Top 11 best body pillow for pregnancy


If you are a pregnant woman, then you need the perfect and best pillow to relieve the pain from the bulging tummy and the round neck. The best body pillows for pregnancy in this article will be nothing but a blessing to you and your body during your pregnancy.

You will know the best body pillow for pregnancy in this detailed and stepwise guide that is available in the market and how it can help you to sleep comfortably during pregnancy.

But before we go ahead, let us see what are the benefits of using the best body pillow for pregnancy?

The best pillow for pregnancy gives much-needed support to your back and hips, which helps in maintaining an ideal posture when you sleep. It supports your belly so that it doesn’t dip too low, which would otherwise make breathing difficult.

A good quality of maternity pillows also have various other benefits like preventing heartburn, reducing morning sickness, helping with hip pain, etc. These are some of the most common and prime benefits of using best body pillow for pregnancy.

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How to find the best body pillow for pregnancy?

Body pillows are a great way to get some extra support during pregnancy. There are tons of different pillows on the market, so it can be hard to figure out which one is the best for you. Some pillows are better for back pain, some are better for stomach pain, and some are better for side sleeping. Above in this article you’ll find a breakdown of the best body pillows for pregnancy.

Why to use the best body pillow for pregnancy?

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a difficult experience for a woman. A lot of discomfort is associated with it. Some of it can be alleviated with a pillow. Any other pillow won’t do. The best body pillow for pregnancy is precisely what is needed.

However, it helps with back pain, improves sleep, and even makes the whole experience more comfortable. The pregnancy body pillow is made of polyurethane foam and has a cotton exterior.

It’s the perfect size and shape to fit around a pregnant woman’s body. It’s made of polyurethane foam and has a cotton exterior. It’s the perfect size and shape to fit around a pregnant woman’s body. Because it’s so accommodating, it can be used for more than just pregnancy. It’s also good for nursing and for cuddling with a toddler.

The pillow is easy to clean and can be machine washed. It comes with a removable and machine-washable cover. The pillow itself is hypoallergenic, allowing it to be used by more than one person and by people with sensitive skin.

TOP 11 best body pillow for pregnancy that helps in comfortable sleep:

During the course of our research we found that almost all pregnant women agreed with one another when it came to which quality they appreciated most in a pregnancy pillow. Ease of use stood above the rest and this is what inspired us to create a list of the body pillows for pregnancy that were so easy to use that anyone can quickly jump in again, regardless of their level of experience.

1.Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

The Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme Total Body Pillow is one of the best pillows for pregnancy. The specialty of the mattress is to that it replaces the use of several pillows. The pillow has four portions; one between your knees for temperature regulation, the second one goes behind a pregnant woman’s back to support it, and the last two prop up your head for better breathing.

It is designed to support the back and belly simultaneously. The pillow is made of high-quality materials for durability and comfort. It is a complete pillow that provides support for both the back and belly. It is made of 100 percent cotton. It has the ability to contour a pregnant woman’s body from head to toe. It is used to elevate the upper and lower body part of a pregnant woman.

The pillow will keep your body in a good posture throughout the night. It will help you to get sound sleep and prevent backache. The pillow  It is a complete pillow that can help to reduce your pain and provide comfort in pregnancy. The pillow will help you to get a good sleep in any position.   You can sleep on your side, stomach, or even back with this body pillow.

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The pillow dimensions are 58 by 25 by 7 inches and it weighs 2.5 pounds. It has a semicircular shape.Cover with a zipper can be removed and machine washed and dried.

  • Best for all sleepeing positions
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Smell on unboxing

2.Boppy  Total Body Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDESCRIPTION

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is a multi-use pregnancy pillow that can be used during pregnancy. This pillow has been designed to keep pregnant women in mind. The pillow can be used as a head cushion during breastfeeding.

It has been designed to offer a comfortable and cozy sleeping experience to all pregnant women. The total body pillow provides comfort from head to toe during pregnancy. the pregnant woman’s body parts like bumps, hips, shoulders and lower back all are supported with the entire body design in one.

Designed to fit the contours of your body and support your expanding pregnancy belly. The Total Body Pillow is excellent for postpartum recovery and makes it easy to feel comfortable while sleeping and relaxing.

For easy maintenance, the pillow has a machine washable, easily removable cover that zips off. Moreover,The Total Body Pillow is covered in a detachable, breathable slipcover for cool breathability on heated evenings.


The pillow weight is 4.6 pounds. The pillow dimensions are  48 by 25 by 8 inches and have Grey scattered leave shade.

  • Machine washable cover
  • Very soft
  • Not provide enough body cooling.

3.PharMeDoc C-Shaped Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

Sometimes, during pregnancy, it can be difficult to get a good night’s rest. The PharMeDoc Full-Body C-Shaped Pillow is here to help! The PharMeDoc C-Shaped Pillow is one of the best body pillows for pregnancy. This multi-use pregnancy pillow is used in a variety of ways that gives excellent support to your body and your developing baby bulge.

The PharMeDoc C-Shaped Pillow helps to position your body for ease of breathing, allows you to sleep on your side, and alleviates back pain, leg cramps, and sciatica. It’s machine washable, and it can be used before and after delivery, too.

The PharMeDoc Full-Body C-Shaped Pillow is an ideal pregnancy pillow that can last you through your entire pregnancy, and well into your new motherhood. The ultimate pregnancy C-shaped body pillow design eliminates the need for many bed pillows and supports your head, neck, back, and hips while you sleep.

Multipurpose maternity pillows conform to your belly and back when you want to sleep, read, nurse, or watch TV  This pregnancy cushion will relax you into a deeper sleep while minimizing nighttime disruptions and alleviating pregnancy-related back pain.

They have given these pillows a high rating in terms of their performance and have praised them for being very comfortable. They have also noted that they have not experienced any back pain while using the pillows.

Some of the customers have also said that they like the fact that the pillows provide good support for the body and that they provide a lot of comfort at a very affordable price.


The product dimensions are 16 by 7 by 11 inches and it weighs about 2.5 grams.

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  • Detachable cover
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Little firm for some users

4. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

The Boppy Pregnancy wedge pillow is one of the most popular body pillows available today. It is made of memory foam, which is a good material for a body pillow. Memory foam contours to the shape of your body, and it retains its shape. The Boppy Pregnancy wedge pillow is also made with a cotton cover which is a good material for a body pillow cover.

It is easy to clean, durable, and easy to wash.. It can provide support for the back, hips, and belly. It can also provide support for the knees. The memory foam will contour to the body, and it will provide support in the places needed during pregnancy. The wedge is made using polyurethane foam, which is the standard material used in the production of body pillows.

Most pregnant women are used to having their feet and legs elevated while they are in their third trimester. This is because the weight of the baby affects the vena cava and pelvic veins. This leads to varicose veins, blood clots, swelling, and the other usual symptoms of pregnancy. To avoid these, a woman needs to have her feet up at all times.

The Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is an excellent choice for this. It is specifically designed for use in pregnancy. It elevates the upper body and the neck, making it easier for the woman to breathe. It also helps to relieve back pain and helps the woman to sleep in comfort.


The product dimensions are 14 by 4 by 22 inches. It has a wedge shape and a Grey modern stripe cover. The polyurethane foam is covered by two removable pillow covers. It is available in six different colors.

  • Detachable cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Hypoallergenic pillow
  • Firmness is not liked by some of the users
  • A little expensive

5.Room Essentials Body Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

Room Essentials Body Pillow is one of the best body pillows that provide a perfect and comfortable sleep to pregnant women.  It is made of polyester. Room Essentials Body Pillow is a great option for pregnant mothers.

It is soft and comfortable, and it can be used in an array of positions. Another thing that makes this pillow so great is that it is designed to provide support to all body parts.

Luxury Soft Cover is present. The 240-thread-count poly-cotton cover lends a layer of supple smoothness to the item. It is also machine-washable and easy to clean.


The pillow dimensions are 50 by 24 by 4.5 inches and it weighs 2.5 pounds. For velvety comfort, each body pillow is stuffed to the brim with hypoallergenic Soft LOFT fiber fill. This pillow offers comfort and support for many positions.

  • Washable cover
  • Super comfortable
  • It is not Eco friendly
  • Not enough durable

6. Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

Queen Rose Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is an innovative and comfortable pillow that is designed to support your whole body during pregnancy. It has a reversible two-color design that is made of super velvet that complements your changing mood throughout pregnancy.

Unlike other pillows, this one is a full body pillow that will not allow your body to sag, which is a common problem when sleeping on other pillows. This U-shaped body pillow, which is intended for pregnant or nursing mothers, also assists side sleepers, separates your legs, and provides belly, arm, and neck support.
Use this full-body pillow to watch TV, read, or just relax.

The coziest pillow is plush and hypoallergenic, and it is perfect for persons with sensitive skin, allergies, or other medical concerns. It is constructed entirely of polyester.


The product dimensions are 11 by 11 26.6 inches and are semi-circular in shape. it is white in color. Simply throw the pillow into the washing machine and select the cold, delicate cycle to clean it. The ideal gift for any side sleeper or pregnant mother is this pillow.

  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Prevent your body from sagging
  • Durable
  • Polyester is used which is not eco friendly

7.Belly Bandit Sleep-On-Side Pregnancy Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

As the name suggests, this pregnancy pillow is designed to support your body while you are sleeping on your side and for hot sleepers. . You can place this pillow under your belly to give extra support while you are sleeping. . Fully adaptable to fit a pregnant belly of any size or stage.

Utilize a pregnancy pillow wedge made of ergonomically designed “no-rollover” foam to support your back and tummy while you sleep by relieving pressure. comes with a convenient travel bag so you can get the assistance you need whenever and wherever you need it.

It is best in the second and third trimesters that give you a restful sleep and keep you on the side so that your baby gets enough healthy blood and oxygen flow. The pregnancy wedge pillow maintains you in the ideal side posture for better sleep when pregnant and prevents you from resting on your back.

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The product weight is 1 ounce and its dimensions are o.39 by 0.39 by 0.39 and 2.1 pounds weight.  It has a charcoal shade.

  • Provide excellent support during second and third trimester
  • Detachable cover
  • Some pregnant women do not like its large size

8.Buffy Wiggle Pillow and Cover:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

After the 20th week of pregnancy, you may find that you’re suffering from an uncomfortable sleep due to the weight of your belly. Your growing belly may be putting pressure on your bladder, which is making you get up frequently at night. One of the best body pillows for pregnancy is a Wiggle Pillow from the brand Buffy.

This pillow offers the following benefits: – It provides great support for your lower back and hips. – It can help you get better sleep at night. – It can help you reduce pain in your legs, back, and hips. It’s great for use during the day or night. Specifications

The product dimensions are 54 by 9 by 9 and it weighs 1 pound. It has a removable cover that can be washed in the washing machine. –

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  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Washable
  • Not gentle to hair
  • Not enough breathable

9. Bamibi Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

Bambi Pregnancy and Nursing Cushion is a pillow that not only helps in distributing weight but also helps in proper alignment of body during sleep. The pillow is designed in such a way that it helps in reducing the pain in the lower back, hips, knees, legs, and neck

This versatile pregnant cushion set adjusts to you at every stage, from conception through motherhood. It serves as a full-body nursing pillow, pregnancy pillow, and pillow for the infant when they are.It might be challenging to settle into a comfortable position when you’re pregnant.

Fortunately, this pregnancy cushion for side sleeping helps you settle down by supporting your back, tummy, and more. During breast- or bottle-feeding, this pregnancy and baby feeding pillow for newborns wraps around your body to support your arms and back while lifting the baby to the perfect height.

We know accidents happen, so don’t worry; this nursing cover is made of and is machine washable.


It has a semicircular shape, 1 kg weight and heart color. It is available in king, queen, and standard sizes.

  • Made opf 100 percent cotton
  • Eco friendly
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Cannot be used for sleeping babies

10.Coop Home Goods Adjustable Body Pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

Coop Home Goods Adjustable Body Pillow is a very comfortable pillow that supports the entire body, even the back. This is an essential product when it comes to comfort in the bed. You feel a lot of discomfort during pregnancy and is not easy to get a good night’s sleep during pregnancy.

The Coop Home Goods Adjustable Body Pillow is a good choice for pregnant women to get a good night’s sleep. Snoring, soreness or tossing and turning are all indications that you’re sleeping incorrectly during pregnancy.

SLEEP WELL! – Foam fill, which you may adjust to your size, shape, and sleeping position by adding or removing.  The pillow is quite versatile as it can be used during pregnancy as well as after childbirth. It can also be used by nursing mothers.


The product is queen in size and it has white in color.It is rectangular in shape. You may access the memory foam fill through our distinctive adjustable design and add or remove it to fit your size, shape, or preferred sleeping position.

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to clean
  • This pillow is not hypoallargenic
  • Little hard for some pregnant ladies

11.Zoma body pillow:

best body pillow for pregnancyDescription

A body pillow is a pregnancy necessity that helps in delivering a comfortable sleep throughout your pregnancy. Zoma body pillow is a high-quality pregnancy pillow. It helps in reducing physical pain and keeps you in a good mood throughout the day.

Zoma Body Pillow is one of the most popular brands of pregnancy pillows in the market. For those pregnant women seeking a better night’s sleep, these pillows are ideal! In addition to promoting blood flow and good spinal alignment, it can control your body’s temperature as you sleep..

It is good for that pregnant mother who sleeps on their sides. It’s never been comfier to support your body! This comfortable pillow conforms to the curve of your body while you sleep.

This pillow for after-pregnancy surgery is an excellent addition to anyone’s life, whether you’re recovering from surgery or simply seeking a little extra relief.


The pillow dimensions are 24 by 21 by 8 it weighs 6 pounds.This pillow’s opulent and breathable cover is machine washable for simple maintenance. It is good for that pregnant mother who sleeps on their sides

  • Also good for back pain
  • Easy to clean
  • A little heavy
  • Expensive

Buyer’s Guide | Things To Consider Before Buying:

With pillows, it’s important to consider the size and shape that would be best for your body type. Maybe you’re a fan of body pillows shaped exactly like you – curvy from head to toe. If so, consider a U-shaped maternity pillow. Or maybe you prefer more length than width and find comfort in a C-shaped body pillow.

Both offer great support at either end with plenty of room in-between. The choice is ultimately yours, though we think you’ll feel better prepared to choose the right maternity pillows if you take your time reading up on which types are best suited for certain sleep positions or ailments during pregnancy!


You should think about the size of your pregnancy pillow.  can be used under your back and behind your knees, but they’re not very large and you may find it difficult to sleep with them in bed.

Body pillows are a lot like a body – they’re meant to hug you! They’re generally U-shaped, though some come in V-shaped designs that give more room for sleeping on side or stomach. They usually wrap around you front and back, which is great for pregnant women who are looking for maximum support during their nightly slumber.


There’s no one-size-fits-all pregnancy pillow when it comes to comfort. Some are C or U shaped and give you proper cushioning wherever you need it. Others can be molded into the little “nests” that are specific to the way your body contours during pregnancy.

Plus, many women enjoy having multiple pillows on hand (one specifically for their head and another that rubs up against their belly) while they sleep at night, so they don’t have to change their makeshift cocoons before turning from side to side.

Type of material:

For example, warm-blooded individuals may prefer a mattress made of cotton because it’s more breathable and cooler than those made with polyester.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.What should be your sleep position in pregnancy?

A pregnant woman is the epitome of a miracle. It is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life. However, it can also be one of the most uncomfortable. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes, including hormone changes that relax the joints and ligaments, which can cause backaches, fatigue and difficulty sleeping.

Sleeping on your side is recommended as it provides the best support to your growing belly and makes breathing easier. However, it is best to sleep on your left side, as sleeping on your right side can increase the risk of developing high blood pressure. Also, a pillow between your knees and a pillow under your belly can provide support and relieve some of the pressure.

Q.Is sleeping on your belly good during pregnancy?

Although it’s common to want to sleep on your belly when you’re pregnant, this position may not be best for you or your baby. Sleeping on your stomach can put pressure on your abdomen and cause discomfort.

It can also make it harder for your partner to sleep next to you. Instead, try sleeping on your side with a pillow between your legs. This position helps support your growing belly and keeps your hips from getting sore.

Q. During pregnancy how can you sleep better at night?

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages of your life. There are many changes that happen in your body and mind. Your body is creating a new life inside of you. This is a miracle and you are very lucky to be pregnant. However, the process of creating a baby can be stressful for your body and mind.

You will get tired very easily and will have problems sleeping at night. This is normal and it can happen to anyone. The most important thing is to have a good support system and to take care of yourself. If you eat well and exercise regularly, you will have a much better pregnancy and easier delivery.

Q. Is lying on your back, is bad during pregnancy?

Lying on your back when you’re pregnant is bad because it puts pressure on your organs and disrupts circulation. The pressure can cause your uterus to compress the major vein that leads back to your heart, which can cause blood to “back up” or pool in your legs, swelling them and making them feel heavy and uncomfortable. Lying on your back also causes your kidneys to compress and slows the flow of blood through your body.


People who have gone through a pregnancy know how challenging it can be. Pregnancy can make people feel uncomfortable and tired, which makes it difficult to get a good night’s sleep.

Our bodies are under a lot of stress when we are pregnant, and this stress can make it difficult to sleep. And you’re in luck, because we have the best body pillow for pregnancy. In our research, we found that the Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme pillow is the best choice for expecting mothers.

This pillow can be used for back, belly, and leg support, so you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable no matter what position you’re in. It can also be used throughout pregnancy, nursing, and for c-section recovery.

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