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As we have covered eco friendly mattress in the previous guide. You need to have a mattress that is of full length in which you can sleep in any direction you like and would not cause any problem. A lot of people are habitual of moving around in sleep. A small mattress can throw you off from bed. That is the reason you would be needing the best affordable full-size mattress. With the perks of the best affordable full-size mattress, you would be thinking of the cost, as with quality we have to keep the price in mind. Today we bring you the best affordable full-size mattress at reasonable prices.

The Dimension Full Sizes Mattresses are (54″ x 75″) in which the 54 inches is the Width and the 75 inches is the Length of the mattress. This is the standard size of the full-size mattress. The full sizes mattresses are also commonly known as (Double Bed). But the good news for you guys is that couples can easily adjust into a full-size mattress and you don’t have to spend money on a king or queen size mattress. The prices of the best affordable full-size mattress can vary from 99$ to 200 $. Click here to read our previous article on best mattress under $100.
Those houses where toddlers most likely settle in, parents are often worried for them to fall off the mattress. For those parents the best affordable full size mattress is the best option.


Usually combination sleepers, siblings, toddlers, roommates and couples share the room and the mattress, they face problems adjusting into one bed. For this reason, a full size mattress is the best choice to allow you to have enough space for your movements without disturbing your partner or falling off the bed. To choose the best affordable full size mattress, read the reviews below for each mattress that we have put our untainted efforts to bring it to you:

1. Subrtex Memory Foam Mattress:

best affordable full size mattress


Starting from the cheapest and quality mattress of Subrtex to hit the list of best affordable full-size mattress. The Subrtex 4-inch memory foam mattress topper ventilated gel infused bed foam is a CentriPUR-US certified which means it is awarded with great quality certified flexible polyurethane. The Subrtex mattress is well know for memory foam topper in its field which is really effective solution to help you fall asleep easily and stay asleep through the whole night without disturbing your comfortable sleep.

The memory topper conforms to the body perfectly. The mattress will adapt to your sleeping style and keeping achy joints away. The mattress is made with gel infused material and designed with perforated holes which keeps the air flow going keeping the mattress fresh. The perforated holes also keep the environment comfortable and cool for sleeping. It is designed with 3.5 density memory foam to guarantee the longevity of the Subrtex mattress.

With high density the perks of carrying heavy person are also provided. Customers ae really happy with the use of this mattress. It provides the capability of holding up to 400lbs. The best thing about this mattress is that provides quality with keeping the prices in mind, which will save you from buying really expensive mattress with same quality. You can get the luxuries of an expensive mattress in an affordable mattress with a big fraction of cost.

When you unpack the mattress keep in mind that you need to keep it in a ventilated area for around (48 – 72) hours for the bests results. Keep in mind that if you are located in a low temperature area you need to keep the room warm around (78 ℉) to get the maximum results and it will shorten the time of expanding. The Subrtex brand provides a backed warranty of 10 years with a lifetime service. Which is a really great plus point for the buyers they get maintenance free of cost for lifetime. The Subrtex team is a really expert in packing the mattress. It comes in a small package which is easy to carry and move around.

The really plus point of Subrtex 4-inch memory ventilated mattress is that it has over 8000+ reviews on amazon and people have rated its softness (4.2-5). Its comfort has been rated (4.1-5).
The sleep quality of the mattress has been awarded with (4.0-5). This is a really great point for the buyers which will satisfy your needs of a luxuries in a really low cost.

  • Its gel memory technology helps you to have a comfortable sleep.
  • The memory foam helps to remember the shape of the sleeper.
  • Made up of non-toxic material.
  • The air spaces in the foam helps to keep the body at optimal temperature.
  • Expertly packaged helping the user to easily carry and move around.
  • The mattress can bare the weight up to 400lbs
  • Expands Quickly in a warm enjoinment.
  • If kept in moist places it may start to develop molds.
  • It may not expand fully in low temperatures.
  • If not handled with care it may tear apart.

2. Olee Memory Mattress:


The Olee Sleep 8 Inch Ventilated Convolution Memory Foam Full Mattress provides you with a sound sleep with its dura memory foam which has a comfort layer of new premium dura memory and provides additional body confining comfort. It is best in class with premium Poly jacquard cover which will be Our best-in-class premium textile. The cover keeps the mattress fresh, clean and long lasting. It has 3.5 inches high density foam convoluted layers which enables ventilation and air flow keeping away any kind of odor away from trapping inside the mattress.

The Olee memory mattress has a 2.5 inches ILD. Its density is 28 and is 29 pounds foam which support you body in a organized way and disperse weight. The Olee memory mattress is 1 inch mattress which mold your body shape and does not disorganize your body posture. The Olee memory foam has an HDD of 1 inch which keeps your back bone in straight line and supports your back line preventing from any injuries. The best thing about this product is the small parcel will be delivered with compressor technology. This mattress has a weight of 34.83 pounds which is easy to carry even with completely filled. The Olee mattress top style is of tight top which prevents from any kind of stiches being opened. This mattress is Flame retardant which will keep your mattress from getting burden in case of any mishaps. It will provide you a cool sleeping experience.

The Olee 8 inches memory mattress is rated 4.1 in Comfort, 4.1 in Sleep Quality and 3.9 in Body pain relief. This mattress provides you the luxury of multiple memory foaming. Olee 8 inches mattress has obtained the certifications of various test. It provides the comfort of body pressure dissipatuon Effect.

The Olee 8 inches Ventilated Convolution Memory Mattress is certified CentriPUR-US. Which means it contains certified flexible polyurethane. Regarding the eco-friendly fabrics, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 have passed 100 tests through our eco-friendly fabrics and awarded it with international certification. The Olee foam is created under strict rules of SGS (CFR 1633, 1632), which makes the mattress fire-retardant and safe product to use.

  • Provides the user with a comforting sleep.
  • The mattress will give you a body conforming comfort.
  • It is best in class of premium poly jacquard cover which is a premium level textile keeping your mattresses fresh and clean.
  • The 3.5 inches high density foam convoluted layers enable ventilation and Air- flow of air inside the foam.
  • The 28 density and 29 pounds foam supporting your body and disperse weight.
  • It’s 1 inch memory foam can mold your body shape into a right posture.
  • It’s 1 inch HDD foam thickness supports your back bone into a correct posture.
  • It is SGS certified which keeps it fire retardant and safe near fires.
  • It is provided with 10 years of manufacturer warranty.
  • It may deflate If a heavy person sleeps in it and may affect it thickness.
  • If not kept in a right temperature the foam softness may be affected.
  • It does not expand fully.
  • This item uses fiber glass inside.

3.Zinus Cooling Foam:

best affordable full size mattress


The Zinus 8 inches cooling essential foam is a durable high density and a thermoregulating with the benefit of poly jacquard cover. It provides a classic comfort which can give you a relaxing sleep. As good as the quality the price is at maximum affordability. It comes with a cooling cover which will keep you relaxed in no matter what ever is the weather. It is an easy to go mattress which can fill up the room of your children, dorm room or guest rooms. Its structure is a dependable structure which will not disappoint you in any situation. It cooling cover will keep you at an optimal body temperature due to the air flow of the spaces in the cover. It is a high-quality mattress which is certified by the CentriPUR-US for its durability, performance and the material used in it. The zinus 8 inches cooling mattress is efficiently compressed into one box that’s easily shipped and maneuvered into the bedroom. You just have to simply unbox, unroll and the mattress does the rest, it will expand within 72 hours after unpacking and unrolling.

The Zinus 8 inches cooling mattress comes with the warranty of 10 years keeping your headache away for 10 years and more for buying a new mattress. This mattress provides the luxury of supporting weight of 250lbs. It is designed to help you sleep in a comfortable position and have a good night sleep. It will mold your body into a good shape keeping your body to soothe achy joints. It offers support and firmness in the middle. It will maintain the structure of a long period of time.

  • Durable high density.
  • Thermoregulating poly jacquard cover keeps the body at optimal temperature.
  • Comfortable build quality gives you better sleep.
  • Cooling cover provides the air flow to keep any kind of odor away from the mattress.
  • The mattress is expertly packed into one box making it easy to use.
  • The mattress is self-expendable and expands within 72 hours.
  • The structure provides support to the body weight of 250lbs.
  • The inside of the is construed with 4 layers making it long lasting and strong.
  • Due to different weather conditions, it may not expand fully.
  • The mattress may start to have molds if kept in wet places.
  • People of little more weight than 250lbs may cause it to deflate.

4. Linenspa Firm Support:


Linenspa 5 inches gel memory foam mattress with firm support helps your back to be in a straight line and helps the user to make the achy joints go away. Its 1-inch comfort layer made of gel-infused memory foam for pressure point relief this will help you in completely relaxing you. The linenspa comes with 4 inches thick density base of foam for a proper back support, which will keep you posture in a good way for a pretty long time. The linenspa mattress team is expert in packing its product in such a way that it will be really easy to carry around and it is rolled up and fitted into a small box. The best perk about linenspa 8 inches mattress comes with it 10-years of back warranty if any manufacturer faults are to be found anywhere in/on the product. The linenspa mattress has a gel technology which will help in keep the body temperature at an optimal temperature and helps the distribute heat to maintain the heat. The mattress has a low profile which is really suitable for bunk beds and trundle beds. The linenspa mattress comes with such base compatibility that it can be used with any kind of frame, platform bed, or any kind of adjustable bed. Its 5 inches profile provides a firm feel which makes it perfect for kids, RV’s, or back sleepers.

The Linenspa 5 inches gel memory foam mattress is rated over 12’500 reviews in which people have rated its value 4.3 – 5, its softness 4 – 5, sleep quality 4 – 5 and its comfort 4 – 5. Which is a really plus point for the mattress. The manufacturers have kept all in balance.

  • Comes with great base compatibility can be used in any kind of bed.
  • The linenspa mattress comes with breathable cover which adds a layer of protection and comfort.
  • The 5-inch profile provides the mattress a firm feel making it perfect for all kinds of age groups.
  • Easy Unboxing.
  • Takes less time to expand.
  • 10 years of backed warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Keeps the body at optimal temperature.
  • Supports the body to have a proper posture.
  • The gel infused memory foam is best for pressure point relief.

  • If the cover is removed the inside particles may get onto your clothes.
  • If proper time is not given for expanding it may not be firm.
  • If kept in moist places it may start to mold from beneath.

5. Olee Aquarius Memory:

best affordable full size mattress


The Olee Sleep 10-inch Aquarius Memory Full Foam Mattress comes with a gel infusion technology which enables the mattress to understand the sleeping style of the sleeper and providing a firm support. It benefits the sleeper in such a way that it adjusts to the body and keeping the user away from sore muscles and achy joints. The new eco-friendly gel materials that are breathable, helps the user to sleep in a proper and body optimal temperature. The company claims to provide the most reliable and innovative product which will satisfy the user needs in a very low cost and have the best sleeping experience. The Mattress needs (24 – 72) hours to get fully into the proper shape. It will expand comparatively quickly if a little warm area is provided. The perfect top layer supports the weight of the body in such a way that it will the body to stay in shape and as well as the memory foam will not lose its thickness.

The 1-inch 8 ILD soft memory foam supports body with a soft power keeping you relaxed throughout your sleep. The 1-inch 2 ILD of the foam prevents any kind of deformation. Olee Aquarius patented technology have enabled them to efficiently be compressed, rolled up and shipped the box to the door step of the user. The fabric of the foam is designed in such a way that keeps the environment cool and making the mattress firm.
We get a plus point on the user ratings on the seller product on having more than 14,500+ globally.
The Olee 10-inch mattress has been rated (4.5 – 5) in softness which gives it a real plus point for the users. It’s been awarded with (4.3 – 5) in the section for value for money so the user does not have to worry about spending their cost on local and irrelevant products. It been rated (4.2 – 5) on comfort basses making it a really reliable product for the users.

  • Eco-friendly construction.
  • Comfortable fabric maintaining a cooler environment.
  • Rejuvenate technology making it a good memory foam and remembering the user sleeping style.
  • CentriPUR-US verified product.
  • Soft and healthy for the user keeping the toxic material away.
  • Wake up refreshed with its top-quality layers.
  • If equal temperature is not provided to the mattress its expanding effect may be disturbed.
  • Do not remove the covers of the material may get onto your clothes.
  • The density of the mattress may be affected if a heavy weight person uses it.
  • Do Not let it near moist area or it may start to mold from the lower side.


Sleep is a really important and Essential part of a day. Each person needs a minimum time of 7-8 hours to sleep to be healthy and active. But for a better sleep you need a better mattress to rest on where it will take out your tiredness and help you soothe your achy joints. So, each person would be needing a reliable, good quality and a relaxing mattress to sleep on. The products mentioned above are mattresses of new innovative technologies with a cheap price tag. You get memory foam which will understand your sleeping style and keep your body in a perfect posture. The mattresses are provided with a ventilated cover and materials which will keep it fresh and on the other side keep your body at an optimal temperature so you can have a comfortable sleep. With such qualities the question of reliability comes to mind, with the best affordable full-size mattress, you would be needing a high-density foam inside and good layering technique which can bear a good amount of weight as full size mattresses are used by couples too. So, the above-mentioned mattresses are such mattresses which can hold up to 450lbs of weight. Some of the mattresses are provided with high quality covers which are SGS (CFR 1633, 1632) fireproof. Keeping the mattresses fire retardant. Each product mentioned above in the guide defers for each other with some qualities you may look through the detailed guide and choose the product of your own liking.

Frequently Asked Questions: –

Why are full-size mattresses needed?

There are variety of mattresses out in the market users can buy. But the full-size mattresses are such mattresses that are a regular sized mattresses and can be used by a single person as well as couples.
A full-size mattress can fit into any room you wish to, be it a bed room, kids’ room, guest room or guest rooms. They provide enough space of two people to accommodate onto it easily.

Why choose the best affordable full-size mattress?

There are many kinds of mattresses in the market of full size with a really big price tag on it. Average user of a full-size mattress looks up for such a mattress which is affordable and provides the luxuries of an expensive mattress.

What perks is the user provided with being a full size?

The products mentioned in the guide comes with a lot of perks with being full-size. The most common you can see in the guide is that the mattresses are in very affordable prices. We can also see that the products are CentriPUR-US verified items which makes them of a good quality. The products mentioned are most memory mattresses which benefits the user for a relaxing and comforting sleep.

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