5 Best Adjustable Mattress For Couples


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As we have covered in a number of previous guides regarding best adjustable mattresses, a bed base that can be moved into various positions works with an adjustable mattress. People who suffer from problems like sleep apnea and gastric reflux may benefit from them. The head and frequently the foot of an adjustable bed frame can be raised. This enables users to personalize their resting or sleeping position. Wireless remote controls, massage capabilities, zero gravity settings, and lighting are just a few of the enhanced cherry toppings found in many adjustable beds. Even if there are more and more adjustable bed frames available, it’s vital to remember that not all mattresses are compatible with these bases. Check out the best adjustable base for a mattress.

You will require a particular mattress that is flexible enough to move with the foundation if you have invested in an adjustable bed. Additionally, the mattress must be strong and robust to maintain its form and degree of support even after repeated repositioning. You may want to have a look at our complete guide on the best adjustable bed and mattress as a combo.

Sleep is big business, with the bedding industry bringing in an estimated $17 billion annually in the United States alone. Best adjustable mattress for couples might offer the comfort you’re looking for, whether you want to sleep more soundly, stop snoring, or stay asleep all night.

Even though the Mayo Clinic advises 7 or more hours of sleep every day, many of us don’t get enough of it. While everyone agrees that having a good night’s sleep is essential for overall health, what’s preventing you may be specific to your own personal circumstances. Because of this, altering your bed frame can be the necessary major modification. Click here to read: best 8 inch memory foam.

Considering that, more than 132 million adults in the United States are married, according to data, while more than 18 million single people live with a spouse. For permitting deep sleep, choosing the ideal mattress to share with a spouse is essential. Finding a mattress that meets the comfort preferences and support requirements of both sleepers, however, can be difficult. The ideal mattresses for couples should isolate motion to lessen sleep disruptions, make little to no noise, and promote sexual activity.

Hence, buying the best adjustable mattress for couples is not important but fundamental. Many people have overlooked its importance towards improving their lifestyles and also married lives. Imagine waking up you partner in the middle of night either because you were thirsty or you were snoring. For this reason, you get all you desired features in one place- the best adjustable mattress for couples.

Therefore, we have brought a fully equipped guide for you and your partner to look through and choose the best adjustable mattress for couples from the list.


For many years, adjustable bed frames for homes merely copied the designs of those used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. They were advertised as techniques to give comfort and sleep to individuals who needed healing and were sold toward the elderly. Since most people can benefit from the adjustable features that help promote better circulation, improve breathing (possibly eliminating snoring), enhance digestion, and reduce several maladies like lower back pain and acid reflux, people are starting to realize that these beds aren’t just for the elderly. Now, it is even thought o improve sex life and also ease your back pain. Read the following review on best adjustable mattress for couples for this interests you more than anything:

1. Best Overall : Personal Comfort A10 Bed:

People can choose from a variety of comfort layers on the Personal Comfort A10 bed to adjust the firmness degree of the mattress.
Additionally, this mattress has divided comfort layers, allowing users to select a distinct level of firmness for each side. this mattress has a special, trademarked, changeable top cover included in them. The Cooling Fabric (temperature neutralizing) and Bamboo reversible top cover, our plushest duvet-style pillow top cover, are highlights of the A10 mattress.

You have access to the central comfort compartment thanks to its unique zipped center panel design. ThermaPhase Gel-Infused Comfort Layer and CertiPUR-US® Certified Air Flow Comfort Layer are also found in this compartment, making it considerably simpler to rotate the comfort layers for a longer lifespan. Additionally, you can switch the comfort layers around to further customize your mattress. Split comfort layers on the Personal Comfort A10 Bed allow for individually tailored comfort layers on each side of the mattress. Additionally, these comfort layers are simple to modify or replace, enabling you to renew them rather than replacing them altogether.

Its cutting-edge, completely computerized pump technology is standard on these models. All of its pump systems employ a pressure scale that is medically recognized and has 45 distinct number settings, ranging from 5 to 50, and measures the mattress’s internal pressure in millimeters of mercury. With its 2-Zone technology, each sleeper can be completely adjusted, and our wireless remote controls provide total individualization.

  • It has customizable firmness.
  • It helps reduce back and hip pains.
  • It provides good support to the lumbar region.
  • It has a pretty long warranty of 25 years.
  • It has independent air chambers making it ideal for couples.
  • It has got a thick layer of firmness and comfort.
  • This works best for sex because of the air chambers that work separately.
  • The delivery of the product sometimes may take forever to arrive.
  • It is difficult to get in contact with the customer service.
  • The website does not state If this mattress has a sleep trial.

2. The Quiet Bed: GhostBed Adjustable Base:

best adjustable mattress for couples


GhostBed, which was established in 2015, seeks to give its users “supernatural comfort.” The company sells a variety of goods, including bed frames, linens, mattresses, and pillowcases. Any mattress type can be utilized with the GhostBed Adjustable Base, which also has an under-bed LED light, “unlimited” positions, whisper-quiet massage modes, and an inexpensive pricing.

It’s crucial to find an adjustable base that accommodates both you and your partner, particularly if you both prefer various adjustments. Each side of the GhostBed Adjustable Base may be adjusted to their preferences using a number of upper and lower body positions, including ones designed for viewing TV and an anti-snore posture. If those capabilities aren’t enough to pique your interest, the base also includes 15 “whisper-quiet” massage settings to help you relax and go asleep. Additionally, the base has an under-the-bed light and USB charging connections on either side.

The company also provides a lifetime warranty on the bed. The absence of a trial time to evaluate the base and see if it performs best is the sole drawback.

  • It also has a lifetime warranty.
  • It is remarkably quiet when using the GhostBed Adjustable Base. Anyone concerned about a noisy bed frame might benefit from the GhostBed’s 15 quiet message settings.
  • It is already put together. There are no tools needed; all you have to do is open the box and follow the directions.
  • Two USB ports and a wireless remote are convenient features I haven’t seen on any of the other beds I’ve evaluated.
  • Your purchase of the GhostBed Adjustable Base won’t break the bank because it is reasonably priced.
  • There is a bar at the foot of the bed to keep the bed in place, but there aren’t any bars on the sides, so be cautious of sliding.
  • The adjustable base cannot be returned once it has been opened, and if you do decide to do so, you will be charged a restocking fee.
  • No free trial is offered

3. All in 1 Features : Lucid L600 Adjustable Bed Base Frame:

This Lucid L600 adjustable split king frame features zero-gravity positioning and messaging features, as well as two 12-inch memory foam-hybrid king mattresses infused with bamboo, charcoal, and aloe vera to keep comfort at a maximum and odors at a minimum. The top model in our series of adjustable bed bases, the LUCID L600 adjustable bed base, can elevate your bedroom experience to new heights. Utilizing our LUCID base app with Bluetooth makes running your base simple and convenient.

Our app offers the same simplicity and usefulness as the wireless remote that comes with it, along with a few extra customization capabilities like “hello Siri” voice controls. Sync your bases for synchronized comfort or go with the independence of personal controllers. Zoned massage for the head and feet is provided by two massage motors, and it comes in three different patterns and speeds. Two USB charging ports, under-bed illumination, and a quiet motor that won’t wake your spouse up are other features. You and a buddy shouldn’t need more than a few minutes to complete assembly because it’s simple. available in Queen, Full, and Twin XL sizes, with a 10-year warranty. A king-sized mattress basis can be made by combining two twin XL bases. Steel and Polyester are the Featured Materials used to compose this bed.

According to the 1,300+ reviews that have been posted on Amazon, customers appear to be satisfied with their purchases, giving it an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. One reviewer even mentioned the alarm feature, which would modify your bed at a certain time to help you wake up naturally.

  • It is convenient to use because it has independent head and foot inclinations.
  • Made from sturdy metal, it is long-lasting.
  • includes two USB charging points, making the base the center of comfort and relaxation.
  • Two bases are smoothly connected, and all remote functions are supported by Siri. The ability to use Bluetooth is a significant benefit.
  • The cost is almost half of what competitors charge. If you’re considering buying one of these, this one is fantastic and well worth the money.

  • Bluetooth connectivity might not be present.
  • The iOS app is the only problem customers might be currently experiencing.

4. Affordable : Zinus Metal Adjustable Bed Frame Base:


best adjustable mattress for couples

The Jared Adjustable Base from Zinus can be the right choice for you if you’re on a tight budget. This base is a great choice that won’t break the budget because it has separate head and foot articulation, a useful mattress retention bar, and a strong steel structure that can support up to 650 lbs.
The Jared Adjustable Base, which comes in twin XL, Full, and Queen sizes, is a reasonably priced substitute for pricey adjustable mattress foundations.

Utilize the convenience and advantages of an adjustable bed at home with this frame, which enables you to easily modify your sleeping position by using the remote control that is included to separately or simultaneously elevate and descend the head and foot portions of the platform/base. The Jared is ideal for people who have trouble getting comfortable when they sleep and can ease pregnancy, indigestion, and arthritis pain. A mattress retainer bar is located at the base to hold your mattress in place, and it is durable enough to handle heavy sleepers, including the weight of your mattress.

Of course, delivery is simple and a five-year warranty is provided, as is customary for them among their many grateful clients. Without difficulty, it assembles in a matter of minutes with no tools necessary.

  • It’s always nice to have an excellent, reasonably priced alternative among the adjustable bases because they may be rather pricey.
  • This base weighs less than 100 lbs., which makes it relatively lightweight. As a result, it will be simpler to put together than heavier alternatives.
  • Overall, for those who only need their base to lift their head and feet, this is a fantastic, simple option.
  • Despite having a wireless remote, this adjustable bed frame doesn’t have any pre-set position functionality, thus you have to make all the adjustments by hand.

5. Sven & Son Split King Adjustable Bed Base Frame Platinum:

best adjustable mattress for couples

This Sven & Son split king adjustable bed features lumbar support, pillow tilt, massage options, plus all the positions you could possibly imagine. It also boasts 14-inch gel-infused memory foam, which is intended to give the body a cooling, cloud-like feeling. It has four independent heavy duty reliable motors that makes sure you sleep undisrupted. It has an ergonomic remote control system, which has got zero gravity, anti-snore Tv, flashlight and three preset memory buttons. It has a number of extra features like three back lit remotes. It has also got 4 per base USB charging ports for the sleepers convenience.

Reviewers say it’s “the nicest bed” they’ve ever slept in, that it makes them feel amazing when they wake up, and that it relieves chronic pain. Additionally, it has storage and is platform compatible. Although it costs $2,995, it also has a 10-year extended warranty.

  • The entire body is supported by memory foam with bionic cool gel.
  • Maximum comfort is provided by interactive massage machines with multiple levels of pressure.
  • LED under-bed lighting creates a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Got USB charging ports as well.
  • Got really good customer service.
  • It is great for sex.
  • The messenger is not as reliable as shown.
  • The memory foam has got issues with overheating sometimes.

Why Adjustable Beds Can Be Great for Couples?

Although it isn’t an ancient wives’ tale, “a comfortable couple is a happy couple” really ought to be. The ideal bed can really make or destroy a relationship. Although most people see a “super comfy bed” as a king-sized bed with pillow-top mattresses, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, and soft down comforters, adjustable beds should be added to the list of possibilities.

Nobody enjoys being uneasy or, worse, in discomfort when in bed with the person they love. Adjustable beds offer a fun, practical alternative. There are numerous bed and mattress alternatives available for adjustable beds, so your bed should be the most comfortable thing you lounge on throughout the day. The best adjustable mattress for couples plays its part fully in making it better for you.

Other than the obvious benefits (raising your head and feet), the best adjustable mattress for couples provides a tonne of benefits for couples. They are no longer exclusively used by senior persons in large numbers. Younger people are drawn to fashionable versions. Here are several ways an adjustable bed can be almost as restorative to a relationship as a Friday “Date Night,” from reducing snoring to enabling couples to watch their favourite Netflix episodes together in complete comfort.

Easy Going:

Adjustable beds are so much more easy going because of the hand control. Also watching tv with your loved one makes it a nice choice for couples to opt for it. All sorts of media can be easily viewed while sitting comfortably at your bed with your spouse around and while enjoying each other. Additionally, viewing a movie with your head lifted puts you in a fantastic position for sharing a side-by-side cuddle.

Couple Comfort:

These days, it seems that everyone experiences joint and back pain, and adjustable beds can help by relieving pressure. Elevating your head and feet, even just a little bit, will help you feel more comfortable instead of surrounding yourself with a sea of pillows that are out of your partner’s reach. Without the inconvenience of the pillows, which can obstruct intimacy, you’ll be able to become comfy (let alone be a pain in the butt to get into position in the first place).

Sleep Quieter:

How many times have you felt bad for snoring and kept your lover awake? When it comes to maintaining a relationship without animosity, having a nice bed partner is crucial. An adjustable bed helps reduce snoring if either person has a snoring issue by altering your airway (and in many cases it can even get rid of snoring entirely). A slight elevation of the head is frequently all that is necessary for snorers to quit snoring.

Couple’s Choice For Adjustable Mattresses and Why do they love them?

The reason behind couples’ choice for the best adjustable mattress for couples is that the adjustable bed frame enables back sleepers to lift their head and feet to more comfortable positions, supporting the spine’s natural curve. Then, you might have a better night’s sleep. From acid reflux to snoring, the modifications can stop the problems that keep you up at night.

Additionally, this bed can prevent you from sleeping in separate beds if one of you likes to lay flat to sleep and the other enjoys reading into the wee hours of the morning. Couples love adjustable bed frames because they save you from the difficulty getting in or out of the bed if one of you is injured or may be if your spouse is pregnant. Adjusting an adjustable bed frame while your companion is sleeping might be noisy and they are heavier than regular frames.

What Makes the Best Adjustable Mattress for Couples?

Good Motion Isolation:

Couples require a mattress with enough motion isolation so that their movements don’t wake each other up. A mattress with a lot of memory foam is optimal for minimizing motion transmission. This is crucial for light sleepers who wake up at the slightest movement.

Edge support:

It’s crucial to think about how much of the mattress you and your partner use together. Do you feel like you might fall off your mattress if you sit or lay close to the edge? You and your spouse will have the necessary room to sleep thanks to the solid edge support. It’s beneficial to be able to utilise every square inch of the bed’s surface when there are two persons sleeping on it, which calls for strong edge support.

Massaging features:

Massaging feature is a cherry on top for pregnant women and those having back pains. So you and your spouse can enjoy a full body massage without having to spend extra in massage centers. Some brands go over the board with this feature and have 15 different massages to fascinate their customers with.

Split or single bed:

Adjustable beds come with an option of split sides, which makes it easier for you as a couple to adjust your bed according to your desired position. Irrespective of disturbing your spouse you can sleep in your favourite desired position.

Fits Multiple Sleeping Positions:

A medium-firm mattress is usually what you want if you and your partner don’t share the same sleeping position. A mattress that strikes a good balance between comfort and support can accommodate a variety of sleeping postures. For this reason an adjustable mattress works best.

Ease of Movement / Sex:

Easy movement is a crucial factor for couples because it can enable an active sex life on top of the mattress. For this reason it is necessary to get the mattress that have separate air chambers and customizable adjustability options so that it is easier for you to move as well as for your partner to not get hurt while having Sex.

A Solid Mattress Warranty:

If you and your partner experience any problems with your mattress, you want to be sure you are protected. Examine the mattress warranty’s tiny print thoroughly.

Final Verdict:

For many years, we have been deprived of the use of technology for the purpose of betterment of life but since with creative thinking it is now possible to enjoy life to the fullest. Who would have imagined it even in their gazillionth dream that anything like adjustable beds could actually improve quality of life for couples.

The best adjustable mattress for couples helps them sleep more quieter and also exempts the back and joint pains. It helps improve sexual activities and provides good support. It is motion absorbent and helps with position changes so that you will not wake your partner up. The sinking issue is also solved and it has a plus feature as a massager so that your spouse and you both can get a body massage anytime and anywhere on your body, as you desire. Considering all these features our overall champion for all these features is Personal Comfort A10 Bed. It has all those qualities a couple would desire in there adjustable beds. It also has the perfect thickness, massager, customizable firmness, lumbar region support and much more.

Competing closely with this product is Lucid 600 Adjustable Bed Base Frame because of its independent head and foot inclinations, metallic base and a bluetooth and IOS pairing which makes it easier to use. All other products listed here also work best like the quietest bed known i.e the Ghost Bed, Zinus for its affordability and Sven & Son for its bionic cool gel. You may look through the detailed guide about the best adjustable mattress for couples and buy a product of your own choosing and of course what your partner desires.


Which mattress type is ideal for couples?

Try to find a mattress with strong motion isolation and edge support. The best options for this are latex foam and high-density memory foam mattresses. Others might put cooling first. In this situation, we advise using innerspring, hybrid, or latex mattresses. Hybrid and innerspring mattresses include coils that encourage airflow, but latex is naturally cooling. While open-celled or ventilated foam, which is available in some mattresses, works well for cooling, memory foam does not.

Do couples benefit from foam mattresses?

The higher the foam’s density, the better the mattress will be at reducing motion transfer, which is a specialty of high-density memory foam mattresses click here to land on best 8 inch twin memory foam mattresses. In terms of cooling, memory foam mattresses wouldn’t be our top choice. For this, innerspring, latex, and hybrid mattresses perform well. But many modern memory foam beds have open-celled foam or other ventilation features. There are several of memory foam mattresses available that don’t sag and are durable. Despite the poor reputation that foam mattresses have for longevity, if you read our reviews and choose a mattress with high-density base foam, you should discover a bed lasting at least seven years.

Why is an adjustable bed more liked by couples?

Couples like adjustable beds because they can individually adjust each side of the bed with an adjustable bed frame to find the position or setting that best suits their preferred sleeping habits.

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