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If you are reading this article here then, something tells me that you haven’t had the sound sleep where you do not have to wake up frequently, in quite a bit. If that’s the case with you, I might have guessed it right. You are here on a hunt for the best affordable mattress for back pain. Are these back aches too problematic even to let you sleep for a bit? Or is there any problem with your mattress? We will find it out the way through the end along with the best mattress for you and what you actually need to do to help you get better sleep at night and battling back aches. Now we have already a guide covered on the best adjustable mattress for back pain.

Usually the reason behind your back pain is actually your mattress not providing you enough support as a result pressure on some of the joints and muscles may build up which leads to achy and irritating night sleep. Well, amongst people usually back aches are more common than any other. It can be difficult to choose the ideal mattress for back pain. Some people usually search for the best affordable full size mattress too. Others might look for a different option, maybe the best affordable king size mattress.

However, there are numerous different types of sleepers, and if you experience upper or lower back pain, beds that promise deep pressure relief frequently fall short. For this reason finding the best affordable mattress for back pain is mandatory. It is on us to get it for you and to educate our readers enough to buy one.

The Impact of Sleeping Position On the Back Pain?

As you are well aware, sleeping position is different from person to person and different sleeping positions impact your back pain. The reason behind it is simple because for different sleeping positions different muscles and joints are involved which leads to pressurizing those specific spots in your body – if your mattress is not well equipped leading to pain in those areas. Since, usually spine alignment is disturbed in sleep, backache is the most common concern of people usually. This guide will help you get your best affordable mattress for back pain, if you decide to read below:

Back Sleepers:

Back sleepers are most likely to be in the most neutral and best supportive position when it comes to sleep however there is a bit of a catch in it. Sometimes the mattress does not provide just the right quantity of curved support to the lumbar region of your back. It might either sink it in or may be too firm to even give you that body hugging mattress feel. That’s why a medium firm mattress works best in this situation. To know more check out our guide on the best mattress for back sleepers.

Side Sleepers:

For a side sleeper the pressure points are usually shoulders and hips. Especially, females face this problem because of their front body weight, they feel pain in their lower back. They can find the right balance of comfort and support in a medium- to medium-firm mattress with a contoured comfort layer on top of a supporting foundation layer. The spine won’t stay in alignment if a mattress is either soft or too hard, and back pain may get worse. Additionally, this may result in shoulder and neck pain. Click here to know more about the best mattress for side sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers:

Since the stomach sleepers lie on their belly, they put the most of the strain on their lumbar region and especially on their necks. If their pillow is more lofted, they feel the most pain in their neck region. In this case, using a thin pillow would be great that would immediately take the pressure off their spine and neck. Using a more firm mattress would be great since sinking will do more harm than good to them. You can also check the best mattress for stomach sleepers by clicking here.

Top 7 Best Affordable Mattresses For Back Pain Relief in 2022:

Since back pain can really keep you awake all night, it is best you look for the best affordable mattress for back pain along the list of 7 we have given below:

1.Nutan 14-Inch Firm Innerspring Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


If you are eager to find a back pain relieving mattress with a whole lot of other features and under pocket, this is the option you are looking for. Nutan tight top Innerspring mattress along with other products from the brand has for over years now served a lot of people in the sleeping industry. It is famous for back pain relief and specially provides support to the lumbar area. This 14 inch mattress is stretch knit giving your mattress a fine finished look.

This mattress is designed into a coil, which absorbs motion and so does not wake your partner up. It also prevents sagging and the sleeper from rolling together in bed. Another cool feature is the short, stiff, air-temperature-regulating gel beads that deflect and dissipate heat are used in the mattress’ construction to prevent overheating in beds.

You and your partner will not have to sleep hot and wakeup due to it. With its softest 406 Innerspring vertical unit mattress, which relieves pressure points felt during sleep, and the addition of light memory foam, which properly distributes weight to straighten the back spine curvature, it helps you fall asleep more quickly. It will not be messy and hard to assemble. Given bedframes may be packed into a single box that is simple to open and unpack in a bedroom thanks to the brand’s inventions and geekiness. This mattress is thick and simple to flip, so it will work well with any pillow.

  • It has adjustable support to relieve the pain.
  • It is infused with cooling hyperventilating gel to keep you from sleeping hot.
  • It comes in a premium quality packaging.
  • It gives you a good night’s comfort.
  • It is truly firm and relieves back pain easily.
  • It doesn’t sink on the edges.

  • Side sleepers might find it too firm because of the strain on the shoulders.
  • Springs’ quality might be questionable a bit.

2. Avenco Twin Size Dream Hybrid Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


As the title of this guide suggests the best affordable mattress for back pain, here we are with an option of a mattress under $300 to relieve your back pain and that too in your reach. Avenco is an online direct-to-consumer business that was established in 2017 and focuses on mattresses and bedding items. They provide a 100-night sleep trial, 24-hour customer assistance, and a 10-year limited guarantee.

One of the top sleep technologies available today is the hybrid mattress. Your spine is supported by the flexible pocketed coils. The soft foam layers provide cradling and pressure relief. All of this is accomplished without sacrificing an innerspring bed’s responsiveness. Due to its motion isolating technology and dual peripheral edge support, the Avenco Twin Size Hybrid makes a fantastic mattress for couples. Every one of the pocketed springs on the Dream Hybrid moves independently of the others. Couples can now move around at night without bothering one another. Motion transfer management is further improved by the foundation layer of the mattress’s high-density foam.

Due to its triple layer of strengthened coils that are arranged along the right and left sides, the Dream Hybrid offers such remarkable edge support. When you get close to the edge, these coils push against your body. Because of these, the edge won’t give way under your weight. This makes it possible for you to sit comfortably on the bed while preventing rolling off of it. The Dream Hybrid mattress is another one of Avenco’s most innovative products. A substantial layer of gel memory foam underlies its vented fabric cover, which keeps the sleeping area cool to the touch.

  • The Avenco Dream Hybrid Mattress is less than $650 for all sizes, which makes it cost effective.
  • Five support zones are included in the pocketed coil unit to relieve pressure points.
  • An excellent option for stomach sleepers, back sleepers, and back pain sufferers. Children and visitors can use it with success!
  • The top knitted layer is skin friendly.
  • The Avenco Dream Hybrid Mattress’s gel foam keeps you cool and cushioned, which is excellent for sore muscles.
  • The foam of the Avenco Dream Hybrid Mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified, which means it is low in VOCs, free of formaldehyde, phthalates, and heavy metals. Hence, free from harmful chemicals.
  • It has only sold online, not available on actual outlets to be tested before buying.
  • It might not be suitable for all types of sleepers, especially people with chronic joint pains.

3. Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress Topper:

best affordable mattress for back pain

For individuals who want to update their bed without necessitating a significant expenditure on a new mattress, the Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress Pad Bed Topper is ideal. It is highly cost affective and has great warranty too. Avoid the error of replacing your mattress with a mattress topper. The latter is employed when your new mattress is simply not quite perfect or if your current one is good but needs to endure a little while longer. Even if the Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress Topper is at its thickest (4 Inches), it is easy to move. Now, being light weight does not mean it will slide over; it is highly slip resistant.

Traditional, heat-trapping memory foam is not used to make the Red Nomad memory foam mattress topper. Instead, it is made from a viscoelastic foam that has many tiny, breathable holes in it. This is a component of the integrated Coolflow Technology, which enhances ventilation and circulates cool air to promote deeper sleep. Because regular memory foam is less porous, body heat may transfer and accumulate as you sleep in your mattress pad. The viscoelastic foam used to make the mattress topper relieves pressure points, reducing pain in sensitive areas like the neck and back. This mattress topper could assist give some luxurious relaxation and pain relief if you can’t handle another sleepless night on a mattress that is too firm.

Last but not least, the CertiPUR-US programme has validated that this memory foam topper is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other potentially dangerous elements.

  • Couples can sleep more soundly thanks to reduced motion transfer because their partner’s tossing and turning won’t wake them up.
  • Viscoelastic foam that is plush and flexible conforms to the contours of your body.
  • It has no smell.
  • Built with Coolflow technology, which effectively directs air around your body for a cool night’s sleep
  • It feels great for the majority of the sleepers.
  • offers support for your neck, back, shoulders, and hips as well as spinal alignment, pressure alleviation, and support.
  • For heavy sleepers who will sink into the topper and not benefit from pressure relief, it could not be supportive enough.
  • In hot climates it is hard for it to maintain a normal body temperature. It retains heat and keep the sleeper hot all night.
  • Although the topper is thought to be of great quality, the foam might not be as resilient as latex or rubber and could sag.
  • The mattress topper may have an off-gassing or chemical odor when it is first unrolled.

4.GhostBed Flex Hybrid Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


The Flex is a hybrid mattress featuring high-grade support coils and gel memory foam, unlike the original GhostBed. The company as the name suggests was dedicated to give their customers a good night sleep that almost feels supernatural like sleeping on the clouds.The GhostBed Flex contains thick layers of fibre and foam that reduce motion transfer. Regarding firmness, the GhostBed Flex felt like a 6.5/10. On top of some firmer, more supporting coils, you have a soft comfort layer. This gives the mattress a medium firmness when taken as a whole. The Flex sleeps exceptionally cool with its cooling fibre, gel memory foam, and airy innerspring coils. Goodbye, sweaty and feverish wakefulness. To achieve a peaceful night’s sleep, couples who prefer to spread out need solid edge support.

A layer of responsive foam with characteristics akin to latex foam and bouncy innerspring coils combine to produce a highly responsive feel. This entails that you won’t experience the typical sinkage that certain all-foam mattresses generate when changing positions. Couples and combination sleepers benefit most from a responsive bed.

It is constructed of 7 layers. In order to feel more breathable and prevent heat retention, the GhostBed Flex includes a soft quilted cover that is immediately cool to the touch. The cover is silky, smooth, and subtly calming. For pressure relief, there is an inch of cooling fiber underneath the lid. Two 1″ layers of gel memory foam follow, which are excellent for body sculpting and pressure alleviation. 1″ of Ghost Flex Soft transition foam follows, serving as a stopgap between the comfort and support layers. There are eight inches of individually wrapped, reinforced support coils that are strong, breathable, and supporting. The support coils can rest on a 1″ layer of high-density support foam at the bottom. It can be a bit pricey.

  • Motion is effectively absorbed because of the generous polyfoam and memory foam layers and the individually wrapped coils.
  • The greatest mattress for combination sleepers and toss-and-turners is one that responds rapidly to their movements. Adult activities are also made a little bit easier by the little bounce.
  • The GhostBed Flex’s edges were rather sturdy and supportive.
  • The Flex doesn’t trap body heat, assisting in keeping you cool and dry during the night. It features gel memory foam, a cooling cover, and permeable innerspring coils.
  • The GhostBed mattress is one of the most supportive and long-lasting beds because it has a thick layer of pocketed coils that are supported by high-density support foam.
  • The Flex’s comfort layers don’t provide the level of pressure point cushioning that light side sleepers require.
  • This certainly isn’t the greatest option for you if you prefer a firmer feel and to feel more “on top” of the bed.
  • When you first unbox your new GhostBed mattress, you’ll detect a faint odour. This is known as off-gassing and is typical for memory foam mattresses.
  • Although a wonderful value for its components, this mattress is still on the pricey side when purchased at full price.

5. Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam King Size Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


Novilla is committed to offering very inexpensive mattresses all around the world. Their mattresses come in memory foam comfort layers and are available in all-foam and pocketed coil models. They are available in the USA, UK, Japan, and Europe. There is a reason why Novilla has been growing in popularity—their affordable prices and simple shipment through partners like Amazon.

This king-sized Novilla 10 inch gel memory foam mattress offers high quality at a reasonable rate. To address typical sleep issues including twisting and turning, sinking, back pain, and sleeping overheated, it is made with 4 separate layers of foam to provide optimal cooling, comfort, and balanced support. To control the temperature, the gel memory foam gradually conforms to your weight and body temperature. This memory foam is secure to work with and encourages sound sleep because it is CertiPUR US certified. Life is better with Novilla memory foam mattresses.

For all sleeping positions, the foam mattress is neither too soft nor too stiff. Gel memory foam, comfort foam, and high-density foam are all blended in this medium firm mattress to support your spine and effectively distribute your weight while you sleep, relieving pressure spots. Bamboo materials are used in the mattress cover to increase breathability by 30%. This king foam mattress’ centre foam layer serves as a ventilation conduit to improve airflow across the entire mattress. The procurement of your mattresses is not the end. They provide you a 100-day free trial and a 10-year warranty on the king-size mattress. They also continue to offer skilled customer service that deals with any issues you could have with discontent.

  • This mattress should feel comfortable for side sleepers because it effectively relieves stress and tension at the shoulders and hips.
  • For a cool night’s sleep, a gel memory foam mattress gradually adjusts to your body weight temperature.
  • The mattress cover is comfortable for sleeping because it is built of skin-friendly material.
  • Safe for adults, developing kids, and even pregnant women to get a healthy sleep
  • Consumers on a budget should give Novilla Bliss serious consideration. Some of the best bargains in mattresses can be found in both queen and king sizes.
  • The Novilla Bliss’s body-contouring sinkage should appeal to fans of memory foam.
  • Combination sleepers might favour a mattress that is more bouncy since it makes it simpler to switch positions at night.
  • This mattress probably isn’t firm enough for stomach sleepers.

6. Tuft & Needle – Original Queen Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


Mattresses from Tuft & Needle are renowned for having a fluffy yet durable feel without having the typical sink that some people associate with all-foam mattresses. The company’s signature mattress is the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress. It is a straightforward, two-layer mattress made entirely of foam. To keep you cool as you sleep, the first layer is made of Tuft & Needle exclusive Adaptive Foam, which also contains heat-wicking graphite and ceramic gel beads. Together with a firm polyfoam base, this layer conforms to your body and offers good support. The T&N Original Mattress is the best option for back and stomach sleepers.

With a medium-firm feel, the mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions, but combo sleepers in particular. The Original Mattress provides good pressure reduction at the shoulders and hips for people who typically sleep on their side. Back sleepers will like the mattress’ firmness in keeping their spine straight and its softness in providing some contouring support. Unless they are lightweight sleepers, stomach sleepers could not obtain the support they require under their hips to sleep properly.

No matter their preferred posture, anyone who weigh more over 200 pounds should think about a different mattress. Although the mattress is supportive, heavy sleepers will sink too deeply into it, making the mattress appear firmer than it actually is. The mattress could also sag over time. Compared to other mattresses, The Original is much more responsive. While you may slightly sink in, shifting positions shouldn’t be an issue. Couples shouldn’t notice each other moving during the night thanks to the mattress’ excellent motion isolation, but individuals who prefer to sleep at the edge of the mattress will find that it provides inadequate edge support.

Due to its cooling components, the Original may be a good choice for hot sleepers who prefer an all-foam mattress. Customers generally agree that the Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is among the top inexpensive mattresses available. A 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period are included with the purchase.

  • Budget-conscious buyers looking for a high-quality foam mattress
  • Those who sleep on their backs would love this mattress. Assuring neutral spine alignment from the shoulders to the lower back, it is very helpful.
  • Individuals who love the feeling of memory foam.
  • A comfortable bed for guests.
  • It quickly eliminates back pain.
  • Combination sleepers that are light and medium in weight.
  • Couples who enjoy sleeping on the edge of the bed might not get it.
  • Customers looking for a thick, opulent mattress would be disappointed.
  • It does not provide additional support under the hips for stomach sleepers
  • Heavy sleepers who require more support might not like it.

7.Sweetnight Queen Mattress-Queen Size Mattress:

best affordable mattress for back pain


The SweetNight Twilight is a hybrid mattress that brings together the features of an innerspring bed and a memory foam mattress. It combines tempered steel coils and gel memory foam to make a responsive sleeping surface.

There are plush and firm sides to this mattress since it can be turned over. You have the option of sleeping on either side.
An allegedly two-inch-thick layer of memory foam with gel infusion makes up the top layer. The bottom layer is three inches of support foam, and the second layer is a five-inch layer of high-density supporting foam that feels more like conventional memory foam. That means that this mattress has a total of seven inches of general comfort material that resembles memory foam. The average mattress only has three to four inches of memory foam overall. This mattress’ memory foam is designed to be cool as you sleep, resist rolling off or sagging, self-adjust to your weight, and provide relief for back pain and frequent partner movements.

The mattress cover is detachable, hypoallergenic, breathable, and resistant to both bacterial development and dust mites. In case you didn’t know, bacterial development can make your mattress smell terrible or have stains that aren’t supposed to be there. It has the feel of a high-quality cover composed of pleasantly soft cloth. It more closely resembles a soft cotton feeling than a “plastic feeling.”

  • The bottom provides motion isolation and medium-firm support to relieve back pain.
  • It is a highly responsive mattress and also on budget.
  • One may sleep on any side due to the four-layered, zoned foam construction.
  • Extended endurance thanks to the use of premium materials.
  • Its size may vary.
  • It would be a poor choice for heavy and combination sleepers.

Buyer’s Guide : What Should Someone Look for in a Mattress to Relieve Back Pain?

Back Pain does not go away easily. If you have suffered from it you must look for a mattress that has some specific qualities which can help reduce and completely eliminate your back pain problems. These are as follow:

Lumbar Support:

It’s critical that the lower back region is well supported for people who have pain. A 2005 study indicated that adequate lumbar support “limits adverse compressive and shearing forces acting on the lumbar spine.” A unique mechanism is used in mattresses like the Novilla to guarantee that the lumbar region gets additional support.


When considering back discomfort, the general firmness of a mattress is important (although it also relies on how one sleeps). In the past, doctors advised people with pain to choose a firm mattress. Now, however, medical professionals advise using a medium-firm mattress. According to a 2015 study published in the journal Sleep Health, “a medium-firm mattress that is subjectively characterized as such and is custom inflated (self-adjusted) is ideal for optimizing sleep comfort, quality, and spinal alignment.”

Comfort Layers:

The other most important thing to consider about mattresses is their comfort layer density. A thick comfort layer mattress might disappoint you here a lot because it might sink too far. For this reason testing the mattress out is really important. You might also dive in so deeply, according to Harvard Medical School, that your joints twist and hurt while you sleep. Having said that, it’s crucial to take the individual’s sleeping posture into account when determining the comfort layer thickness. A bigger comfort layer can be more suitable for side sleepers.


This should be taken into consideration by anyone who is viewed as being larger while selecting a mattress for back pain. The firmness and amount of support that a mattress may provide might vary depending on the user’s weight. It could be important to select a mattress that a lighter person would find firm. A thick comfort layer might not be the best choice because there is a chance of “bottoming out” on a mattress.


People still want to know that their new medium-firm mattress will support their backs for a long time after choosing the ideal one with the ideal degree of comfort. It is necessary to take this factor into account while shopping for the best affordable mattress for back pain.

Sleep Positions That Can Reduce Back Pain:

Following sleep positions might reduce your back pain in a number of ways:

If at all possible, try to lie on your side while slightly bending your knees. To help keep you in place, you might find it helpful to arrange a firm pillow behind your back. You could feel more at ease with a feather or soft body pillow in between your knees. Put a small pillow between your knees if you normally like to sleep on your back to prevent your lower back from arching and maybe aching worse.

If sleeping on your back try to use a pillow under your feet to help align your body in one straight posture. If you can’t avoid sleeping on your stomach, at least tuck a pillow under your hips at night to prevent your back from arching excessively. If you are sleeping on your stomach try to place a tiny pillow under your chin area and use your hands as a support to lie on. In this way your body won’t get tired as well as back pain will not bother you.


In a world where you find everything at its peak, from inventions to technology, simple lifestyle to luxurious living everything is highly priced and above middle class’ range. In such circumstances it is hard to find something that is affordable. In a similar way in the mattress industry it is hard to find the best affordable mattress for back pain, that might successfully relieve tension in your back and also be in reach. For this reason, we have researched and came up with this amazing guide on the best affordable mattress for back pain and also our top picks for you to choose from!

If you already own a mattress that needs a little bit of mending and with a changed topper you could drag it a little extra then, Red Nomad Memory Foam Mattress might help save your money as well as the mattress that you own. It is a good option if you cannot afford buying another mattress.
If you need a mattress under budget then, you might pick Tuft and Needle Original Queen Mattress. It is under $ 300 and you can find pretty much all other features in it as in any other mattresses.

But our personal top pick in terms of the best affordable mattress for back pain is Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam King Size Mattress. It saves you from sleeping hot and also provides good support to all types of sleepers. It best targets back pain and what’s more it is under $400 which is great and affordable. You may choose among the options we have put forward according to your needs and budget.


Can a mattress give you back pain?

A person’s spine might not remain in the ideal neutral alignment if the mattress is not supportive enough, so it is certainly feasible for a mattress to cause back ache. When it comes to back ache, a very soft mattress may be to blame; if it doesn’t offer enough lumbar or general support, in particular, sleepers may have back pain.

What mattresses are not good for back pain?

Anything that doesn’t provide the right amount of support and comfort. Back pain won’t likely be relieved if you feel the mattress drooping or believe you may be sinking in too much. It should be soft enough to feel cozy and pressure-relieving, but it should also be somewhat lifted.

Is memory foam good for your back?

There are a few considerations to make in order to get a better night’s sleep using memory foam mattresses. To begin with, check to see if the mattress is still in that medium-firm range; if it is too soft, it might not provide adequate support.

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