10 best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers


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A pillow may seem like an insignificant piece of furniture in your home. But the Pillow is a vital part of your bed. It’s the only piece of furniture that touches you while you’re sleeping, and your Pillow is like your bed.

So how do you choose the best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers? There are several things to consider before choosing your next memory foam pillow. Let’s talk about those now.

Stomach sleepers can find the support they need with our memory foam pillows. Memory foam pillows offer excellent support and pressure relief for those who have trouble sleeping due to back pain, arthritis, injuries, or just poor mattress design. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and firmness.

Is memory foam suitable for stomach sleepers?

This foam layer supports a stomach sleeper’s hips without sinking into the mattress. The memory foam mattress is about the thickness of a dime, providing cushioning and support.

10 Best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers:

The 10 Best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers

1. Elite Rest Pillow

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

The Elite Rest Pillow is a great memory foam pillow that provides maximum comfort in your bed and excellent support. The Elite Rest Pillow is durable 100% cotton and premium memory foam. It is incredibly light, thin, and super comfortable to sleep on.

This Pillow offers spine alignment as it helps align your head, neck, and shoulders while sleeping. The size of this Pillow is perfect for sleepers who need an ultra-slim pillow that does not add bulk or take up valuable space in your bedroom.

It is highly recommended for stomach sleepers who like to sleep on their side, especially when sleeping on their stomach. This Pillow works great for people who are suffering from neck pain.


It is available in 3 sizes and each have a rectangular shape and white shade.

  • Size is perfect
  • This Pillow is the perfect Pillow for stomach sleeping positions.
  • It is the perfect Pillow for supporting your neck in any sleeping position.
  • Best Quality.

  • The foam is perfect, but is very soft.

2. Coop Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

The Coop  Pillow is designed with an innovative adjustable design to control pressure and comfort. This means that you can get a perfect balance between support and comfort.

The Pillow is made with memory foam that offers excellent support while sleeping. This Pillow is easy to clean and doesn’t have any unpleasant odours, making it a safe option for your home.

It’s also great if you sleep on your side or stomach sleeping. The high loft makes the Pillow extraordinarily soft, and it doesn’t have any sharp edges, making it comfortable to use.

The softest feature is the 100% viscose-rayon cover, which provides an excellent surface to lay on. Overall, if you are looking for the best adjustable memory foam pillow, I recommend you check out the Coop Pillow.


The pillow is available in standard and king size with a rectangular shape and white shade.

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  • Excellent pillows and comfortable.
  • This Pillow is perfect for sleepers who need extra support on the side and the neck.
  • High Quality and Soft
  • Best for stomach sleeper

  •  Some users feel a terrible smell.

3. Amuzn Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

Amuzn Pillow is a perfect combination of quality and comfort. These memory foam pillows are the best memory foam pillow available in the market, and they are suitable for back and side sleepers. They come in a 2-pack that offers excellent comfort and support.

The filling of this Pillow is a down-alternative that provides a more supportive and comfortable feel. It also features a 100% polyester microfiber material, making it soft and smooth. Nevertheless, these are the best memory foam pillows for stomach sleeping available in the market right now.

Overall, I can say that Amuzn Pillow is a great option to go for if you’re looking for a good pillow for sleeping on your side. It’s comfortable, affordable, and provides quality sleep for your entire body. 


The pillow size is 2 count, rectangular shape and white shade.

  • They are Fluffy and soft.
  • Very breathable.
  • Suitable for Stomach Sleepers.
  • Quality is fantastic.

  • These pillows cannot be washed.

4. Bluewave Bedding Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

The Bluewave Bedding Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers on the market today. It provides excellent comfort, support and relaxation all at once.

This memory foam pillow is made from a highly breathable fabric that is infused with gel particles to improve the air circulation around the sleeping surface. This helps to keep the sleeping surface dry and cool during the night.

Moreover, this Pillow features a thin profile design that perfectly fits stomach sleepers and even people with small frames. It also comes with a removable and machine washable cover to keep it clean and fresh for more extended periods.

Overall, if you are looking for a great and affordable memory foam pillow, Bluewave Bedding Pillow should be your choice.


The pillow dimensions are 28 by 16 by 23 inches and rectangular shape.

  •  Excellent ventilation and
  • Cooling gel-infused
  • Stomach sleepers can use this thin Pillow
  • best stomach sleeper pillows

  • You cannot wash these pillows.

5. Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

The Ultra Slim Sleeper Pillow for Stomach Sleepers is a great pillow to sleep on. It provides the comfort you need to get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

It’s an ideal pillow for people that have issues sleeping on their side. You can move on and sleep better without waking up with back or neck pain every morning.

This Pillow is made from top quality memory foam that will provide you with a soft and comfortable sleep each night. It can be used for stomach sleepers, but it can also be used as a firm pillow for side sleepers. The ultra-thin Pillow for sleeping is covered with a cotton material that is easy to clean and machine washable.

Overall, if you want to buy the best memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers, this is a perfect choice. It provides all the comfort you need and won’t add any pressure to your neck or back while you sleep.


The pillow is available in king, queen, and standard sizes. This soft and very pillow has a rectangular shape.

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  • This Pillow is perfect for providing just the right amount of support for your Head.
  • Very Suited for a side sleeper and is comfortable.
  • This is a great neck and spine support.
  • Affordable Price

  • Some users reported that they feel the chemical smell.

6. Saatva Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers


Saatva Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers, and these are also highly recommended for back sleepers. The latex core provides enough support for your head, neck, and head. The inner layers are made up of micro-denier down-like fibres that offer a fantastic soft touch on your skin.

These pillows also have a breathable 100% organic cotton pillow cover that provides enough comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Overall, these pillows are highly recommended for people who don’t like firm mattresses. It gives the feeling of lying on a cloud in the middle of a cloud forest! These pillows are available in a wide range of sizes and can fit all types of sleepers.


There are many different colours to choose from, but if you have a hard time selecting the perfect colour, go for the standard grey or white colour.

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  • Awesome quality product.
  • Nice customer service.
  • Perfect pillows and mattress

  • Little expensive

7. Ghost Pillow:best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

Saatva Pillow is a highly comfortable pillow with superior memory foam. The unique technology allows the foam to adjust to your body temperature while you sleep, keeping you cool and comfy all night long.

The memory foam material also works well to eliminate pressure points and ensure that your body stays relaxed as you sleep. The cover of the Pillow is also made from soft and cosy fabric that is easy to use and machine washable.

Overall, this is an excellent pillow for stomach sleepers and those who don’t want their pillows to lose shape over the night.


The famous pillow is available in square and rectangular shapes and in queen and standard sizes.

  • The ideal thickness for neck support.
  • An excellent product with super comfort.

  •  A little heavy but comfortable.

8. Casper Pillow:best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

Casper Pillow is the best memory foam pillow designed for stomach sleepers. It provides excellent neck and back support while sleeping. I recommend this Pillow for all users who struggle with pain while sleeping.

The Casper Pillow has been made out of 100% breathable polyester material and provides an optimal environment for your body while sleeping. It also has a down alternative filling that mimics the fluffy softness of the traditional feather down fill.

It’s highly recommended that you wash your Casper Pillow by hand or machine wash it after using it because it can stain your pillowcase if you put it in a washer machine.

Overall, it is the best Pillow for those who want to sleep more comfortably and get a better night’s sleep.


The pillow is available in standard and king size and has a rectangular shape.

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  • Perfect balance for comfort and support.
  • A fantastic night’s sleep is ensured with the Right Pillow.
  • It is the most comfortable Pillow.

  •  It is not suitable for some users.

9. The Pillow:best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

“The Pillow” is excellent. It’s perfect for people who have back issues and need good support for their neck and shoulders. This is the only Pillow that I’ve been able to sleep on without waking up with a sore neck.

The memory foam has this incredible ability to mould itself to your body, meaning you can use it as a full-body pillow and cooling Pillow.

This Pillow does come with a bit of an issue, though. I’ve found that memory foam and stomach sleepers tend to become hard over time if you use them for more than two years.

That’s not something that will be an issue for some people, but if you are the type of person who is constantly rolling on your bed, then this Pillow may not be a great option.

That’s not an issue for me since I only use it every couple of weeks. Overall, this is the best option for people with neck and shoulder pain. It’s very affordable and is made in America.


The pillow is available in white shade and 3 sizes.

  •  Highly recommended.
  • It is a Great pillow for neck and shoulder pain.
  • This is a well-made item.

  • A high loft pillow can be a problem for stomach and side sleepers.

10. Layla Pillow:

best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepersDescription

This Layla Pillow is one of the best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers. These are not the cheapest option, but they offer lots of comfort and support. They have been designed to help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed.

These pillows provide excellent support to your head and neck, keeping your neck perfectly aligned. The soft inner liner helps absorb heat while you sleep, and it’s also highly breathable.

This is a perfect pillow for stomach sleeping because it provides tons of support to your back and keeps your spine in alignment. You can adjust the Pillow’s fill size, loft, and firmness with a convenient remote control that adjusts the cover with the press of a button.

You can also make the Pillow as soft or firm as you prefer. It’s reasonably priced for the high quality.


The Pillow comes with a 5-year warranty backed by a 120-night sleep trial.

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  •  This is a pillow that is adjustable in the loft.
  • It’s Very comfortable and of Nice quality.
  • A nice pillow for a bad neck!

  • It does not work for some users.

Buyers Guide

How to Select the Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a stomach sleeping. Understanding these factors will help you choose the right Pillow for your sleeping needs.

There are many different types of sleepers, and each has different needs and preferences. Here are some tips on choosing the best Pillow for your unique needs.

Which to Consider When Buying the Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

The best way to find the right Pillow for your needs is to pay attention to your needs and your body’s needs. You’ll want to make sure your Pillow fits your Head, neck, back, and shoulders.

There are several factors to consider when buying a pillow. The most important thing to look for is how well the Pillow will perform in your specific needs.


A pillow with a low loft, or below three inches, is usually suggested by stomach sleepers. A medium loft pillow will generally be a little taller than a low loft pillow, and a high loft pillow will be taller than a medium loft pillow.

The correct Pillow for stomach sleepers should be 3 to 5 inches thick, supporting the neck and Head at a comfortable angle.


To keep your spine in alignment, you must support it with a good pillow. Factors that affect the amount of support include firmness, loft, and size.

This is an excellent neck and shoulder pillow for stomach sleepers who experience a lot of tension in their neck and shoulders.

Firmness Level: 

The firmness level of a pillow is determined by the firmness of the material, the thickness of the fill, and the Pillow’s size.

For stomach sleepers, medium and soft firm pillows are best. These are the ones that keep the neck and Head in a comfortable direction.

Pillows are made of different materials, including buckwheat,  foam, down alternative, and latex. The type of material you select will impact the firmness of your Pillow.

Pressure Relief: 

This Pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers who suffer from neck and back pain. It helps relieve pressure on the neck and spine, which can cause uncomfortable for stomach sleepers.

If you suffer from pain in your neck, shoulders, or back, the best support is an excellent orthopaedic pillow. These products are made of foam, foam, and shredded memory foam, and they contour to the shape of your head and neck.


Pillows have a wide range of shapes and sizes. They come in various materials, including down and down replacement, foam, shredded memory foam, latex, and more. The construction and shape of the Pillow also vary widely.

Memory foam is excellent for stomach sleepers, but latex is a better choice for those who need a customized feel. Latex holds its shape better than other types of mattresses, so it’s the best material to use for mattresses.


Many factors determine the price of a pillow, including the materials used, the size, and the style. The most basic pillows cost $10 to $20, while the most luxurious can cost $150 or beyond.

Shoppers should be aware of the cost of the material they’re using, but they should also be mindful of the quality of the material. They should also consider the amount of money they want to spend.

Quality Materials: 

A pillow should last for three years, and it’s essential to choose a quality pillow to ensure that it provides steady help.

If you’re shopping for a pillow, you should pay attention to the materials used. High-quality pillows may be more expensive, but they will likely last longer. Latex and down pillows are often the best choices, as they provide the best support and are more durable.


The modality of the Pillow refers to how easily it can be shaped to the desired shape. This makes sure a custom-made structure for comfort and support.

A soft pillow that conforms to the neck is helpful for a stomach sleeper. A moldable pillow may also be beneficial.

Which Materials are best for Stomach Sleepers?

Several different types of pillows are available to stomach sleepers, including down-alternative, latex, and memory foam. Each type has its benefits and drawbacks for stomach sleepers, and we’ll explain the different types further here.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is called a viscoelastic foam that replies to pressure and heat. It is especially effective at relieving tension and promoting spinal alignment.

Memory foam pillows are generally an excellent option for a stomach sleeper. Some are filled with a shredded memory foam core, while others are filled with a solid memory foam core. Some are also hypoallergenic, which may benefit those with allergies.


The buckwheat pillows are made using carbonised hulls and other materials that help cool your Head or body as you sleep.

When used as bedding, buckwheat is malleable and conforms to the shape of the Head and neck when used as a pillow fill. It contributes to supporting and relieving pressure in your neck while you sleep.

The level of these pillows might be adjusted by fixing or deleting hulls. All the different types of pillows will give you some relief. The Pillow also rustled whenever the Pillow was moved.


Pillows made of feathers are an excellent alternative for stomach sleepers. They are lightweight and soft might conform to the structure of the Head. It might be helpful for a stomach sleeper.

For people who are sensitive to down, feather pillows are a better choice. Feather pillows are more breathable and can be fluffed without causing heat retention.


When choosing a down pillow, it’s essential to select one with the right amount of loft and softness. The malleable fill permits for you to structure the Pillow as a requirement.

This Pillow cradles your neck and head, keeping your head and neck from sinking into the mattress. It is also soft enough for stomach sleepers.


Polyfoam is a type of foam that can be used in pillows and mattresses. It is often a cost-effective choice but compared to other materials; it is not breathable. It might also sink over time.

Other Points for Stomach Sleeper and Stomach sleeping

Here are tips on how to choose the right Pillow for stomach sleepers.

Select the correct MatMattresstomach sleepers are more sensitive to the firmness of their matMattressan than other sleepers, so they need a mattress that offers firm support to help keep the spine aligned.

Under the pelvis should use Pillow:

In addition to sleeping on your stomach, people who rest on their stomach sleepers also tend to have shorter, more narrow mattresses. The pelvis is higher than the hips, and the spine is curved.

Sleep with Head aligned without turned 

Sleeping on your side can put stress on your neck and shoulders. You may want to sleep with your Head on an adjustable pillow to reduce this stress.

Sleeping on your back is better for your neck than sleeping on your side. If you sleep on your side, make sure you select a pillow with a breathable material.


Is Pillows Better for sleep on your stomach sleeping?

Head and neck pillows are more likely to cause neck, shoulder, and back pain if the Pillow is too firm or thick. So people who prefer side and back sleepers usually prefer thicker pillows.

Is Casper pillow a good choice for stomach sleepers?

“This Pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers who like a soft and comfortable pillow. It doesn’t require the Head and neck to be elevated as much as other pillows, so it’s a good option for people with a slightly flattened neck.

What is a memory foam Pillow and stomach sleeper pillow?

A foam pillow, also known as a stomach sleeper pillow or stomach pillow, is a pillow that is designed to support your Head, neck, and shoulders during sleep. The foam is made from memory foam, an advanced type of foam with a very low density. This means that it is very soft and can mould itself to the shape of your body pillow.


 Stomach sleepers are usually restless during their nights, tossing and turning for hours before finding sleep. This problem is often exacerbated by a lack of support and pressure relief during the night.

Memory foam pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers, offering help, comfort, and pressure relief. Many people experience pain and discomfort when lying on their stomachs, especially if they already suffer from back pain.

If you need to find the best memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers, We have reviewed the ten best memory foam pillows for stomach sleepers in this article.

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