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Both Casper and Novaform are well-known mattress brands that offer all foam and hybrid models in a variety of options. Casper was launched in 2014 and is considered the founding member of the bed in the box mattress market. Novaform is more inclined towards producing affordable mattresses in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and firmness settings. You will often find these mattresses together on various shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc. 

If you have narrowed down your research on Casper and Novaform after going through a vast sea of mattresses, then this Casper mattress vs Novaform guide is for you. You will find a side-by-side comparison of each factor that is crucially associated with a particular mattress design and construction.

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Head To Head Comparison Between Casper Mattress vs Novaform in 2023:

You are going to explore the differences between the different aspects of Casper and Novaform mattresses. These aspects include models, sizes, firmness options, warranties, shipping, trail periods, off-gassing, noise, edge support, motion isolation, ease of movement, construction, and many more. Without wasting further time, let’s get clearer about the differences between Casper Mattress vs Novaform.

Similarities Between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

  • Every mattress made by Casper and Novaform features layers of memory foam that provide excellent pressure alleviation.
  • Every sleeping position may be accommodated by a number of models from both Novaform and Casper.
  • Both Novaform and Casper are excellent buys because they have a feel and quality comparable to beds that cost two to three times as much.

Differences Between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

  • Casper makes both hybrid and memory foam beds while Novaform only creates all-foam mattresses,  Back pain is alleviated with Casper’s zonal support and innerspring coils, which produce greater spine alignment.
  • The cost of Novaform is lower.
  • The beds from Casper are more supple and convenient to move about on.
  • Casper mattresses are available both online and in physical Casper locations. Novaform beds are only provided at Costco.
  • The sizes of all Casper mattresses are the same (twin to California king), however, the sizes of most Novaform mattresses are constrained.
  • The sleep trial offered by Casper is more generous.
  • Longer warranty on Novaform products.

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Stand out features comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:


Casper Mattress vs Novaform

Some of the features which are trickle associated with Casper mattress are as follows:

  • Both luxury and affordable options are offered by Casper
  • Feature gigantic zoned support that is absent in most of its competitors
  • Available in a wide array of options

Nova form:

Casper Mattress vs Novaform

Some of the elegant features of Novaform are as follows:

  • They are considered one of the cheapest mattresses in the bedding market
  • Not only available in the online stores but are also available on brick-and-mortar stores
  • A wide range of options are available 

Models comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

Every brand has its own perception and the unique idea behind every of its model. Both nova and hybrid offer different and any number of models to attract a wide range of sleepers


Casper Mattress vs Novaform

  • Casper Original Hybrid mattress
  • Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress
  • Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress
  • Casper Original Hybrid
  • Casper Element Mattress


Casper Mattress vs Novaform

  • Premium cooling Mattress
  • Advanced support mattress
  • Serafina mattress
  • So fresh mattress
  • Comfort Grande plus mattress
  • Overnight recovery mattress
  • Advanced back support mattress 

Sizes comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

in this section, you will explore the sizes in which each model of Novaform and Casper mattress is available 


Casper Mattress vs Novaform

  • Casper Original Hybrid mattress: It is available in 6 different sizes which are full, Queen, King, Cal king, twin, and twin XL.
  • Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress:Full, Queen, King, Cal king, twin and twin XL.
  • Casper Nova Hybrid Mattress:It is available in 6 different sizes which are full, Queen, King, Cal king, twin and twin XL.
  • Casper Original Hybrid Mattress:full, Queen, King, Cal king, twin and twin XL.
  • Casper Element Mattress:It is available in 6 different sizes which are full, Queen, King, Cal king, twin and twin XL.

Novaform Mattress:

Casper Mattress vs Novaform

  • Premium cooling Mattress: it is available in twin,  Cal king, King, full and queen.
  • Advanced support mattress: twin, twin xl, Cal king, King, full, and queen.
  • Serafina mattress: twin, twin xl, Cal king, King, full, and queen.
  • So fresh mattress: twin, Cal king, King, full and queen.
  • Comfort Grande plus mattress:twin, twin xl, Cal king, King, full and queen.
  • Overnight recovery mattress:  Cal king, King,  and queen.
  • Advanced back support mattress:it is available in twin,  Cal king, King, full and queen.

Firmness comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

Firmness means how hard or soft a mattress will feel to a sleeper. According to, the amount of firmness a particular sleeper gets from a mattress is entirely dependent on his sleeping style and body weight.

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Casper mattress:

Casper Mattress vs Novaform

Casper mattress is available in the following firmness options.

  • Medium firm: 6 on the firmness scale
  • Medium: 5 on the firmness scale

Novaform mattress:

Casper Mattress vs Novaform

  • Firm: 7 on the firmness scale
  • Medium firm: 6 on the firmness scale
  • Medium: 5 on the firmness scale
  • Medium: soft 4 on the firmness scale

It is evident from the above firmness options, that Novaform is more diverse than Casper mattress

Construction comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

The caliber of a mattress’s design and materials will determine how it performs and feels.

The comfort system and the support core are the two basic sections that make up a mattress. The most direct influence on comfort and stiffness comes from the comfort system. Foam and hybrid mattresses frequently contain a thick comfort system constructed with layers of materials that relieve pressure, including polyfoam, memory foam, or latex.

The base of the mattress is made up of a denser bottom layer called the support core. By preventing the sleeper from protruding too much into the mattress, this area aids in maintaining spinal alignment. Hybrid mattresses often use an innerspring support core, whereas all-foam mattresses typically use a high-density polyfoam support core to achieve this. Some mattresses use tighter coils or high-density polyfoam to enhance the support core’s the outside perimeter.

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Casper Mattress vs Novaform

Currently, Casper is selling two all-foam and 3 hybrid models

Casper Original and Hybrid:

On the firmness scale, The Casper Original has a medium (5) rating. There are three of them:

The Casper Original’s cover is made of a stretchy mixture of recycled polyester, rayon, normal spandex and polyester. The mattress’ top layer is composed of Airscape polyfoam, which has been perforated for improved breathability. Zoned memory foam, which is firmer in the middle, makes up the second layer.

The foam base of the Casper Original can be swapped out for a pocketed coil support core that is encased in foam on a hybrid model. Although the Casper Hybrid is significantly bouncy compared to the original all-foam type, it is still medium (score 5). It features increased edge support due to the strengthened perimeter.

Casper WaveHybrid

A thin layer of cooling gel is placed on top of the Airscape polyfoam. Support for spinal alignment is provided by resilient latex and a layer of memory foam that is stronger in the middle. Gel pods are present in the transition layer, which are intended to cool the mattress and give hip and lower back support. The Wave has a pocketed coil support core with reinforced edges, just like the other Casper Hybrids.

Customers can upgrade the Nova Hybrid and Wave Hybrid mattresses to include Snow technology for an additional cost. This option consists of six HeatDelete Bands that are intended to transmit heat away from the mattress’ surface, a cooling cover made of phase-change material, and a laminated layer of cooling gel.

Casper Element

The Element Mattress from Casper is their cost-effective option. It has a conventional two-layer construction.

The flexible cotton, polyester, rayon, and spandex material used for the Element’s cover is the same as that used for the Casper Original. The medium firm (6) feel of the polyfoam structure provides body contouring without adding too much sink.

Casper Nova Hybrid

The stretchable cover of the Nova Hybrid is identical to that on the Casper Original. Two layers of perforated Airscape polyfoam are used in the comfort system to improve ventilation. The final layer’s grooved cut-outs are divided into seven distinct zones with the goal of lifting the back and hips. The mattress has a considerable amount of bounce due to a support core comprised of individually pocketed coils, which also dampens motion transfer to keep a bed companion from being disturbed.


Casper Mattress vs Novaform

It is selling seven all foam mattresses nowadays:

Novaform ComfortGrand Plus:

One of Novaform’s tallest mattresses, the ComfortGrande Plus has 6 inches of pressure-relieving foam in the comfort area. It has three layers overall and a medium firm (6) rating:

The quilted cover of the mattress is made to be cool to the touch. Memory foam with gel infusion makes up the top comfort layer; this material is designed to reduce heat retention and offer cushioning. Convoluted polyfoam is layered on top of the first layer to improve airflow and relieve pressure on the hips, shoulders, and lower back.

In order to improve movement comfort, this LURAcor foam is more durable than memory foam. A high-density polyfoam support core provides a stable base and aids in preserving healthy spinal alignment in the bottom layer.


Three stiffness degrees of the Serafina are offered: medium(5),  medium soft (4),  and medium hard (6). The mattress’s precise design changes a little bit between models:

By capturing infrared energy from the body and using it to evaporate moisture, the cover is intended to control temperature. Additionally, gel pearls designed to resist heat retention are injected into the memory foam.

The second layer of foam varies somewhat for each stiffness level. This layer is twisted in the medium soft and medium variants for a plusher feel. High-density polyfoam is used for the support core of the mattress, which is present in all three variations but is 1 inch thicker in the firm variant.


The cover of the mattress is machine washable. Copper, which is known to have antibacterial characteristics, is incorporated in the top foam layer. Three layers make up the mattress:

This mattress has a medium (5) firmness rating and 4 inches of contoured comfort layers. High-density polyfoam support core, which aids in motion isolation and edge support, completes the base.

The mattress’s cover is comprised of Celliant, a material that uses body heat to aid in muscle regeneration. The mattress has three layers and is medium firm.

Overnight Recovery:

Initial cushioning is provided by a thin layer of gel memory foam, which is followed by three further inches of more resilient polyfoam. This mattress contains an 8-inch high-density polyfoam support core, just as the other Novaform mattresses.

Advanced Back Support:

The Mattress is the firmest Novaform type, scoring a 7 out of 10. This qualifies it for people who sleep on their backs, stomachs, or who weigh more exceeding 230 pounds. Three layers make up the mattress:

The Advanced Back Support Mattress gives the sensation of sleeping on rather than in the mattress due to the stronger foam in the top layer and the gel memory foam beneath. This makes switching between sleeping positions simpler and may benefit some people with back problems. The bed’s 9-inch foundation, which is sturdy, adds to its solidity.

Premium cooling:

The Nue by Novaform Premium Cooling Mattress, made for overheated sleepers, features three layers and a medium (5) feel.

The mattress’s cover is made of recycled materials and is comprised of breathable polyester, nylon, and rayon. The cooling gel memory foam used in the mattress top layer is intended to cradle the body while dissipating heat. Cut-out grooves in the second layer give extra support for the lower back and hips. Air can also pass through the mattress due to the grooves. A solid foundation is offered by the layer of high-density polyfoam.

Nue By Advanced Support:

The medium firm (6) feel of this Mattress is created to relieve pressure points and offer lumbar support. There are three of them:

The nylon, polyester, and rayon cover of the Advanced Support Mattress is identical to that of the Premium Cooling Mattress. High-density polyfoam base gives stability, while resilient zoned polyfoam layers assist focus to support and cushioning on the places that need it the most.

Prices comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

One should make a rough sketch of his all expenses before diving into a Casper or novaform mattress. This will help you to remain on the safe side. The price for queen-size mattresses of novaform and Casper are given as

  • Novaform mattress:  $500-$750
  • Casper mattress: $595-$2,695

One might easily get this idea from the above prices that Novaform is far more affordable than a Casper mattress. This high price range difference remains constant for other models of Casper and novaform as well.

Edge Support comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

Customers claim that Casper supports them appropriately when it comes to supportiveness. People find that the  firm or medium firm mattresses support them effectively and that there is no sinking sensation.

Off Gassing comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

Some users of Casper and Essential mattresses mention minor off-gassing problems while the mattresses are new, but The Wave has a reputation for frequent odour complaints.

As opposed to other brands, Novaform models often emit less of an off-gassing smell. Another benefit of the Casper mattress is its edge support. It provides customers with superb strong support without sagging.

Motion Isolation comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

All the Casper mattress models are renowned for their excellent motion transfer and personal isolation. Customers of Novaform reports that the company’s firm mattresses isolate and lessen motion.

Durability comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

It is crucial for any mattress to convey strength. Fortunately, the durability of many of these mattresses is above average. Many Casper customers are pleased with their mattresses after five years, however those who are heavier than average may discover that it breaks down quickly for them.

People claim that Novaform mattresses cause pain within a year, pain that, if neglected, might worsen. Nowadays, it is considerably more challenging to obtain a sturdy mattress. Furthermore, some firms don’t even invest much in quality because there are so many new ones entering the market every day. Because of this, it is challenging for the user to predict the mattress’s lifespan. Few consumers complain about uncomfortableness.

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Trial Period comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

Leading bed-in-a-box mattress company Casper offers a long trial period. With their 100-night trial, you can get used to your new mattress before determining whether it’s the correct match.

Casper makes it simple to return your mattress if you decide to. Casper will arrange for a neighbourhood charity to pick up the mattress from your door after you initiate a return. What’s best? Your mattress doesn’t need to be re-boxed, shipped, or carried to a store.

Costco is the only place to buy Novaform. Each mattress purchased from Costco is covered by their 30-day return policy. To break in a new mattress and get used to the way it feels, you may need to sleep on it for up to 30 consecutive nights. As a result, it could be difficult to say for sure after 30 days whether you adore your new bed. In order to get a refund, you must return the mattress to Costco.

Warranty comparison between Casper Mattress vs Novaform:

While Novaform mattresses offer a lengthier 20-year warranty, Casper mattresses only have a 10-year warranty. You might want to think about choosing Novaform if you intend to maintain your mattress for more than ten years.

A Casper bed, however, has a chance of lasting longer than ten years because it is made of materials that are arguably better than those used in Novaform mattresses. Simply put, at that point, it wouldn’t be covered by the guarantee.

Buyers Guide:

No matter a person’s body type or preferred sleeping position, Casper and Novaform both provide a wide range of mattresses. These beds do, however, differ in a wide range of ways which makes them a better choice for particular circumstances.

All of Novaform’s beds are made with memory foam. This means that Novaform mattresses are only suitable for people who enjoy the sensation of memory foam. One of Casper’s 3 hybrid mattresses would suit you better if you enjoy the responsiveness of innerspring or need the support they provide.

Novaform’s astonishinly low price point sets it apart from its rivals. One of our favourite mattress brands for customers on a budget is Novaform because it would be difficult to find a superior mattress for a comparable price. To compare the various mattresses from Novaform, read our reviews.

In the cutthroat internet mattress market, Casper is a market leader. Two memory foam beds and three hybrids are available. As a result, practically any sleeper can choose a mattress in our collection that meets their demands. This implies that you won’t have to choose between one benefit and another because there is a high-quality Casper mattress that will work for you regardless of your sleeping position, body type, or sleeping preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the trial period of a casper mattress?

Casper mattress comes in a 100 days free night trial.

What is the trial period of Novaform?

The Novaform offers 100 days free night trail.

Let’s Sum up:

Popular mattresses are produced for customers on a tight budget by Casper and Novaform. Some of the least expensive all-foam beds on the market are Novaform’s memory foam mattresses, which are only available at Costco. For the price, Casper’s memory foam hybrid and memory foam mattresses are regarded as some of the best available.

We are hopeful that our unbiased comparison of Casper Mattress vs Novaform will greatly aid in the decision making.

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