TOP 4 Symptoms of too-firm mattress


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Do you need a better sleep? Are you facing back pain, body aches and soreness in joints? All these are the symptoms of too firmness in the mattress. Having good health but not having great sleep can reduce your health also. Good sleep is essential for health. If you do not sleep well, you will lose your health sooner or later.

You can judge your sleep by sleeping on another mattress. If you experience better sleep, you should buy a new mattress for your bed. Too firmness of the mattress can affect your spinal alignment too.

Now there are two ways. First, you can make it soft by adding a mattress topper or purchasing a new one. Still in doubt? Read the firmness and softness scale recommended by the top brands to determine which type of firmness or softness you are looking for.

Top 04 Firmness Symptoms Of Mattress.

Softness and firmness can work differently for individuals. Let your body guide you about firmness and softness level. If you are facing the following signs, too, you should start thinking about new ones.

You Keep Turning All Over The Night

Suppose you fail to find a comfortable spot on your bed by turning and rotating your body. This is the primary sign. You usually wake up in the middle of the night and start looking at the mattress in search of comfort, but you find nothing. 

The Dead Arm And Tinglings

Did you ever wake up with a tingling sensation and the feeling of a dead arm? That is because your shoulders and arms continuously get pressure from your mattress. This one can be bad. 

Pain In Your Body

The purpose of the night in this universe is that humans can recharge and retrieve their energy for the next day’s activities, but if you feel body aches, neck pain, shoulder pain or pain in any part of the body, how can you perform your activities? In most cases, neck and shoulder pain are the symptoms of a too-firm mattress.

Monitor Your Body

Suppose you wake up in a tired and exhausted mood at home. The next night you sleep at a hotel or a different place with another mattress, and you acquire a good sleep, and all your body aches are gone. Then it’s time, my friend, to change your bed. Your body will encourage you to look for a better bed than an old one.

Top 03 Softness Symptoms of Mattress

Softness is also dangerous for your health. Doctors mainly recommend a mattress with medium firmness. That supports your spine very well, giving you a sense of comfort and firmness at the same time. Here are some common issues people are facing with too-soft mattresses. It would be best if you avoided it.

Pain in the lower back

Your spine will not get a good alignment with too soft a mattress. As a result, it will cause pain in your lower backside. When you lie, your back sinks with the softness of the bed, and your spine alignment gets disturbed. Keep yourself safe from any significant disorder and replace your mattress.

The Struggle You Face To Get In And Out Of Bed

In the morning, do you feel any difficulty while leaving the mattress? If yes, then your bed is too soft for you. At this time, you are not feeling any pain or problem in your body, but over time, you will face severe consequences. Replacing your mattress is better because being too soft is unsuitable for human life. 

The Rising Temperature Of the Body

You may feel swallowed by the soft mattress. Soft mattresses can trap your body heat and increase your temperature, and you will sweat immensely during the night.

Understand The Right Firmness Of Mattress

Before making a new purchase, determine what type of firmness and softness you seek. By doing this, first, you will have excellent knowledge about mattresses; second, you will get the right mattress for yourself, and your sleep quality will increase. The Levels of softness and firmness recommended by most brands are mentioned below.

Level 1-2 Extra soft one

These models are complicated to find because they offer very low-quality support. A too-soft surface sounds too good to everyone for sleep, but their results are not too good. Your body will sink into the softness of the mattress; you will also feel difficulty sleeping.

Level 3-4 Soft one

These types of mattresses are the ideal choice for couples. Your body will feel the comfort and softness essential for good sleep. Memory foam is used in these types of mattresses that give you the sensation of hug and support simultaneously.

Level 5 Medium Firm

Did you sleep with a combination of positions? If yes, then you will love this type of mattress. When you sleep, They will provide you with outstanding balance, comfort and support.

Level 6-7 Firm 

This level of firmness can be a favorite one for stomach sleepers. Providing softness and firmness at the same time enhances your sleeping experience. People with lower back pain can enjoy it more than others. You will feel you are sleeping on the surfaces of the mattress, not in the mattress. 

Level 8-10 Extra Firm

You will find it great if you are heavy and overweight and looking for a suitable mattress with great firmness. These mattresses are extra complex and very difficult to see in the market, just like the soft ones. But they can provide perfect spine alignment to heavy people. People with weight may find them attractive.

How to make your old mattress soft?

If you cannot buy a new soft mattress, don’t worry, we have an alternative to make your older bed smooth. You can increase the softness of your mattress by adding a memory foam topper or woolen pads. These products will reduce the pressure on your joint without compromising the support.

By Adding a Memory Foam Mattress topper 

Memory foam mattress toppers are specially designed to add extra softness to hard surfaces. They also provide good spinal alignment and reduce pressure on your body. Many levels of softness are available in memory foam toppers to enhance the softness of your mattress. 

Wooden Pads For Softness

Wooden pads offer natural temperature control properties and softness also. These pads can absorb heat and moisture and promise you ultimately great sleep. Very effective in hot weather and places with high temperatures.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Did my body feel pain due to the firmness of the mattress? 

Yes, you will definitely feel pain in your body due to a high firm mattress. These mattresses produce excess pressure on your shoulder, hip and back, causing pain.

What are the Symptoms of a too-firm mattress?

Low sleep quality, neck pain, shoulder pain, and tiredness the following day.

Is a firm mattress suitable for everyone?

People with weight can find it great to sleep on a firm mattress. People with lower body fat did not get the comforts of a firm mattress.


Poor sleep quality can lead to depression, anxiety and heart disorders. Just like it, the firmness of a mattress can also contribute to body, back, neck, shoulder and arm pain; these are symptoms of a too-firm bed. 

You can examine your body and determine the best firmness level for your body. While sleeping on hard or firm surfaces, your body will experience pain, and at more softness, your body will sweat more than normal during sleep. Choosing an ideal mattress with a good firmness level is also essential for spinal alignment.

Find a better mattress or make your old one softer if you want ideal sleep.

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By Muhammad Asim