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Ear pain is unbearable for you and a hurdle in your quality sleep and you are looking for the best pillow for ear pain relief. Is it so… We can feel your pain…. no worries we got you cover.

Your hearing ability may be hampered by ear pain developing in the inner or outer ear. It can be incredibly annoying and produce crippling pain, making falling asleep difficult. The hole for the ear is mostly included in-ear pillows. The ear hole prevents your ear from being squeezed or crushed as you sleep and aids in recovering ear ailments, including CNH and surgery-related discomfort and soreness.

According to Terry Cralle, R.N., a licensed clinical sleep educator, side sleeping is typically regarded as the healthiest posture. Still, many of us who like it nevertheless wake up with neck, back, and ear pain. That’s because, in contrast to stomach and back sleepers, side sleepers require more support to maintain a neutral head and neck position. A thick, firm cushion that “will fill the space between your outer shoulder and your ear, allowing your nose to be in line with the middle of your chest,” advises clinical psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus, Ph.D., of Los Angeles.

Breus advises changing your bed pillows every 18 months as well. “If you’re using [a] pillow that’s five or six years old, you’re not getting the support you need—and you’re not sleeping as comfortably as you could,” he claims. Not sure if yours has to be replaced? Look for symptoms that your pillow and pillowcase are nearing the end of its useful life, such as sweat, stains, tears, and strange odors.

After thorough research, I managed to find the best pillow for ear pain relief that really helped me. I just want to share what I have observed and hope it could benefit you as well. In this blog post, I am sharing 12 of the best pillows for ear pain relief.

Don’t miss to read our buyers guide down the article that inclued 5 key factors that will help you in your purchase decision.

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Top 13 best pillows for ear pain relief in 2023:

The best pillows for ear pain to buy in 2023 are a pillow with memory foam that must have the ability to support the neck. These are two things that you need to look at. I have been using a memory foam pillow for my neck, and I find it to be very comfortable, and it helps with my pain.

1. Ibigbean Ear Pillow:


It is the ideal pillow for people who experience earache and require earplugs to sleep soundly. This unusual pillow has a hole in the middle intended to relieve pressure on the ear and provide relief for pierced ears. 

Give ears a secure zero-pressure space and wave goodbye to any discomfort brought on by squeezing the ear while you sleep. Ensure you can sleep without experiencing ear discomfort.

The hole is 15.9inL by 11inW by 4inH. Bring a small pillow with an ear hole to rest or sleep comfortably wherever you go. The ear opening measures 4.3 inches by 2.8 inches, sufficient room to prevent your ear from being pinched when lying on your side.

This ear-piercing pillow is highly beneficial for pain reduction when sleeping or if you have ear piercings or ear injuries. This ear hole cushion is a pleasant treat if you are used to sleeping with earplugs or headphones to block out noise or your partner’s snoring. It will allow you to rest quietly or listen to music without experiencing any earache.

Long-term side sleepers often use this support pillow to relieve ear strain and make their side sleeping more comfortable.

You sleep like a cloud thanks to the supportive and soft memory foam pillow core. The air-layer bamboo fiber fabric used to make the pillowcase is soft, breathable, and cooling. The materials are all skin-friendly and secure, ensuring you awaken with a radiant face.

It is also convenient for you to travel with this little pillow. Visit your family and friends on a sunny spring day for the perfect weekend.

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2. BNRendles Ear Hole Pillow:


This ear hole pillow works well for newly pierced ears. Ear-piercing pillows from Daith keep your ears from aching or becoming inflamed or red as you sleep. A headache-free morning with significant ear pain relief. This cushion supports the head and neck, relieves strain on piercings, and is comfortable to sleep on. 

This pillow is very much beneficial for anyone with several piercings and a new piercing. This ear pillow with a hole helps hear amplifiers, noise-canceling earbuds/headphones, earache/pain/tinnitus, or vertigo. Ear pillows made from fresh cartilage can relieve the ache. Fits those who have undergone ear surgery and is excellent for healing wounds. Perfect for side sleepers or piercing addicts. Suits for those who slept with earplugs.

This piercing pillow for side sleeping is incredibly soft and offers a dreamy, pleasant slumber all night. A helix piercing makes sleeping much easier because it is nicely stuffed! Filling is comfortable, firm enough to prevent squishing, keeps the ear away from bed surfaces, and doesn’t make the head or neck sore. If the filling is too much, a zipper inside allows you to withdraw some of it to customize the comfort level while maintaining adequate support to minimize pressure on the ear.

With a large enough hole for the ear, it supports the head and is well-shaped to suit the ear. We won’t touch your ear piercing, no matter where it is. The piercing pillow has the ideal shape for sleeping on and is soft yet supportive. The right size to place on top of your standard pillow. Helps industrial piercings recover a lot! Keep your ear raised while maintaining a comfortable neck position to prevent irritation or pressure. Sufficient in size to be transported.

We advise placing it against your ear first, then laying it down, as you are more likely to miss it if you put it against your ear first, then try to dock your ear with the hole. Because of its unique shape and attractive color, we advise hand washing separately in cold water.



Without off-gassing or odors, this original air pillow with holes is cooler than memory foam pillows. These pillows have ample room for users to have adequate airflow.

This brand lets you feel ear pressure and pain relief on a personal level. This company has years of experience giving you the best design pillows, and their product designs are user-friendly.

In addition to that, the original air pillow with ear holes aids with post-op healing and tinnitus relief. You may modify the stiffness of the premium pillow’s zip to meet your needs, and it is made with the YKK brand. Pillowcases with various fabric layers that provide maximum cooling and ventilation are your lifetime buddy.

Aside from the pillow, an adjustable bed would also aid in your ability to sleep soundly without experiencing earache. For instance, to relieve pressure on your ears, you can raise the head of the bed. 

Because it comforts your ears with quicker flow and instant cooling, alleviating them against damage or trauma, you won’t feel any heat while sleeping.

Because they are made of high-quality materials, these pillows stay forever. It is a very functional pillow that relieves ear pressure. This pillow is cooler thanks to its exclusive cotton cover. With unscented polyester coil fiber, this pillow is hypoallergenic.

4. Pure comfort Pillow:


For side sleepers who have earache, PureComfort offers this ear pillow. This ear cushion features holes on both sides of the ears. As a result, you can switch sides without worrying about earache and without constantly turning to adjust the pillow.

The memory foam filling and bamboo fabric cover of the PureComfort earache pillow allows height adjustment. You can get a terrific deal using the PureComfort Side Sleeping Pillow.

With this special side sleeper pillow, you may finally get a good night’s rest! We promise you’ll adore this side pillow, but if you’re not completely happy, you can return it for a full refund within 60 days with no questions. 

This unique cotton pillow cover may be washed in the washing machine, and the pillow will never flatten out! Experience its versatility as a travel neck pillow or a sleep apnea pillow.

These side sleeper pillows are made with foam that has been independently reviewed and found to fulfill CertiPUR-US requirements for content, emissions, and durability. This side sleeper pillow is created without formaldehyde, phthalates, mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. It also doesn’t contain TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants.

5. BLISSBURY Ear pillow:


This perfect memory foam pillow relieves strain on the ears for side sleepers. You can adjust the height to sleep peacefully at night without being uncomfortable. The premium ear pillows’ outstanding form and shape support the ears, shoulder, and head.

With this ear cushion, you can adjust the height by removing the one-inch support.

This ear pillow’s outstanding feature is a cooling mechanism made of gel that protects delicate ears. For sweat-free sleep, combine it with a cooling mattress that is packed with gel.

Users of the Bliss Bury brand are guaranteed a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. A side sleeper’s superior memory foam pillow includes an odor-resistant, machine-washable cover.

Users of the Bliss Bury brand are guaranteed a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. A side sleeper’s superior memory foam pillow includes an odor-resistant, machine-washable cover.

Its height adjustment ranges from 5 to 4 inches, making it the ideal bed partner for side sleepers. Memory foam’s Certi-PUR-US certified gel-infused technology supports your head and ears while providing comfort. It is a soothing, fresh pillow with a double-wave polyester bamboo pillowcase that absorbs all moisture.

It is perfect for those who have an ear injury or ailment. These pillows are very suitable, so there will be no more damaging ear piercings. Using this wonderful addition, drift off to sleep while wearing earbuds and listening to your favorite music.

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6. Womfy Ear Pain Relief Pillow:


For people with ear pain, such as those with ear piercings or ear illnesses, and those who wear headphones or earplugs while sleeping, the Havargo ear piercing pillow is intended to offer comfort and support.

With two ear holes 6 x 4 inches each, the HAVARGO ear hole pillow allows you to sleep more soundly without any pressure or discomfort in your ears. It eliminates the need to alter your pillow position while trying to fall asleep constantly.

The HAVARGO ear pillow has undergone significant modifications due to consumer feedback. The distance between the bottom of the ear hole and the pillow’s edge has been shortened to 3 inches, which is great for side sleepers and offers superior neck support while asleep.

The removable foam pad on the Havargo pillow with an ear hole allows you to change the pillow’s total height from 4 1/4 inches to 5 inches. This feature is ideal for people with more support and larger shoulders.

A comfortable and dry night’s sleep is guaranteed thanks to the thick piece of cool memory foam utilized in the HAVARGO ear piercing pillow for side sleeping. Our unique ventilation foam’s checkerboard-cut surface increases breathability by 50%, minimizing overheating and guaranteeing more comfortable sleep.

The removable and machine-washable pillowcase on the Havargo ear-hole pillow makes it simple to clean and maintain. The soft air layer fabric offers exceptional comfort while being low-allergenic for sensitive skin. It also minimizes odors and absorbs extra moisture.

This ear pain pillow is appropriate for persons with ear piercings, ear discomfort, wounded ears, side sleepers, ear sensitivity, CNH, and those who enjoy sleeping with headphones or earbuds, among other conditions.

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7. Holey Pillows Ergonomic:



High-end materials are used in the Holey Pillows Ergonomic Memory Foam Ear Pillow with Ear Hole (50x30cm) for total relaxation. These ear pillows are made with a superior cotton-poly outer layer and shredded memory foam within, making them long-lasting, cleanable, and shape-retaining.

With a breathable, lightweight donut pillow for ears, you may lose yourself in opulent comfort. A comfortable head posture is guaranteed throughout the night thanks to the fabric’s soft, skin-friendly texture and supporting structure, which encourages deep slumber.

Say goodbye to ear irritation and pain. Holey Pillows include a unique ear opening that keeps your ear from directly touching the sleeping surface, reducing friction. It’s a flexible option for side sleepers, people with ear infections, and even those who sleep to music.

In contrast to other goods, this pillow with an ear hole provides unmatched relief from ear pressure and pain. Whether at home, on the road, recuperating from an injury, or recovering from surgery, this pillow offers the utmost security during crucial sleep hours, promoting a quick recovery.

Holey Pillows are dependable for lasting comfort because they are made to the highest standards of sturdiness and strong support. Make a true improvement in your sleep quality by experiencing the difference for yourself.

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8. Deluxe Comfort Pillow:


The hole in the middle of the 9″ piercing pillow is 3.5″ in diameter. Your ear fits precisely in the pillow’s center hole, offering it a place to rest without the discomfort of pressure and rubbing. Additionally, this height is suitable; you may use it by itself or in conjunction with other pillows to obtain your ideal level of comfort.

These perforated pillows are 100% cotton breathable fabric with blended down and polyester filling, superior to standard cotton filling, reusable, and suitable for routine machine washing and drying.

There is a concealed zipper on the perforated pillow. If the cushion seems too firm, remove some padding; if it feels too soft, add additional padding.

By reducing ear pressure when side sleeping, the pillow with a hole helps to prevent pressure sores, ear pain, and ear inflammation.

 Anyone with several ear piercings, CNH, a new piercing, earrings, a hearing amplifier, noise-canceling earphones, headphones, ear pain, tinnitus, or vertigo may benefit greatly from our pillow. Comfortable for piercings. The discomfort can be relieved by a brand-new cartilage piercing cushion. Suits for people who have undergone ear surgery are excellent for healing wounds. It is ideal for side sleepers and piercing addicts. Earplugs are appropriate for persons who frequently fall asleep.

9. Cilare Ear Pillow:



The Cilare Ear Hole Pillow is designed especially for those who have pierced or damaged ears. Thanks to the two ear openings featured, your ears won’t hurt or feel pressured while you sleep.

For side sleepers, our pillow is ideal. By turning over, you can easily fit your ears into the holes and sleep soundly on your side with your neck and shoulders in the right positions.

This cushion features two ear holes with a convenient 3.2″ x 4.4″ dimension, allowing you to comfortably listen to music while wearing headphones or earbuds or use earplugs to block out noise. 

This pillow has airflow ventilation technology, which helps control temperature and regulate head heat while maintaining a cool surface throughout the night for a good night’s sleep.

It is made of high-density memory foam and is odorless and non-toxic. The pillow has a removable, skin-friendly, breathable, machine-washable cover for a clean and cozy sleeping environment.

10. Pinklilycare Pillow:



Do you need a good nighttime friend? The best option for ear discomfort is this pink Lily care pillow with an ear opening. It works as an ear protection pillow and relieves pressure sores.

This cushion has a hole in the center to relieve side sleepers’ strain on their ears. This pillow is the ideal size for your ears. With this cushion, you may rest your ears without experiencing any discomfort during the night.

These pillows have a zippered pillowcase with an ear slot that is simple to clean. You can effortlessly remove them at cleaning times because they are machine washable. The soft, breathable pillowcases are cozy and comfy without irritating or aggravating allergies.

The memory foam mattress will relieve pressure points, while the pillow will alleviate pressure sores, irritation, and earache. A firmer cushion is best if your mattress topper is soft or plush. Your neck and head will remain in alignment.

It is one of the several adjustable ear pillows that provide support as you sleep. It maintains your head high and gives you a relaxing sleeping position. Use this pillow with a memory foam mattress if you want to sleep on your side.

11. IMPRESA Firm Memory Foam Pillow:



A non-adjustable memory foam pillow with an ear hole relieves ear pain and pressure caused by CNH. Promotes recovery after ear surgery, reduces ear pain when sleeping, and aids in getting deeper sleep.

 According to experts, prolonged friction can either cause or aggravate CNH symptoms. Dermatologists frequently advise this cushion to treat the disease.

This package adds two extra soft, specially fitted quilted pillowcases of 30% cotton and 70% polyester. These are simple to clean, guaranteeing a new, comfortable cushion every night. The pillow has a vertical ear hole and measures 14 x 19 inches. The hole’s entrance is about 4 inches wide.

 This pillow also helps with tinnitus treatment and recovery from surgery, ear infections, and ear piercings. The pillow can be helpful if you plan to sleep with earbuds or headphones on.

Because of how pleasant our non-adjustable memory foam is, you might still wish to use it after your symptoms have passed. The ultra-soft pillow cover ensures a restful and comfortable night’s sleep, while the pillow is hard enough to offer optimal ear protection support. The foam in the cushion is not adjustable, and it is rigid.

12.  SleepEasy Cotton Comfort CNH Pillow:



This cushion with an ear hole in the center, specifically designed for side sleepers, can assist in relieving pressure if you have an earache, ear pain, tinnitus, earrings, a new piercing, or additional neck and head support.

These cotton-covered ear-hole pillows help you stay calm throughout the night for deeper, more restful sleep by wicking away sweat and moisture and enhancing airflow around your head and neck.

 Modern Revoloft filling, included inside each SleepEasy cotton comfort pillow, makes it softer and more comfortable so you can wake up feeling rested and alert after a good night’s sleep.

To simplify removing or adding additional filling (not included), we placed an easy-access zipper on the side of the pillow. It allows you to build a soft, medium, or firm cushion based on your needs.

Every SleepEasy side sleeper pillow is produced in Houston, Texas. To guarantee a risk-free purchase you can rely on, our customer support staff will always offer quick, dependable customer service.


Before buying the best pillow for ear pain, you should consider the following points:

1. Shape and Size

Different sizes and forms are available for ear pain prevention pillows. They are often made to fit around your neck and ears to avoid pressure points. Another crucial factor is the size of the ear pain relief pillow’s size. Large pillows may result in shoulder and neck aches.

2.  Comfort 

Different materials, including memory foam, gel, and a memory foam and gel combination, are used to make ear pain prevention pillows. The likelihood that a pillow will offer the most treatment for your earache increases with its comfort level.

3. Material 

Different materials, including memory foam, gel, and a memory foam and gel combination, are used to make ear pain prevention pillows. The likelihood that a pillow will offer the most treatment for your earache increases with its comfort level.


Additionally crucial is the ear pain relief pillow’s style. Pillows for preventing earache are made to fit around your neck and ears. Large pillows might be unpleasant and hurt your neck and shoulders.

5. How to use 

Using your pillow properly is also crucial. Every day, you should spend around an hour using your pillow. Your neck will hurt if you utilize it for a short period.

Final Thoughts:

The cushion that lets you sleep peacefully is the greatest pillow for relieving earache. The best pillow for relieving ear pain is one that will allow your head to unwind and your ears to rest simultaneously.

Many people have earaches when trying to fall asleep. You can look online for ear pain relief pillows or ask a doctor or nurse for recommendations. Before purchasing an ear pain relief cushion, you may even test out a few of our top options from the list above.

Get a cushion made for your head if you want to use one to relieve earache. For instance, if your head is big, you’ll need a big pillow to relieve your ear pain. Make sure to purchase a cushion for your head to relieve earache.   

A pillow intended to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during the day may also be something you want to purchase for ear pain alleviation. You’ll be able to get a nice night’s sleep as a result. A pillow for ear pain alleviation is crucial to relieve the discomfort your ears experience when you lie down to sleep. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can my pillow cause an ear infection?

Because of human interaction, pillows can attract and produce microorganisms that promote a friendly environment. They are an excellent method for moving bacteria from one location to another.

External otitis may result from a pillow-related bacterial infection. So it’s crucial to find pillows that are simple to wash and keep them clean. 

2. What is the cost of a pillow for ear pain?

The greatest cushions for ear pain could be costly or cheap, but I’ve discovered several amazing, inexpensive ones! I previously purchased these from Amazon.com. They are quite cozy. 

They cost anywhere from $50 to $400 per pillow. But for just $25, you can purchase a decent one.

3. Why does ear pain feel worse at night?

Your ear canals become blocked overnight by earwax, which is why this occurs. The wax functions as a clog, preventing water from draining from your ear, causing it to dry out and become painful.

4. How Does Ear Pillow Help?

Your ear is under the weight of your head while you sleep on your side, and your face rubs against the bed and pillow. Even if you do not experience ear pain or discomfort, this frequently results in sweating and irritation in the ear.

The ear pillow alleviates pain, CNH, soreness, or any other ear discomfort by reducing friction and pressure.

Our heads are typically erect during the day. In the daytime, unless we wear some headgear or unintentionally bang our head into something, we rarely experience friction or pressure on the ear. Even more so for side sleepers, either ear will be rubbing and irritated on the pillow at night. 

The ear pillow or donut-shaped pillow is particularly useful in this situation. The ear pillow reduces this friction, allowing us to sleep soundly and promoting ear health. The pillow that would completely (or almost completely) take away this night’s agony and ear friction would be the finest for ear pain.

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