Top 5 Best Body Pillow For Back Pain


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Back pain is no longer uncommon. Back discomfort is generally experienced after a lengthy day. Some, on the other hand, can be serious causes for backache. Bad posture may aggravate the condition.

A pillow may assist you in alleviating your back pain and getting a restful night’s sleep. However, this would only happen if you picked the correct back-pain-coping pillow. You can get the right cushion for spine pains and avoid disturbing and painful nights by reading our top picks for the best cushion for back pain.


Back pain can lead to sleepless nights. but with pillows for back pain, you can deal with this problem quite good. We made a list of the best pillows for back pain in 2021 so you can check the latest amazing pillows that can resist terrible pain.
Below we have given our top recommendations of the best body pillow for back pain
The Layla Pillow
The Casper Foam Pillow
The I Love Pillow Contour Pillow
The Cushion Neck Relief Pillow
PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow

1) Layla Pillow:

Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

After a long day at work, most of us suffer from back discomfort. The tiredness takes over our minds, preventing us from doing anything else. However, the right pillow might help you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Layla Pillow, in the most amazing way possible, aids in the reduction of back pain..

The pillow is made up of shredded memory foam or organic kapok fibre… Improper sleeping position is the leading cause of back pain . The C8000 pillow, which has an open design and a contoured foam core, reduces strain on the neck muscles and promotes proper spinal alignment. It also helps to relieve severe chronic back pain by reducing pressure on the spine.

You can use this pillow under your knees to decrease the burden upon the lower back pain. It is considered the best pillow for lower back pain. The cover of this copper-infused pillow is made of breathable copper threads that ensure that you sleep dry throughout the night.

It not only maintained temperature during the night, but it also has antibacterial and odour repellent properties. Furthermore, it promotes circulation by limiting blood flow to areas where you don’t want it.

Kapok seeds are high in quality, comparable to down. It also allows for free-breathing and loft in the pillow… The kapok pillow is excellent for supporting the neck and head. You may also make the cushion whatever shape you desire.

The cushions’ loft can be altered. Despite the fact that you get a cushion, you might believe it is too heavy; however, as needed, the filling may be removed. The Layla Pillow comes with guaranteed durability. The manufactures were very confident that they offer pillows with five years of guarantee.

If the cushion is suitable, you may choose your own length and breadth. If it passes your satisfaction test after 100 nights of use, you can return it for free. Because washing the machine may invalidate the guarantee, spot cleaning is advised.

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  • An ideal choice for people with back pain
  • It is designed for persons who sleep in various postures.
  • You cannot wash it in a machine


We like it because it is ideal for people with back pain. It relieves back pain and exhaustion. The pillow accepts people with different sleep positions. It is durable and comes with a good warranty. You can use this pillow for 100 days for free and check if it provides your level of comfort.

Who is the manufacturer?

Layla Sleep is the manufacturer of Layla Pillow.
The company resides in the USA. They provide suitable quality materials, do better jobs and offer the best pillows in the market.

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How was our experience with this pillow?

Layla Pillow was a great pillow. It helped me get through my worst back pain and get a comfortable night’s sleep once again. However, I wish the pillow had a removable cover.

2. Casper Foam Pillow:

 Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

A proper Sleep position, desirable firmness, and height play a significant role in providing comfortable and relaxed sleep. However, the person has a different choice when it comes to perfect loft or thickness.

You can avail Casper Foam Pillow in two different thickness levels; the first one with 1.25-inch side support and the second one with 2-inch support. If you are confused about the loft and don’t know which one to go for, you can take a short survey about your body type and preferences.

The thicker option will be more suitable for the side sleepers, whereas stomach and back sleepers can go for a low-loft pillow. The pillow has three covers of Airscape, a hybrid foam material that combines the mild responsiveness of polyfoam and the adjustable contouring of memory foam.

The pillow includes minor perforations in its foam that enable air to flow through the internal in that way. The pillow does not retain excess body heat and allows you to sleep in temperatures that are colder than other pillows. The sleeper is enclosed in a poly-spandex hell that is breathable enough so he or she does not feel claustrophobic..

The pillow has a changeable and washable pilow cover, so you will not be facing any trouble while maintaining hygiene. Although the foam does not require washing, in case of stains occur, you can spot clean it. You can avail this pillow in king and standard size.

If you’re unsure whether this pillow is right for you, the manufacturers provide 30-night sleep testing. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

  • Sleepers who are confused about their ideal loft can try this pillow.
  • This cushion is beneficial for those who have back pain.

Why do we like it?

We think it is worthy of giving a try to this pillow. The pillow comes with a 30-night free trial to use it and check if you are comfortable with it or not. The pillow has an attractive design. It relieves back pain, maintains the clones during the night, and you can easily maintain hygiene as the pillow has a changeable and washable cover.

Who is the manufacturer?

Casper Sleep is the manufacturer of Casper Foam Pillow. Casper sleep is a public-e-commerce firm. The company trades sleep goods online. The company head office is in New York City. The company is popularly known for its good quality sleep products.

How was our experience with this pillow?

The Casper Foam Pillow was well made and very comfortable. However, I love a firm pillow, so this was the ideal cushion for me, but if the firmness bothers you, this might not work for you.

3. Contour Pillow:

 Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

We have added another unique pillow to our list that is good for people who have back pain and combats and reduces allergic symptoms. The I Love Pillow Contour Pillow has a curve in it that assists it to support the neck and reduce pressure; hence it comforts the individual and eases its back and neck ache by enhancing spinal alignment.

You can maintain the hygiene of this soft and cosy pillow by simply washing it. Don’t worry the cover is removable. It battles with unusual marks and common allergens as well as defending the responsive core. It prevents heat, moisture, and foul odours from entering the room.

The pillow’s memory foam maintains its shape and supports the neck and head with a comfortable degree of firmness. It provides significant support to relieve back pain and does not lose its shape during the night.

Although in your initial days with this pillow, you might feel discomfort because of its odour (that will remain for a few days) due to off-gassing. However, it happens because of the discharge of volatile organic compounds, which is, of course, not harmful.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the pillow due to initial odours, you may let the cushion air out just after it reaches your doorstep and before you use it. Buyers can purchase king or queen sizes according to their preferences. You can avail 100 nights free trial if you are not sure about the pillow will work for you or not. Additionally, it comes with a three-year guarantee.

  • This pillow is recommended for those who suffer from neck and back pain
  • Side and back sleepers will appreciate the choice of firmness.
  • Can help allergy sufferers
  • Few people take it as bit extra thick


People with back pain and allergy can try this pillow. The pillow lessens allergic symptoms as well as provides good posture, and relieves backache.

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Who is the manufacturer?

LMP Worldwide, Inc. is the manufacturer of I Love Pillow Contour Pillow. They make pillows from top materials that provide you with optimum comfort.

How was our experience with this pillow?

I fell in love with the I Love Pillow Contour Pillow. It gave excellent neck support and relieved my back pain. However, I found it a little bit extra thick.

4) The Cushion Neck Relief Pillow:

 Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

We’re excited to add the Cushion Neck Relief Pillow to our list of the best body pillow for back pain. The neck and head are particularly beneficial from the concave form of this pillow, which is intended to provide extensive support. For the benefit of relieving strain and promoting good, The addition of a solid texture to your mattress will help you sleep better while minimizing tossing and turning.

The pillow has an impressive design; it includes curves in different areas to provide excellent support to back and side sleepers. The shape of the bowl is concave, allowing for rest and a tiny ramp near to the bottom of the cushion that aids in maintaining an upright posture..

Additionally, shoulder pillows and increased face support provide extra relaxation to muscles which assists in releasing neck pain and tension of the sleepers.
The memory foam is infused with gel, which makes it very comfortable and evenly distributes heat.

Improved ventilation is provided by a polyester inner layer that prevents overheating. To keep it clean, remove and wash the cotton cover as needed.

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The company delivers for free to clients in the United States and those who live close by. For one year, the pillow comes with a warranty. Customers may get a full refund if they return their purchase within 30 days of purchasing it.

  • It releases neck pain and tension
  • Resist overheating and enhance breathability
  • It was a little flat


Apart from reducing back pain, the Cushion Neck Relief Pillow has numerous qualities. You can give it a try. The pillow will enhance your sleep quality by reducing tension and calming your muscles. It promotes good posture to reduce body aches, particularly back pain.

Who is the manufacturer?

Cushion Lab is the manufacturer of Cushion Neck Relief Pillow. The company offers award-winning cozy and comfortable memory foam pillows.

How was our experience with this pillow?

I had a beautiful sleep with this pillow. It was overall good. It reduced my back pain and enhanced my body posture. The only thing that troubled me was that it was a little too flat.

5. PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow:

 Best Body Pillow For Back Pain

Yes, of course! Back discomfort is one of the most awful pains imaginable, but it may rapidly become a living hell if it’s caused by an accident or pregnancy.. Women go through a lot in pregnancy, Back and neck pain are the most severe.

The PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow, which we suggest in our list of recommendations, aids with back discomfort during pregnancy. The pillow supports the entire body and is a well-known option for pregnant women.

This pillow has been the selection of many athletes who had any injury or surgery have been; however, it turned out to be the best choice because of its loft, responsive shape, and fantastic essential support. The cushion may be used for a variety of postures. It provides head, hip, neck, and knee support, so it’s up to you how you use it.

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  • Treats back pain magically
  • Responsive shape
  • Ideal choice for pregnant women to relieve back pain
  • Might not be easy to clean
  • Quality needs to improve a bit

Who Should Buy this Pillow?

The cushion is great for expecting moms and anybody who has undergone surgery or an accident. With this pillow, you may get rid of back discomfort quickly while also seeing results in no time.

Who is the manufacturer?

PharMeDoc is the manufacturer of PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow. the lavish pregnancy pillows, as well as comfortable bed pillows, provides therapeutic liberation of motherhood ache and discomfort

How was our experience with this pillow?

PharMeDoc C-Shaped Body Pillow helped me to relieve back pain when I was pregnant. I never slept without it. It made me feel cosy and gave me deep nights of sleep. I had the worst upper back pain but using this pillow I got a huge relief; this is probably the best pillow for upper back pain. However, the cover design needs improvement.

Seven common causes of back pain:

Approximately 60 to 80 per cent of adults in the United States suffer from neck and back discomfort. Back pain is a frequent medical problem. This symptom, on the other hand, can be caused by a variety of diseases.

Below are some common reasons for back pain.

Pulled muscle or tendon

Carrying a burden on the back, such as lifting heavy loads, can be vital for back pain. Sleeping in an undesirable position can also cause back pain as it causes a sore back. This happens because you have stressed one of numerous muscles and tendons in your spine. Back pain from a drawn muscle can sometimes lead to tightness and muscle spasms.


Although inflammation is a part of a natural response of the human body’s immune system, it can cause awkward heat and pain. If the injury or any disease remains for a more extended period, it can cause long-lasting tenderness in your backbone and spinal column.


According to recent data, 52 million people experience stiffness and suffer from arthritis. Arthritis is a kind of long-lasting inflammation that affects the joints of the whole body. It is majorly linked with painfulness and swelling.


Osteoporosis is another ailment that makes the mass bone decline, particularly in the hip and spine. The reduced mass causes the bone to be weak and can give painful fractures to the individual.

Injured herniated and ruptured discs

When cushions of tissue termed as discs are injured, they become tender. They distinct the thin vertebrae of your backbone. As individual becomes older, they become more inclined towards damage.


The spine is an integral part of the body. Its main job is to keep the body upright. Bad postures and being overweight can cause additional pressure on your spine when your back muscles are required to work harder, which leads to distress and pain in your back.


Fibromyalgia can lead to aching in the whole body of the individual. Although still, researches are being carried out to determine the aches of fibromyalgia. However, most studies say that it happens because of abnormalities caused by Fibromyalgiain’s nervous system. Several back pains can be treated.

Lifting heavy objects carefully and sleeping in the proper posture are two examples of lifestyle modifications that may help minimize back pain. However, if your back discomfort is serious, you should visit a physician.

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What is the Best Body Pillow Positioning for Back Pain?

Proper posture is necessary to avoid back pain because sleeping in poor posture worsens your back pain. The correct posture keeps the sleeper’s spine aligned and relieves stress on the lumbar area. These days we have pillows in the market that sleepers can utilize to get rid of back pain.

One of the poorest sleeping positions that increase back pain is stomach sleeping  because when a person sleeps on their stomach, he gets pressure on his lower back side, leading to spinal misalignment. Below are discussed sleeping positions with their benefits and downsides.

Back with Pillow Beneath Knees:

When a sleeper sleeps on their back, the pressure on his back is relieved. If you are a back sleeper and want to take more advantage of this sleeping position, you can use a pillow under the knees and head.

The pillow placed under the head will support your neck, head, and shoulders and help your spine stay aligned during the night. A pillow below your knees might help to reduce pressure from combining in the spine.

Fetal Position:

Although the fetal position might advantage some people with back pain, one must take precautions to make sure body weight is evenly scattered. Sleepers must make both of their knees equally bent and bend their upper body in the direction of their knees to encourage proper alignment.

Side with Pillow between Knees:

Side sleeping is likely relaxing for people with back pain, but for this, make sure the mattress and pillow are comfortable and supportive enough to provide you a good relaxing time. Keeping a pillow in the middle of the knees, squares, and hips reduces the burden on the lumbar region, which helps the spine stay aligned.

Back Pain Pro Tips

For people who suffer from back pain, a proper pillow selection is critical. People can do several simple things to decrease back discomfort other than selecting the pillow.

Choose the Right Mattress:

Always bear in mind your sleeping posture and physique type while buying a mattress to alleviate back discomfort.. These two can impact how comfortable you will feel with the mattress. The right mattress will make sure to decrease back pain for people already suffering as well as it can help to resist it. Most importantly, choosing the right mattress for you will help the spine stay aligned and enhance total sleep quality.

Take part in Physical Therapy or Stretching:

Physical therapy can assist a lot in diminishing acute and severe back pain. It takes account of exercises and stretches that enhance mobility and make a muscle stronger, diminishing pain and tension over the body.

Heat and cold therapy are other excellent physical therapies that decrease back pain. Visiting a physical therapist can help get good riddance from back pain on a long-term basis, helps to manage it in the daily routine, and determine its underlying causes.

Finance in a Mattress Topper:

A mattress topper will help adjust the toughness of a mattress by functioning as an extra comfort layer. It can lessen pressure points for people with back pain.

Some particular materials such as foam and latex help equally divide body weight and make sure the spine stays aligned; however, if we talk something wise, so financing on a mattress topper is a far affordable choice than buying a new mattress, particularly if the mattress has only firmness level issues.

How can we Choose the right body Pillow for Back Pain?

The amount of support and relief you receive throughout the night is determined by your bed. Every sleeper’s spinal alignment is essential since it helps to combat and relieve back discomfort. The cushion’s stiffness, size, and loft are examples of these characteristics. Each individual, on the other hand, has particular requirements that the cushion should meet.

What to look for When buying the body Pillow for Back Pain:

The following aspects should be considered by all buyers when purchasing a pillow; nevertheless, there are numerous alternatives on the market.. The companies constantly distract the shoppers with their enchanting advertisements and permanently hide the downsides of their products.

If you want to get the right pillow for yourself, the second most important thing to remember about pillows is that they’re meant to provide support and comfort; this can help you focus on the fundamental essentials of the pillow and discover your ideal ones, just like that. People who suffer from back discomfort must pay attention to their sleeping posture, shoulder and head size, and types of backache, much in.


Loft defines the tallness of the pillow, and it is essential to choose the correct loft of the pillow that fits you well if you want to get rid of back pain. The loft corrects the head and neck angle and maintains the spine in place..

Loft can vary from high to low. Although there are pillows on the market that allow for adjustable loft, stomach sleepers should utilize a lower loft pillow in order to maintain the skull and neck at an easy angle. Back sleepers, on the other hand, appreciate a high loft pillow to fill in the middle of their necks and shoulders..


The support of the spine is defined by Better. The spine extends toward the neck; therefore, it should provide enough support to relieve stress on the shoulders and neck side. Certain materials, however, are supportive and keep the pillow’s form during sleep while also preventing it from flatness.

Firmness Level:

The pillow firmness that is ideal for side sleepers is determined by a variety of factors, including their weight and sleeping posture. The stomach sleepers, on the other hand, are more likely to have a soft cushion, whereas side and back sleepers prefer a standard to the firm pillow.

According to their demands, each person requires a different pillow.

Pressure Relief:

The pillow supports the neck and head, which influences how much pressure relief it offers. Back discomfort can be intensified if the sleeper is subjected to too much force on his or her shoulder and neck.

A firm pillow might place too much strain on the neck and head, resulting in severe back pain. Use a cushion to alleviate tension in your lower back.


During the night, the pillow maintains its form and provides the support required by the sleeper. A pillow that maintains its shape throughout the night without requiring frequent fluffing is ideal for persons with back pain since they are not disturbed throughout the night.

Some sleepers want a pillow that can be adjusted to their preferences.

Quality Materials:

The quality of materials utilized in the manufacturing of the pillow defines its durability. If you suffer from back pain, you need to check the quality of materials used in the pillow because the consistency and great support can only be provided by a pillow built with quality material.

Latex, high-density foam, and feathers are included in durable materials. Buyers should be aware that investing in a high-quality pillow is usually worthwhile since top-quality pillows do not have to be replaced as frequently as low-quality pillows.

What are the Best body Pillow Materials for Back Pain?

Back pain is a serious concern that affects many people. Back discomfort can take on a variety of forms and have various standards and preferences. Polyfill, latex, or down pillows are more relaxing to some individuals than other types of pillows because!

Memory Foam

Memory foam moulds to the shape of the neck and head when pressured and heated. Such pillows allow users to customize their shoulder and neck tension while also aiding in maintaining a straight spinal column.

Best  Memory foam pillows are made out of either solid memory foam core or shredded memory foam filler. However, there are several disadvantages of memory foam that should be.


Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat seeds and have an outside covering. The hulls are concave, allowing for greater airflow and heat dissipation..

Buckwheat pillows usually feature an adjustable loft because the hulls may be removed or added to change the pillow’s firmness and height as needed. For some people, however.


Geese or ducks’ feathers are used to stuff feather pillows. Such cushions have a basic, light stuffing that may be compacted easily and supports the neck and head.

Placing a feather pillow on your neck might help relieve tension and warmth for individuals suffering from back discomfort. Down pillows, on the other hand, tend to wear out more quickly.


Latex is made from rubber liquid that is moulded and treated in the Dunlop or Talalay process. The end result is a breathable, long-lasting material that provides subtle contouring to relieve tension. Latex maintains its form. It’s used as a solid foundation for a flexible pillow and.


Down, as we know it today, refers to the down feathers of geese or ducks. In comparison to quills, it is lighter and softer because it lacks them. Such pillows support the shoulder, neck, and head; Down alternatives are downs with a different feel.

They help to relieve upper back stiffness. Some consumers, on the other hand, believe that down is too soft for becak pain sufferers. Down-alternative is a polyester fibre that imitates the down texture at a cheaper price point..


Standard contouring is provided by Polyfoam, which isn’t as responsive as memory foam. However, it can aid in the reduction of pressure for individuals suffering from back discomfort. Pillows made out of low-density polyfoam are frequently inexpensive, but they do not have a long lifespan and produce unreliable support.


How firm should a cushion be for a side sleeper?

For side sleepers, a medium-firm pillow might be ideal since, being a side sleeper, it may compress during the night and not give adequate support if you pick the soft option.. which ultimately will lead to spinal alignment problems.

At the same time, due to too much sinking, the extra filing moves in the mouth, which is not comfortable. Furthermore, the extra-firm pillows can result giving tension and pain over the neck and shoulders. If you think a medium-firm pillow is not the right choice for you, then better purchase a memory foam pillow; it will reduce pressure and make you experience a more cushioned feel.

What are pillow types ideal for side sleepers?

Different sleepers have various preferences; some like a down pillow and some go for the alternative down pillow. Although down or down alternative pillows are comfortable and offer a classic feel, they might not be firm enough to give side sleepers the excellent neck support they require for proper spinal alignment.

For this side, sleepers must make sure that if they choose a down pillow, it must include a high loft to offer considerable support. Foam pillows are firm. You can avail foam pillows as single-cut pieces, and these pillows are packed with shredded memory foam; these are easily adjustable.

Some Solo piece foam pillows include cut-outs to support the neck and shoulders. Although side sleepers better check before purchasing these pillows if it will be a desirable choice for them.

What pillow loft functions best for side sleepers?

Side sleepers usually require a standard to high loft pillow for keeping their head, spine, and neck in proper alignment. Well, that means using a pillow that is a minimum of 4 inches thick. Although the pillow’s loft depends on your body plus its shape and, of course, how far you sink into your cushion.

However, people with broader shoulders require a pillow that is above 6 inches. On the other hand, people who sink deep into their mattress might feel a loft of 4 inches too high for them, and those people who are not sure about their desirable loft position can go for adjustable pillows.


With our given recommendations, the best body pillow for back pain, you can get a good night time and relieve back pain to an extent, but make sure you visit a doctor in case you are experiencing severe back pain, and it does not go away.

The products can help lessen the severity of the pain, but there can be many underlying life-threatening causes for backache that must be diagnosed earlier.

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