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After long working hours, you desperately need to have some moments of relaxation and calmness. For this, you are in for a mattress that will help you relax your muscles and keep you active and fresh. In the market, a different form of mattress is available, and among those, memory foam is the one that has been in lately. Memory Foam has become more popular due to its ability to be more durable and elastic. Here I Will be sharing my thoughts about how to make Memory Foam Expand Faster. This will be helpful for you to use the mattress more effectively for more extended periods.

Memory Foam Mattress:

Memory Foam mattresses are made of a chemical called Polyurethane. Apart from Polyurethane, various compounds are added, which formulates the qualities of memory foam. Memory foam is considered very durable and is known for providing excellent pressure relief and body support. It is also called Viscoelastic due to its ability to be viscous and elastic. In terms of memory foam, Viscous is the one which takes a long time to change shape under pressure, and elastic means it can return to its original shape after removing the stretch.

Types of Memory Foam Mattress:
Memory foam comes in different types and sizes depending upon the number of compounds used and the process through which it is made. There are three main types of memory foam.
⦁ Traditional Memory Foam
⦁ Open Cell Memory Foam
⦁ Gel Memory Foam


Traditional Memory Foam:

Traditional Memory foam is the classic memory foam which was made for the users. It was designed to be more durable as well as to molds your body. One of the main issues with this traditional memory foam is that it can absorb heat, which can be uncomfortable for you during the hot season. Later other memory foam was created to address the issues and makes them more comfortable for the users.


Open-Cell Memory Foam:

Open-cell memory foam has similar compounds to traditional memory foam but has a different internal structure. Open-cell Memory Foam has internal pores that allow airflow and ventilation through the mattress, which helps to reduce the heat and makes these mattresses more user friendly. The newly made open-cell foams were less dense, which affected their hardness and made them less supportive, but later, modern trends in technologies made them more durable.

Gel Memory Foam:

Gel Memory foam has gel pods added to the top layers of form to provide extra support to your back and neck uses Gel. The Gel is added to the mattress by inserting gel-based beads in the foam. These beads form layers that help absorb and release heat from your body.
How to Expand Memory foam Mattress:
Memory form can be very comfortable to you as it molds around your body and makes you relax better. Memory foam mattresses are not as expanded as ordinary mattresses because they are compressed and rolled over by machines. Rolling makes it easier for you to carry from one place to another. Usually, a memory form mattress takes 1 to 4 days to be incompletely expanded form; however, it can expand up to 90% in 4 to 6 hours, and you can use it for sleeping purposes. Some of the ways in which you can expand your memory form mattresses at a faster rate are.

⦁ Remove The Memory foam from the Package:
⦁ Expand the mattress:
⦁ Set the Room Temperature:
⦁ Walking and Jumping on Mattress
⦁ Air Flow and Ventilation
⦁ Human Assisted Mattress Expansion

Remove The Memory foam from the Package:

When you have received the mattress, you need not wait for 3 to 4 days for its natural expansion. For expansion of memory foam mattresses at a faster rate, remove the plastic wrapping. Please do not use scissors or knives as they may damage the mattress.

Expand the mattress:

Put your mattress in a large room or an open space. Gently unfold the mattress onto a flat surface. The memory foam mattress will take time to expand.

Set the Room Temperature:

Memory form reacts to room temperature. Suppose you want to expand the memory mattress faster than make the room warmer by increasing the temperature. The expansion process becomes faster in high temperatures if the temperature is colder than tries to keep the room warm for faster memory foam expansion.

Walking and Jumping on Mattress:

The walk and jumping of your kids can enhance the rate of memory form expansion. Let the kids have some fun or relieve your childish moments by jumping on the mattress. It will increase airflow and help memory foam to expand rapidly.

Air Flow and Ventilation:

For the faster expansion of memory foam mattress, ensure proper airflow and ventilation as the mattress expands faster due to airflow. If there is no natural flow of air and the mattress is placed in a stuffy room, you can use the air of the fans to keep air circulation. Fan heaters can also be used to provide warm air, but you need to be very careful while using the fan heaters.

Human Assisted Mattress Expansion:

You need not wait for 3 to 4 days to use your newly memory foam mattress for sleeping. A period of 4 to 6 hours is enough for the mattress to expand. When you are using a memory form mattress for sleeping, the heat generated by your body seems to act as a source of fast expansion of the mattress. After unpacking the plastic cover, the wait time releases different chemicals that may not be very dangerous. Therefore, you may use the mattress to let it expand at a faster rate than natural expansion, which may take much time.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress:

The memory foam mattress is considered very comfortable as they are durable and provide support to the neck and back to provide a feeling of calmness and relaxation. A Memory form mattress that you are going to buy must possess the following qualities so that you feel snuffy while using it.

Ideal Support and Comfort:

Memory foam provides excellent support and comfort to your body which keeps you calm and provides you peaceful sleep. The comfort level makes you feel that the mattress has been designed just for you.

Pressure-point relief:

A memory foam divides your whole weight evenly on the mattress and reduces pressure on any specific part of the body. This helps protect you from sudden pains and promotes healthier blood circulation to all parts of the body.

Controls Excessive Movements:

Memory foam provides you with a relaxing and calm sleeping moment, which prevents your body from excessive movements. A memory foam mattress will be a good option for you if you often wake up during the night due to uncomfortable sleeping habits.

Dust Resistant:

Memory foam possesses viscoelastic structures that prevent dust particles from penetrating through its layers, thus protecting you from allergic symptoms and providing a healthier and cleaner night’s sleep.

How to Pick the Right Memory Foam Mattress:

If you are going to decide that memory foam is the mattress you are going to buy in order to have pleasant sleeping moments stills, then you need to find the best one. To have the best memory mattress, you should consider the following points.

Firm and Hardness:

The mattress is available with different levels of firmness. They generally lie between a level of very soft to very firm. Some people like substantial mattresses, while others like soft ones. Look for the standards so that you may be able to get the best one for yourself.


The density of memory foam is referred to as the amount of foam used in different mattress layers. Memory foam mattress comes in different densities. The more the density of the mattress, the more it will be durable and keeps its shape for more extended periods of time.


When it comes to the thickness of memory foam on a mattress, it refers to how many inches it measures from the sides. A memory foam mattress’s thickness may vary from 6 to 14 inches. You can have from one of these thicknesses according to your needs.

Standard Certifications:

Standard certifications may help you to choose the best quality memory foam mattress from the available choices. These certifications are awarded after professional testing carried out by professionals under high-quality tests. They are not going to award certification to any products which do not meet quality standards or contain any harmful materials. Therefore, before buying a memory foam mattress, do check the standard certifications so that you may get the best possible product.


Buying a memory foam mattress might be a great decision as it will help you get peaceful sleeping nights. It will also keep your body in the correct postures and prevents your sleepless nights. A Memory foam mattress takes time to expand naturally, but there are ways in which you can expand your memory foam mattress at a faster pace; for having faster expansion remove plastic wrapping as soon as possible. Put mattress in the open area or an expansive room keeps the temperature warm as warm temperature enhances expansion at a faster rate. Moreover, walking or jumping on the mattress will exert pressure which will increase the expansion of the mattress. Airflow and ventilation can also be very helpful in the faster expansion of the memory foam.
You must also be aware of some essential aspects while getting the memory foam mattress. It must provide comfort and stability to the body. It must prevent pressure on specific parts and control blood circulation throughout the body for healthier and peaceful sleeping moments. Qualities like firmness, thickness and standard certifications should also be kept in mind so that you may be able to get the best product.


1. What is a memory foam mattress made of?

Ans Memory Foam mattresses are made of Polyurethane.

2. Why is a Memory foam Mattress called Viscoelastic?

Ans Memory Foam Mattress is called Viscoelastic because they take a long time to change shape under pressure and can return to its original shape after removing the stretch.

3. How much time is taken by Memory Foam Mattress to expand naturally?

Ans Memory Foam Mattress takes 24 to 72 hours to ultimately expand naturally; however, after 4 to 6 hours, it expands 90% and can be used for sleeping.

4. What is the effect of warmness on the Expansion of Memory Foam?

Ans Memory Foam Expand at a faster rate in warm temperatures as compared to that in cold temperatures.

5. What are some of the factors which enhance the expansion of Memory Foam?

Ans Memory foam mattresses can be expanded at faster pace by
⦁ Remove the Memory foam from the Package
⦁ Set the Room Temperature
⦁ Walking and Jumping on Mattress
⦁ Air Flow and Ventilation

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