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Online shoppers always find themselves in a dilemma while choosing a mattress for their preferences. They are always in search of comparisons to reach an ultimate decision. Casper vs puffy, purple vs Casper, Leesa vs layla_ not these comparisons, don’t worry, we know that you are hanging around here for the Casper vs Puffy comparison.

In this Casper vs Puffy mattress guide, we will break each aspect of the Casper vs Puffy mattress and will compare them side by side to take you to the mattress that will best satisfy your sleeping needs. From size to warranties, you will witness an impartial comparison of each factor.

Equitable Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy In 2022:

Now we are heading towards the side-by-side comparison of Casper vs Puffy. The main factors which we will discuss in this section include sizes, models, temperature regulation, durability, fitness options, design, construction, warranties, trial periods, shipping methods, edge support and motion isolation. But before preceding go these factors, first we will overlook the main similarities and differences between Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Similarities Between Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Each model of Casper coincides with a puffy mattress in one or other ways. Let’s have a look to the top similarities between the Comparison Casper vs Puffy:

  • Both Casper and puffy are all foam mattresses.
  • In the comfort layers both brands employ proprietary memory foam.
  • They both have the capability to cover a wide range of sleeper and sleeping positions
  • Both have comparable fitness levels.
  • Both have cooling features
  • Both are bed in a box mattresses
  • Both are CertiPUR US Certified.

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Differences  Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

The following are the top differences in the Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

  • Casper features zoned support. It feels firmer on the hips and back and soft on the shoulder and neck. Puffy lacks this property. 
  • Puffy matters is an inch thinner than Casper mattress
  • The foam used in their bases is entirely different from one another.
  • To enhance breathability and coolness, puffy features gel infusion while Casper features AirScape foam in their memory foam layer
  • Casper provides less contouring support than a puffy memory foam mattress
  • A puffy mattress is cheaper than Casper mattress
  • Both have different warranties

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Models Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Both Casper and puffy started only with foam mattresses but with the expanding market and vital interest of people in hybrids, they also released the hybrid variation of its all foam mattresses. Casper and puffy offers the following models to buy


  • Casper Original mattress
  • Casper original Hybrid mattress
  • Casper Nova Hybrid mattress 
  • Casper wave hybrid Mattress
  • Casper Element mattress


  • Puffy Mattress
  • Puffy Lux hybrid
  • Puffy Royal Hybrid

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Sizes Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Sizing is also one of the most important parts of mattress shopping. Before anything, first, be clear about the fact how much space you have to fit a particular size mattress. We are going to tell you about the sizes of each model in which they are available.


Casper Mattress: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen and full.

Casper Original mattress: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.

Casper Original Hybrid: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.

Casper wave Hybrid: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen and full.

Casper Nova Hybrid:/you can buy it in twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.

Casper Element: You can purchase it in twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.


Puffy Mattress: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress: It is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen and full.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress: It also is available in 6 different uses which are twin, twin XL, Cal king, King, Queen, and full.

It is clear from the above sizes that both cases and puffy foam and hybrid models are available in 6 standard sizes. Moreover, they are close in terms of size, height, and weight.

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Construction Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Both Casper and puffy mattresses greatly vary in construction. These distinctions make them sustainable for one or other sleepers.


To witness the construction of each model of Casper, carefully read the following section:

Casper Mattress

Casper vs Puffy

What I believed about this mattress is that it is a perfect blend of responsiveness and contouring support. This blend property is due to the simultaneous use of poly foam and memory foam. The foam provides deep contouring support while the polyfoam provides a bit of a bouncier feel, when you move, get into the bed, or get out of the bed.

The polyfoam mattress is intended to provide exclusively zoned support to heavier parts by preventing them from sagging into the mattress center. This 11 inches memory foam mattress provides an even surface for the sleeper.

Casper Original Hybrid: 

Casper vs Puffy

It is 90% similar to the flagship model. It features the same materials but with one exception, employs pocketed coils for added comfort and bounce instead of a foam base. One might think that it is extra bouncier but that is not true. Comparatively to other hybrids, it is less bouncy, quieter and more contouring. The whole mattress is encased with additional memory foam to increase its durability and edge support.

Casper Element Mattress:

Casper vs Puffy

This is the all-foam mattress of the Casper brand. It features high-density polyfoam in its support core and AirScape polyfoam as a comfort layer material. This 10-inch mattress is the shorter model among Casper models. Although it lacks memory foam, it has the ability to contour the body closely like other models.

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Casper Nova Hybrid mattress:

Casper vs Puffy

The newest mattress from the brand features a comfort layer of AirScape open-cell poly foam and a comfort layer of poly foam.  The comfort layer is divided into 3 firmness zones. The nova hybrid is considered one of the best mattresses for heavy sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds. The mattress support core is studded with wrapped coils surrounded by high-density foam.  The pocketed coils are entirely responsible for increasing the edge support of the mattress.

Casper Wave Hybrid:

Casper vs Puffy

The most liked and trendy model of the Casper brand is the Casper wave hybrid. This medium firm mattress features perforated natural latex and perforated AirScape polyfoam. It also contains gel pods that play a vital rolein the reinforcement of the shoulders, torso, wrist and hip for pressure and pain alleviation. This is the most expensive mattress of Casper due to the use of latex polymer. 

Like other carpet models, it also contains pocketed coils in the core system for responsiveness, comfort, and support.


Puffy Mattress:

Puffy mattress features proprietary Cloud Comfort memory foam and gel infusion. The plush and highly durable memory foam is employed for maximum contouring support to the sleeper while gel infusion is intended to decrease the heat-trapping capacity of memory foam. The strong and low contouring offers traditional memory from feel. Instead of gel infusion, the memory for traps heat and sleeps you cool.

Due to this fact, it is commonly advised by sleep coaches to avoid puffy mattresses, if you tend to sleep hot at night.  To prevent the sleeper for sinking in, the puffy mattress features a transitional layer of polyfoam under the comfort layer. This medium-firm and 10 inches thick model is not supportive enough. With excellent edge support and motion isolation, it is rewarded with the title of the best mattress for couples.

Puffy Lux Hybrid:

The puffy Lux Hybrid is built upon the flagship model. It features gel-infused Cloud Comfort memory foam and adaptive poly foam. This plus her mattress also contains high-density memory foam, a transitional layer and pocketed coils in the support core. The gel infusion keeps you asleep, the comfort layer provides targeted support to every inch of your body,  the traditional layer provides extra comfort and the high density later uplifts your body.

It is on the bound line of medium firm and high profile mattresses.

Puffy Royal Hybrid:

Puffy Royal hybrid has the same construction as Royal lux Hybrid but it contains some extra paddings that make it a Royal model. This mattress is softer and covers a wider range of sleepers than the other two models. 

All the puffy models are encased in the polyester cover which is easily removable and washable.

Prices Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

For most people price matters a lot more than any other factor. The price of Casper and the puffy mattress is given as:

  • Casper mattress: $595-$2,595
  • Puffy Mattress:  $1,049-$2,399

The above price range is based on queen-size mattresses. You can clearly get the idea that carpet mattresses are more affordable and have a wide range of prices for each model. If you don’t want to break your break, I recommend a carpet mattress.

Recommendation Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Most people are confused about whether they choose a puffy or Casper mattress. To come up. with a solution, we have mentioned the type of sleeper under the head of a Casper bad puffy mattress. Check what type of sleeper you are, and which one provides a better venture.

Casper Mattress:

Combo sleepers: I highly recommend Casper mattresses to combo sleepers. Casper mattress mattresses provide the comfort and support combo sleepers want and need.

 Memory foam + bounce feel lovers: Casper mattresses provide an elegant blend of comfort and responsiveness to the sleeper. You feel heaven-like comfort while lying down on a Casper mattress.

Side sleepers: According to sleep, side sleepers face sharp pressure points on their shoulder and spine due to a lack of utmost support. The mattress provides maximum lumbar support to the side sleepers_ eradicating all the pressure points from their bodies.

Puffy mattress:

Balanced feel lovers: puffy mattress is Best for those who love memory from feeling beside balanced support.

Back sleepers: As back sleepers don’t need enormous lumbar support, a puffy mattress will comfort them to the fullest.

Petite sleepers and average-weight sleepers: According to our research, petite and average-weight sleepers enjoy puffy mattresses more than Casper mattresses. 

Firmness Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

According to, both are rated 7/10 on the firmness scale. One should not forget while calculating the mattress firmness, that body weight is the factor that exclusively determines the firmness score of a mattress. To make it more clear, for obese people a mattress will often feel firmer. On the other hand, a petite sleeper will report the same mattress as a medium firm or soft bed.

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Cooling Comparison between Casper VS puffy:

Both mattresses do equally good in cooling properties. As stated above that for moisture and heat wicking, the Casper mattress features AirScape foam while the Layla mattress employs copper infusion.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Both mattresses also do good in this aspect but puffy shines brighter than a Casper mattress. Because puffy mattresses have innovative designs and intensive use of memory foam mattresses, strictly restrict motion transfer. One might not get worried about the turning and tossing of his partner while lying down on  puffy mattress.

Edge support Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Due to use of memory foam engagement, zoned support design and the firm base later_ Casper won this battle. You will get a studier surface for sleeping.

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Durability Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Both are equally durable and are not prone to wear and tear. Both Jasper and puffy mattresses last at least 7 years.

Off Gassing & Noise Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Both are even in this aspect. We didn’t find any sharp difference between these two factors of Casper mad puffy mattress.

Company policy Comparison Between Casper vs Puffy:

Many people often forget and sometimes intentionally avoid the company policy pdf. We highly recommend reading that small guide at least 2 times to have a good purchase.

Trial periods:

  • Casper Mattress: 100 days
  • Puffy Mattress: 101 days


  • Casper Mattress: 10 years
  •  Puffy Mattress: lifetime


  • Casper Mattress: free( bed in a box)
  •  Puffy mattress:free(bed in a box)

Buyer Guide

Nowadays, people get into mattress shopping without equipping themselves with basic information about certain gm factors of a mattress. While you are buying puffy, Casper, nectar, Tempurpedic, bear or any other mattress, don’t forget to place your body size and sleeping size on the top of driving factors.

The factors which you should keep in your pocket while buying Casper or puffy mattress care are temperature regulation, noise, off-gassing, ease of movement, edge support, motion isolation, contouring support, durability, replicability, size, price, mattress type, warranty, trial period and shipping. According to, if you are tricky to abide by the above-stated factors, then no one can prevent you from making an everlasting possession.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a puffy mattress good for a side sleeper?

Yes, puffy mattress is the best option for a side sleeper whether he is a petite or side sleeper. The comfort layer completely highs every part of the body’s regulation of pain and pressure alleviation. If the sleeper weighs more than 230 then he should avoid using a puffy mattress.

How long do Casper and puffy mattress last?

Both puffy and Casper mattresses last for at least 7 years. During 7 years you will find a comfortable and supportive surface for sleeping. After 7 years, it might sag and will lead to sharp pressure building up on different parts of the body.

What is the trial period and warranty of the Casper mattress?

Casper mattress offers 100 days of free night trial 10-year long warranty.

When Casper and Puffy released their first mattress product into the bedding world?

Puffy brand after a prolonged one-year of research and testing, released its first mattress product in 2017 while Casper made its entry into the bedding world with Casper’s original mattress in April 2014. Both brands are enjoying immense popularity due to their innovative and unique mattress designs.

Let’s Sum up

No mattress is good or bad. The experience you had with the mattress is entirely dictated by your sleeping position and body weight. One might find a particular mattress like heaven while others will find the same mattress a hell of pains and irritating mornings.

We have tried our best to leave with a clear perception of Casper VS puffy mattress. Hopefully! It will greatly assist you in the way of mattress shopping.

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