How Big Is King Mattress


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Do you desire a mattress that is wonderful for your main bedroom? Or do you want to know how big is king mattress? So you might want to think about getting a king-size bed. Even if you share this large bed with a companion, you will have plenty of personal space.
In addition to texture and sensation, size is another crucial aspect of your mattress that affects your decision. Choosing the proper mattress size is one of the key factors contributing to the ultimate goal of getting a good night’s sleep.
It might be problematic to share a little mattress with someone. While sharing a full or twin-size mattress with a spouse is doable, it can get uncomfortable and cause arguments over the blanket, snoring, tossing, and turning.
You quickly notice that you are having trouble falling asleep at night and no longer waking up feeling rested. It’s time to get a bigger, king-size mattress if you and your partner want to get better sleep.
In this article, I’ll discuss how big a king-size mattress is, so if you want to know, read it carefully.

What Is A King-Size Mattress?

How big is a king-size mattress? A conventional king-size mattress is 76 inches by 80 inches, 16 inches wider than a queen-size mattress, although there are many variations. A regular king-size mattress has the exact dimensions of two double XL mattresses (also known as a split king).
Consider who will be sleeping on the bed and how their sleeping demands may differ as you compare a standard king-size mattress to a split king.
For couples who want to adapt their sleeping arrangements to accommodate two distinct sleep needs, split king mattresses are perfect.

History Of The King-Size Bed

Until about the 1940s, twin or full-size mattresses were the norms for American beds. More oversized mattresses did not gain popularity until the mattress business created the king and queen-size mattresses.
King and queen sizes began to become more common in the 1950s, partly due to younger American generations’ increased height. The popularity of king and queen-size mattresses increased in the 1960s. Since they offer more room and result in better sleep, oversized mattresses are still in demand.

How Big is a King-Size Mattress:

King-Size Mattress Variants

If you want the best mattress for the main bedroom, there are other options besides the quality king mattress. You’ll want to contemplate a split king, a California king, or maybe an extra-large mattress like the Alaska king.

1. California King

The California king-size mattress is arguably the foremost popular king variant. A California king is 72 inches by 84 inches and is 4 inches longer than a king, but it’s also 4 inches slimmer. The terms “Western king mattress” and “Eastern king bed” may additionally be wont to describe a California king and a customary king, respectively.
A California king bed is often the perfect option if you’re over 6 feet tall and need a mattress that may enable you to lie without bumping into a headboard or footboard or leaving your feet dangling over the sting.
While California king mattresses are comparable in price to ordinary king mattresses, California king-specific bedding and bed frames are also costlier.

2. Split King

With one exception—a split king bed will be divided in half—a split king mattress is the same size as a traditional king. This division can make the bed more leisurely if you love a spouse. Each half is often adjusted to the well-liked stiffness of 1 partner.
A split king mattress may be the most effective option If you propose using an adjustable bed. Each 1/2 a split king is often moved separately when a versatile frame supports it.
It can only alter a typical king mattress on its whole.

3. Texas King

Texas king mattresses are substantially more significant than standard king and California king mattresses. It gives lots of space for tall sleepers to display at a massive 80 inches by 98 inches.
It will, however, be too big for many bedrooms thanks to its size.

4. Alaskan King

The most prominent mattress available is an Alaskan king, which measures a large 108 inches by 108 inches, or 9 feet by 9 feet. Because of its size, this mattress has room for the whole family, but you’ll need an extra-large bedroom to suit it.
It will take more investigation to find a bed frame and bedding that will suit an Alaskan king-size mattress. Will frequently purchase an Alaskan king mattress from a bespoke or specialty dealer instead of a standard mattress retailer.

How to Maximize Bedroom Space with a King-Size Mattress:

Make sure you’ve enough space for a large mattress before placing your order because California kings and traditional kings are among the enormous mattresses available. A decent rule of thumb is to go away two feet of space on either side of the bed and at the foot of the bed to accommodate any bedroom accessories and bed-making. Will comfortably place a traditional king-size or California king bed in a room no smaller than 10 feet by 12 feet in size.

King-size beds should often be positioned within the middle of the room’s longest wall. This configuration makes it possible to still access each side of the bed as any closets or wall-mounted doors in your room.

Use a bed frame to feature more cupboard space to put boxes or other miscellaneous items underneath. Get obviate anything in your bedroom that you don’t use or that produces the space feel cluttered.

If you recognize how significant a king-size mattress is, then read carefully. I’ve listed some more typical bedroom designs below, together with tips for employing a king-size bed to create the foremost of everyone’s available space:

1. Square Bedrooms

One of the most straightforward designs to deal with for bedrooms might be square ones. As long as the bedroom is large enough, a king bed should fit there without being uncomfortable. Use a chest of drawers instead of a bedside table to increase space in a smaller square room with a king-size mattress.
The bedroom will have more storage if a chest of drawers is used instead of a nightstand, and there will still be room on the opposite side of the room for the bed and other furnishings.

2. Rectangular Bedrooms

More extensive beds, such as queen and king-size beds, typically fit nicely in a rectangle bedroom.
A long, narrow bedroom divides your space into two areas: one for sleeping, where you will place your mattress, and another for dressing, working, and storing clothes, where all other bedroom furniture, like drawers or desks, would be placed.

3. L-shapes Bedrooms

It will advise you to locate the long wall in your room and arrange your furnishings as though you were furnishing a square bedroom when placing a king-size bed in an L-shaped room.
Place your nightstands on either side of your bed, which should be in the middle of the longest wall.

4. Uniquely-Shaped Bedrooms

Bedrooms with odd shapes can be more challenging to work with, regardless of the size of your mattress. Placing a king mattress will be more challenging in a room with several entrances because there will often be less wall space.
We advise minimizing the quantity of furniture in unique rooms and using your imagination to find room for a king-size or large mattress. Maintaining the room’s flow in mind is crucial if you want to prevent it from feeling cramped.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Mattress Size?

These factors are in mind if you know how big a king-size mattress is. There are several things to take into account when purchasing a new mattress that may alter the size that you require:

• Room size:

Consider your room’s total dimensions. To calculate the floor area, use a tape measure. You must determine which mattress size will fit in your room while leaving you enough room to move about the bed and set other furniture because each mattress size requires a different amount of floor space.

• Several sleepers:

You should probably pick a mattress at least full size if you share a bed with a spouse. However, queen- and king-size mattresses are better suited for couples because they give you more room to spread out at night and prevent your spouse from tossing and turning as you sleep.

• Sleepers’ sizes:

Some beds are made for taller sleepers, even though most bed alternatives work for people of different heights. If you are 6 feet or taller, twin XL, queen, king, and California king mattresses will be more appropriate.

• Sleeping positions:

For various sleeping postures, different mattress sizes are preferable. You might need a more giant bed than someone who sleeps mostly still if you shift around or sprawl out at night. Check out our ranking of the Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers for more details on how to choose a mattress based on your preferred sleeping position.

• Mattress price:

A mattress will often cost more, generally the bigger it is. As a result, you must balance your needs, your budget, and the available space. If you’re on a tight budget, look at our ranking of the Best Cheap Mattresses for some possible possibilities.

FAQs Of How Big Is A King-Size Mattress

Which Mattress Can You Buy That Is The Longest?

Knowing how big a king-size mattress is, you quickly buy the most extended mattress. A California king-size mattress is the longest mattress of the standard sizes. It is 7 feet, or 84 inches, long. Although larger sizes exist, obtaining them and coordinating bedding and frames will be more challenging because they are not standard sizes.

What Is The Difference Between A Split King And A California King?

A split king and a California king have distinct sizes even though they are both versions of the standard king mattress. Given that it will be divided into two portions measuring 76 inches by 84 inches, a split king can accommodate two people sleeping on their preferred firmness.
For people taller than 6 feet, a California king mattress is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a regular king mattress. If you’re interested in both, you might want to think about shopping for a split California king mattress.
They are uncommon and will need specific bedding, but if you intend to share with a partner, it might be the most comfortable option for the two of you to sleep.

Will A King Size Bed Fit In A 10 x 10 Room?

In a technical sense, absolutely. A bedroom that is 10 feet by 10 feet can accommodate a king mattress because it is approximately 6 13 feet by 6 23 feet in size.
However, we cannot endorse this arrangement because it will leave little room for additional items in your bedroom.
You might be able to pack a dresser and a few nightstands in there while still having enough space to move around, but if you do, the room would probably feel claustrophobic. And a cramped bedroom does little to encourage a restful sleep environment.

Do Two Full Beds Add Up To A King-size Mattress?

No. 108 inches by 75 inches would be the size of two full beds. The dimensions of a typical king-size mattress are 76 by 80 inches. A king-size bed is the same size as two twin XL mattresses (each measuring 38 by 80 inches).


You’ve probably got a clear idea about how big is a king-size mattress. Choosing your favorite mattress is the only action left to take.
Finding the ideal size mattress is just as crucial to your total comfort as your choice of firmness and mattress type. The space of the bed and the aesthetics of space in your bedroom are essential for maximizing your comfort level while you sleep.
To get the most out of your mattress, you must balance your needs, the size of your room, and your budget.
I hope that this text will facilitate you in locating your solution of a way how big is a king-size mattress.

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