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It is very common that pillows trap allergens such as dust mites if not properly cleaned. However, this can give you allergic symptoms. But in case you are already experiencing allergies and you can’t sleep peacefully because your pillow has dust particles or off-gas chemicals that you are allergic to, so we have a solution for you. This article will let you know about the best pillow for allergies that can reduce and resist allergic reactions and allow you to have an amazing sleep time.

Here is the list of best pillow for allergies:

Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow
Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow
WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow
Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow
Viewstar Standard Bed Pillows Luxury Hotel Collection Pillow

1.Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow:

best pillow for allergies
For the best sleep, one must have the best comfort level. The back sleeper always struggles for relaxing sleep nights, but the pillow can help you get it. Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Pillow offers additional thickness and height that keeps your neck high and averts your skull from too much sinking.
The pillow includes memory foam that allows you to attain a customizable balance. The exceptional support by the pillow makes sure you continue sleeping without any discomfort. You do not need to worry about decreasing air quality as the pillow has been certified by GreenGuard Gold.
In case you want a bit more support, the pillows come with a free sack of memory foam so you can add additional memory form for extra support.The high-quality memory foam in the pillow is an optimum choice for people who suffer from breathing issues.
Not only this, the shredded memory foam makes this pillow stay in its shape without the necessity of refilling after every few hours. Furthermore, the pressure-reducing capability of the pillow will let you stay comfortable and have considerable support throughout the night.


We thought it was requisite to add this pillow to our list of best pillows for allergies because it has numerous remarkable qualities; it helps to stay cool all night and prevents you from sinking a lot.
It is great for those who have loose their breath during the night because they are allergic to dust mites. You can cherry-pick this pillow as it is customizable and can be shaped as desired by the user. This is one of the best hypoallergenic pillows for side sleepers.


Relief-Mart is the manufacturer of this pillow. Relief-Mart, Inc is situated in Westlake Village of California. The company produces products that help relieve pain and offer comfort to the users, including pillows, sleeping support, mattresses, exercise equipment, supplements, most heat, herbal, massage, and much more. The company has always made its users glad about its top-notch quality products.


Our experience with this pillow was good; it helped get the peaceful nights of sleep back. I customized the pillow just as I wanted, and I slept without getting an allergic reaction, but the only problem was that the pillow used to get flat in the middle of the night. Otherwise, everything was so good about it.

  • The pillow is customizable,
  • It has a breathable cover
  • You can have a 120-night sleep trial for free
  • Some customers complain about the slight odor they experience after unpacking the pillow
  • Shredded foam pillows may require occasional re-fluffing

2) Bluewave Bedding Memory Foam Pillow:

The next pillow in our recommendation of best pillow for allergy is Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow; it will not only resist the trigger of your allergy but also let you sleep stress-free. Unpacking this pillow will not take your much time.
All you have to do is fluff the pillow for 20 to 25 minutes at moderate heat in a clothes dryer. This will not only expand your pillow but will make it odor-free. The pillow enhances spinal alignment and it is also the best pillow to stop snoring. It helps those who suffer from shoulder, muscle, or neck pain.
The pillow has been designed impeccably. It makes sure you stay cool all night and does not lack ventilation. The infused gel particle system grips and passes extreme heath. The polyester is changeable and washable.
Never settle for low-quality stuff because it is never worth purchasing it. This pillow has high-quality and CertiPUR-US memory foam and does not contain any extra additives, so highly recommended for people who have sensitivities.
The pillow is ideal for allergies and asthma. The pillow has a dual sleeping surface that includes a contoured top and plane bottom. This may offer extra support to individuals who do not flip the cushion throughout the night.


We love this pillow because the overall features offered by the pillow make it worthy enough to give a try. The high-quality memory foam-infused gel particle system and dual sleeping surface in the cushion make it stand out. It helps with many things like reduces snoring, maintain coolness during the night, and of course, does not include extra additives.


The manufacturer of this pillow is Bluewave Bedding Company. The company was originated in 2016 in Founded in St. Petersburg, FL. the incorporation manufactures cushion and considers stomach and back sleepers as their target audience. With their innovation and consistent hard work, the company has done a good job in the past years.


The pillow gave us a relaxing time. My allergy used to trigger at night, and I used to wake up, but after using this pillow, everything just became normal for me, and I used to have deep nights of sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. The only thing that bothered me was the pillow was a bit hard for me.

  • It makes sure you stay cool all night
  • Washable
  • It has a dual sleeping surface
  • It may be a bit firm for some users.

3) WonderSleep Premium Pillow:

best pillow for allergies
How about having a relaxing sleep after hours of working? It is a great idea. However, it is only possible if you have a pillow that can actually reduce your exhaustion. A pillow that can give you therapeutic relief and relaxing sleep for getting rid of tiredness.
We recommend you to try WonderSleep Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow. The pillow contains a filing of shredded memory foam that offers optimum relief. You can also eliminate or add foam filing to get the impeccable comfort level and delight in a modified sleep experience.
The premium fabric in the pillow makes sure you stay cool all night. You are allowed to customize shredded memory foam support of the neck, head, and shoulder to relieve pain. The pillow is draped in a cover that maintains good airflow; it is made with 40 percent Viscose Rayon and 60 percent Polyester. This pillow is ideal for users that suffer from allergies because its cover is dust repellent. You can also wash the cover and the pillow in a washing machine when needed.
If you are not good with the firmness of the pillow, you can eradicate some foam filling according to your preferences. You may also add foam filling to get the enhanced firmness of the pillow.


We love this pillow because it fades your exhaustion within minutes by providing you optimum comfort. You have the choice to customize the pillow according to your preferences. Furthermore, it deals well with people who are allergic to dust.


The manufacturer of this pillow is wonder sleep. The company sells air mattresses and pillows. They continuously improve their air mattress. They make it more convenient to use. You can have their pillows to get the best experience.


The initial days were a bit rough as the pillow had a bad smell like chemicals, but usually, after several days, the smell disappeared. The pillow was soft and comfortable. I had a beautiful sleep time, and it got really hard for me to wake up in the morning and leave this pillow.

  • The pillow is made with the best quality material and maintains good breathability throughout the night
  • It is washable
  • It provides wonderful relaxation
  • It contains 100 percent shredded memory foam.
  • It does not include any not about cleaning instructions

4) Coop Home Goods Premium Pillow:

Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow, one of the best selections, will give you the best sleep you can ever have. You must be wondering what is so good about this pillow that convinced us to make it our premium choice.
Well, the pillow is just amazing in all ways. There are numerous features in it, and it will give you the next-level comfort.The pillow is manufactured in the USA. It includes 60 percent of polyester and 40 percent bamboo.
The pillow welcomes all types of sleepers. No matter you are a stomach, back, or side sleeper, the pillow has got you. You can customize the pillow to attain the right balance that makes you feel lavish.
If you experience any head, neck, or back pain and experiencing increased snoring, these are all signs that you are sleeping in the right position. You need to figure out the right comfort level, and for this, you can customize the memory foam of pillow-like add it or remove it to have size, sleep position, and shape that fits you right.
The pillow is certified by GREEN GUARD GOLD CERTIFIED, and we assure you that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The pillow is 100 percent safe for long-term use and environmentally friendly.
The cover has been built with Lulltra fabric, polyester, and a mix of viscose rayon that ensures coolness and softness.
If you don’t find the pillow good enough within 100 days, you can contact the manufacturers and have your refund. Additionally, the pillow comes with a guarantee of 5 years.


We love this pillow because the overall quality and features of this pillow are up to mark. But still, in case you think this pillow is not good, you can change it within 100 days and have a refund, so it is worth purchasing this pillow.


Coop Home Goods is the manufacturer of this pillow. They manufacture the best quality pillows that are adjustable and include shredded bamboo memory foam. They provide a 100-night trial and offer free shipping.


My neck pain vanished after I started sleeping on this pillow. The pillow helped to get rid of exhaustion and pain, and I just woke up completely fresh. However, I found a zipper slightly harsh, but overall, this is an ideal pillow.

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  • The pillow has an adjustable loft
  • It is cool and relaxing
  • Its odor can be annoying for some users.

5.Viewstar Standard Bed Pillows :

best pillow for allergies
Another amazing pillow we want to surprise you with is Viewstar Standard Bed Pillows Luxury Hotel Collection Pillow. The pillow will make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. It is soft, cozy, and rich with down-like fiber.
If you are having a rough time leaving your traditional pillow, then don’t worry. Sleeping on Viewstar Standard Bed Pillows Luxury Hotel Collection Pillow, you will feel like sleeping on a traditional pillow. It will also help you combat allergies and give you beautiful sleep nights. The manufactures have designed it with much concern that it does not go flat and maintain its shape throughout the night.
The pillows maintain a good balance to support your neck and head. It also helps to reduce your exhaustion and diminishes neck and head pain. All types of sleepers, back, stomach, and side sleepers can utilize this pillow.
The cover of this pillow is breathable. It maintains the cooling and does not let you sweat anyway.The pillow holds good durability. Additionally, it is washable so that you can maintain hygiene.


We like this pillow because it gives you the love and feeling of a traditional pillow and makes sure your allergy does not get worse at night. It resists dust mites. It is soft and cozy, so you get the sleep with additional comfort. Wash it whenever you think it needs it so you can maintain hygiene. And don’t worry, you can use it for a longer duration as it is built with quality material to hold decent durability.


HOMEIN CO., LTD is the manufacturer of this pillow. The manufacturers have given the tough competition in the other companies with their comfortable and amazing quality pillows.


I felt like sleeping on a cloud. The pillow was so soft and coy. It made me comfortable and vanished my neck and head pain. However, it gave me extra warmth that can be annoying for other people.

  • Soft and cozy
  • Resist triggering of allergy
  • Provides good support to neck and head
  • It provides a bit of extra heat that can bother some people.

How to select the best pillow for allergies?

There are important features you need to look into to get the right pillow for allergies.
Changeable and washable cover.
You must purchase a pillow that comes with a changeable and washable cover. The cover is very close to your face, and the cover must be free from dust particles that can trigger allergy symptoms and disturb your sleep.
Substitute down fills.
The down fills mostly trap dust bugs and other allergens. So if you are allergic, it is better that you look for alternate fills.
Materials certifications.
Some sleepers can be allergic to chemicals, so it is better to look for materials in the pillow that prevent off-gassing of compounds and irritate airways.
Positive reviews.
Check the reviews of the pillow that if it is not causing discomfort, especially to people sensitive to allergies.

What is an anti-allergy pillow?

The anti-allergy pillows are manufactured particularly to battle the development of dust bugs or provide protection counter to any allergen you feel pain from. It particularly serves to diminish and resist an allergy burst up.

What are hypoallergenic pillows?

Hypoallergenic pillows are pillows that diminish or resist allergic reactions to particular triggers, such as dust mites. By decreasing or fighting such reactions, people who suffer from allergy reactions can find pillows for better sleep time.

Can allergies go away with time?

Allergies are very normal, especially children who suffer more from allergies. However, few allergies disappear as the person gets older, but not all allergies disappear with time. In the United States, the sixth biggest reason for chronic illness among people is allergies, with approximately more than 50 million residents of the US suffer from different allergies each year.


Our given recommendation list of the best pillow for allergies will help you get the right pillow without wasting time. After testing it on people who regularly suffered from sleepless nights due to allergic reactions, we have mentioned each pillow in our list. The added information in the article will make you understand if you should try anti-allergic pillows and how they can help you have a desirable sleep.

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