How To Make Mattress Smell Better?


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If you are a person whose sleep comfort is very important, But you did not get fully comfortable sleep. then there is a hidden reason for the discomfort of your sleep. So the reason behind the discomfort of your sleep is the unpleasant smell of your mattress which keeps you up at night.

Many factors make good sleep, but the one that is often overlooked is the mattress’s odor, and you will be thinking about how to make the mattress smell better. To solve this problem of yours my team has done many surveys among the companies which provides them with the best guide of solution for How to make the mattress smell better.

A combination of sweat, moisture, dust, and dead cells generated during sleep can be absorbed into the mattress. This creates the perfect environment for dust mites and other allergic cells, affecting your sleeping habits. In this article, I am going to explain to you why your mattress odors, How you can make your mattress smell better, and the steps to prolong mattress freshness.

Say goodbye to those unwelcome odors, and let’s dive into how to make your mattress smell better. After reading this article full I am 100% sure  you will be able to solve the problem of the bad odor of your mattress and will be able to know How to make the mattress smell better.

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Why do Mattresses Odors: 

Mattresses are an essential aspect of sleep. A comfortable mattress provides a restful sleeping moment which is the source of relaxation of muscles and brain. People tend to invest a lot in mattresses to have peaceful sleeping nights. During sleep, especially in the summer seasons, sweat and dead cells of the skin are discharged from the body and absorbed into the mattress. This sweat creates moisture in the foam. The moisture created by sweat and other skin cells breeds different allergens and dust mites.

These allergens and dust mites go into bed through these moisturized sources and create an odor in the mattresses. These allergens are not the only source of breathing problems and allergic symptoms but also release odor from the mattresses. This odor disturbs sleeping habits and brings restlessness during sleep. You have to remove this odor to keep your mattress fresh for more extended periods and comfortable periods of sleep.

How to make Mattress Smell Better:

Mattresses have been an integral part of your sleeping needs. They are a source of providing calmness and relaxation to body parts, thus making your body healthier. Continuous sleep, especially in the summer, secretes sweat and other chemicals from the body, which may get stuck on the mattress. This can be a source of the odor and a breeding place for allergens. If you want to make the mattress smell better, then Here are tips that help you to make your mattress smells better:

  • Remove bedding.
  • Vacuum.
  • Use Of Baking Soda.
  • Brush or Vacuum again.
  • Sunlight.
  • Mattress protector.
  • Ventilate with an Air freshener.
  • Deep clean your mattress.

Remove Bedding:

The first step you have to do is you should properly remove all your bedding including pillows, sheets, or any other mattress protector. After removing them, separately wash them one by one.


Thoroughly and Deeply vacuum all surfaces of your mattress especially seams creases and the areas where the dust and debris may occur. This step will also help you to remove any mites and particles that play a vital role in bad odor.

Use of Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is an excellent absorber of odors. Sprinkle a little amount of baking soda on the different surfaces of your mattress for 10-15 minutes. You can also add a small amount of essential oil to baking soda for pleasant scents.

Brush or Vacuum again:

After letting the baking soda rest on the surface of your mattress. Use the brush to remove the baking soda. Ensure that you get all the residue out, so your mattress doesn’t feel gritty.


Sunlight can also kill bacteria inside your mattress. So try to take your mattress out on a sunny day to give your mattress a space to freshen up its natural look . You should rest it in Sunlight for 4-5 hours.

Mattress protector:

Consider covering your mattress with the mattress protector cover to prevent it from future odors. These covers are generally waterproof so you can easily wash them.

Ventilate Room with Air Fresheners:

Air fresheners have been an essential source of bringing fragrances. They have Pleasants smells that bring freshness to mind and remove tiredness. An important thing to make your mattress smell better is to have ventilated rooms. Airflow due to ventilation can remove the smell caused by sweat and heat discharged by the body. Also, you can use your favorite fragrance on the mattress to have a pleasant smell which will encourage you to have a restful sleep.

Deep Clean Your Mattress:

Complete and thorough cleaning of your mattress from time to time will make your mattress smell better. Cleaning the mattresses using fragrant oils and baking soda or vinegar will protect them from allergens.

Be patient and repeat these steps regularly until your mattress smells better and looks naturally freshened.

Steps to Prolong Mattress Freshness:

Once you have cleaned the mattress and made it smell better, you will like to keep this fragrance and freshness of the mattress for a more extended period. You will need to follow the following tips, which will maintain the freshness of your mattress and will give you peaceful nights.

Clean Spring Base:

Your mattress usually has a spring base. Cleaning your mattress base and the mattress will protect it from the dust and germs passing into the mattress. Clean as much as possible as a mattress with a clean base will stay fresh for more extended periods.

Keep Your Room Airy:

Always try to keep your room airy with airflow. The fan may also provide airflow. Air is necessary to dry up the moisture of sweat. A damp surface is a breeding place for dust mites, fungi, molds, etc., which are an odor source. Airflow will dry up moisture, thus enhancing the mattress’s freshness for a more extended period.

 Mattress Protector:

A mattress protector protects the mattress from sweat, stains, allergens, etc they are not very expensive but extremely helpful in protecting the mattress and enhancing its lifespan. They are easy to clean and replace.

How to protect Mattress from Odour:

The odor caused by sweat and dust mites can be a source of irritation for you. You have to protect your mattress from the odor and make your mattress smell better to have peaceful sleeping moments. Some of the ways in which you can protect your mattress from the odor are.

Use Of Chemicals and Vinegar:

Different chemicals, along with vinegar or baking soda, can be used to protect the mattress from odor and dust mites. Baking soda forms a protective layer against dust particles, thus protecting the mattresses from dust mites.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Remove Dirt:

You need to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt from the mattress. This thorough cleaning will also remove the debris and hidden spots due to odor. The more you vacuum, the more you can reduce the smells from the mattress.

Put On Mattress Topper Cover:

One of the simplest ways to protect your mattress from stains and dust mites is to put on the mattress cover. A mattress cover will act as a shield that will protect your mattress from stains, dirt, sweat, and body heat. The mattress cover will be much easier to remove and clean without damaging the layers of the foam. Moreover, mattress covers can be washed with fragrant detergents to have a sweet smell.

Flip Your Mattress from Time to Time:

In order to protect the mattress from odor, flip your mattress and change its sides from time to time so that all sides should get air contact. This will prevent the piling of dust particles and remove the mattress’s odor.

Steps to Prolong Mattress Freshness:

Once you have cleaned the mattress and made it smell better, you will like to keep this fragrance and freshness of the mattress for a more extended period. You will need to follow the following tips, which will maintain the freshness of your mattress and will give you peaceful nights.

Here are some useful tips which help you in prolonging the freshness of your mattress:

  1. Use a mattress protector 
  2. Rotate your mattress.
  3. Vacuum regularly.
  4. Wash bedding weekly.
  5. Use Baking Soda on the surface of your mattress.
  6. Keeps your pet out.
  7. Avoid eating on your mattress.

By following these steps and maintaining good bedroom hygiene, you can enjoy a fresh-smelling mattress for years to come. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your mattress in top condition and ensuring a restful night’s sleep.


In conclusion, Sweat, dust mites, and dead skin cells can be a source of odor in mattresses. To remove this odor and make your mattress smell better, you have to keep cleaning it from time to time. To remove unpleasant odor and makes the mattress smell better, you should use fragrant detergents. Moreover, there should be constant airflow so that moisture caused by sweat dries up quickly. You can also use air fresheners to have a pleasant sensation. Deep and thorough cleaning of the mattress, Using baking Soda, Using a mattress protector, and Vacuuming your mattress once or twice a week will keep it fresh and make your mattress smell better for more extended periods.

You can also prolong the freshness of the mattress by having constant airflow and cleaning the base spring. Mattress protective cover will be highly effective against sweat, dirt mites, stains, and other allergens. The mattress cover will also help enhance the lifespan of the mattress. Freshness for a more extended period will prevent odor and make your mattress smell better. After reading this article I am 100% sure that you will nake your mattress smell better.


What causes the mattress to odor?

Ans: Sweat, dead skin cells, and heat discharged through the human body while sleeping when absorbed in the mattress cause the mattress to odor.

How do airflow and ventilation help to reduce mattress odor?

Ans: The sweat and dust mites discharged from the body are absorbed in the mattress. When there is no ventilation or airflow, moisture will not dry and remain damp. This dampness is a breeding place for dust mites and allergens.

How can you make your mattress smell better?

Ans: Mattresses can be made fragrant by using fragrant detergents, deep cleaning, and use of pleasant air fresheners.

How baking soda and vinegar can be used to remove odor from a mattress?

Ans: Equal amounts of water and vinegar can be mixed and sprayed over the mattress to remove the dust and stains. Cover the surface with a thin coat of baking soda after cleaning both sides by drying so that moisture does not exist. It will remove all the smell from the mattress and will give it a classic and new look.

How to keep the mattress fresh for a more extended period?

Ans: For prolonged freshness, thoroughly clean the mattress from the spring base. Keep the room airy so that moisture dries up quickly. Moreover, a mattress cover can be used to protect the mattress from dust mites and stains. 

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