The Pros And Cons Of Waterbed Mattress


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Are you a classic lover? Finding a classic and traditional waterbed for your room. Sleep at the waterbed sounds great. Waterbeds were very famous in the 70 & 80 era, but don’t worry if you have made up your mind to buy them you can get them in this modern era too.

Are you looking for a suitable present for your father? A waterbed mattress can be a good choice and may fascinate your father. It can be a good solution if any of your family members are facing severe back pain issues.

Like any normal mattress, waterbed mattresses are not easily available and can be hard to find in local markets but in online markets you can easily purchase at different amazing offers

The Availability Of Waterbed Mattress

You may face difficulties while purchasing them in local markets but in online markets there are plenty of stores that are offering special discounts like Amazon, ebay and walmart. A good size of waterbed mattress is available with different functions and facilitations like heating and waveless models.

The Pros of Waterbed Mattress

The pros side of the waterbed is very bright. There is a huge list of benefits of a waterbed mattress to support your sleep and to improve your health. Waterbeds are highly recommended by medical specialists to patients with injuries. If you are located in a cold weather area then temperature controlling features of the waterbed mattress are made just for you. Pay attention to all pros and cons of a waterbed mattress and make it a good investment of your life.

Waterbeds Are Highly Comfortable 

During laying you are going to experience the ultimate comfort level. This is due to water that is present inside your mattress. There will be no resistance to your body and you will get a great sleep. Your back, hip and neck pain also resolve with regular uses.

The Warm Water Feature Of Waterbed Mattress

This mattress comes with a water heating facility that allows you to control your mattress temperature during the cold season. You are also free from the worry of cold bed sheets. The adjustable heating system of this mattress can allow you to adjust the temperature of the mattress as your requirements. This facility also improves your blood circulation in your body and gives relief against morning pains.

Less Noisy During Night 

As compared to other traditional beds, waterbeds are less noisy and provide you with a great sleeping experience with your partner. Some people sleep in multiple positions and  position changing during night can create noise, while waterbeds provide no resistance so no noise and disturbance for others. With passage of time other mattresses like innerspring can be more noisy than waterbeds, while in that time waterbed can be a great product.

Relief In Bedsores

The construction of this mattress is very useful and helpful if you’re going to lay for longtime. Special variants of this product are offered by doctors to get a high level of relief during back or bed pains. This type of mattress is usually more costly than the standard one. I recommend you to get a prescription from your doctor because your insurance policy will help you deal with expenses.

The Price Factor As Compared To Other Mattress

The price range for a waterbed mattress will vary with size. The manufacturer of waterbed mattresses are offering a full, twin, queen and king size mattress. You can get a large size of waterbed mattress for $2,000 as compared to other mattresses. The lifespan of this mattress is also 12 plus years which is a solid plus point to buy this mattress.

Easy To Clean

Waterbed mattress surfaces are generally made by Vinyl, that keep dirt, dust and allergies away from bed. Very good for those people having allergy related issues. The cleaning process is also very easy with just a simple piece of cloth and vinyl cleaner. Easy to clean ability keeps the bacteria away and reduces the chances of asthma, eczema and allergic reactions also.

The Cons Of Waterbed Mattress

The cons also contain some facts and figures about waterbed mattresses but don’t worry just check them and analyze them. You may face difficulties while looking for a waterbed mattress dealer. Water filling and draining can consume your time, as well as there is also a risk of puncture. Read our list of cons below to get full knowledge and awareness about the cons side of a waterbed mattress.

Waterbed Are Poor In Support

Waterbeds are highly comfortable for your body, containing nothing inside just water so because of that offering no support to your body joints. You may feel back pain after some nights if it’s your adjustment period with a new bed (two weeks) then don’t worry,but if pain persists then you should reconsider your product. I recommend you talk with the manufacturer about the trail so you can save your money. During trail days observe your body and sleep if there is no pain then that great.

The leaking problem

Although waterbed mattresses are made with Vinyl material that is very durable, there is always a risk of puncture or leaking. You can face high damage with the leakage of a waterbed mattress. A Queen size of waterbed mattress can hold up to 200 gallons of water, so a very bad consequence you will face in a leakage situation. Plastic liners can alleviate the puncture condition but there is always a possibility of leakage.

A Suitable Bed Sheets For Waterbed Mattress

You may face difficulties while purchasing a bed sheet for your waterbed mattress as compared to traditional one. You will always have a limited option for sheets to meet the decor requirements of your bedroom.

Odor Problem With Waterbed Mattress

You are going to sleep on a water bladder, so this water can cause the growth of bacteria due to the moisture environment. A thorough cleaning can help you to solve these odor issues. The worst situation is when this odor is entered in your bed sheet and clothes, and may be in your hair. In this condition no cleaning material is going to help you, at that time you should consider a new mattress.

Great Efforts In Maintenance

If you are struggling with a leak, then you may have to patch or replace the older bladder. A king and Queen size bladder is pretty costly and requires great effort to replace. Draining and refilling 200 gallons of water is also not easy. This water should also be replaced after six months to reduce the growth of bacterias with the help of a water conditioner  and to enhance the life of the waterbed mattress.

The Modern Versions Of Waterbed mattress

In this modern world each and every thing is getting updated day by day, so as we are talking about waterbed technology they also improved many things in their product. They developed different types of bladders for mattresses like single, double and tube bladders that can stay up to 20 years. 

They also improved the maintenance work and now you have to only add a conditioning tablet or conditioner liquid of 8 oz  to the one piece bladder once a year. They also divided the bladders in different sections so each person laying on a waterbed mattress can regulate and control temperature as his/her requirements. 

The softness and firmness is also customizable now you can sleep in your favorite position with your loving firmness. They  also improved maintenance and service facilities if any part of your bed is damaged or needs replacement no need to replace the whole bed just change the faulty part.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Are waterbeds safe?

Waterbeds are not good for toddlers and babies; they may roll over and cause suffocation.

What is the lifespan of a waterbed mattress?

A waterbed can stand up to 12 years and more with good care and maintenance

Are waterbeds noisy?

 No, waterbeds are quite silent and noise free if correctly installed.

Bottom Lines

Look at the real side of this world. Each and every thing in this universe has positive and negative sides and opiniones. I tried to discuss all the pros and cons of a waterbed mattress. I hope you will like it and make a good decision about your mattress. Waterbed mattresses are very comfortable and medically recommended for back pains. Try to avoid excessive thinking. Just buy it and observe your body and sleep during the trial period. If your sleep and pain is improving you should keep it other than you should buy some usual mattress for you. Sleep is very important for human life and health so keep in mind a good mattress plays a vital role to attain good sleep. Waterbed technology is also improved with the modern time. Today’s waterbeds are well manufactured and more functional than the 70s one. Hope so you enjoyed my lines feel free to ask in thing in comments, thanks.

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By Muhammad Asim