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Find out how big a California king is and which brand provides the greatest one for your requirements. Mattress buyers frequently believe that a California king mattress is larger than a standard king mattress. California king mattresses aren’t broader; they’re merely longer than regular king mattresses. California king mattresses are smaller than traditional king mattresses, measuring 72 inches broad by 84 inches long. Knowing the distinction between the two enables you to shop more confidently and prevent unpleasant surprises. Keep in mind that the key to California king mattresses is the length

Choosing to upgrade begins with considering king-sized mattresses. However, you might have quickly noticed that there are other king-sized mattress models, with the California king being just one of them. The Wyoming king and Alaskan king are other king versions, albeit they are less readily available for purchase. Because of measurements that are particularly suitable for your body and bedroom dimensions, the California king stands out.

Top 8 picks of Best Cal King Mattress

  1. Nolah Evolution Mattress
  2. Tuft And Needle Mattress
  3. Nectar Mattress
  4. DreamCloud Premier Mattress
  5. Vibe Gel Memory Foam
  6. GhostBed Luxe Mattress
  7. Casper wave hybrid Mattress
  8. Layla Hybrid mattress

1. Nolah Evolution Mattress:


Simple sleeping quarters can be transformed into an opulent-looking, luxurious suite by upgrading to the best Cal king. Why not spend a lot of money on a Nolah Evolution mattress to go along with the upgrading? The Nolah is an amazing 1O inches Gel memory foam mattress and has several cooling-enhancing design elements, such as flaps that help dissipate heat and a foam layer mixed with heat-conducting graphite.

For added lumbar support, the Nolah also contains a zoned coil layer, which means that the coils are firmer nearer the center of the bed. A 2-inch Euro pillow top completes the velvety coziness. When it comes to the Nolah’s suppleness, you have a choice between a plush, luxury-firm, or firm version of the mattress.


This best cal king mattress is 84″L x 72″W x 10″T, weighing 96 pounds. It has a medium firmness level and for it the age range is adult.  Nolah mattress is Grey and the construction type used is memory form.  

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  • Excellent plushness
  • Good Cooling
  • Excellent Comfort level
  • Funky smeel on unboxing
  • It is not enough eco-friendly

2. Tuft and Needle  Mattress


Based on user feedback, T&N Adaptive foam is developed to relieve pressure where it is most needed. Best Cal king mattress open-cell construction offers a flexible sleeping surface that conforms.  For back and stomach sleepers, the T&N Original Mattress is perfect. To prevent sinking into the mattress, the manufacturer added a foundation layer of supportive foam to the T&N Adaptive foam.


This best cal king mattress is white in color and is available in  Original and original limited styles. The age range is adult and the comfort layer material is made from Gel Memory Foam. It is available in king, queen, twin, twin XL, and cal king sizes. It has 94 pounds weight. It has the construction of foam type.

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  • Quality of sleep
  • Versatile
  • Long warranty
  • Good Firmness

  • Odor
  • Not flippible

3. Nectar Mattress


At times, it could seem as though the exorbitant expense of living in the state bearing its name is comparable to the price of the best Cal king mattress. There are, however, good solutions that are within your means. The Nectar is among them, and it is one of the best deals. You may buy a great mattress at an inexpensive price with Nectar. The memory foam mattress offers a full year of sleep trials and a lifetime warranty to support its longevity. Nectar is a fantastic mattress for couples wishing to upgrade to a California king because it has three layers of breathable memory foam. The pressure-contouring gel memory foam that is motion-isolating also helps to prevent light sleepers from being awakened by their partner’s activity.


It is 12 inches in size. It is a Medium Firm Gel Memory foam mattress and comes with 365 days trial. It has 5 layered comforts and has Breathable cooling action. It is white and weighs 84 pounds

  • High edge support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Not prone to damage
  • Hot sleepers require more cooling construction
  • A bit irritating for some users

4. DreamCloud Premier Mattress


The DreamCloud rates a 6 on a scale of 10 for firmness, which is considered to be medium firm. This is on the stiffer end of the spectrum that most people tend to prefer, but it is still within that range. The DreamCloud is a high-profile model that is 14 inches thick, so it would need sheets with deeper pockets than usual.

This best cal king mattress has six layers of comfort which is Euro Top made of fine cashmere. breathable, soft layer made of quilted Tencel. Gel memory foam in the second layer helps distribute your weight. Then include a transition layer for adaptive responses that offers support to prevent the sensation of sinking into quicksand. individually wrapped innerspring coils on the back provide additional support. To guarantee that everything above it operates at its peak, a base layer is crucial at the bottom.

Euro Top is made of fine cashmere. breathable, soft layer made of quilted Tencel. Gel memory foam in the second layer helps distribute your weight. Then include a transition layer for adaptive responses that offers support to prevent the sensation of sinking into quicksand. individually wrapped innerspring coils on the back provide additional support. A base layer is crucial at the bottom to ensure support.


It is white in color and the coil type used is a continuous coil and has medium firmness. The construction type of this best cal king matress is hybrid.

  • Cashmere cover
  • Year-long sleep trial
  • Pressure relief
  • The plush layer is not enough good

5. Vibe gel memory foam mattress:


If you’re seeking relaxed sleeping, support, and heat regulation, the Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a great option. No matter what sleeping position you choose, this mattress’ 7 inches of conforming, high-density foam relieves pressure and responds quickly. Additionally, the mattress’ top 2 layers are made up of three inches of gel-infused foam and two inches of memory foam. These assist in removing heat, allowing you to sleep coolly and soundly without being too warm or sweaty to wake you up during the night.

While thicker foam layers deeper in the mattress keep you supported, softer conforming memory foam “hugs” you for individualized comfort throughout the night. Within 24 hours of delivery, a Vibe gel best cal king mattress will be delivered to your door and fully prepared for use.


this best cal king mattress dimension is 72″ W x 84″ L x 12″ H. Three inches of gel-infused foam are paired with two inches of memory foam to help you sleep more comfortably by wicking heat away from your body. The mattress offers encircling support and responsive comfort to help disperse pressure points evenly. Elegant stretch knit cover with quilted fibers plus Adjustable Base Friendly and Medium Plush Feel.

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  • Good quality sleep
  • Soft Comfort layers
  • Not enough soft
  • a bit expensive

6. GhostBed Luxe Mattress:


The combination of a cool-to-the-touch cover, a patent-pending Ghost Ice layer, and gel memory foam keeps you cozy all night. Experience phase-change technology that monitors heat and adapts to your body’s temperature, invented by sleep scientists.The high-density foundation offers the best support, longevity, and durability.

The gel memory foam layer in GhostBed Luxe conforms to your body to ease pressure points, stop motion transmission, and eliminate tossing and turning.  Every GhostBed mattress is made in the USA and is CertiPUR-US certified, including the GhostBed Luxe.


It is white and its dimensions are 84″L×72″ W×13″T. The model name is Luxe Memory Foam and it weighs 120 pounds. Cooling technology is used in its manufacturing and is best known for pressure relief. This best cal king mattress has medium-level firmness.

  • A high score in edge support
  • A high score in motion
  • The mild smell upon unboxing

7. Casper wave Mattress:


Casper, a well-known brand for beds-in-a-box, just released the Wave Hybrid mattress, the best Cal king mattress alternative for couples due to the bed’s exceptional overall sleep lab scores: The hybrid bed receives high ratings for edge support (8.75/10), pressure reduction (8.5/10), spine alignment (9/10), motion transmission (9/10), and durability (9.5/10).

Additionally, due to the use of natural, springy latex and springy, breathable coils, the bed also performed highly in the responsiveness and cooling categories, receiving scores of 9.25 and 9 out of 10, respectively. As a result, it will be much simpler for you and your lover to cuddle up in various positions without getting too hot.

By moving air away from you and keeping your mattress cool to the touch, three layers of perforated, breathable foam can help prevent you from overheating. The mattress of your dreams benefits from the lift, support, and airflow provided by resilient springs. To make it easier for you to get in and out of bed, a stronger border offers edge support. 100-night risk-free trial on Casper products


You can achieve optimal spinal alignment with the aid of continuous ergonomic zones and gel pods. Gel pods, a revolutionary gel pod support that cradles the waist and lower back, ergonomically align your spine in two layers. More comfort where you want it and more support where you need it.

  • Fits all body types
  • High scores in a sleep lab in all categories

  • Expensive mattresses present in this list
  • Faint smell on unboxing

8. Lyla Hybrid  Mattress


The Layla Hybrid is the best California king mattress in our opinion, especially since it can be easily flipped over to reveal a choice between a softer and firmer side. According to legend, the softer side of the Cal king mattress is preferable for side sleepers and lighter people, while the firmer side is better for hot sleepers, heavier persons, and back and stomach sleepers (up to 130 pounds). The softer side also has more pressure relief and less motion transfer.

With the Layla Hybrid in the best cal king mattress, there will be enough room whether you sleep alone or with a partner. Sleepers will also stay cool throughout the night, and depending on which side you choose, any size sleeper can experience optimal pressure relief and comfort because there is a firmer mattress side available. fThe Layla Hybrid California King bed comes with a 10-year guarantee, a 120-night sleep trial, and free shipping to any address in the contiguous 48 states.


The hybrid foam mattress from Layla Sleep is supportive, flippable to a soft or firm side, advanced cooling design, and motion reduction, and has tri-zone airflow layers.

Layers of gel memory foam, support foam, pocketed coils, and foam with copper infusion make up the Layla Hybrid California king bed. The central layer of foam in the mattress has antimicrobial qualities to stop bacteria growth while also drawing heat away from the body of the sleeper to assist them to stay cool while they sleep.

The Layla Hybrid California King bed comes with a 10-year guarantee, a 120-night sleep trial, and free shipping to any address in the contiguous 48 states.

  • Less motion transfer
  • Relief pressure
  • Good Firmness
  • A bit cool for some users
  • A bit rough to hair

Buyers Guide

If you want a high-end bed, you should expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,600 for most California king mattresses. Although premium California king mattresses are known to sell for $1,800 or more, you can also get affordable California king mattresses for Layla for less than $1099. Besides, the price also looks into other factors like motion isolation. edge support, contouring support, warranties, free trail sleep, firmness level and durability.

What type of mattress is best:

All mattresses available on the market fall into 5 wide categories: foam, hybrid, innerspring, and air bed.

Memory foam:

The most common sort of mattress brand to deliver in a box to your home, just like an Amazon package, is a memory foam mattress. The devoted group of memory foam enthusiasts is the reason they are still in business today. There is much to love as well: The most common sleeping position is on one’s side, therefore slow-moving memory foam has a cradling feel that is ideal for side sleepers. The majority of builds include softer, squishier cushioning foams at the top and higher-density foams toward the foundation.


Traditional innerspring mattresses, which are solely supported and cushioned by a base of springy coils, are now mostly a thing of the past. In contrast, the modern hybrid design has taken the place of innerspring.


On the other side, a hybrid mattress combines the comfort of pressure-relieving memory foam with the support of innerspring coils. High-end hybrid mattresses frequently have individually wrapped coils or pocketed coils that move and bounce separately from one another as the support basis, adding longevity.


Another more contemporary mattress material is latex. Mattresses made of latex are renowned for their longevity and green appeal. Latex foam has a tendency to bounce back more than memory foam, resulting in firmer, more responsive mattresses.

California King mattress is best for:

Tall sleepers

Being taller than your peers has benefits and drawbacks in terms of health. One drawback is the rising prevalence of lower back discomfort, particularly among men. So if your feet protrude from the end of your bed, causing bad posture and aggravating lower back discomfort, purchasing a California king is far from indulgent.

Those who sleep with pets:

Anyone who owns a pet is aware that they frequently choose to sleep next to you. As comforting as having a pet buddy is, you can be sacrificing the quality of your sleep if your mattress doesn’t have enough room for you to spread out properly. A California king is the ideal size for tall people to sleep next to big pets, or for people who share a bed to have their pets curl up at their feet.

Th0s whose room size requires a narrower bed

A king-size bed is one of those pieces of furniture that is simply not intended for homes with limited space. That so, you shouldn’t rule out the California king because it might well be the ideal match despite its narrower dimensions.

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California King Mattress is not best for?

People on a budget

California king mattresses are frequently more expensive than queen and king-sized ones. Additionally, you must factor in the increased cost of the bedframe and blankets.

Couples who prefer mattress width

The better choice is to go with a conventional king mattress if a California king mattress seems interesting because you want to maximize the distance between you and your spouse. Having said that, you’ll still gain an additional foot of breadth when moving from a queen if a California king fits your room better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a California King mattress better than a king size?

A California king bed is a fantastic choice since it offers more length than a conventional king bed if you have pets who lie on the bottom of your mattress, are 6 feet, 5 inches (or taller), or you simply want the extra leg room. To accommodate all of your loved ones, you might prefer a wider standard king bed if you anticipate that your children would occasionally cuddle up next to you in bed. It’s important to note that manufacturers frequently charge the same amount for both king and California king beds, so you won’t necessarily pay more for one or the other.

Is the California bed longer or wider?

A California King has a smaller total surface area than an Eastern King but is slightly longer. A California King is 84 inches long and 72 inches wide. Its overall surface area is 6,048 square inches. A typical King-size mattress is 76′′ wide and 80′′ long.

Bottom line

The above 8 Best Cal king mattresses have high demand in the market as they all are very durable. Every mattress present in the above list has its own striking and distinct character that excessively appeals to the customer. While shopping keeps your sleeping style and body size in your mind for a better investment.

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