5 Best adjustable mattresses for back pain


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We all are well aware of the back aches and muscular spasms the majority of people are facing nowadays due to sitting all day long in a chair and working hard for hours for earning livelihood. Not necessarily adults are prone to this problem but students are too facing such problems i.e sitting for straight 7 hours in college, then for more 5 to 6 hours in academy. Therefore, one should not be amazed if this is a common complication faced by nearly 3 out of 10 people in any corner of the world. Not only specifically caused in students or adults sitting and working in a chair but people who stands all day as a part of their job such as barbers. It is important to find the best adjustable mattress for back pain that can ease all you aches.

To relieve these back pains, doctors are recommending mattresses specially designed for diminishing back pains commonly known as medicated mattresses. A medicated mattress provides you with well physical support i.e the back and the spine. Amongst these medicated mattresses you may find you best adjustable mattress for back pain.

The backbone allows the body to stand straight to one’s body, it should not be overly exhausted. Even if exhausted, it should be mitigated too and for this purpose there is no better quick fix to this complication. Also medicated mattresses are good for palliating arthritis and all types of joint related muddles. Even if you are not suffering from a severe and recurring back pain but just a minute or minimal back ache so the recommendation would be a to stop sleeping on those normal mattresses but instead adapt yourself to sleeping on a medicated mattress and it will make a noticeable change in your back pain by reducing it to a large extinct.

A commercial adjustable bed made for your house can do more than just elevate your head and legs, despite the fact that when you hear the term “adjustable mattresses,” you might picture the kind you’d find in a hospital.

Many adjustable mattresses are equipped with high-tech features that let you vary the hardness or temperature of your mattress at the push of a button thanks to cutting-edge technology and creative engineering.

You may experience your most comfortable, peaceful sleep to date if you combine your adjustable mattress with an adjustable base. This will allow you to raise your head and legs, simulating the neutral posture of your body in zero-gravity.


By recommending a medicated mattress we do not condemn medical treatments. To be more precise, if you are suffering from serious back pains, aches, and cramps then you must consult a doctor. The doctor will provide you a proper treatment but to alleviate the back pain you must sleep on a mattress designed to provide you a correct spine alignment rather than a normal mattress. Medical treatments are inevitable. You must consult with your doctor and this is nearly the recommendation of every doctor that will be mentioned to you along the treatment. Simply when we suffer from any pain or disease along the treatment the doctors prescribe us to change our lifestyle in several ways which is affecting our health/body and causing specific problems.

How We Chose The Best Adjustable Mattress For Back Pain:

Whenever we write an article on sensitive topics like choosing a mattress it always has a lot of research behind it. We consider a number of factors before we feel fully equipped to share the knowledge with you about how to choose the best adjustable mattress for back pain. The factors are:

Youtube videos:

We also watch a number of youtube videos to get more insight on how popular the brand and product is and how much it is liked and preferred by the customers. This helps us distinguish the best adjustable mattress for back pain, from all others that are common placed.

Customer reviews:

Companies can say whatever they want about their mattresses, so we looked at what customers had to say to make sure our suggestions live up to the brand’s claims. Company reputation-We investigate a brand’s reputation and track record for ethical business operations before endorsing any mattress.

Company policies:

Additionally, we made sure that brands offer strong warranties and in-home trial periods so you can decide if it’s actually the best choice to end your back pain.

TOP 5 Best Adjustable Mattresses Back Pain To Relieve In 2022:

Here we will give you a quick look at top rated and most bought mattresses for back pain in 2022. These are the most suitable mattresses to buy if you are not sure what to buy. Although you will find many options, the best ones are chosen for you. These are our top 5 picks for best adjustable mattress for back pain that can guarantee to wick away your back pain and ensure your posture alignment. We hope it will help you out!


best adjustable mattress for back pain

This mattress has three firmness levels in a single mattress to warrant different comfortable sleeping postures. This mattress is flippable and has three firmness levels from soft to firm in one mattress. Top side is made of gel memory foam and specifically designed for those who like sleeping in a soft and a moderate firmness. The bottom side is of high-density foam and for preferences of complete firm feeling. Flip it to the side that best suits your fondness. This mattress is designated in a curved manner to make your back and shoulder ache. The curved construction adapts to your body and enables you to wake in a fresh manner without cramps and aches. It is a gel-infused foam mattress which heeds your body to give you a relaxed and restful sleep. The gel infused foam will give a moderate firmness effect to provide comfort

  • Three firmness levels in a single mattress to provide comfortable sleep
  • Gel infused memory foam will provide coolness to regulate your body temperature
  • It is eco-friendly memory foam
  • 10 years warranty
  • A mattress too firm will not support your normal spine alignment
  • Creates pressure points on pelvic area and shoulders

2. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress:

best adjustable mattress for back pain

This mattress is a 10 inch mattress designated for back pain relief. It is also available in 8 and 12 inches. This mattress has the facility of Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress with Airflow Channel for breathability purposes. Also has medium firm support. This full bed mattress comes with a 10 year warranty. It is made in the USA and Mexico. The products of the mattress are all hypoallergenic and CertiPUR-US certified. Suitable for back, side, or stomach sleepers. It is perfect for hot sleepers. The mattress has a triple layer design with a sloppy knit cover and a durable base layer to relieve pressure regardless of the position you are sleeping in.

  • This mattress meets all of the Federal flammability requirements
  • It is comfortable
  • Ideal for adults
  • 8 to 10 years life span

  • Contains fiber glass which is not a safe bedding material.
  • It irritates lungs, makes you itch and will come up through the sheets.
  • Not preferred for those who are fond of cool sleeping

3. Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress:

best adjustable mattress for back pain

This mattress will expand in a warmer room and will regain its full shape after some hours at normal temperature. The expansion time of the mattress will vary as per surrounding. The mattress’s patented technology enables it to be efficiently compressed and rolled in a box for an easy shipment. The top layer will support body weight and maintain body shape.

  • Can expand with temperature and regain its shape
  • It is really soft and comfortable
  • Supports body weight and help maintaining shape
  • It can be too soft for those who are fond of sleeping on hard mattresses
  • It is not organic so there can be odor of chemicals

4. Linenspa Innerspring Hybrid Medium Mattress:

best adjustable mattress for back pain

The best part about this specific product selected is that it is available in every size and style you would deem for according to your preference. Starting from the inches, it is available in 8, 10 and 12 inches. Moreover if you want it with a bed frame that is available too with the three types of different inches mentioned. So styles are mentioned now proceeding towards the size.

It is obtainable in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Short queen and King. I guess there is nothing else that you should wait for but quickly go and purchase one to puzzle out your problem with back aches and pains. If you are bothered about the materials used in the product that are allergens. So these products are hypoallergenic. It has a medium firmness which is best recommended to treat back pain issues. There is also a 10 years warranty for the product so do not worry if there is any problem you can retract it. The product has innersprings which will provide extra support. Furthermore, A plush layer of memory foam will help your spine to give it a right alignment and reduce pressure points to elevate comfort.

  • The product has medium firmness most suitable for back aches reduction
  • Is hypoallergenic and odorless
  • Present in all different styles and sizes
  • Delivery in box for convenient shipment.
  • The packaging process may leave small flecks known as carbons. But these are harmless and would not stick to the mattress
  • It has Medium firmness so it may be a little dissatisfying for people fond of a firm and stiff mattress to sleep on.

5. Zinus Memory Foam Mattress:

best adjustable mattress for back pain

You will find this mattress with a speciality i.e: instead of gel-infused memory foam this mattress is a green tea-infused memory foam. Questions may arise about how green tea is infused in a mattress so in the mattress along with green tea, castor oil and charcoal are infused to keep it fresh for a relatively long period of time. Green tea as we all know is a great beverage for health purposes as well as widely used in the skincare industry.

Companies such as Zinus use this beneficial product in mattresses. Now it may lead you to think about its possible benefits. Sleeping on such a mattress will help you wake up without aches and pains. Which means you will simply wake up being as fresh as a daisy. This will relax your mind and body with the green tea extract infused in the mattress. The mattress is of medium firmness. Also available in different sizes 6, 8, 10 and 12 inches and different styles; Twin, Twin XL, King, Full and Queen. The mattress has a perfect packaging/boxing to make the delivery facility.

  • Medium firmness may not be preferred by some people and not helpful for people with arthritis
  • May take a bit longer to adopt its natural shape after expansion

Buyer’s Guide : How to shop for a best adjustable mattress for back pain:

Adjustable Features:

There are certain companies that do offer you custom firmness through the use of adjustable air beds. If you are one of those who targets temperature control, then look for a mattress that has either active cooling properties or passive cooling properties. Check out our Best active cooling mattress pads to understand temperature control better. Some companies also claimed to have motion sensors that track your sleep cycle and habits. This seems fantastic from far but those using it would not agree to the accurate results of sleep tracking.
It is preferable to choose the mattress adjustable mattress for back pain based on what you want in it rather than what companies claim to have in it.

Type Of Mattress:

The most popular type of adjustable mattress is an airbed. Similar to the coils found in innerspring and hybrid mattresses, the air chambers offer more support than foam alone. The main distinction is that airbeds may alter pressure to provide a more personalised support system.

Most of the airbeds usually have comfort layers made of foam, which can tolerate the air chambers’ bending and stretching. Although the majority of mattresses can be matched with an adjustable base, make sure by checking with the maker.

Adjustable Base

You can also pair adjustable mattresses with adjustable bases but that may cost you a little more. If you already have an adjustable frame or base then there is no need for an extra to go with the mattress.

Mattress Performance and Comfort

If you buy an airbed, the firmness can usually be adjusted, but it’s important to pay close attention to the materials used in the comfort layers above the air chambers to know if the mattress can effectively isolate motion, relieve pressure, regulate temperature, or give edge support.

When it comes to these characteristics, always pay attention to what reviews have to say. They’ll always give you an accurate picture of how the mattress actually works.

In Home Trial Periods

Adjustable beds are a big investment, just like any other kind of bed. You should utilise their at-home trials to test out the beds because these mattresses are even more expensive than typical mattresses.


According to estimates, the US spends more than $100 billion annually on back pain surgeries and related care. It seems absurd to spend a few thousand dollars on a bed when we could do without the time, money, and pain that a bad back may bring!

You’ll need a sizable cash if you’re serious about using an adjustable bed to alleviate your back pain. In light of this, you might want to try different back pain relief techniques first, if you have access to them (e.g. yoga). Additionally, if you simply require a temporary adjustable bed for post-operative treatment, you should carefully compare the quality and cost of the cheap adjustable beds available.

Benefits of best adjustable mattresses for back pain

According to a study, a mattress that is self-adjustable and is regarded as medium-firm is ideal for enhancing spinal alignment and sleep quality. Therefore, adjustable mattresses for back pain may be a fantastic choice for those who suffer from aches.

You can eliminate the guesswork when choosing which standard mattress to buy for back pain alleviation or optimal spinal alignment thanks to firmness adjustability. Even if your demands change throughout the night or even more than once, an adjustable bed’s hardness can be altered to suit you. To know more about adjustments of bed check out our complete guide on best adjustable base for mattress

Most can be combined with an adjustable base that elevates your head and legs, making it even more pleasant for you to fall asleep.

Adjustable beds are also ideal for couples who share a bed. Adjustable mattresses eliminate the need to negotiate firmness (and occasionally temperature) levels by having multiple settings and separate controllers for each side.


There are people who are really interested in buying one and have checked different reviews but are still baffled in what to buy and i guess it’s pretty much fair because firstly a person really needs a remedy to solve the back pain problem and secondly the price they will pay for it may be out of budget or may be it will be a bit too expensive for them and due to the following two reasons mentioned people cannot decide what to buy and what not.

So the recommendation for best adjustable mattress for back pain is buying a LINENSPA 10 INCH MEMORY FOAM AND INNERSPRING HYBRID MEDIUM. The ratings of this mattress are quite positive. People liked it, guessing on the basis of reviews they gave. It may be a bit expensive but it is worth the price. As it is said “A cheaper buyer gets bad meat”. It will last long and has a medium firmness which as mentioned in the article at many places is the best recommendation for relieving your back pain according to experts and doctors. There is no proper scientific evidence about that but doctors prescribe medium firmness mattresses to relieve back pain. Also it is eco friendly and hypoallergenic. So no worries about that too. There is a 10 years warranty available so do not stress out about any problems regarding the product.



It is recommended to use medium-firm mattresses rather than firm mattresses to relieve back pain. There is not much clinical research about it but doctors mostly recommend medium-firmness for treating back pain. Though it may not help with other bone diseases such as arthritis due to medium firmness.


A normal mattress for back pain may last between 7 to 10 years. Every mattress if it is for back pain or not should be strictly changed after 10 years to follow good hygiene because most of the people then complain about bed bugs and many people spill something on it and still use the same mattress for the following 10 years. That’s why to avoid any rashes or skin infections a mattress should be changed after 10 years of usage. Even though a back pain mattress will last for 10 years but if it doesn’t it should be changed.


The best fair price for any mattress is between 400-1000 $ regardless of the type of back pain relieving or not and according to the rational approach every mattress ranges in a price like that. It may sound pretty expensive but what’s not expensive nowadays. It is worth spending money on it because “Health is Wealth”. The optimum price for a back pain mattress is between 300-950 $. It is hard to find a mattress to relieve back pain at a price below that or maybe a price below that for such a mattress doesn’t even exist.

Hope the article helped you to make your mind whether buying one or not and what to buy and what not!


Your doctor could also recommend this kind of mattress for you because research indicates that medium-firm, adjustable mattresses are the best ones for back pain. Additionally, your doctor can correctly identify the cause of your back pain and recommend the best course of treatment for you.


Yes, By reducing joint pressure, sleeping on an adjustable bed may offer better support and lessen irritation.

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