7 Easy Steps To Cut Mattress In Half


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Did you make up your mind to cut the mattress in half? Then no need to hire any professional workers. You can follow my instructions step by step at home and cut the mattress in half. Any mattress you can handle at home, and you can save your money. 

The reason to Cut the mattress in half can be any; you want to split your king-size mattress into two smaller mattresses for your kids, or you are worried about how to dispose of your old mattress. 

Our team recently completed this task for the hospital ward. They cut and disposed of almost 20 mattresses of all types, including Memory foam, Innerspring, and latex mattresses. It can be a job of 30 minutes to cut the mattress in half. 

7 Easy Steps To Cut The Mattress In Half:

Cutting the mattress can be easy, just like butter, but still, you have to pay attention to safety. A mattress can be made with double layers of foam and can contain metal springs. Innerspring mattresses are hard to cut from the center, while foam mattresses are easy.

Warranties and return policies of the mattress will not work after cutting the mattress, so keep in mind that after cutting the mattress in half, you will not be able to claim any warranty or replacement of the product.

1. Tools Required

Before starting any task, the tools segment is important if your workshop contains the latest tools and half of the tasks you have already completed. The following tools are required to cut any mattress in half accurately.

  • Scissor
  • Knife with sharp edges
  • Measuring tape
  • Needle/ thread sewing equipment for the sewing process
  • Bolt cutter
  • Plier
  • A Dremel tool
  • Gloves for your hands
  • Goggles for eye protection

2. Do Measurements To Cut The Mattress In Half

Before cutting, properly measure the mattress with measuring tape to avoid disturbance. Do it twice to get accurate results. While measuring, don’t press or apply pressure on the foam. By doing this, you will not get proper and clear measurements. Use a marker to mark for reference that will help you later.

If you want to cut the mattress into two half pieces, then draw a straight line from one end to another end of the mattress. If you are interested in getting multiple pieces, draw a shape on paper, then trace it with the help of a marker on the mattress. 

3. Clearing The Surfaces For Cutting

You have done your measurements. Now it’s time to elevate the mattress from the ground or any other surfaces to avoid damaging the floor while cutting. You can use your kitchen table to cut the mattress.

4. First Layer Of The Mattress

Mattress can hold multiple layers of foam; you should use a sharped edged knife to cut up to the springs. The sharpness of the blade will provide you best results. The first layer of the mattress will usually be softer, so you will easily do it.

5. Cutting Of Springs

Cutting off springs sounds hard to the ears, but if you use the proper tools, you can handle it easily. Use Google and gloves to avoid any injury. Use your plier or dremel cutting tool to cut the mattress springs along with the marker lines.

 If you face difficulties cutting the springs, you probably use the wrong tools. See our best recommendation to perform this task smoothly and accurately. 

6. The Sharp Edges Of Wires

You can use the plier mentioned above to bend the sharp edges of wire that can cause damage and disturbance. Complete your task with professionalism while keeping safety in mind. These pliers are good in grip and can provide a quality blend to strong wires. 

You will use this mattress in the future, so as professionally as you perform this, it will be a great investment of time and can enhance your comfort.

7. The Sewing Process

Once you are done cutting, take a needle and thread and sew the open sides of the mattress. Be careful and sew with attention while leaving no gaps in the open side of the mattress. After sewing, cover up your new-size mattress and feel good.

Other Reasons To Cut The Mattress In Half

There can be other reasons to cut the mattress in half like you want to get rid of it (dispose of it), or you want to recycle it, or you can make small cushions for your furniture. 

Reuse Mindset

You can reuse the mattress’s parts, like making small cushions for your pets and furniture. The metal parts can be used in your garden to support plants or for decoration.

Disposable Mindset

With a disposable mindset, it may not be easy to transport a king-size mattress in your vehicle. You may have to hire someone for this. You can save your transport expense by cutting a mattress in half, and transport is easy. 

The Lifespan Of The Mattress After Cutting 

You may be worried about the mattress’s lifespan after cutting, but if you have done your task properly and bent the sharp edges of the mattress, the lifespan will not be affected. However, it may be in some cases if you have not followed the sewing process and violated any safety. 

Final Thoughts

Cutting a mattress in half is not difficult; you may enjoy it. Grab the tools listed in the upper section of the article, do proper measurements, clear the undersurface of the mattress, make lines with markers, utilize your cutter, and lastly, the sewing process for maintaining the mattress’s lifespan. The whole process is easy but safety oriented. So pay special attention to safety. I hope you enjoyed this guide. If your mind is engaged with any queries, feel free to ask. Thanks.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Can I cut a mattress in half?

Yes, you can. With the help of proper tools, you can make it properly. It sounds like a hard job, but it’s not. An electric or kitchen knife will be enough to cut the memory foam.

Can you split the king-size mattress?

Yes, you can. You will get two twin xl size mattresses by splitting a king-size mattress.

Will folding a mattress in half can damage it?

If your mattress contains a spring or metal frame, folding will damage it.

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By Muhammad Asim