5 best mattress for petite sleepers


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Googling for the best mattress for a petite sleepers?

You may feel happy to know that you have staggered to the right page. The good news is that there are several mattresses available for petite sleepers. We’ve included some of the top options that might be the ideal mattress for you below. All of the mattresses on this list provide exceptional contouring and edge support for petite sleepers with a variety of demands and sleep preferences. Moreover, we have shared well-collected and analyzed information about each mattress for petite sleepers in a step-wise manner that will greatly reduce your confusion and will help you in the way of your decision-making.

Finding the ideal mattress for lightweight sleepers to sleep on is not always simple. Sleepers that are lighter than average have different needs:

  • They must consider how to relieve pressure on their buttocks, hips, and their shoulders.
  • They must to be concerned about receiving adequate compression to keep their spines aligned properly.
  • Other aspects like if they sleep heated must be taken into account.

Overview of the best mattress for petite sleepers

  • The first mentioned one, the Amerisleep AS5, is the overall best mattress 
  • The Vaya mattress is the cheapest one among all. 
  • The Nolah Signature 12 is the most luxurious one. 
  • The Ghostbed Luxe is the best cooling mattress for petite sleepers. 
  • The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is the most versatile one among all.

5 Best Mattresses For Petite Sleepers

  • Amerisleep AS5 Mattress
  • VAYA Mattress
  • Nolah Signature Mattress
  • Ghost bed luxe Mattress
  • Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress

1. Amerisleep AS5 Mattress


 Our first top pick for best mattress for petite sleepers is the original AS5 mattress because of its pure, cloud-like plushness, focused support, and sensitive materials. With hive technology, the affinity transition layer provides localized pressure reduction. Hive offers five comfort zones to provide you with greater cushioning and support where you need it most. According to studies, hives significantly lessen pressure points that reduce pain by 49 percent.

How does it feel?

The AS5, best mattress for petite sleepers, the softest mattress in the Amerisleep portfolio, skillfully strikes a balance between a velvety surface and a wealth of supporting elements. Particularly notable that how effectively it improves the comfort of the mattress is the changeable feel offered by the HIVE technology. Petite sleepers can have their larger body parts supported around the night by enhancing their shoulder and hip flexibility.

What’s inside the mattress?

Because it can conform to memory foam yet is more breathable, the Bio-Pur foam comfort layer is ideal for light sleepers with allergies. This means that it turns common allergens into unfriendly environments.

By offering 5 effective zones of support to various body parts, the HIVE  transition foam further relieves pressure. In this manner, your head remains up while receiving ample compression to your The AS5 is a soft mattress, yet it has the lift and edge support of a firm mattress due to the Bio-Core max airflow support foam. This memory foam mattress has excellent spinal support and pressure point relief while preventing sinkage.


The best mattress for petite sleepers is between $1449 and $2998.it is fourteen inches tall. It has Firm (3 on the firmness scale) softness. Ideal for thin people who are petite and side sleepers. Available in split king, California king, twin, twin XL, full (double),  and queen.

Recommended for

Best mattress for side sleepers under 130 Ibs

those who experience joint pain or other forms of chronic pain

Allergen-sensitive sleepers

  • Very soft
  • Easy to handle
  • Relief back back

  • Difficult to store
  • The faint smelling on unboxing
2. VAYA Mattress:


For petite sleepers looking for a mattress at an affordable price, the Vaya Mattress may be the greatest foam mattress. The Vaya’s two foam layers allow it to maintain low costs without compromising quality. This cheap mattress is therefore an ideal deal.

What is inside the mattress?

Open-cell memory foam with great conformability makes up the comfort layer of this mattress, which aids in wicking away moisture and body heat. The Vaya’s support and comfort layers combine to produce a medium feel that perfectly balances support and pressure reduction.

The ultra-dense support layer also guarantees that this mattress will endure as long as anything costing considerably more. A 100-night sleep trial and a ten-year warranty are still available. The Vaya is a fantastic and best mattress for petite sleepers who are on a tight budget .

How does it feel?

In order to feel good in any posture, Vaya built its mattress to yield excellent support to the body while returning back into shape shortly after movement. A tool that is very helpful in wanting to save money.

Air can freely circulate and dissipate heat with to the top’s light, airy construction, which also gives you cool touch around the whole night.


 Price is between $349 and $799

Type of Mattress: Foam Mattress Dimensions: 12 inches

Strength: Medium (5 to 6 on the firmness scale)

Available In twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, and California king sizes.

Recommended for

Couples, petite sleepers, back, side and stomach sleepers

  • Keep prices down and quality enriched with two foam layers.
  • Warmth and moisture can be wicked away using comfort foam.
  • For a full ten years,
  • A bit irritating for some sleepers
  • It is not enough eco-friendly

3.Nolah Signature 12 Mattress:


The medium-soft Nolah Signature 12 mattress, is another best mattress for petite sleepers, hot sleepers, with a tonne of a high-quality system for regulation of temperature innovations. Although the Signature 12 is offered in three different firmness levels, we suggest the plush variant for petite sleepers.

A lifetime warranty and a one hundred and twenty night sleep trial are offered with the Nolah mattress. Customers can remove this sleep trial time to save even more money, but we advise doing so only if you are positive you will purchase the mattress.

How does it feel?

There are three various firmness options available, thus there are differences in how easily the mattress adheres to body parts. Although all three are intended to be luxurious, the soft choice will feel more supple than the firmer one because it conforms to the body of a petite sleeper.

The cool-to-the-touch sensation is there in all three versions, however, it might be more apparent in the plush model that hugs the body. Due to its opulent features and selection of firmness levels, the Signature is one of the most well-liked models in the Nolah mattress lineup.

 What’s Inside the mattress?

The ArcticTexTM cooling cover, cooling quilted Euro-top, and graphite-infused memory foam are all features of the Nolah Signature. Not only is graphite cooling. Additionally, it helps to combat bacteria.

The mattress’s whole edge is covered by the AirBreathTM heat escape gusset. This gusset enables extra heat to escape from the mattress. This hybrid mattress is made even cooler due to the use of breathable pocketed coils.

Additionally, the pocketed coils come with Nolah’s exclusive HDMaxTM Tri-ZoneTM coils. The pocketed coil system provides focused support to various body regions. Compared to conventional coil support cores, this method provides greater spinal alignment and pressure point alleviation.

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 Price is Between $1799 and $2399

Type of Mattress: Hybrid Mattress Dimensions: 15 inches

Plush (5 on the firmness scale), luxury-firm (6 to 7 on the firmness scale), and firm are the three levels of firmness (8 on the firmness scale)

Available in twin, twin XL, full (double), queen, king, and California king sizes; 

Recommended for

Hot sleepers and petite sleepers

most sleeping styles

Customers looking for a luxurious mattress

  • Graphite infusions dissipate heat and combat microorganisms.
  • This hybrid mattress’s tri-zoned support coils allow it to conform to your shape.
  • The AirBreathTM heat escape gusset contributes to increased cooling power.

  • Not the most economical choice available to light sleepers

4. Ghost bed luxe Mattress:


This is one of the best mattress for petite sleepers. The hottest sleepers will appreciate the Ghostbed Luxe’s all-foam construction even. GhostBed used a variety of velvety foams to provide the bed a cloud-like feel for restful sleep in addition to designing it to enhance coolness. A lengthy 25-year guarantee and a 101 days trial are both included with the GhostBed Luxe.

How does it feel?

Although this best matress for petite side sleepers surface has a bouncy feel to it, there are no coils inside the bed. The Ghost Bounce layer primarily contributes to the responsive sensation, while the numerous layers of cooling technology provide the cool and elastic cushion that balances it out.

What’s inside the mattress?

With the Ghost Ice fabric, the Ghost Ice layer, and with two foam layers with gel infusion, the GhostBed Luxe delivers five levels of cooling technology. This memory mattress can keep you cool throughout the night due to all these technological advancements.

Active sleepers will love the Ghost Bounce layer, which is located beneath the gel memory foam comfort layers. It still curves like memory foam and returns to its original position like latex.

A layer of ultra-high-density support foam is positioned below all of the cooling technology and the springy transition layer. This mattress is more than just cool due to the sturdy base layer. Additionally, it has a 25-year lifespan.


Price is between $1845 and $3990

Memory foam is used in it’s construction and it is  thirteen inches tall and it has Mid-plush firmness (5 to 6 on the scale of firmness)

This best mattress for petite sleepers is available in split king, California king, twin, full, twin XL, queen, and queen

Recommended for

Side sleepers, Back sleepers, and Couples

  • The surface is soft and breathable for high relaxation
  • This all-foam mattress is incredibly cool due to its several cooling technology layers.
  • A mattress made of ultra-high-density support foam is strong and supportive.

  • A bit expensive

5. Purple Hybrid Premier 3 Mattress:


The Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is a superb and best mattress for petite sleepers that is made for complete adaptability. It is designed to work with as many different body types and sleeping habits as feasible for petite sleepers. For people who sleep hot or prefer to toss and turn, it is also cooling and responsive and is best mattress for petite female sleepers.

How does it feel?

Petite sleeper purple mattress, Although soft, the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is not excessively so. As a petite sleeper sleep in this mattress, the mattress quickly gives way, providing instant support that reduces body tension.

What’s inside the mattress?

A top layer of GelFlex Grid, commonly referred to as Purple Grid, is present in every Purple mattress. GelFlex, a temperature-neutral hyperelastic material, is used in The Purple GridTM and is designed to conform like memory foam while promoting maximum airflow. Additionally, the side panels aid in removing even more heated air from the mattress.

The pocketed coil support core and The GridTM work together to give rise to a bed that is incredibly responsive. Due to this best mattress for petite sleepers’ small size and quick response time, this hybrid mattress is ideal for little, petite sleepers who don’t want to pay attention to memory foam.

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Price ranges from $2499 to $498.

Type of Mattress: Hybrid Mattress Dimensions are 12 inches and it has Medium-Soft firmness (4 on the firmness scale)

Available in split king, king, California king, full (double), queen, twin XL, and full

Recommended for

For all sleeping positions

  • Side panels on the premium StetchMax cover are incredibly breathable to promote airflow.
  • Hyper-elastic gel
  • Purple GridTM is cooling and responsive and works in conjunction with the breathable pocketed coils to increase breathability.

  • For certain petite sleepers, the grid is felt.
  • The funky smell on unboxing

How to Buy a Mattress, if You’re a Petite Sleeper?

When considering the best mattress for petite sleepers, petite sleepers need to consider their body types. Because the mattress puts more pressure on your body when you weigh less than 130 pounds, you are more likely to experience pain in your pressure points.

This means that one of the best mattress for petite sleepers is a highly contoured mattress that leans toward the softer end of the firmness spectrum. While selecting we should consider the following considerations. The


Level petite sleepers want softer mattresses, although your specific softness preference is most strongly influenced by your sleeping position.

Base Compatibility

When looking for a new mattress, keep in mind the type of base or bed frame you have. This is particularly true if you already have a bed base that you want to preserve.

You are essentially limited to innerspring mattresses if your box springs are still in good shape, for example, as other mattress types are too hefty for box springs. Mattresses made of memory foam in particular shouldn’t be set on a box spring.

Bed size

When searching to buy, you should also take mattress size into account. When selecting a bed size, there are a few factors to take into account, including your height, the size of your room, and the number of sleepers using the bed.

Anyone under six feet tall is permitted to use any adult mattress size. Over six-foot-tall people should usually choose a queen or twin XL mattress that is 80 inches long.

Additionally, buyers should think about how many people the mattress can accommodate. Adults who are alone can also choose the mattress size that is most comfortable for them. Couples, however, will want a mattress that is at least a queen size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every petite sleeper require a softer mattress?

A specific body weight range is considered when manufacturing mattresses (130 to 230 pounds). People above or below this range may need to think about a different hardness level, so Most petite sleepers require a softer mattress than a sleeper of normal weight would. Depending on how you prefer to sleep, the firmness of your mattress should be adjusted.

Petite sleepers typically need to move down at least one hardness level from the position-appropriate setting. For instance, small back sleepers would choose a medium-feel mattress versus one with a medium-firm feel. They will be able to utilize their mattresses’ compression and cushioning to the fullest extent this way.

Can petite sleepers who want a firmer mattress use a mattress topper?

An additional layer of padding known as a mattress topper is not attached to the mattress in any way. It just rests on the surface of the mattress. Most toppers are made of latex or memory foam. Others are just the foam itself with nothing on top, while some have covers.

You may soften up an extremely firm mattress without changing it entirely by adding a topper. There are several different hardness degrees for mattress toppers. To assist your existing mattress’ cushioning and contouring abilities, choose a plush topper that is between two and four inches thick

What degree of firmness is ideal for a light sleeper?

Depending on how they sleep, yes. In general, mattresses for petite sleepers should be at least 1 firmness level softer than those that are suggested for their preferred sleeping position.

Typically, petite sleepers require a soft mattress (3 of 10 on the firmness scale). A mattress that is medium-firm in softness should be considered for petite sleepers (4 of 10). A medium mattress is probably the best choice for petite back sleepers.

Bottom line

There are several incredible mattresses available that can be ideal for petite sleepers. No mattress is the “ideal mattress for a petite sleeper,” just keep that in mind. Just the right mattress exists for you. You should choose a mattress that is a little softer than the one suggested for your sleep style because you are petite.

Additionally, try to choose a material that conforms well, such as a memory foam mattress or a hybrid mattress made of memory foam. we highly recommend to choose from the above 5 best mattress for petite sleepers for petite sleepers.


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