13 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hot Sleepers


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If someone tells you to “Get Rest While You Can” when they’re expecting a child, the chances are good that you’ll be able to rile them up enough for an argument. We would certainly love to save some of our energy for later, but sleeping during pregnancy isn’t easy and comfortable at times. If you’re lucky enough to be able to get a comfortable pregnancy pillow, then it might help you sleep better at night. However, if you don’t already own one, it may not be worth buying yet. Here is a list of some of the best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers available for you if you’re pregnant.

You might get some advice from others telling you not to buy a new maternity pillow but rather use whatever pillows you already own for support during pregnancy. Because there are so many affordable pregnancy and body pillows available online, you deserve one that may help you get some needed sleep. It doesn’t matter if they’re having trouble falling asleep at night because it’s better than giving up their entire night’s worth of sleep entirely.

Why Do you need the body pillow while pregnancy?

Sleeping on your side is suitable for pregnant women. It provides blood flow, which is most important for pregnant women. Even if you’ve gotten used to sleeping on your side, it may be difficult to sleep comfortably as your stomach grows. A maternity pillow can provide you with more padding to accommodate your changing body.

13 Best Pregnancy Pillow for Hot Sleepers Reviewed in 2022:

We polled our What to Expect community board to determine what pregnancy pillows were the most helpful throughout the first, second, and third trimesters. We’ve created a list of these top picks based on what moms-to-be found to be the most comfortable and helpful.

1. INSEN Maternity Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


The INSEN Maternity Pillow is a top-rated and the best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers that you should try if you are having issues getting comfortable in bed during pregnancy or after giving birth.

It’s a highly versatile pillow that both pregnant women and non-pregnant women can use. It’s soft and comfortable to sleep on and will provide you with enough support to keep you comfortable throughout the night. However, sometimes you might feel like the pillow is too firm, and it can be pretty uncomfortable to sleep on.

Overall, I recommend this pillow if you look for a comfortable and supportive pillow. It provides all of these qualities and will also last you for a long time if you care for it well.


The pillow is available in 4 different sizes and its dimensions are 60 by 24 by 10 inches.

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  • It offers you comfort and stability.
  • It’s suitable for side sleepers
  • I love the cover and super soft
  • Awesome Quality
  • Soft and breathable case
  • This pillow has a lot of potentials.
  • It’s perfect for the first couple of weeks of use.
  • However, if you plan on keeping it long-term, be sure to purchase an insert.

2. Boppy Wedge:


This Boppy Wedge Pillow comes in various designs and sizes to ensure that you get one that works for you and your needs. The Boppy Wedge can be used at any stage of pregnancy. It can be used as a wedge, a belly, tummy pillow, or even a sleep aid.

The Boppy Wedge has a removable cover which makes it washable and hygienic. It also comes in various sizes so that you can get the one best fits your needs. I have seen this wedge being used for both pregnant women and post-partum mothers to prevent back pain.


The pillow is available in different beautiful colors and sizes.

  • This removable cover and easy to wash nice touch
  • Perfect size and accessible to adjustable and lightweight
  • The easiest to take and travel with for tummy support
  • Helping with support will help to prevent back pain.
  • It has been made of 100 percent polyurethane foam

3. AngQi Maternity Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


AngQi Maternity Pillow is a high-quality pregnancy pillow that is well-built and offers excellent comfort. If you are looking for a good-quality and best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers at an affordable price, this is a great option.

The plush microfiber jersey fabric makes the AngQi Maternity Pillow a luxurious pillow, and the filling provides enough support for the comfort of your baby bump. The wedge design helps ease any pressure from your stomach on your spine and gives you a comfortable sleeping experience.

There are many ways to use this pillow for all pregnancy stages, including sitting on the side for back and pelvic support and under your belly to provide additional support. It’s soft enough to be used during pregnancy, after childbirth, and even for lounging.

Overall, I am delighted with the quality of this pillow, and it is one of my favorites. I don’t regret buying it even though I have found a better option for less money.


The pillow dimensions are 11 by 11 by 26.6 inches and have semi circular shape.

  • Very light jersey fabric
  • Perfect quantity of fill
  • A lot of ways to use it
  • Better sleeping
  • Well manufactured
  • Helpful customer service

  • This pillow is a little odd to open at first since it comes vacuum-sealed.
  • Give it a few hours and let the air inside the pillow fill it back up, and it will be soft and poofy when you use it.

4. Chilling pregnancy Pillow:


The Chilling Pregnancy Pillow is a fantastic pillow that provides comfort, support, and warmth for pregnant women while they are trying to get their rest. This pillow comes in a lovely design that is soft and cozy for sleeping on. It also comes with a handy zipper which makes it easy to use this pillow while lying in bed.

The cover of this pillow is made of a plush velvet material that is very soft to the touch and gives off a wonderful softness that can make you feel relaxed and comfortable. This maternity pillow is designed to keep you warm while you sleep and provide maximum support for your back and legs.

Overall, if you are looking for a comfortable, warm maternity pillow, then you should definitely look into getting one of these pillows. It’s not only affordable but also provides a lot of benefits that will make your life easier while you’re pregnant.


This best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers is available in 6 shades and semi circular shape.

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  • The zipper is strong.
  • It’s super comfortable, and strongly recommend
  • It’s a really nice, comfy, supportive pair of pregnant women. They fit nicely and offer good support for your legs and back
  • Very affordable for a maternity pillow
  • Not at all like the picture,

5. Milliard pregnancy Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


If you are looking for the best pregnancy pillow that provides comfort and support throughout the night, then the Milliard pregnancy pillow is the one for you.

The Milliard pregnancy pillow is made up of a super soft shredded memory foam that provides excellent comfort and support. The pillow is highly durable and easy to clean. It is machine washable as well and comes in Queen and King size beds.

Furthermore, the cover of this pillow is also machine washable, so it’s not a hassle to maintain the quality of the pillow. Overall, the Milliard pregnancy pillow is the best pregnancy pillow you can find on the market right now.


The memory foam pillows are also available in different colors, so you should have no problem finding the right color to match your bed. The pillow dimensions are 11by 11 by 26,6 inches.

  • Soothing and supportive
  • This product is excellent – it provides excellent support, and the covers are washable
  • Perfect for people with shoulder, neck, or back problems.
  • The queen/king-size bed depends on the size of the person who sleeps in the bed.

  • It was initially a nice experience, but then it may uncomfortable for some users.

6. Meiz Maternity Pillow:


This Meiz Maternity Pillow is the best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers who are looking for a comfortable, full-body support pillow. The material is thick and hick and the long length is perfect for resting on the lower part of the body.

The pillow also comes with a 100 percent cotton pillowcase, which feels extra comfortable as you sleep. The filling is soft and smooth, and it doesn’t make you hot or sweaty, as some of the other pillows do.

I can’t find any cons for this pillow at all. It’s a pretty good option for those who need a full-body pillow but can’t afford to splurge on a whole lot.


The pillow is available in 9 different colors and 3 different styles.

  • Firm enough to provide support to the body
  • This is a very comfortable and really long one.
  • Supports your entire body, from your head to your heels
  • You can’t escape that the pillow has a synthetic filling.

7. One MIDDLE ONE Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


The One MIDDLE One Pillow is another unique pregnancy pillow that will help you get some much-needed sleep during your second trimester.

This pregnancy pillow is made up of 100% Polyester with a C-shaped design that will provide you with the most comfortable sleeping position possible. It also features a plush, high loft filling for excellent support and comfort while you’re trying to fall asleep. The cover of this pillow is made from polyester, which makes it very easy to wash and maintain. However, you might have to purchase an additional protector to prevent any tears or openings from appearing on the cover as you wash it.

Overall, this is a great pillow that is perfect for pregnant women who are looking for a firm but comfortable pregnancy pillow to help them get some much-needed sleep.


The pillow is available in 4 different colors and its weight is 5.5 pounds.

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  • It’s charming. Soft and fluffy. You won’t be disappointed with this pillow.
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Affordable price

  • Washing the cover opened a seam.

8. Leachco Pillow:


Leachco Pillow is a pillow for pregnant women that provides the ideal amount of support for comfort during pregnancy.

This is the great and best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers, and if you have been searching for the perfect pillow for your pregnant wife, this is the ideal choice for you. The pillow is made from firm material with extra-long memory foam coils that will help you keep your back, neck, and shoulders comfortably in place throughout the night.

Overall, I can say that this is a good choice for pregnant women who are looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow. It will help you to keep your back, neck, and shoulders comfortable and relaxed while you sleep.


The Leachco Pillow is available in different colors, so you can choose one that complements your bedroom decor. You will probably need to buy 2 of them because this is a huge pillow and may take up too much room in your room.

  • This is an Awesome pregnancy pillow!
  • Perfect size and Good Quality

  • Stuffing is flat

9. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


The Boppy Pregnancy Pillow is a beautiful maternity pillow that you can use at home. This pillow is made of breathable fabric that allows air to flow through it while you sleep. It also has a zipper to remove the cover if it gets dirty or wet.

The cover of this pillow is soft and comfortable and has a zipper so you can open it when needed. The cover is also machine washable and will ensure that it lasts longer. It’s also possible that some people might not like the look of this pillow, and it might take some time for them to get used to it.  Overall, if you’re looking for a comfortable pregnancy pillow, I definitely recommend you give this Boppy Pregnancy Pillow a try.


This best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers is available in several samples in different colors before you make a final decision.

  • This product is excellent and comes in a nice case.
  • The pillowcase and the cover are machines washable. Perfection.
  • This is an excellent pillow for pregnant women. It makes them very comfortable.
  • It’s easy to clean.

  • So big that your head will be floating up in the air.

10. Hiccapop Maternity Pillow:


The Hiccapop Maternity Pillow is a simple but elegant maternity pillow that looks great on a woman’s bedside table or in any other place where she can use it. This pillow is designed to help support growing pregnant bodies while offering the mom to sleep well. It comes with a soft pillowcase that’s easy to throw in a suitcase, so you can always have this on hand when traveling. It’s also super-lightweight and perfect for small spaces like a dorm room or hotel room.

One reviewer says, “If you need something simple and functional for the bedroom, this would be a great option.” Another explains, “I’m pregnant, and this wedge pillow is so useful, comfortable, and lightweight! It’s perfect for traveling.”


The pillow is available in 3 styles and sizes and is available in 4 different colors.

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  • This is a simple pillow that looks so good it may inspire your guests to purchase one for their bedroom, too.
  • Lightweight is suitable for traveling.
  • It’s comfortable and lightweight.

  • This is a skinny wedge, and if you slice it, the back will be very thin, but if you hit it hard, it will be very long.

11. Boppy Sleeper Pillow:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


The Boppy Sleeper Pillow is an ideal solution for pregnant women who want to sleep on their side without rolling onto their backs. It offers the right amount of firmness without being too bulky on your bed.

This sleeping pillow has a soft, pillow-like feel that will keep you feeling comfortable while sleeping. It also comes with a removable cover so you can wash it after every use. This sleeping pillow is designed to be comfortable for both the pregnant mother and the baby.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this pillow for any pregnant woman or new mom that wants to avoid rolling onto their backs during sleep.


The pillow dimensions are 24 by 14 by 7 inches and it is available in different sizes.

  • Super cozy, a big pillow on the bed
  • Helps to keep balance maintain
  • Dense enough for needs
  • Super comfortable and Quality is Good

  • Some people might think it’s too thick.

12. Leachco Back Pillow:


The Leachco Back Pillow is not just another cheap product. It is an extremely well-made product that you will love to use every day for a long time. This baby pillow is not only beneficial for pregnant women but also for other sleepers. This pillow is stuffed very well and is supportive of your body. The pillow cover is made from high-quality material, and you can wash it with soap and water to keep it clean and fresh.

Overall, the Leachco Back Pillow provides excellent support, comfort, and softness while sleeping. It makes sleeping on your side so much easier.


The pillow dimensions are 51 by 34 by 9 inches and its weight is 7 pounds.

  • This pillow is excellent!
  • Quality is good
  • It made sleeping much more comfortable and even easier
  • It’s well-filled and supportive
  • It comes with a washable cover

  • Indeed, it’s a huge pillow.

13. Leachco Supreme Maternity:

best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers


The Leachco Supreme Maternity is a pregnancy pillow wraps around your entire body for ultimate comfort and support. This body pillow has a comfortable sham-style cover that can easily be removed and cleaned.

Leachco has made sure that it doesn’t interfere with the natural position of a pregnant mom-to-be. The middle of the body pillow is designed to hold just a little bit more than the average pillow so that you don’t have to roll or tip it to get a comfortable sleep.

The center of this pillow is designed to hold more than the average pillow so that you don’t have to roll or tip it to get a comfortable sleep. This helps to avoid painful pressure points and ensure that you get an even distribution of the fill, and it’s soft enough to keep you comfortable during pregnancy.


the pillow weight is 5 pounds and its dimensions are 58 by 25.5 by 7.75 inches.

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  • Wrap around your whole body to the front and back

  • I highly recommend this pillow because of the different ways it lays

  • It’s perfect for pregnant moms

  • The cover will come off quickly, and the filling will be even.

Buyers Guide

What To look for in best pregnancy pillow for hot sleepers?

There are lots of different kinds of pregnancy pillows available for purchase, from various shapes, sizes, materials, and contours. There are several types of pregnancy body pillows available today, from U-shaped pregnancy body pillows to C-shaped bedding sets. Each type has its own benefits for pregnant women who want to get comfortable when they’re sleeping. There are several factors to consider when selecting a pregnancy body pillow.


A pregnancy pillow can be any size between a regular pillow and an u-shape pillow that fits both sides of your body. It depends on whether or not you want to compromise in terms of space for comfort.


Pillow types vary from one another; some pillow curves to fit snugly against your neck and shoulders, while others lie flat against your back. Some pregnancy pillow designs include a dip for supporting your belly. If you experience pain at different locations, then one treatment may be better suited for some spots than others. Another thing to keep in mind: if you usually change the position of your head when sleeping at different times throughout the day, then you may want to choose a U-shaped pillow instead of one shaped like an S because you don’t need to adjust its shape each time you roll onto another part of your body.


You might want to consider using a cotton cover if you’re running hot because they tend to be cooler than ones made from synthetic materials.


Which time is best to start using a maternity pillow?

You don’t have to wait until your baby is born to use a pregnancy pillow. As long as you find it difficult to get comfortable in your sleep position, you should try one. Most women start noticing a problem at week 20 of their pregnancy.

Is maternity pillow worth it?

This is a great pregnancy pillow. For moms-to-be, it will help alleviate back pain. It also helps improve sleep quality. If you’re pregnant, you might experience some back pain or discomfort, so that this pillow could help you out.

Which maternity pillow is suitable, U-shaped or C-shaped?

This pregnancy body pillow has a U-shaped back and an extra-thick belly section. But it comes in two sections, so it can also be used as a C-shape pillow.


Maternity pillows are a necessity for pregnant women who want to have some rest and comfort during pregnancy. These pregnancy pillows can also serve as a great addition to your baby registry so that the mom and the new baby can get some sleep at night. If you’re looking for the best pregnancy pillows, here is a list of some of the best products on the market. Do you agree with us? What do you think of this article? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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