like experience.
The last product CHITA Full Size Memory Foam Mattress is also 10 Inches made of Gel Mattress which has perfect breathable airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 10-inch memory foam mattress recommended as the best contouring pressure relief for a heavy person?
Yes, memory foam with 10-inch thickness is recommended as the best contouring pressure relief. These pressures relieve the best support and contouring of the body which is helpful for every kind of sleeper and especially best mattress for heavier person. It’s best to try a memory foam instead of a hybrid mattress because hybrid foam encloses steel springs in the foundation layer.

Is it better to buy a 10-inch memory foam mattress?

Yes, it is better to buy memory with 10 inches because memory foam mattresses 10 to 12 Inches thick are excellent for body contortion and support. These mattresses come with a 10 to 15 years guarantee so it means they are durable.

Which brands are most popular for 10-inch memory foam mattresses?

The most popular 10-inch Memory Foam Mattresses brands are the Sweet Night, Zinus, PrimaSleep, SSECRETLAND, Marley, Novilla, and CHITA. These produce the most durable and high-quality memory foam mattresses.

How thick should a memory foam mattress be to work best?

A memory foam mattress should be 10 to 12 Inches to best work for comfort, body contortion, and support. Furthermore, these mattresses come with a 10 to 15 years guarantee durable for use.

Let sum up:

The above 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress has all the desired aspects that any type of sleeper wants. The memory foam 10-inch is a foam having a 10-inch style that becomes lighter when exposed to body heat. It is the most prominent mattress size available since it is comfortable and solace for two people and fits adequately in most room sizes. For individuals who want more room to spread out and for couples who want a bed that doesn’t take up a lot of room’s floor area. Our top choices propose the firmer feel for heavier sleepers, actual contouring, best pressure relief, and great motion isolation, and also disappear heat for people who want to sleep in a cooler foam.

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