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People often find themselves in confusion while choosing one mattress over another.  Are you the one who is struggling to decide between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud?

No worries! Hang around on this page for a couple of minutes and we are sure you will find the mattress of your dreams.

Side By Side Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

Both Bear and Dreamcloud mattresses are available online. Their substantial differences in the feel, cost, and structure make them easy to distinguish from one another. In this comparison between the Bear mattress VS Dreamcloud, we’ll go into more detail about how they compare.

Key Similarities  Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

  • Both are fairly firm and contain memory foam somewhere in the design.
  • Both are adaptable and rapidly get back into form.
  • Both have excellent customer service and free shipping.
  • A 365-night sleep trial is provided by both companies.
  • Both are CertiPUR US Certified

Key Differences Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

  • DreamCloud Premier is more substantial. DreamCloud is 15′′; Bear is 10′′.
  • Bear costs between $639 and $939, while DreamCloud costs between $1,599and $1,699.
  • Overall, DreamCloud is more firm.
  • Bear feels more like memory foam.
  • While DreamCloud contains coils in the support layer, Bear is made entirely of foam.

Construction Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

  • Bear has a more memory foam-like feel, whereas DreamCloud has an innerspring mattress-like feel.
  • For athletes in particular, Bear’s use of celliant makes it enticing.
  • Without a doubt, DreamCloud Premier has a more intricate design.
  • DreamCloud may be more suitable for heavier folks because it is thicker and more supporting.
  • DreamCloud feels more like a regular spring mattress because it includes coils.

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Models Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

Bear Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud

  • Bear provides 4 of the best mattresses. Budget-conscious athletes have praised their Bear Original memory foam
  • while those seeking a pressure-relieving higher-end feel have praised their Bear Hybrid, 
  • and those seeking an ultra-cooling contouring experience have praised their Bear Pro. 
  • Their newest mattress, the Bear Elite Hybrid, has zoned support and cooling foams to provide sleepers a plush night’s rest. 
  • Customers adore these mattresses for their exceptional cooling, muscle pain alleviation, and balanced back support due to the Celliant® fibres and copper cooling.

Dream Cloud Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud

  • With three of the highest-rated hybrid mattresses on the market, DreamCloud is one of the most intriguing brands. 
  • The DreamCloud, with its supreme support, balanced pressure relief, and cashmere blend top, provides the best value of any hybrid mattress. 
  • For all types of sleepers, the DreamCloud Premier is a plush dream that doesn’t forgo support. 
  • The pillow top has a 16″ profile, giving its DreamCloud Premier Rest the ultimate in soft, luxurious luxury. Customers claim that these mattresses provide deeper sleep, and with Affirm “Buy Now, Pay Later” financing options and a 365-night trial period, this is one of the greatest luxury deals available.

Prices Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

In terms of price, DreamCloud only just beats out the Bear Hybrid. For the purpose of comparison, a queen-size DreamCloud mattress costs around $1,399, while a queen-size Bear Hybrid costs the same amount.

The figures above, nevertheless, refer to MSRP. Both businesses enjoy using discounts and coupons. Depending on the time of year you shop, you can often anticipate receiving a $140–$260 discount on both beds. To see the current specials that both Bear and DreamCloud are now offering, we advise visiting their respective websites.

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Feel Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

The Bear Hybrid has a top made of large, plush pillows that has the general feel of an innerspring bed. 

It’s also important to note that the secondary layer feels more like neutral foam than memory foam, so you won’t really detect any memory foam-like characteristics as you do with DreamCloud. The bed is very comfortable to move positions on and has a lot of bounce.

We wouldn’t classify the DreamCloud mattress as a true memory foam mattress, despite the fact that it has a substantial layer of gel memory foam close to its surface. That is because the quilted euro top evens out the bed’s feel. The memory foam in the mattress is still detectable, but not as strongly as, say, the Layla mattress. In general, we would describe the bed as having a pillow top feel with some memory foam thrown in.

Firmness Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

We would rate Bear as a medium on the soft-to-firm scale, smack in the middle. It can accommodate back, stomach, side, and combo sleepers of various shapes and sizes. Because of this, there isn’t much of a difference between DreamCloud and Bear Hybrid in terms of recommended sleeping positions. In this case, personal preference will ultimately determine the choice.

It is extremely comparable to the Bear Hybrid in terms of stiffness. We estimate that it falls somewhere between a medium- and medium-firm on our scale. A wonderful mix of support, comfort, and pressure relief is provided by the bed.

As a result, we believe that any type of sleeper will be comfortable on the mattress. While back and stomach sleepers still obtain the required support under their lower backs and trunks, side sleepers have pressure reduction for their hips and shoulders.

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Motion Isolation Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

Both DreamCloud and bear Both mattresses effectively isolate motion, however Bear’s memory foam has an advantage because to its consistency.

When a mattress absorbs motion rather than allowing it to travel over its surface, motion isolation develops. People who readily wake up when their partner moves during the night may be drawn to a mattress with good motion isolation.

Edge Support Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

Due to innerspring Bear offers more edge isolation than dream Cloud mattress. Sitting or sleeping close to the edge of the bed may be easier with a strong edge. A sleeper may feel as though they could unintentionally roll off the side of the bed if they get too close due to edge sinkage.

The available mattress surface may be reduced as a result. Similar to this, a weak edge could be more challenging to sit on, making it more challenging to get into or out of bed. Couples who wish to use the entire mattress surface and individuals with mobility impairments who find it difficult to get into or out of bed may require strong edge support more than others.

Recommendation Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

Bear Mattress: 

Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud

Purchase a bear mattress, if you are:

You’re on a tight budget:  Bear allows you to make a purchase while spending less than DreamCloud.

Side Sleeper Bear is a touch softer and will adhere better to your contours as a result.

Admirer memory foam:  Bear has a more memory foam-like feel, so if you’ve had success in the past with that kind of mattress, Bear may be more comfortable for you.

Dream Cloud Mattress:

Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud

Buy Dream Cloud mattress, if you are a lover of:

Luxurious life: The DreamCloud feels like a luxury mattress overall since it is exceptionally thick and has a hand-tufted pillow top.

Traditional mattress feels: DreamCloud resembles a conventional spring mattress more. DreamCloud might be a nice choice if you’ve had experience with that kind of mattress in the past.

Heavy sleeper: DreamCloud is more substantial and reassuring. This probably makes it more suitable for individuals who are on the heavier side.

Company Policy Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

There are many bed-in-a-box mattresses available, and the majority of them essentially have the same shipping, refund, and other policies. DreamCloud and Bear are alike. They both provide free shipping as a starting point. DreamCloud arrives in a bag, while Bear Hybrid is compacted and shipped in a box. After that, the steps are essentially the same: take the packaging off, put the bed on its base, and give it a few minutes to fully inflate. Here is a video of Bear Hybrid being unboxed.

Trial Periods Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

In addition to free shipping, almost all online mattresses come with a trial period so that you can try them out before making a purchase. While DreamCloud offers a 365-night trial period, which is only equaled by Nectar, Bear only offers 100 nights.

The important thing is that you get the opportunity to create your own opinion on the bed, regardless of how long the trial period is. Nobody is instructing you what to do in a domineering manner. Furthermore, three months should be more than enough time to decide whether you like the bed or not.

You should consider carefully whether this is the bed throughout this trial period. Additionally, you should sleep on the mattress every night for about two weeks to break it in. This will guarantee that it ages evenly and doesn’t have any soft or firm spots.

You should also give your body time to become used to the bed. There’s a possibility that you won’t fall in love with it immediately because it’s different from what you’ve been sleeping on in the past. Just so you know, all beds gradually soften, so it could be a good idea to start out a little harder and anticipate that the bed will eventually soften to your preferred level.

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Warranties Comparison Between Bear Mattress VS Dreamcloud:

DreamCloud comes with their “Everlong” guarantee, which is essentially a tier-based warranty with extra coverage for the first 10 years, if you decide to keep it. Instead of replacing your bed after 10 years, they will recover or fix it. The complete DreamCloud warranty is available on their website.

Bear offers a 10 warranty on its products, which is roughly 2 as long as the warranty on the typical online mattress. The Bear warranty is tier-based with a split at year 10, just like Dream Clouds. On Bear’s website, you can read the guarantee in its entirety.

Buyers Guide:

Hopefully, by this point, you are aware of the main distinctions between bare mattress Vs Dreamcloud. But we also know that purchasing a new mattress is a huge thing, and you might still be having trouble making your mind up. In our opinion, there are a few key considerations when choosing between the two beds.

If cost is your main concern, DreamCloud is probably the more cost-effective option.  Try DreamCloud if you’d like a little memory foam in your life. If not, choose the Bear Hybrid’s more conventional pillow top.

The Bear Hybrid mattress’ unique cover is designed to promote health and recuperation. As a result, we believe it to be the superior choice for athletes and active individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Dreamcloud mattress a good option for stomach sleepers?

Those with heavy stomachs will find DreamCloud to be overly soft. Their hips will sag into its top foams, knocking their spines out of alignment and gradually causing back pain.

Is a DreamCloud mattress good for hot sleepers?

The support layer’s individually wrapped coils in the mattress also permit air to flow through it, preventing the mattress from becoming a solid mass of heat. The DreamCloud should, in general, be a decent choice for hot sleepers who want to keep cool all night.

Does the bear mattress feature a one-sided or flippable design?

No. Since bear mattresses are one-sided by design, they shouldn’t be turned over. The foam technology has the added benefit of being specifically designed to endure over its lifetime as-is, but you might try turning the bed 180 degrees.

Is a Bear mattress good for combo and side sleepers?

Additionally beneficial for side and combination sleepers is Bear Hybrid. It provides the right amount of pressure relief because it isn’t extremely firm and has the softer, pillow-top feel on top of the coils. While sleeping on your side, pressure alleviation is required to account for the protrusions of your shoulder and hip.

Let’s Sum up:

Both of these businesses provide high-quality alternatives, but their mattresses feel different and are priced differently. This Bear mattress vs Dreamcloud comparison is hopefully beneficial and will make the choice a little bit clearer. Any particular queries should be left in the comments.

Customers should read this post several times, evaluate their own needs and preferences, and then decide more wisely.

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