Top 6 Best Pillows for acid reflux in 2022


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Are you suffering from acid reflux? Are you looking best Pillow for acid reflux? You should know except sleep and relax anything can happen. A Full Flate position can damage more. It is a big symptom, and it can become an Acid reflux disease. No sooner is acid reflux. It is called gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD. It is the cause of stomach acid dwindle that enters you’re to the throat. It joins the stomach with the neck. When you become parallel, it is accessible to enter the throat for stomach acid to make your sleep difficult and painful. That is why you need to pick the best Pillow for acid reflux. As far as it can treat your GERD of all issues. We have tested some best pillows for acid reflux. Keep reading until the end. Here is the list below.

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1- The Sleep Number Adjustable Wedge Pillow
2- The Brentwood Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow
3- The Kӧlbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam
4- The Lisenwood Foam Bed Wedge Pillow
5- The Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow with Bamboo Cover
6- The Healthex Bed Wedge Pillow Cooling Gel Memory Foam Top

1- Sleep Number Adjustable Wedge Pillow:

Best Pillow for acid reflux

This Wedge pillow comes a size no sooner can adjust support, angle, and crave for sleepers. Three foam enter to wedge Pillow that is 2 inches and 1-inch enter. It works strong. Having ingredients mixed gives an encouraging feel. It has been made according to the body. It comes with three wedges and an 8-inch thick pillow. Erasing for two or three enters, height can reduce 3, 4, or until 6 inches.

This personalized pillow design for the sleeper to adjust the angle and try different lofts to give the permit. As far as it could be known that which one meets to requires. A hypoallergenic pillow that contains a temporary foam. A back sleeper can take benefits. as far as it might be caused inconvenience for stomach and side.

The polyester removable can wash in the machine. But the Pillow needs to clean. It is being designed guested design for cover that it has been made for pillow shape adjustment face. Cover zipper allows to sleepers easy, and incorporate gives permission.


It is the best Pillow for acid reflux and back, knee pain, heartburn. It gives you comfortable sleep without any stress. It is easy to wash. This Pillow has a fastener tie for lock and soft polyurethane foam. Removable and washable bamboo cover. It has a premium hypoallergenic, breathable cover. We recommend this product for acid reflux.

Our experience with this product?

Our experience was brilliant. We have tested each aspect. It comes with multiple functions, and it works really for acid reflux. The Quality was good. Easy to wash without any worry. The memory foam quality is also excellent. We are satisfied with Pillow.

Who is the manufacturer?

It is manufactured in the US and is located in South Carolina. It is a private company. They are developing a supported sleep system for pillows, mattresses. The company has been working since 1980 In America.

  • It is best for allergies and sleepers.
  • It is best for snoring people.
  • Sleeper who can adjust their height position for sleep.
  • Memory foam does not seem soft to some people.
  • Pillow design is different to others.

2- The Brentwood Zuma Foam Wedge Pillow:

The Brentwood Zuma foam pillow has three kinds of height options, but people can buy it according to their angle. It comes at a reasonable price. It can be adjusted for them.
The Zuma foam wedge pillow of a four-way stretch from Acquired rayon to contains. Although it keeps away body temperature and helps sleepers. The cover can be washed.
The wedge pillow is being made of Certipur-us certified therapeutic support foam. As far as Brentwood home pillow is firm. It is suitable for back sleepers.
The Pillow height is 24 inches and the width 24. And available with 7, 10, or 12 inches. It is best for lower-minded sleepers. They need to reduce pressure for the lower waist and move up knees and leg keep for height. Who is suffering from apnea and acid reflux and can take more benefits of 10 inches pillow. As far as It is very comfortable for 12 inches downward television or read books on the bed.


This Zuma foam wedge pillow comes with multiple height options. People can use the height according to their needs. It is easy to wash, and it has made Certipur-us therapeutic foam and strong. Who is suffering from face allergies? This Pillow helps prevent any face allergy, gives comfortable sleep, works for heartburn while sleeping, and is helpful for snoring. We recommend this Pillow. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

Our experience with this product?

Our experience was average with this Pillow. We have tested each aspect of the Pillow. It is very suitable for a back sleeper. It comes with three different height options. Anyone can change the height according to their need. It is helpful to prevent any face allergic while sleeping and snoring.

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Who is the manufacturer?

It has been made in the US. The Brentwood Zuma Foam pillow contains Certi Pur-us certified memory foam.

  • Inclines available in 7, 10, 12 inches
  • Strong fill and well suitable for back sleepers
  • It’s Certipur-us-certified foam.
  • It is a little expensive.
  • It does not suit some people.

3- The Kolbs Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam:

Cons - It is a little expensive. - It does not suit some people.
Everyone wants a good sleep at night and the excellent night made a foundation of good the day. Neck &back pain, acid reflux, post-surgical pain or medical issues can destroy your sleep at night. The Kolbs Bed Wedge Pillow gives a comfortable and suitable position. The wedge pillow’s highest layer of 1.5 memory foam provides a comfortable and relaxing sleep at night.

The memory foam higher supports the higher density medical-grade foam that exact quantity provides to firm & support. The Kolb bed wedge pillow comes with an advanced jacquard pillow cover. It would be a spirit charm in your bedroom. This Pillow makes a brilliant sleep wedge. It is the best Pillow for acid reflux.

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The kolbs bed wedge pillow is best for back pain, acid reflux problems, and surgical pain for a suitable position. It is best for snoring and a super comfortable wedge pillow. It can adjust to two different heights 12 inches, 7.5 inches (25x25x12 inches and 24x24x7.5 inches). It has a top layer of memory foam. The Pillow highest layer of 1.5 with memory foam provides a comfortable sleep at night.
Our experience with this product?

Our experience was best with this Kolbs bed wedge. It has been designed especially for acid reflux problems and back pain, or any kind of surgical pain. We recommend it, Pillow. Who is suffering from these issues Quality is best we have tested every aspect in pillow overall was brilliant. It is best for acid reflux, and it is our best list it Pillow.

Who is the manufacturer?

It has been made in the USA. They are creating high technology wedge beds for comfortable and quality sleep.

  • It is suitable for back support watching tv and reading books and gives relaxation.
  • Easy to wash in the machine.
  • It is best for feet and leg height.
  • Quality is fantastic.
  • Price is a bit high compare to others.
  • Customer support is too lazy to replies.

4- The Lisenwood Foam Bed Wedge Pillow Set:

Best Pillow for acid reflux
The Lisenwood foam bed wedge pillow set can use for head and back… it can give you support while sleeping or sitting. The Pillow provides relief pain from your lower part such as hips, knees, legs, although this Pillow can assemble in two different ways.
It gives relief from neck and back pain, acid reflux, tailbone injury, sciatica, hemorrhoids, and any kind of spinal issues. You should adjust your weight and reduce the pressure while sitting. It gives you relief also from the back with swelling on the legs.


It gives relief to your hips, knees, legs, and acid reflux. Injury, spinal issue, Quality is best. Right triangle wedge pillow for back support and triangle wedge pillow for leg support. We recommend this Pillow. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Our experience with this product?

Our experience was good with this Pillow. It really helps for lower part sleep position to knees legs and acid reflux, injury issue, we have tested each aspect everything was brilliant.

  • This wedge pillow comes with two separate foam.
  • It is easy to wash plush cover and breathable case.
  • It is not best for Pillow stinks.

5- The Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow with Bamboo Cover:

The contoured bed wedge pillow is suitable for side sleepers and gives relief for height. It has been picked you all effigy from foam that provides an ideal level surface. Our accurate angle would help you breathe easy while alleviating pressure from your chest and sinus.
This Pillow is made from extra enjoyable polyurethane foam that provides you with a proper amount of support. As far as memory foam according to your body and whole night crib you. The removal of antimicrobial cover appearance on breathable rayon keeps the benefit. It has been designed for acid reflux, heartburn, GERD, snoring, and sleep apnea and is suitable for side sleepers. Who wants to read and watching tv while also sitting comfortably.

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It is the best pillow for side sleepers and sinus congestion problems. Some doctors are suggesting to many people according to their situation. It gives you relief from heartburn, snoring, acid reflux, sinus congestion. We recommend this Pillow.

Our experience with this product?

Our experience was best. We have tested this Pillow and high recommend for side sleepers who suffer from sinus congestion, snoring, and acid reflux problem. It is really for that problem. It gives you a very comfortable sleep the whole night. Memory foam to soft overall was brilliant with this Pillow.

Who is the manufacturer?

It is made in the USA. It has been designed for side sleepers.

  • It is highly recommended for side sleepers and sinus congestion problem
  • Memory foam is very soft and Quality awesome
  • It is best for acid reflux and snoring
  • It is not comfortable for short-height people.

6- The Healthex Bed Wedge Pillow Cooling Gel Memory Foam Top:

Best Pillow for acid reflux

The Health bed wedge pillow is flat. It is a very comfortable and long-lasting colling Pillow with a thin edge. It is the best Pillow for acid reflux and this pillow-soft memory foam. It comes with ultra softcover. Easy to cover in machine. It is advanced technology Gel Memory foam. It has high-density memory foam of 1.5 inches. It is the best wedge pillow and good night’s sleep, and comfortable and 10-inch wedge.


It is the best Pillow for reading, sleeping, and maternity women. It gives comfortable and deep sleep for the whole night. It has soft and high-density foam. It has an advanced cooling feature with cooling gel. Ultra-soft removable cover with a 10-inch wedge. It reduces acid reflux and back pain. We recommend this Pillow.

Our experience with this product?

Our experience was best with this Pillow. It helps to give better and comfortable sleep. Easy to wash with ultra-softt and removable cover. It is best for acid reflux and back pain. We have tested each aspect of this Pillow. Overall was brilliant.

  • It has an advanced feature cooling gel with memory foam
  • It is a comforting design for your optimal relax
  • Long-lasting and comfortable
  • It takes a little long time for adjustment.

What Is the Acid Reflux?

Before we go to recommend acid reflux pillows details, we should know about acid reflux, what is acid reflux exactly, and the reason behind acid reflux. As far as we know, many names such. Acidity, indigestion, dyspepsia it is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
It has symptoms and condition burn sensation and distress. Consistently it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Other than nausea, bloating, borborygmus Loose. These are all symptoms, not admiration that acid reflux makes difficult.

What Exactly Cause of Acid Reflux?

Often acid reflux is the cause of a hiatal hernia. In this condition, A stomach part toward the chest moves. Although stomach and Esophagus push on the diaphragm. Diaphragm muscle to help in our stomach keep acid. As far as a stomach part along with push on the diaphragm, that diaphragm muscles are firm. Instead, it marks a closed entrance toward the stomach oesophagus. Drink and eat while relaxing as far as eating may have allowed stomaching then again might hard. Muscle is weak for GERD people. Where they want, they don’t rest. Its oesophagus muscles prevent proper close and stomach content toward pushed to the neck. It causes indigestion, bloating, heartburn, and Sighing.
Acid reflux is any other condition to more common. Most 60% of Americans every year experiment with acid reflux. Although mostly half population Americans get symptoms every weak. Acid reflux clearly needs to digestive supplement.
Some most factors cause acid reflux list:
– Smoking
– Obesity
– Wear the tight cloth on the bed
– Eating at bedtime near sleep
As far as we understand, those are the main reason for acid reflux. Often acid reflux occurs at night time. It affected on sleep. We are eating something near to sleep time. It can be affected, and it can become the cause of acid reflux.

What to Consider When Choosing a Best Pillow for Acid Reflux:

Often people with lower incline choose sleepers like that use pillow under the knees and legs. Middle-level incline often sleeper acid reflux or use with sleep apnea. Higher slope can be beneficial for buyers that who want to use Pillow on the bed.

What Can Help Alleviate Indigestion?

Your ideal foods can charm your taste sprout. As long as you eat very fast and use many foods, so ever indigestion can face.
Indigestion symptoms after eating feel stomach pain can incorporate. You can feel the pain on the upper side stomach and some burning sensation.
Indigestion is not called a disease. Instead, it is a symptom of other gastrointestinal issues. Like ulcers, acid reflux, gastritis.
Often people can feel indigestion sometimes. Some people for their stomach relief instead of reach antacids. They want to use their kitchen’s available ingredients and herbs and try to control them.

We have tested eight home remedies factors to help you. Here is the list.

1- The Peppermint tea:

The peppermint is further than a freshener breathe. The antispasmodic effect occurs on body. Like stomach problems and It is the best relief for nausea or indigestion. Drink peppermint tea then after eating, although stomach takes comfort or keep some part of peppermint in the pocket, and after eating, suck like candy.
As far as the peppermint can away indigestion. You should not eat peppermint and drink if you suffer acid reflux caused by indigestion because peppermint gives the bottom part esophageal relaxation—stomach and Esophagus between the muscle. Stomach acid can flow again in the esophageal from drink and eat. It can damage acid reflux. It is not suggested for ulcer and GERD people.

2- The Chamomile tea:

Chamomile tea is recognizing to help comfortable and sleep. It can reduce intestine herb pain quickly. Having concentrated indigestion acid and can relieve indigestion. Chamomile prevents pain and works like an Inflammation.
Make ready to chamomile tea method for making. Keep 1 and 2 tea bags for ten months in boil water. Put in one cup, and if you want, then you can put honey. Drink tea according For indigestion prevent
if you do blood thin so before drinking the chamomile tea consult doctor. Chamomile has one ingredient that works as an anticoagulant. Although when blood is thin to there is a chance of bleeding.

3. The Apple Vinegar:

Apple cider is best for health, skin condition, and weight loss. This works also for reducing indigestion. However, low-level stomach acid could hurt indigestion. You need to drink apple vinegar to increase stomach acid. Put in one cup or tablespoon without unpasteurized apple vinegar and get fast relief thirty minutes before eating. Indigestion would be closed.
Although apple vinegar is sheltered, drinking too much and low can cause side effects such as tooth problems, throat burn, nausea, short blood sugar.

4. The Ginger:

Ginger has a natural treatment that reduces stomach acid. Stomach acid causes indigestion. Too much stomach acid put the same side effect.
For stomach relief, calm, and indigestion, cleanse according to need to drink one cup of ginger tea. Other options like suck ginger candy, drink ginger aley or make your ginger water. Boil ginger root, put one or two parts in four glass water. incorporate lemon with honey before drinking
Keep your ginger consumption three or four-gram limit. Too much use of ginger can affect like gas, thorat burn, and heartburn.

5. Fennel seed:

This antispasmodic herb can treat indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues like stomach pain, nausea, bloating.
Funnel crush seeds one and two tablespoons put in water and before drinking boil almost ten minutes. As far as you feel indigestion, so drink fennel seed tea. Another option is fennel seed. After eating, chew, if anything eats, get indigestion.
Fennel seed side effects like nausea, vomiting, sun sensitivity.

6. The Baking soda:

The Backing soda can reduce stomach acid fastly and after eating indigestion, bloating, gas. ½ spoon baking soda and 4 ounces put in boil water for treatment. Then drink it.
Often, sodium is bicarbonate safe and non-poisonous, but baking soda heavy before drinking unwanted side effects such as diarrhea, irritability, vomiting, and muscle spasms. If you drink ½ spoon tea backing soda for indigestion, don’t repeat at least 2 hours.
According to a 2013 report. 24 hours validity for adults one and a half teaspoon beyond and for 60 years should not be one and a half teaspoon.

7. Lemon water

Lemon water alkaline effect reduces stomach acid effect and makes improve digestion. One tablespoon lemon juice mixed with hot water, and before eating, drink some mint.
Lemon water is the best source of vitamin C, and it is best also indigestion for reduce. Too much lemon juice can put lower enamel, and it can cause increasing urine. For teeth protection, wash your face after drinking lemon juice.

8. Licorice root:

Licorice root muscle cough and gastrointestinal can do swelling calm down. As far as both of indigestion can trigger. Chew licorice root for the relaxor put the licorice root, and drink the mixture.
Although it is best for indigestion. Licorice root can take sodium and potassium disparity and high blood pressure in high doses. Every day above 2.5-gram dry licorice does not use. 30 minutes before eating or for indigestion after one hour, eat licorice root.


What incline is best for acid reflux?

Acid reflux patients should raise between 35 and 45 degrees angle. The middle Pillow, almost 8 to 10 inch sits on the loft. An adjustable bed might be used to get the lift.

Is a wedge pillow good for acid reflux?

The wedge pillow would help mollify symptoms of GERD and acid reflux, especially at night. Having raised shoulder, head, and human body during sleep. This wedge pillow can prevent acid reflux from entering from stomach and Esophagus.

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