7 Best 12inch Memory Foam Mattress


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Are you Uncomfortable with your old mattress? And Now browsing about which mattress is the best 12-inch memory foam mattress?

An old mattress is always very poor and uncomfortable towards one’s sleep. It is the perfect time to change your old mattress and buy a new mattress, the best 12 inch Memory Foam Mattress.

To ease your perfection I have created a thorough article about how to select the best 12-inch memory foam mattress.

A comfortable mattress with a thickness of 12-inch and prepared with foam that becomes softer when brought near to body temperature is known as 12 inch memory foam mattress which was initially formulated by a NASA architect. This type of foam mattress retains its unique shape due to its cooling properties.

In the current time, a memory foam is the necessity of most back and side nappers and those who want to enjoy the coolness of a mattress need memory foam because it is made with the best and most popular foam materials that provide proper contouring of the body. Moreover a memory foam dissipates all heat production, relieves spine and back pain and furnishes best motion isolation for couples.

We have enlisted our top memory foam. mattress that our testing group found to be the most outstanding mattress for contortion, motion isolation, heat dissipation, and pain relievers.

So start scrolling to go down for our leading choice that will surely perfect mattresses for your favorite sleeping position.

Top 7 Best 12-inch Memory Foam Mattresses for comfortable sleep:

Our leading selections propose the firmer feel for heavier sleepers, actual contouring, best pressure relief, and great motion isolation, and also disappear heat for people who want to sleep in a cooler foam. We also have mentioned the description, specification, firm-level, pros, and cons of each mattress in this article.

1. Signature Sleep Memoir  Memory Foam Mattress:


The Signature Sleep is a super comfortable mattress as it is made with 4 memory layers lies on its top and 8 bottom layer of high density
A best and excellent mattress for couples to reduce the motion transfer and turning and moving of your partner and also gives perfect pressure points for pressure relief. In addition the foam is a best distributor of body weight.

The memory foam is made with low rays emitters for room activities safe from harmful substances like mercury and other heavy metals.
The foam assumes a soft and knitted cover that is non-removable and not launderable. This foam mattress is manufactured in Italy with a 10 years guarantee for verification.


The signature sleep is a Full size, white in color mattress with dimensions 75″L x 54″W x 12″T and weight 40.5 Pounds that’s adjustable for adult sleepers. It is constructed with memory foam with the model name Memoir 12″ Memory Foam Mattress that is made by Signature Sleep’s brand.

  • Mattress with low emissions
  • A soft knitter cover makes it decent.
  • Best mattress for couples
  • Super comfortable and durable
  • The cover is non-removable and not launderable.

2. Vibe Gel Memory Foam12-Inch Mattress:

Best 12inch Memory Foam MattressDescription

The Vibe Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a special affordable mattress under $500. This convenient mattress is mainly composed of 7 inches of full high-density core foam. The type of foam is breathable, which decreases your ailments and protects you refresh all night, and supports you to provide a night of good sleep.

This mattress also shows a 3-inch layer of remarkable refreshing technology, refreshing gel-infused foam, to bring heat away from the physique. It is ideal for its medium-plush and adjustable base.

The mattress is covered with a luxurious knitted cover that is prepared from a superior range of fabrics and gives great relief, but arrives at a rate that is considerably better inexpensive than various of the varieties.

The Memory Foam is the best mattress that is under $500 for a Queen. The mattress can be condensed, rolled, and shipped in a box delivered to your home door.


Vibe gel memory foam is available in Queen size, white color with the medium-Plush firm from Vibe’s brand. It has a ’12’ inch mattress of 57 pounds. It has a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty that is CertiPUR-US guaranteed foam. The customer review on this product is 4.6 out of 5 stars.

  • Affordable price
  • The Refreshing gel-infused foam keeps the sleeper’s cool.
  • Supportive for good sleep
  • High-density foam
  • Rolled and shipped in a box
  • Adjustable base
  • Non-machine launderable
  • Might not perfect for all types of people

3. Cool Breeze 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress:

Best 12inch Memory Foam Mattress


The Cool Breeze is the best affordable mattress under $400 that is a quad-Layered, the 12 inches Cool Breeze gel memory foam mattress with 3″ GEL memory foam constructed with Sleep Cool Technology Foam.

It is a higher-density memory foam for durable base construction that is designed to help with the mattress’s lifetime. This is designed for awakening, being refreshed, and energized for bright mornings.

It comes with a sealed vacuum and is loaded and shipped rapidly to you for an easy and effective setup. With the 30 years limited warranty, the mattress is secured. with its four-layer memory foam in all its merit keeps your body real and relaxed and is best for your comfortable sleep at night.

This cool mattress contains all the qualities that the best mattress contains. It is designed with a four-layer of memory foam, and refreshing gel and comes with a 20-year guarantee. It falls all mattresses on its merit as it is specially organized to help with a flexible source, which is the length of mattress excess.

It has a luxurious cover of a white and dark gray color. The cover contains the new modern sleek, fire barrier, zipper cover, machine washable, and is adjustable bed friendly.


This Cool Breeze is a full-size memory foam from dynasty’s brand with a medium-firm level. The weight of the foam is 70 pounds and is available in white brown color with 74″L x 54″W x 12″T dimensions. The consumer review on this mattress is 4.3 out of 5 stars.

  • Perfect for back, side, and stomach sleepers
  • Tidy sealed
  • A four-layer memory foam
  • Luxurious white cover
  • Designed with sleep cool technology
  • Machine washable cover
  • Very firm and fluffy

4. Sweetnight King hybrid mattress:

Best 12inch Memory Foam MattressDescription

The SweetNight 12-Inch Memory Foam is a hybrid mattress that arrives in a packet for easy shipping and easy setup This memory foam is a luxurious and the best mattress under $1000 that has separate wrapped coils and gel infusion to reduce the isolation movement, pressure relief, and warmth reduction that you can enjoy your best night’s sleep.

In addition, the gel memory is perfect for those who have back pain, and it reduces the motion of rounding of your partner. The mattress comes with a 10 years warranty. Above 96% of customers prefer the king-size hybrid mattress and recommended it to others. This mattress takes 72 hours to get to its original, elegant shape and dispel the odor.

The gel memory foam layer of the SweetNight mattress provides extra buffering and comfort layers so It is adjustable, particularly for your body’s needs, your body weight, and temperature.

The mattress has been designed with separate wrapped coils covered in different pockets so they reduce the movement irritation and you can enjoy a comfortable sleep with this king-size mattress with your partner. Thus hybrid mattress is firm as it is topped and design with a euro pillow.

So it indicates the Sweetnight memory foam has a medium-firm level and has mattress has a quilted knit pillow top cover that is skilled like formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals.


12-Inch memory foam is a king hybrid mattress of the Sweet night brand. It has dimensions of 80″L x 76″W x 12″T that is best for adults. The mattress has a medium firmness, available in white color with the model name SMN-THCD-12-K. About 4.4 out of 5 stars customer reviewers choose the Sweet night 12″ inch hybrid mattress as the best memory foam..

  • 10 years warranty mattress
  • Smartly shift for easy setup
  • CertiPUR-US Certified foam
  • Made without harmful substances.
  • Individually wrapped coil encased in separate pockets.
  • Best for back pain.
  • Topped with euro design
  • Provide extra buffers and layers for comfort.
  • Recommended for proper back support & alignment.
  • Non-washable cover.
  • It may not be perfect for hot sleepers
  • The mattress may feel stuck.

5. Nectar Queen Mattress 12 Inch:

Best 12inch Memory Foam MattressDescription

Nectar is best mattress for combination sleepers that are filled with gel memory foam. The mattress arrives with a perpetual warranty and is wrapped in a box that reflects it is constructed for every type of sleeper, incredibly stomach sleepers. With the cooling gel, the foam helps to allocate your body weight and heat, so you don’t sleep hot or feel surging.

Nectar foam has a smooth and airy quilted cooling cover on its top which is interpreted by an adaptive transition layer that gives the actual support. Even at 90° the foam keeps the sleeper’s cool and regulates warmth for a positive temperature all night long.

The mattress has 5 comfort layers for ideal sleep. The topmost layer is wrapped by a quilt of cooling mattress that keeps the mattress cool throughout the night. The additional layer has an incredible layer that is designed to allocate the body weight.

The third layer is composed of an adaptive responsive transition layer that prevents sinking. The base layer enhances relief and support. The end layer analyzes that the mattress sliding doesn’t matter. In addition, one of the best chances to select a Nectar mattress is having the incredible 365 days of free trials.

After unrolling the matters, it takes 24 hours at room temperature to reinstate to its normal condition. Nectar is an optimal firm that is why it transmits ideal support for any kind of sleeper and alleviates all body pains.


The brand’s Nectar has constructed this mattress with memory foam and queen’s size. It has the best combination of gel memory foam and gel comfort layers. This memory foam has dimensions of 80″L x 60″W x 12″T, 71 Pounds weight and assumes a medium firmness.4.3 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended the Nectar queen mattress.

  • Nectar proposes free delivery.
  • Excellent for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Provide ideal support for combination sleeping positions.
  • Continual warranty.
  • Perfect heat regulator for an ideal temperature.
  • Perfect firmer
  • Might not provide a proper warranty while buying online.
  • Maybe some sleepers sink.

6. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress:

Best 12inch Memory Foam MattressDescription

Sleep Innovations Shiloh is a Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress that is so soft and features with ventilation that allows air circulation properly. The mattress provides best pressure releasing points for motion isolation and asummes medium firmness for all types of sleepers.It is covered with soft and knitted cover.

This memory foam mattress provides full support with proper spinal alignment and perfect temperature so that you can enjoy a cloud-like experience while napping. It is a comfortable and breathable ventilated topper mattress for back, stomach and side sleepers.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh is made in the USA. All the mattresses of this brand are hypoallergenic and have certificates for verification that indicate that the mattress uses high quality materials. It comes with a 10 years guarantee for verification and arrives in a box for easy delivery and setup to your doorsteps.

Along with that it provides a great night sleep with innovatives fabrics. The cover of this queen mattress is non removable, non bleachable and cannot be ironed. So we recommend cleaning the mattress’s spots at the exact time.


This mattress is Queen in size with dimensions80″L x 60″W x 12″T which is available in white color. It is made with memory foam and provides medium firmness.
It is the best product of the Sleep Inovation’s brand that is adjustable for adults. The mattress comes with the model name Shiloh Medium Firm Memory Foam
4.4 out of 5 stars customer reviewers recommended this best mattress for stomach sleepers.

  • Provide cradling comfort.
  • Perfect for all types of sleepers
  • Hypoallergenic mattress with CertiPUR-US for verification
  • Bes points for pressure relieving
  • Perfect for stomach sleepers
  • Not valued warranty
  • Non removable cover and non launderable
  • Donot bleach the mattress’s cover

7. Linenspa Foam Hybrid Mattress:

Best 12inch Memory Foam MattressDescription

Linenspa memory foam is the best perimeter support mattress. The memory foam hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for people who are gazing to get a tremendous night’s sleep without wasting a lot of wealth.

This mattress has been constructed with coatings that can be customized to your wants, whether you want the plushness of the innerspring core or the plush comfort of the memory foam exterior coating.

This Linenspa is a memory foam that has been manufactured with layers that can be submitted to your need for ds under $600. whether It has loft firmness and comfort layers. The foam is manufactured with a plush 12-inch memory foam cushion top and a reliable innerspring base that has separately covered coils.

The memory foam on the prime sheet of this mattress is CertiPur validated. It has been authorized by CertiPUR-US, which implies it does not comprise any dangerous chemicals and has poor VOCs.

The mattress is encased in foams constructed to avoid movement transfer so that if your spouse shifts during the night, you won’t realize it. The Linenspa memory foam is a hybrid mattress that has a medium-firm 8-inch contour, a medium 10-inch contour, or a plush 12-inch profile captioning gel inputs and separately encased coils.

The top layer of the mattress alleviates pressure points and provides heat to your trunk so you can nap without irritations or pains. The second layer of this mattress is the limited gel-infused core foam that will furnish cooling solace while you snooze. If you appreciate the feeling of dozing on a firm texture, the innerspring base replenishes extra assistance to your corpse when you are asleep.


The Linenspa 12-inch Gel Hybrid Mattress is the soft sweetest mattress in the Linenspa range and keeps you cooler than standard memory foam. It is a full-size hybrid mattress that is available in brown color. The mattress is a product of Linenspa that can be compressed in a box. About 4.4 reviewers proposed this product.

  • The top layer relieves pressure points.
  • Infused gel core.
  • Loft firmness and comfort layers
  • Perimeter support mattress that is best for all types of sleepers.
  • Maybe it does not provide enough support for heavier person and couples.

Buyer’s Guide:

Before purchasing any new mattress, each buyer must need to be properly guided about the product they are buying. In this article, we have described our top 7 selected best 12 Inch memory foam mattresses. It should be kept in mind that a poor thickness mattress may not work for your body weight.

All highlighted Memory Foam Mattress is 12 inches thick and are durable, supportive, and comforting. Our first described mattress, Signature Sleep Memoir is a high density foam and luxurious mattress.

Vibe Gel Memory Foam12-Inch Mattress
Foam is best for back pains.

Cool Breeze 12 Inch HD Gel Memory Foam is a luxurious mattress for side and stomach sleepers. Sweetnight King Mattress a Memory Nectar Queen Mattress provides ideal support for couples. .Sleep Innovations Shiloh 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for cradling comfort to all types of sleepers.

Linenspa 12 Inch foam Hybrid has a Perimeter support mattress that is best for all types of sleepers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the warranty of the 12 inch memory foam?

A Memory Foam comes mostly with a 10 to 15 years warranty and it is durable for long lasting.

Is a 12-inch memory foam mattress recommended as the best contouring pressure relief for a heavy person?

Yes, memory foam with 12-inch thickness is recommended as the best contouring pressure relief. These pressures relieve the best support and contouring of the body which is helpful for every kind of sleeper and especially the heavier person.

Is it better to buy a 12-inch memory foam mattress?

Yes, it is better to buy memory with 10 inches because memory foam mattresses 10 to 12 Inches thick are excellent for body contortion and support. These mattresses come with a 10 to 15 years guarantee so it means they are durable.

How thick should a memory foam mattress be to work best?

A memory foam mattress should be 10 to 12 Inches thick to best work for comfort, motion isolation, body contortion, and support. Furthermore, these mattresses come with a 10 to 15 years guarantee so they are durable for use.

Let sum up:

Above we have described the 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress for all nappers who want to enjoy the coolness while sleeping. A12-inch is a foam having a 12-inch thickness that becomes lighter when disclosed to body heat which is the most well-known mattress size available on the market.

Moreover, it is comfortable and solaceful for couples and fits nicely in all frames and most room sizes. Alongside, our top choices propose the elevation of back pains, the firmer feel for heavier sleepers, actual contouring, best pressure relief, great motion isolation for couples, and also disappear heat for people who want to sleep in a cooler foam.

We also have mentioned the description of each mattress, specification, firm-level, pros, and cons. So scroll up and pick up the memory foam of your desire.

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