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If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a recent study, nearly 75% of people sleep hot. And while there are a number of reasons why you may be a hot sleeper, the good news is that there are a few things you can do to help cool down at night.

A good night’s sleep is essential for good health, but it can be hard to come by when you’re struggling with hot flashes or night sweats. One way to cool down during the night is to use a cooling mattress pad. These mattress pads are designed to regulate your body temperature by circulating cool air around you as you sleep.

When it comes to cooling mattress pads, there are two main types: active and passive. Active cooling pads use electricity to circulate cold air, while passive cooling pads rely on convection to circulate air. The pad is usually made of a material that is breathable and moisture-wicking, such as cotton or bamboo. The pad contains a special gel that evaporates when it comes into contact with your body heat, creating a cooling effect. The gel then re-absorbs heat from your body and dissipates it away from you, helping you to stay cool and comfortable all night long.

There are many different types of cooling mattress pads on the market, but which one is the best? In this article, we’ll compare the top three cooling mattress pads and help you decide which one is right for you.

Top 5 Best Active Cooling Mattress Pads To Buy In 2022:

An active cooling mattress pad is a type of bedding that helps to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. The mattress pad usually has a cooling mechanism, such as a fan, that helps to circulate air and keep the body temperature low. They may circulate water to cool down the bed surface as well. Some active cooling mattress pads also have heating elements that can be used to warm the bedding before sleep.

Active cooling mattress pads are perfect for people who tend to sleep hot or who live in warm climates. They can also be helpful for people who have medical conditions that require them to maintain a lower body temperature. If you’re looking for a way to stay cool and comfortable during the night, an active cooling mattress pad could be the perfect solution.

1. ChiliPAD Sleep System:

best active cooling mattress pad


The ChiliPAD sleep system is a dedicated company that ensures quality sleep. It is the newest of all the ChiliPAD products in line which gives you both single and dual temperature controls ranging in 55 to 110 degrees through circulated heated and cooled water. The pad is remarkably light and plush, and it is quilted with tiny, medical-grade silicone tubes placed all over it to circulate water and regulate temperature. The pad’s soft exterior is made of a poly-cotton blend with a 150 thread count to promote ventilation.

The chiliPAD system is for you if you have trouble sleeping cool, need soothing warmth to relieve joint pain, or would like to maintain a constant surface temperature under your control. It is available in all sizes.

  • It has a wireless remote.
  • It has a dual control option too.
  • It is really comfortable and actively cools down your bed within seconds.
  • It also regulates on a temperature range 55 – 110 DegF.
  • It takes lesser time to cool down your mattress.
  • Finding a place for this cube could be hard.
  • It has fewer threads per inch than competing products
  • It would require to be coupled with a waterproof mattress protector.

2. Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad Cover:


Zen Bamboo Mattress Pad Cover is a cooling mattress pad, which costs less than one-fourth as much as the alternative above, helps you sleep comfortably and worry-free by regulating your body temperature and preventing heat from being trapped between your body and the mattress. Given the incredibly low price, you can buy this pad more than once and still end up saving money if you find that durability is a problem. It is the best option for everyone in your family.

  • It is way easier to clean and could be washed in a machine.
  • It is extremely cost effective.
  • It will not slip through your bed. It has deep fitted pockets.
  • It has a low percentage of bamboo.
  • It is not reliable.

3. Mattress Cooler Pad:

best active cooling mattress pad


If you are a hot sleeper who wants to sleep cool without paying a fortune on electricity the Mattress Cooler might just be the product for you. The Mattress Cooler uses evaporative cooling to cool around a gallon of water, which is then circulated through a thin PVC mattress topper to dissipate the 98.6 degree body heat that is often trapped between your mattress and your blankets and keeps you warm. It’s hardly surprising that it has the lowest comfort score of the group because there is no padding—just a plastic mat.

This design only uses a fan to cool the water before sending it through tubes in the mat; the effectiveness of the cooling depends on the temperature of your bedroom. Furthermore, there is a chance of spillage due to the fan’s placement over an open water tank. In our cooling testing, the Mattress Cooler receives a rating of Fair. This topper only comes in one size and lacks a heating feature (about half of a queen bed, 27×63 inches).

  • It is effective for those who have hot flashes continuously from diseases.
  • It keeps your mattress chilled out.
  • The mattress is quite comfortable.
  • It works all night doesn’t heat up.
  • The water spills easily and so the cooler should be placed above bed level.
  • It may get hideous for the users to empty and dry out the water tank every two weeks to keep it from growing molds.

4. BedJet 3 Climate Comfort System:


NEW AND IMPROVED BEDJET 3 is 30% smaller than prior V2 model. Improve your sleep with on-demand cooling, warming, and sweat-drying comfort in your bed. This technology is simple and easy to use and works with any size mattress or bed, including adjustable beds.
A fantastic cooling relief provided by powered ventilation cooling, it is an excellent solution for hot sleepers, hot flashes, and night sweats. Heating mode warms the bed 15 times faster with air and provides a deep sauna-like warmth in just a few seconds. It is also a great therapy for cold feet and legs.
By selecting various temperatures for each hour of the night using biorhythm sleep technology, you can automate smart temperature control and sleep better. It includes the industry’s most cutting-edge remote control, which has a colour LCD screen and backlit keypad.

  • It uses air to keep you cool.
  • It has no wires or electricity in your sheets.
  • It does not leak any water or makes mattress lumpy.
  • It has dual zone system, which allows independent climate control on each side of the mattress.
  • It’s programmable Biorhythm sleep cycles helps you go to sleep faster.
  • Its ability to cool your mattress depends on your room temperature.
  • May feel irritating at some point when the air hits your face directly.
  • It is the nosiest of all on the list.

5. Leisure Town Queen Mattress:

best active cooling mattress pad


Leisure Town Queen Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper is much like the Zen mattress pad in our second pick, this option allows you to sleep cool and wake up refreshed. In order to prevent your body heat from ever being trapped between you and the mattress, it uses HNN cooling technology, which improves airflow. Its soft Snow Down Alternative Fill delivers the same level of plushness as goose or duck down without the risk of feathers sticking out of the pad or poking you. When you want to update your bed, it’s simple to throw in the washer. It can also make a too-firm mattress softer without the need to replace it. Because this pad is so much less expensive than its rivals, you can quickly replace it and never break the bank, thus longevity and durability should be the least of your concerns, much like with our second option up top.

  • It is extremely soft, gives you the feel of a feather.
  • It is extremely cost effective.
  • It can be washed in a machine easily.
  • No electricity usage.
  • It is made of 100% of polyester.
  • It is prone to being less durable than other fabrics.

The benefits of best active cooling mattress pad:

Whether you choose one of the brands above or not, some of its benefits of the active cooling mattresses are given below:

1.Temperature Regulation:

We advocate for getting plenty of sleep because your body cools down to its lowest temperature during your nightly deep sleep phases, which can be increased (i.e., “timed”) when using a cooling pad for your bed. Your delta brain waves slow down during this time of sleep, allowing you to have a meditative and dreamless sleep. This period of sleep is also known as “delta sleep.”

You can create a better atmosphere for deep sleep to take hold by having a chilly or thermally neutral sleep room. Your breathing, heartbeat, and eye motions slow down along with those delta brain waves. And when that occurs, it indicates that both your mental and physical well-being are returning.

2. Optimized Health:

If you are sleeping longer and deeper each night, you will be rejuvenating your body and mind the way nature intended. You probably already know if you’re not getting enough deep sleep since you can feel physically exhausted and have trouble with your short- and long-term memory.

But after you do fall asleep deeply? Your capacity for learning has increased. Your memory is more reliable. You’re ready to tackle your most challenging workout. In other words, following a night of genuine healing, you’re in top physical and mental condition.

3. Memory Foam Overheats:

There are some tricks to help your memory foam sleep cooler, but it’s a difficult task given that the material’s density causes memory foam to inherently trap heat. This problem is exacerbated in the summer, especially if you want to avoid night sweats. And even if you were able to marginally chill it, it would never be as effective as a cooling mattress pad because that is exactly what a cooled mattress pad is made to do: regulate temperature.
Although memory foam has advantages, its popularity has increased because of the way it shapes to your body to deliver amazing comfort. It’s really a toss-up between memory foam and a cooling pad for your bed, though, given what you know now about how your body naturally needs to cool down to achieve a deeper sleep and that deeper sleep promotes complete healing.

4. It is Cost Effective:

The mattress cooling pad’s cost-effectiveness is its main benefit. You won’t have to give up comfort for cost because purchasing a pad is far more affordable than purchasing a brand-new mattress. It’s really preferable to have a cooling mattress pad to have the best of both worlds!

5. Balanced Sleep:

It’s likely that you are familiar with humidity if you reside in a warm climate. Although there isn’t much we can do about it, using a cooling pad will still allow you to sleep comfortably. You don’t need to think about leaving the warm climate to avoid overheating and the frequently ensuing insomnia!
The mattress also contributes to a more evenly distributed sleep. Your body will be cradled so that you receive the ideal level of support. As a result, as you sleep, this can assist in aligning your spinal cord. Your hips and shoulders will no longer be under stress, and you’ll begin to feel more rested throughout the day.

Why Do You Need a Mattress Cooling Pad?

The appropriate pad can be a more affordable option than buying a new bed, whether you want to increase the lifespan of your mattress, add a little extra padding, or maybe you just want a more pleasant and cooler surface to sleep on. One of the more popular mattress types that individuals select is foam. Mattresses can be constructed from a wide variety of foam kinds. Polyurethane foam, memory foam, gel foam, reflex foam, and latex rubber foam are a few examples. All of these solutions are excellent, however foam mattresses might make a person overheat while they are sleeping. You can choose a latex option, which typically contains air holes to improve air flow and keep you cooler. No matter what kind of mattress you have, if you have a problem with heat throughout the night, a cooling pad can help.


Tips on Choosing an Active and Passive Mattress Cooling Product


What kind of material you’re looking for should be considered first. This can lead to a variety of factors that you might not have thought to take into account. A mattress pad typically uses Outlast Cooling Technology and is comprised of cotton, latex, or wool. You can cross any of these items off your list if you have an allergy to one of them. The most straightforward option will be cotton mattress pads because they can be machine washed, but they are also the least durable of the three due to their thinness.

Typically, latex and wool pads will last longer. They are resistant to mildew and dust mites, which is crucial if the humidity in the air makes your home damp. Since wool pads are more absorbent than other materials, they will remove sweat and moisture, keeping you dry and cool. However, if durability is what you’re after, latex can be your best option because it has a long lifespan and doesn’t easily wear out.

Pressure Relief:

Pressure points can be relieved by using thick, soft mattress pads. Particularly for side sleepers, pressure frequently accumulates in the shoulders and hips. Most mattress pads won’t materially change how much pressure reduction a mattress offers. A memory foam, pad or topper could be used by those who need more pressure alleviation.


Compared to mattress toppers, mattress pads are thinner. The majority of mattress pads are less than 1 inch thick, which raises the mattress a bit. Between the mattress and the fitted sheet is the mattress pad. When buying sheets, it’s crucial to consider the mattress height because those that are taller than 12 inches almost certainly require deep pocket fitted sheets. Some mattress pads are incredibly thin and have no impact on the mattress’s thickness.


We know from experience that goods made of inferior materials degrade and lose their effectiveness more quickly than goods made of better materials. Always choose what your budget will allow you to have. Higher thread counts assist prevent materials from pilling and becoming uncomfortable in bedding, and having lots of strategically positioned baffles will stop the fill from shifting during washing. Additionally, search for edges and elastic that won’t break or lose their shape over time because you want a mattress pad to maintain its shape and fit.

User Friendly:

Mattress pads that can be swiftly and simply installed or uninstalled by one person should be on your list of considerations. Who needs to waste time battling with corners when there is only one of us to make the beds? Choose fabrics that won’t shrink after washing to avoid difficulty fitting the corners. You should also consider whether the mattress pad can be machine washed and dried. Check the manufacturer’s directions before you buy because spills and stains do occur. For simpler installation and removal, some pads even have elasticized edges all the way around.

Sleeping Position:

The amount of pressure relief a person may require depends on their sleeping posture. It also affects the overall support and stiffness of the mattress. A mattress pad can give extra padding but does not materially alter the mattress. Back and stomach sleepers could choose a firmer sleeping surface, while side sleepers might choose a thicker mattress pad to soften the mattress around their shoulders and hips.

Cooling Properties:

The main goal of getting a cooling mattress pad is to avoid overheating and maintain comfort all night long. Some mattress covers wick moisture and heat from the body. Others actively cool the surface of the mattress. To cool the bed’s surface, a mattress pad with active cooling features frequently circulates air or water. With the use of a control panel, remote control, or smartphone app, these mattress pads can be set to a certain temperature. The mattress pad has passive cooling qualities because it is constructed of permeable, heat-dissipating materials. Copper, gel, and phase-change materials are examples of conductive materials that are intended to extract heat from the body and provide a cooling sensation. There is no option to modify these mattress covers.


Mattress pads come in a range of prices, just like mattresses. Prior to shopping, clients may find it helpful to set a budget. Although they are frequently more expensive than synthetic materials, natural and organic materials may last longer. Technology-enhanced or intricately built pads may be more efficient, but they can cost more money.

Mattress Pad vs. Mattress Topper: What’s the Difference?

Despite using mattress pad and topper interchangeably, these two words does not mean the same. They are not same thing but to ease it out for people they are used interchangeably. In this article best active cooling mattress pads have been listed rather toppers, which are lighter surface protectors for the mattress. A mattress topper, in comparison, offers greater support than a mattress pad because it is often much more solid, can be composed of materials like memory foam, which actually adds a thicker layer to your mattress. The mattress pads all have a similar shape and size, as you can see in each of our product photographs, even though the materials are very different.


Since, after a lot of research about these active cooling mattress pads, the efforts of the writer are to make you able enough to buy an apt active cooling mattress pads for yourself. The writer of this article has tried in their best capacity to give you an honest, unbiased and untainted review of the each of these products. All of these products hence, man made; have some downsides but Leisure Town Queen Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper is the one affordable and with all the options required by the customers in one product.

This mattress pad was the winner since it is obvious that it competes favorably with other cooling pads. It is made of soft, high-quality cotton and won’t cause allergic symptoms in anyone. Compared to other items, the price is also extremely low. Besides it is machine washable too.

However, if you are looking for an actively cooling mattress pad with a fan, then Bed Jet 3 Climate Comfort System is the best choice. It has dual climate control besides being wireless, so you do not have to worry about extra wires around the house. Thus, if you have been tired of water leakage of other bed cooler fans then, definitely this product wont let you down.


Q. 1 What is the best cooling mattress protector?

The best cooling mattress protector depends on the choice of customers and is really subjective. The best cooling mattress pad is the one which is made of good quality material, comfortable and provides support to customers.

Q. 2 Do cooling mattress toppers make you cold?

Gel microbeads aid in the dispersal of body heat and keep sleepers cooler throughout the course of the night, while they won’t make the mattress feel fully cool to touch.

Q. 3 Does the cooling mattress pad work?

Yes, a wonderful investment for your lifestyle and health is a cooling mattress pad. If you want to create a peaceful and comfortable sleeping environment, adding a cooling pad to your bed is a much less expensive and perhaps equally effective option than buying a completely new mattress.

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