How To Use An Adjustable Base With A Platform Bed?


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If you are a person who just bought an adjustable base for your platform bed but is now wondering about how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed.

Many consumers are concerned that having an adjustable bed will require them to modify their entire bedroom decor or that the adjustable bed frame will resemble a hospital bed. This could not be more untrue!

In reality, every adjustable bed frame may be customized to match your existing frame and headboard, allowing you to maintain the look and feel of your room while also enjoying the comfort and benefits of an adjustable bed.

Although an adjustable bed frame can provide one of the most pleasant nights’ sleep possible, there’s no reason to believe that the beauty of a well-designed bedroom must be sacrificed in favor of a sterile, hospital-like adjustable bed. It’s simple to find bed frames that fit adjustable bed frames.

Most of the time, we don’t think about platform beds when we think of adjustable bases. However, more and more platform-compatible models are being launched. This is something I enjoy as the owner of a platform bed.

You might be able to put an adjustable bed base right into your existing bed frame and know how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed, depending on its setup and weight capabilities. For those looking for a trendy adjustable bed, there are many possibilities.

I personally use a platform bed with an adjustable base. So keeping your query in mind I am providing you with this article which will help you in How you can use your platform bed with an adjustable base. I am 100% sure after reading this full article you will be able to know that How to use your adjustable base with your Platform bed.

Let’s take a look.

How to use an Adjustable base with a platform bed:

You are the person who needs more ease and comfort in your sleep, using an adjustable base with a platform bed gives you full support and more comfort in your sleeping experience. An adjustable base allows you to customize the position of your mattress to increase its comfort level.

Here are the steps that can guide you on How to use an adjustable base with a platform bed:

Prepare your platform bed:

Make sure that your platform bed is in good condition. Ensure that all supporting beams are fully attached without any damage.

Choose the Right Mattress:

Make sure that the mattress you have is compatible for use with an adjustable base. Consider having modern mattresses.

Adjust the base position:

Make sure that the base is properly fixed and adjusted to its position. If your adjustable base comes with a remote control, adjust the base to your desired position. The adjustments you need to make are: Raising the head, Raising the feet, or finding your preferred zero-gravity position.

Align your mattress properly:

Properly align and place your mattress on the platform bed. Make sure it is aligned and centered with an adjustable base. Make sure that your mattress is not hung from the bed as this makes your mattress unbalanced.

Test your adjustable base:

Test your adjustable base to make sure it functions as desired. Adjust the head and foot positions to find the most comfortable sleeping or resting position for you.

Safety Precautions:

 Follow the safety precautions provided by your adjustable base manufacturer guidelines.

After reading these guidelines I am 100% sure you will be able to know How to use an adjustable base with a platform bed.         

Can I put An Adjustable Base On A Platform Bed?

 Slats and no side rails are common features of platform beds. On a platform bed, this means your adjustable base may be sliding around.

You won’t be able to remove the slats from your platform bed to allow the adjustable bed to stand on its own. Without the slats, many platform beds will break apart.

Platform beds are frequently designed to be flush with a mattress, which means you won’t be able to fit a regular platform bed around your adjustable base. You can use the adjustable base right on top of the slats if the platform bed has enough slats and if you know how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed.

Different options with which you can set your adjustable base:

Using an adjustable base with a platform bed can be a convenient and comfortable way to enhance your sleeping experience. Unlike traditional bed bases (such as mattress foundations or box springs), adjustable bases are powered by a motor that moves two primary components: the sleeping surface and the joints.

The sleeping surface is the flat section that holds the mattress, while the joints allow the adjustable bed base to move.

You have various options for setting up the rest of your bed after you’ve assembled your adjustable foundation according to the directions.

Platform Beds:

 If you remove the legs of your platform bed beforehand and know how to use an adjustable base with a platform, you can place an adjustable base with a zero-clearance design straight on top (assuming it has legs).

Platform beds, unlike bed frames, do not often have side rails that extend above the slats, thus your adjustable base may be more prone to sliding around on a platform bed.

You can remove the slats from the platform bed and install the adjustable base within the frame. The platform bed serves as a decorative shell in this way.

Traditional Bed Frames

 Do you have a favorite older or even antique bed frame? Many adjustable bases come with legs that allow them to stand on their own, but you can usually remove them to fit the base inside the frame you already own.

Depending on the weight of the foundation, you may be able to put it together and hoist it into the frame before putting your mattress on it.

Floor Setup

You might be able to position your adjustable base on its own four legs on the floor if you desire a reduced profile design. Many adjustable bases have brackets or other gear that can be used to attach a headboard to the base.

Adjustable Bed Bases

These foundations will be proportioned to fit within the bed frame that matches the size of your mattress.

Because adjustable bases are sized to meet common mattress sizes, they can be used with practically any conventional bed frame (bed frames are slightly wider to accommodate box springs and mattress foundations).

To make room for the adjustable bed base’s legs, all you have to do is remove any slats or horizontal support rails from your bed frame. Some bases come without legs (or with removable legs), allowing you to place the adjustable base directly on the support rails of your bed frame. Just make sure you don’t surpass the maximum weight capacity of your frame.

Adjustable Bed Frame.

Many adjustable bed frames can stand alone if you prefer an adjustable bed without a frame. These frames can have four or six legs, as well as other elements like headboards, footboards, and side rails. 

What Type Of Bed Frame Can Be Used With An Adjustable Base?

If you have a headboard and side rails on your bed frame, your adjustable bed should fit in between them as long as it doesn’t rely on slats for support. If you like, you may normally attach a headboard to the base; this should not impede the movement of your bed.

If you have a platform bed,  You won’t be able to use an adjustable bed foundation with a platform bed frame that serves as a replacement for a box spring. Why? Because an adjustable base is intended to take the place of a platform bed frame, they serve the same purpose.

Consider this: if you can know how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed or if your bed frame can stand alone without a platform, slats, or other support in the middle, it can probably be used with an adjustable bed base.

Choosing The Right Adjustable Base For Your Platform Bed

When you are looking for an adjustable base and you want to know how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed then keep in mind that not all adjustable bases will work with all bed frames. Even if a website or sales page says that it will fit, there are few guarantees that it will truly fit. Here are four suggestions to assist you in selecting the best adjustable foundation for your bed:


The more measurements you take, the more confident you will be in your selection. It’s that simple!

Compare Money-Back Guarantees:

 The majority of beds come with a money-back promise or a trial period. Only buy from companies that will let you return an item with no questions asked if it doesn’t fit. You’re simply risking a little annoyance and missed time this way, not your hard-earned cash!

Consider a Headboard That Stands Alone:

 Free-standing headboards are a terrific way to give your adjustable bed the look and feel of a bed frame without the risk of it not fitting.

Consider Whether a Bed Frame Is Necessary:

At the end of the day, a bed frame isn’t required to utilize or enjoy the benefits of your adjustable bed. By ignoring the aesthetics of a bed frame, you can save a lot of time, money, and guesswork.


In conclusion, using adjustable bases for your platform beds provides you with more support and enhances your comfort during your sleep. Adjustable beds offer numerous advantages, including reducing sleep apnea and acid reflux symptoms, as well as alleviating back pain, cushioning pressure spots, and enhancing circulation.

I am sure that after reading this article you will be able to know How to use an adjustable base with a platform bed. You can utilize a platform bed with an adjustable base if it has a solid platform. You can use the adjustable base right on top of the slats if the platform bed has enough slats. I am sure that this blog post is helpful for you on how to use an adjustable base with a platform bed. Overall, the combination of an adjustable base and platform bed offers versatility and comfort for a better night’s sleep.

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