10 best body pillow for pregnancy [Detailed Guide]


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Are you pregnant and looking for the best body pillows for pregnancy to help you get quality sleep during your 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy? If yes, it’s a suitable guide for you.

The best body pillows for pregnancy are beneficial for pregnant ladies while sleeping. When you’re expecting, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult, particularly in the second and third trimesters when finding the ideal resting position is more challenging. Because lying on a beach ball that kicks while pregnant isn’t exactly comfortable, stomach napping is not an option. Because it strains a critical vein that delivers blood to your kid, back sleeping is frequently advised against after your first trimester.

According to board-certified OB-GYN Amy Wetter of Pediatrix Medical Group, “it is preferable to sleep on your side during this period. In particular, resting on your left side can relieve strain on your veins and internal organs, allowing blood and nutrients to flow to your placenta and ultimately the rest of your body.”

Your back and hips receive much-needed support from it, assisting you in sleeping with a healthy posture. It supports your abdomen to prevent it from dipping too low, making breathing challenging.

A high-quality pregnancy pillow also has several additional advantages, like easing hip discomfort, minimizing morning sickness, and preventing heartburn. These are a few of the most prevalent benefits of employing.

This article provides a buyer’s guide and Amazon-verified user reviews about pillows that will help you.

Reason to use the best body pillow for pregnancy?

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a difficult experience for a woman. A lot of discomfort is associated with it. Some of it can be alleviated with a pillow. Any other pillow won’t do. The best body pillow for pregnancy is precisely what is needed.

However, it helps with back pain, improves sleep, and even makes the whole experience more comfortable. The pregnancy body pillow is made of polyurethane foam and has a cotton exterior.

It’s the perfect size and shape to fit around a pregnant woman’s body. It’s made of polyurethane foam and has a cotton exterior. It’s the perfect size and shape to fit around a pregnant woman’s body. Because it’s so accommodating, it can be used for more than just pregnancy. It’s also good for nursing and for cuddling with a toddler.

The pillow is easy to clean and can be machine washed. It comes with a removable and machine-washable cover. The pillow itself is hypoallergenic, allowing it to be used by more than one person and by people with sensitive skin.

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TOP 10 best body pillow for pregnancy that helps in comfortable sleep:

Our research found that almost all pregnant women agreed with one another regarding which quality they appreciated most in a pregnancy pillow. Ease of use stood above the rest, and this is what inspired us to create a list of the body pillows for pregnancy that were so easy to use that anyone can quickly jump in again, regardless of their level of experience.

1.Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme:

best body pillow for pregnancy


The Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme Total Body Pillow is one of the best pillows for pregnancy. The specialty of the mattress is that it replaces the use of several pillows. The pillow has four portions; one between your knees for temperature regulation, the second one goes behind a pregnant woman’s back to support it, and the last two prop up your head for better breathing.

It is designed to support the back and belly simultaneously. The pillow is made of high-quality materials for durability and comfort. It is a complete pillow that provides support for both the back and belly. It is made of 100 percent cotton. It has the ability to contour a pregnant woman’s body from head to toe. It is used to elevate the upper and lower body part of a pregnant woman.

The pillow will keep your body in a good posture throughout the night. It will help you to get sound sleep and prevent backache. The pillow  It is a complete pillow that can help to reduce your pain and provide comfort in pregnancy. The pillow will help you to get a good sleep in any position.   You can sleep on your side, stomach, or even back with this body pillow.

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  • Firm filling contours to body shape
  • Especially supportive for belly and legs
  • Washable cover
  • Works well as a nursing pillow


  • The polyester blend cover is somewhat scratchy
  • Pillow tends to get hot
  • Takes up a lot of space in bed

2.Boppy  Total Body Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancy

This curved alternative, skillfully created by one of the top brands in pregnancy pillows, supports you in all the correct areas but isn’t nearly as large as other options—great for those with limited space. 

Obstetricians like Amy Wetter, an Atlanta-based board-certified ob-gyn at Pediatrix Medical Group, also love it. In addition, she adds, “This pillow can be folded and twisted to be used as a nursing pillow or for back support while sitting.”

Additionally, Wetter notes that it features a cotton cover rather than the typical polyester one. It is crucial because it makes the entire thing more breathable than the regular pregnancy cushion. 

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is a one-piece pregnancy pillow that supports and aligns your head, neck, back, hips, and growing baby all at once. Specialized fill and curved form for optimal comfort. Designed to fit the contours of your body and support your expanding pregnancy belly.

The Total Body Pillow is excellent for postpartum recovery and makes it easy to feel comfortable while sleeping and relaxing. Easy-zip removable, machine-washable cover and machine-washable pillow included for easy maintenance. A detachable, supple fabric pillow cover is included with the Total Body Pillow for excellent ventilation on hotter nights.


  • Contoured Shape 
  • The pillow is washable, 
  • Versatile 


  • Doesn’t hold its shape

3.PharMeDoc C-Shaped Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancy


Adult C-shaped body pillows eliminate the need for many bed pillows and feature a unique design that supports your head, neck, back, and knees. The smooth and cozy feeling is provided with a removable jersey cotton cover, making cleaning simple.

Why Do Pregnant Women Use Pillows? The PharMeDoc pregnancy pillows for sleeping include adjustable polyfill material that conforms to your back, making a perfect side sleeper pillow. It is advised by physicians to sleep on your side while pregnant. 

Our entire-body pregnant pillow will relax you into a deeper sleep while minimizing nighttime awakenings and easing pregnancy-related back pain. Anyone who needs more support, is recovering from surgery, or is sick of using several pillows to support their head, neck, legs, and back will benefit significantly from this whole body pillow.

This pregnancy cushion is a pregnancy need, ideal for baby shower gift registries, and a gift for anyone who wants to sleep at night.

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  • Versatile 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Durable 
  • Adjustable 
  • Affordable 
  • Not too large 


  • Needs regular fulfilling 
  • Becomes lump

4. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:

best body pillow for pregnancy


The Boppy maternity Wedge cushion might be the correct purchase if you’re seeking a maternity cushion that takes up little to no space in your bed while still giving you a more comfortable and supportive slumber. It can be used on your bump, your back, or any other part of your constantly changing body, depending on where you most need support. Thanks to its wedge design, users adore the maternity pillow’s adaptability because it doubles as an arm support for breastfeeding or bottle feeding after delivery.

When Leah Rocketto, Associate Commerce Director at What to Expect.com, was pregnant, she had slight, occasional pain but didn’t want to spend money on a significant body pillow. Instead, she decided to use the Boppy wedge because it took up considerably less space in her bed while still offering the support she needed.

She claims that “despite its diminutive size, it has the same adaptability as its bigger competitors. I would place it between my knees when sleeping, beneath my lower back when seated, and even behind my head if I read in bed”. She also thought that, despite her pain being moderate, it definitely reduced her discomfort and improved her ability to fall asleep. “It’s soft enough to prevent you from feeling like you’re sitting on a brick yet rigid enough to offer lots of support,” according to her.

Pregnant women also appreciate its small size, lightweight, and compact design as advantages for travel.


  • Small 
  • organic cotton cover
  • Portable 


  • Doesn’t fit your physique properly

5. Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancy


The Queen Rose stands noteworthy for having an extended, larger-than-average design. It’s a fantastic pregnancy cushion for someone who wants the most support, according to many expectant mothers in the What to Expect group who have the space. It is available in sizes 55 and up. 60- Launches a new tab for pregnant women who are tall or need a lot of leg support and will love the 65-inch. The Queen Rose pregnancy cushion, made to hug your body, will be especially helpful after the second trimester. 

According to sleep expert Kelly Murray, U-shaped pillows are ideal for anyone, pregnant or not, who “having pain on a higher level and wants to feel supported all over your body,” especially women who are far along in their pregnancies and those who have sciatica, lumbar pain, and neck pain combinations. The cushion is filled with polyfill, making it firm enough to support your limbs while allowing easy cover washing. You can select the length that best fits your height because it is available in three sizes.

Moms adore that you may set it up whatever you like to support you when you’re lying back watching T.V. or sitting upright breastfeeding, even though it was meant for side sleeping. 

During pregnancy and postpartum recovery, the polyester fill is adaptable and simple to wriggle into a comfortable position. Even though it could be heated for individuals who tend to sleep hot, expectant mothers adore the comfort of the velvety substance.


  • Gives good support to your head and belly
  • Comfortable for your back 
  • Can be ordered with a velvet, cotton, bamboo, or satin cover
  • Adjustable 


  • Too high for neck and head comfort 
  • Too firm 
  • Overstuffed

6. Belly SOS Pregnancy Pillow:


Stop being concerned about waking up on your back. You are precisely positioned for a secure sleep with the help of our doctor-designed pregnancy-side sleeping pillow set.

A small back support pillow, a pregnancy wedge pillow, and a Velcro belt are all included in this creative three-piece kit to help you create a secure sleeping position.

The foam side sleeper pillows keep your baby from rolling over throughout the night, preventing potentially dangerous “back” sleeping and preserving a healthy supply of blood and oxygen.

The pregnancy wedge pillow maintains you in the ideal side posture for better sleep when pregnant and prevents you from resting on your back. The maternity pillows are incredibly plush and comfortable, and their cases are machine washable. It is with a handy travel pouch to support your growing belly wherever you go.

These pregnancy support pillows are adaptable to any bump size or pregnancy stage, making them perfect for usage in the second and third trimesters and through delivery.

All women may look and feel their very best – before, during, and after pregnancy — with the help of our solution-based maternity, postpartum, nursing, C-section recovery, and support goods.


  • Back and belly support.
  • Those whose head and neck support do not require a pregnancy pillow. 
  • Strong backing.
  • Machine washable 
  • Comfortable
  • Functional 
  • Portable 


  • Expensive 

7. Coop Home Body Pillow:

Product Description 

This body pillow from Coop Home has the same cross-cut memory foam and microfiber fill as our top-pick bed pillows, but it can be altered to have a softer or firmer feel by adding or subtracting fill. The straightforward tubular shape will also fit more easily into a tiny sleeping area. Even without a contoured shape, according to Davis, “you can hug it, use it between your knees, and place your head on it like the other options.” The cushion memory foam is CertiPUR-US and Green Guard Gold Certified, and the cover is machine washable.

During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I slept on this maternity pillow. Its wide cylindrical shape was supportive and allowed me to prop up my upper leg while dozing on my side without experiencing hip pain. 

The pillow’s medium-firm stiffness and amount of filling made it possible for me to lean into it and feel supported. Wrapping my legs around the pillow and holding it close to my body, especially during waves of nausea, helped me get through the first half of pregnancy because it is one of the longer alternatives on this list. Since it is long and flexible, the cushion may be bent into almost any shape. 


  • Adaptable
  • Eliminate pain points 
  • Perfect support for the head, shoulders, belly, hips, and spine
  • Clean hypoallergenic filled
  • Machine washable
  • CertiPUR- U.S. and Green Gold Certified 


  • Not suitable for back and stomach sleepers 

8. Momcozy Body Pillow:


The J-shaped body pillow, which has a filling made of skin-friendly synthetic fiber, is intended to take the role of traditional bed pillows while offering better support. You may unwind and regain physical vigor while enjoying this comfy pregnancy cushion from head to toe, lessening pressure points for side sleeping.

The Momcozy pregnancy cushion gives your expanding tummy and body the comfort it needs without invading too much of your partner’s personal space. Compared to other substantial maternity pillows, the pregnant pillow is portable enough to utilize in your office or automobile.

While lying on your side, the ergonomically structured pregnancy body pillow’s softness significantly reduces back, neck, head, and stomach discomfort. Whether you’re sitting on the couch, watching T.V., reading, or just unwinding, the angle-adjustable design allows you to pick the best direction.

This full-body pillow is made of 100% polyester for the utmost softness and warmth, making it the perfect choice even for sensitive skin or other health issues. This pillow offers the right amount of orthopedic neck support while maintaining its shape thanks to the stretch fabric.

The pregnant pillow cover is made of breathable jersey cloth and has two oversized, smooth zippers that are simple to take off for washing. Additionally, it is machine washable and is still strong after numerous washings.


  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Durable
  • Machine washable
  • Reasonable price
  • Breathable
  • Suitable for summer use
  • All-around support 


  • Do not support foot and ankle 

9. Hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow:


Moms can use the two-sided design during all three trimesters. Firmer support foam on side two and superior, soft memory foam on side 1. Just flip it around to get back to your preferred position as your wants and desires change from moment to moment. The best answer to obesity discomfort. 

By reducing back tension and the stress it causes, Proper belly support decreases swelling (edema) in the hands, legs, and feet. Put it beneath your tummy, behind your back, or between your knees to make it more comfortable to relax or fall asleep. Flexible back pillow, knee pillow, or stomach wedge. Also aids in reducing leg numbness and soreness in the nerves.

An incredibly soft, washable, and durable PLUSH VELBOA COVER. We searched high and low for the best material since some pampering goes a long way in the third trimester. The cover is so plush and cozy, you won’t believe it.

Our perforated foam layer keeps the pillow cooler, improving comfort as you sleep. The flame retardants TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”), mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates are not used to produce CertiPUR-US foam. It has undergone testing for performance, toughness, and emissions. 

The Hiccapop wedge pillow makes traveling comfortable whether you’re in your bedroom, on the couch, or in your preferred chair for naps. Convenient compared to cumbersome, heated, and oversized body cushions.


  • Plush and cozy cover 
  • Washable 
  • Extremely soft 
  • Durable 
  • Pain relief 
  • Comfortable 
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Too long for more minor ladies

10. Frida Mom Adjustable Keep-Cool Pregnancy Pillow:


Particularly, first-time mothers will value the adaptability of this fully adjustable pregnancy pillow. To focus on the regions where you need the most extraordinary relief, use it as a C, I, L, or U-shape. 

This pillow is made with cool-to-the-touch fabric and breathable microbead filling, making it ideal for warm weather (and those annoying hot flashes). It scrunches up tightly for more straightforward storage, which is a beautiful plus.

This extra-flexible Frida Mom maternity cushion is filled with polystyrene microbeads (sort of like a beanbag chair). It has a memory foam-like responsiveness but is more breathable since heat can drain easily, which Murray believes is a crucial element of good sleep. 

The cushion has a customizable pattern and resembles an earthworm slightly due to its shorter, tapered end on one side and longer, fuller end on the other. It is possible to twist and fold the cushion into a C form, U shape, I shape, or J shape because an adjustable strip separates the ends. This little cushion has a soft, stretchy side that accommodates your body weight, while the non-stretch side provides a more complex surface for further support.


  • C, I, L, and U shapes in one pillow 
  • Adaptable
  • Adjustable 
  • Microbead fill with airflow
  • Dual-sided fabric for support 


  • No good back support 

Buying Guide 

Each of the many varieties of pregnancy pillows available on the market offers something unique that may help a woman sleep better while pregnant. There are a few things to think about while selecting a pillow for pregnancy, but which one you finally choose will depend on your preferences:

1. Material

Most pregnant pillows will have a cover, which can be made of various fabrics, including velvety velvet to lightweight cotton. Dr. Wetter advises picking a pillow with a cotton cover instead of polyester for your pregnancy, as it is less breathable if you tend to get warm while you sleep.

2. Shape

Pregnancy pillows typically come in one of three shapes: J, C, or U, and the one you choose “may depend on how much support you need,” according to Dr. Wetter. While J-shaped pillows run parallel to your body with one curve that can tuck under your head or between your knees, C-shaped pillows curve to use under your head and between your knees. Or, if you frequently switch sides while you sleep (and intend to do so even after your bump makes it challenging), you may choose a U-shaped pillow so you won’t have to reposition it each time you turn over.

3. Fill Type 

Most pregnant pillows are filled with polyester and are meant to maintain shape. You may prefer a fill type that is more or less firm, precisely like you would with a typical pillow. Although firmer fills, such as memory foam, may provide excellent support, others prefer softer fills, like down, which can more readily be cradled and compressed against the body.

Final Thoughts 

Pregnancy may be difficult, as everyone who has experienced it knows. Pregnant people may feel uneasy and worn out, making it challenging to get a decent night’s sleep.

When we are pregnant, our bodies are put under a lot of stress, making it challenging to fall asleep. And you’re in luck since we have the top pregnancy body cushion. According to our investigation, the Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme pillow and Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy pillow are excellent options for expectant mothers. We also recommend it for pregnant ladies as it is the perfect choice. 

No matter your position, you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable with this cushion because it can be used for back, belly, and leg support. Additionally, it can be utilized during nursing, recuperation from c-sections, and the duration of pregnancy.

Frequently asked questions: 

Q 1. What should be your sleep position in pregnancy?

A pregnant woman is the epitome of a miracle. It is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life. However, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable. During pregnancy, the body undergoes many changes, including hormone changes that relax the joints and ligaments, which can cause backaches, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. Sleeping on your side is recommended as it supports your growing belly and makes breathing easier. However, sleeping on your left side is best, as sleeping on your right side can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure. Also, a pillow between your knees and under your belly can support and relieve stress.

Q 2. Is sleeping on your belly good during pregnancy?

Although it’s common to want to sleep on your stomach when pregnant, this position may not be best for you or your baby. Sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your abdomen and cause discomfort. It can also make it harder for your partner to sleep next to you. Instead, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. This position helps support your growing belly and keeps your hips from getting sore.

Q 3. During pregnancy, how can you sleep better at night?

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of your life. Many changes happen in your body and mind. Your body is creating a new life inside of you. It is a miracle, and you are fortunate to be pregnant. However, creating a baby can be stressful for your body and mind. You will get tired very quickly and will have problems sleeping at night. It is normal, and it can happen to anyone. The most important thing is to have a sound support system and to take care of yourself. Eating well and exercising will give you a much better pregnancy and easier delivery.

Q 4. How do you find the best body pillow for pregnancy?

Body pillows are a great way to get some extra support during pregnancy. There are many different pillows on the market, so it can take time to figure out which is the best for you. Some pillows are better for back pain, some for stomach pain, and some for side sleeping. Above in this article, you’ll find a breakdown of the best body pillows for pregnancy. 

Q 5. Is lying on your back bad during pregnancy?

Lying on your back when you’re pregnant is bad because it puts pressure on your organs and disrupts circulation. The pressure can cause your uterus to compress the major vein that leads back to your heart, which can cause blood to “back up” or pool in your legs, swelling them and making them feel heavy and uncomfortable. Lying on your back also causes your kidneys to compress and slows blood flow.

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