How to make a mattress softer


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Good health is a sign of happy life. You work all day and then want to relax and to get peace of mind and relaxation of the body, you must have a restful sleep that you cannot get on a firm mattress. If you don’t sleep well, your mood will be bad throughout the day and your performance will be affected. In this regard, a soft mattress plays an important role to get good and restful sleep. If you are not in a position to buy a new softer mattress and thinking about how to make a mattress softer? So there is time to chill, you have found the solution to your problem. In this guide, I will tell you some steps that are going to prove helpful to make a mattress softer.

Learn the 9 steps I suggest doing to soften your stiff mattress. Additionally, you can learn the consequences of sleeping on a mattress that is too firm as well as how to tell whether your mattress is too firm.

Let’s talk about the steps and measures that will help you in how to make a mattress softer.

1. Change it with a plusher mattress

First of all, keep in mind that you cannot find a softer mattress anywhere in the world you can get a mattress by matches your mood. When buying a mattress, you sit or jump on it thinking it will soften after a few days of use but after months, the quality of your sleep is not the same. If your mattress includes a sleep trial, check the pamphlet that came with it to determine if it is still in effect. You could return the mattress if you are not satisfied after using it for a night, you decide that a softer one would be better for you. It is the first suggestion on how to make a mattress softer.

2. Break it in

You need to sleep on the brand-new mattress for a while to give it a chance to make the mattress softer because they frequently start a little stiffer than you might think. This is because lying on a mattress helps to evenly distribute the contents and improve the overall comfort of the mattress.

It allows the mattress time to acclimatize, which is one of the reasons why many mattresses come with a sleep trial as mentioned above. You may test out a new mattress for up to a year to see if it’s good for you, and if it’s too firm, you can exchange it for another one.

The average mattress needs 30 to 90 days to fully “break in.” Your new mattress could not be exactly like your old one, or it can feel stiff from being new, making it uncomfortable for a while. The components in the mattress haven’t had time to soften and mold to your body as new shoes would. Give it some time if you’re worried and wondering “how to make the mattress softer”!

3. Get a softer mattress cover

The most common and quick way to make a mattress softer is to buy a mattress topper because along with the mattress, its topper also plays an important role in getting restful sleep and no doubt various mattress toppers are available at different marketplaces. Mattress toppers, which rest on the surface of your mattress, might provide it with more comfort. Your mattress will feel more comfortable right away if you add a topper with a softer firmness rating.

4. Turn your mattress over

A human spends one-third of his life in sleep and the mattress is a regularly used item in every house. Therefore, it is important to turn the mattress from time to time. To find out if and how often your mattress has to be rotated, consult the care manual. Regularly turning your double-sided mattress helps to make it comfortable and can even lengthen its life. Turning your mattress often helps to maintain the comfort fillings’ even distribution, which maintains the ideal firmness of your mattress. Check out our helpful instructions if you’re unsure how often you should turn your mattress doing so will be useful to make a mattress softer.

5. Change the slats or structure of your bed

The bed slats or frame on which the mattress is placed also affect the use and texture of the mattress. Check the slats on your bed frame to identify what sort they are. Solid slats give your mattress a much firmer feel since they exert more weight on your mattress to provide extra support. You can spend money on a bed frame with sprung slats to make the mattress softer. This is because sprung slats move with your mattress throughout the night and offer more cushioned support and you will be able to have a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

6. Invest in a new divan base

Your mattress will feel much firmer if you have a sturdy platform base. This is because the smooth, firm top has no “give” and offers much greater support for your mattress. We advise switching to a sprung base instead of a solid foundation because they provide more comfortable support. This is due to the base, rather than a firm flat surface, gently cradling the mattress while you sleep. This method is also helpful to make a mattress softer.

7. Make your room warmer

A mattress made of memory foam or airy polyurethane foam is temperature-sensitive. Since these mattresses respond to heat, you might want to try heating your bedroom a bit. By warming up your room you can make your mattress softer as a result. Put a hot water bottle under your duvet before bed if you don’t want to adjust the temperature of the entire space. This will assist your mattress get softer before you lie on it and will make your sleep more comfortable.

8. Change your sleeping position

Changing your sleeping position is a simple technique to make a firm mattress softer. Your mattress’ firmness may change as you arrange yourself for sleep. You might try sleeping on your front or back if your mattress seems too firm. This is so that your joints can be supported adequately while you sleep. Some firmness levels are better suited to particular sleeping postures. So change your sleeping position to make a mattress softer. In this article, you can read more about the ideal mattresses for various sleeping positions.

9. Invest in a softer mattress

It could be time to get a new mattress if you believe your current one is too firm for any of these procedures to have a lasting effect. So that you may consistently have a restful night’s sleep, your mattress should ideally be changed every seven years because with continuous use it does not retain that flexibility. However, purchasing a softer mattress is the ideal choice if your current one is lumpy, broken, or otherwise difficult to sleep on.

What occurs when a mattress is overly firm?

Your mattress may not be very comfortable for you and may be causing back and joint pain if it is too hard. If you don’t feel like your spine is being properly supported, it can potentially be impacting your posture. In general, you might not be obtaining a restful night’s sleep, which might be affecting how you live your daily life.

What are the signs that my mattress is too firm?

Some of the telltale indicators that your mattress is too firm for you are listed below:

• Your body is not contoured by it.
• It is unsettling.
• You awaken with neck or back pain.
• If you sleep somewhere else with a softer mattress, you get greater rest.

It is necessary to protect yourself from all the above signs and choose a good mattress or learn the steps how to make a mattress softer.


It will feel as though you are lying on the floor if the mattress is excessively hard. which will put pressure on specific body parts. In this guide, I have described all the possible steps on how to make a mattress softer and more comfortable to sleep in or what to do to have a softer mattress. You’ll get a decent night’s sleep on a soft mattress since it will keep your shoulders and back in a comfortable position and your body will not ache after waking up in the morning. For how to make a mattress softer, it is important to follow all the steps mentioned above in the guide.

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