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How to choose the best mattress for your body? How to find a good mattress that will make you feel good, sleep better, and wake up feeling rejuvenated? How to save money on a mattress you can feel great on and feel good about? How do you avoid the frustration and stress of shopping and trying out mattresses? Many questions in mind before buying the right choice mattress for your need. If you want to get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling like a new person every morning, you will want to check our Casper vs helix mattresses comparison and read our detailed reviews.

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Casper vs helix compression chart

Which one is Suitable for you need Casper vs helix?

The Helix Midnight’s material is polyfoam and coiled steel, creating a soft, responsive feel. These materials allow it to provide an “on-peak-of-the-bed” sensation & make it affordable to use.

The Casper mattress is made of three layers. Each layer is designed to build up a different volume of firmness. This way, you can have the convenience and softness of the foam, but it will also keep its shape over time.

As you consider buying one of these beds, it’s helpful to know a few things about who would buy each mattress.

Many different sleepers can come in every shape and size and have different sleeping positions. You should consider your body’s needs to see what is best for you. But it can be challenging to decide which mattress is best for your needs. To help you decide, I’ll break down the different choices you have.

Who can buy Helix

Side sleepers would enjoy the Helix mattress with excellent pressure relief and soft comfort.

Combination sleepers offer the advantage of a broader range of options for their users.

If you’re a person who sleeps with a pet or spouse, the Helix will be an excellent choice for you. It features motion-isolating technology that allows it to adapt specifically to how your body moves during sleep. This nighttime routine can be made to avoid stress for co-sleeping partners.

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Who can buy Casper

Casper is known for its support for those who sleep on their backs. The materials it uses are designed to provide pressure relief while still remaining comfortable. Back sleepers will enjoy their ability to minimize pain and discomfort from sleeping in that position.

A combination sleeper will also be interested in the Casper. While it’s not as bouncy as the Helix, it responds well and provides a lot of layers that a good combination sleeper needs.

If you’re feeling pain or pressure from your shoulders, we highly recommend checking out the Casper. It’s an excellent product for those who struggle with back or excess weight in this area.

Helix Midnight vs Casper:  Differences and Similarities

As you can see, both of these beds share many similarities. While there are some significant differences between the two, there are also quite a few areas that are pretty similar. Let’s go through them all.

Important Similarities

Though both companies give a medium-firm rating, the Casper mattress seems slightly firmer.

Mattresses can both be attractive to individuals with back or combination sleep positions.

Although the beds may seem different, they try to achieve similar levels of breathability so that sleep will be excellent.

We have many different mattress options for abdomen sleepers. Please choose from the list below to find an excellent choice for you.

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Main Differences

The Helix Midnight is a bit softer than the Casper mattress and may be difficult for side sleepers.

The Casper mattress features a medium level of motion isolation to avoid disruptive movements while you sleep and it is decently priced. The Helix Midnight may be a better choice if you want increased levels of movement isolation, but not that much selection is available.

Casper mattresses’ developed zoned support system is an excellent way to either ease pain in specific areas or for a deep and complete sleep – whichever you want!

Helix Vs Casper Sense differentiation

We begin by going over how specific of these mattress types feel, focusing on some specific elements. edge support motion transfer, Firmness, and are just three factors that contribute to the overall feel of any mattress.


The Helix Midnight has a Medium Firm firmness level on the scale. This mattress is supportive, but unlike other mattresses, it doesn’t put a lot of force on the joints. Most bedding is made to be used in only one position and is therefore limited by design.

These “on-peak-of-the-bed” feel mattresses provide a level of versatility that can easily be transferred between sleepers of different needs.

This product features a technology that allows it to reduce the feeling of motion in the bedroom, based on movement. This will allow you to sleep better and not be disturbed by your partner moving around at night.

The Helix Midnight is ideal because it has firm edges support, which helps make it the best option for you.


Casper mattresses are medium firms and have an “on-peak-of-the-bed” feel. This mattress has a firmness score of seven, which is average for the industry. Casper mattresses can vary in firmness.

People who sleep on them might experience sinking into the mattress, while people with a lower coefficient of stiffness than four might find the Casper too soft.

The Midnight mattress has a unique foam design that helps sleepers stay aligned. It’s firm enough to ensure comfort yet still soft and contoured, as noted by the reviewer.

The Casper mattress is good at blocking the noise when someone is sleeping, but if the partner moves a lot, this could cause discomfort. If you want to make your partner feel more comfortable, other mattress brands may suit them better.

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Casper Vs Helix…Pros and Cons

Pros Of Casper Mattress

  • Best for shoulder pain relief
  • Good zoned support
  • Like a cake it has multiple layers, each layer brings new flavor to the mattress
  • Caper brand offers all foam and hybrid mattresses so you can choose one that fits to your mood
  • People and planet friendly

Cons of Casper mattress

  • Have an odor due to the use of certain chemicals
  • Very soft for heavy stomach sleepers

Pros of Helix Mattress

  • Helix brand offers 14 different varieties of mattresses
  • If you feel your mattress is not enough soft, Helix will send you a free comfort layer for the mattress
  • Helix received various certifications for its unmatchable quality
  • Have received overwhelming reviews from the customers

Cons of Helix mattress

  • The company gives only 100 days of a free trial
  • the company doesn’t give a variety of firmness level options
  • Have only hybrid construction

Comparing the sleep experiences in The Casper and Helix.

There are many factors to these mattresses like weight, posture & other specifics that make it difficult to group them into or give detailed descriptions of how they feel. To simplify the grouping, I think specfic mattress may differ in comfort for sure sleepers like light, back, and stomach sleepers.


Back — This mattress had a level of support that was relatively high, making it ideal for the side sleeper.

Side — Side sleepers can also benefit from using this pillow, as it helps prevent pressure on sensitive joints

Stomach — It might be a better idea for stomach sleepers to consider a firm mattress such as the Helix Midnight. These mattresses provide much more spine support and are often considered better for back and stomach sleepers.

Body Weight — The Midnight mattress wasn’t quite as supportive for heavier people as I think the Plus will be for them due to its firmer feel. The bed feels extremely soft and might not be comfortable enough for your height if you’re over 250 lbs.

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Back — The Casper is an excellent choice for people who enjoy a back sleep (or are looking to try one out), as it boasts targeted support along with various aligning features.

Side-sleepers might prefer a slightly softer mattress because it provides more to the hip & shoulder areas and can result in more comfort.

Stomach — The Helix Midnight is a firm mattress designed for stomach sleepers. This might be a bit too firm for people who are used to sleeping on less supportive mattresses.

Body Weight — The Casper mattresses are designed for people with different requirements, so not everyone has the same experience. Some share that it might feel softer or harder, depending on their body weight. I suggest you consider one of our recommended mattresses for heavy people instead.

Prices Compare to Casper and Helix

Because of the competitive market, it’s challenging to find a reasonably priced bed. They’re always a cost factor when you decide on making your purchase.

Casper and Helix have prices that vary slightly. Check out their pricing charts for even more specific info and our promo codes, which are available for both brands!

Helix and Casper Mattress Material Compare

Let’s look into the composition of the different beds: they have dissimilar materials and design elements but offer similar benefits.


Cover – Keeping this bed on the cooler side is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep. It features an airy material that helps it stay calm and looks spectacular.

Comfort Layer – Memory Plus Foam is a comfortable, supportive pillow for your body. It provides just enough pressure relief to help you sink in without being too thin and not just contouring.

Transition Layer – The coils below give high-density ventilation with added cushioning to the top layer

Support Layer – You can have any type of mattress with increased bounce and comfort.

Base Layer – Finally, you got a layer of other durable particles to the previous layer of foam. This will prolong the life expectancy and give you a layer of extra-durable comfort


Cover – Casper is a famous brand of mattresses, The original version of their mattress has an easy-to-size design and a soft feel.

Comfort Layer –  Comfort is the top concern with Casper’s top layer, encouraging you to relax and relieve tension.

This effect can lead to a liquid spill in another bed that could cause overheating. That special coating will keep that sleeper dry and comfortable

Transition Layer – Our zoned support varies in firmness for different zones to provide targeted pressure and stretch to the body without too much pressure in any area.

This bed will be favorable to anyone with low back pain. This is due to how well-designed this headboard and the foam it’s filled with supports good posture for a better night’s sleep

Base Layer – The base of this high-density foam lets shape and consistency to the whole structure.

Best Qualities Helix vs Casper

Let’s wrap it up and give a fast summary of a specific bed.

The Helix Midnight offers 20 different sleep positions, attaching side sleepers and back sleepers and those who have trouble sleeping with their pet or partner nearby

Sleeping on this mattress can be a soothing experience that also relieves pressure.

The foam material on the Casper mattress provides its self benefits. The mattress is designed to align the spine in a neutral position & keep back sleepers & combination sleepers comfortable. It also relieves pain and supports back sleepers. This sinkage will add some contouring, so there’s not so much concern.

Helix Finest Features

Midnight is the hybrid mattress fitting all sleepers, whether you’re comfortable on your back, side, or stomach.

The Helix bed features excellent edge support and motion isolation. This is one of the better options for couples since it offers more comfort.

With the high-quality temperature regulation abilities in this model, you’ll sleep much better on those hot nights.

Casper Finest Features

Our special thing for the Casper is that it has multiple support zones like our Dual, Contour Body Pillow. While dual beds are suitable for back sleepers, the Casper packs significantly more support in its transition layer.

Casper Mattress is made of breathable foam and has added padding to make it more comfortable. It has also been designed with cooling technology so that your body’s temperature doesn’t get interrupted by bugs or insects.

The Casper mattress comes with a zoned system that helps you find the support and sleep position that’s best for you. Combine this with its firmness level – which is ideal for back pain relief & it becomes an excellent choice.

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Company Policies Compare

Helix Policy

Trial Period — it comes with a hundred-night sleep test.

Free shipping

Ten-year warranty Mattress Warranty

Casper Policy

Trial Period —  it comes with a hundred-night sleep test.

Free shipping

Ten-year warranty Mattress Warranty

Customer Service Compare Helix and Casper

Let’s review each brand’s customer team. I am going to assign a rating of “Stellar,” “excellent,” or “Satisfactory” to each group and explain the reasons.

Customer Rating Helix

Satisfactory: This wasn’t always the case for Helix. They used to have an agent service number that I would call, which I appreciate. That being said, they had very helpful questions and answers and an automated help center. I also contacted them via email and responded within a few hours.

Casper Sleepopolis Customer Rating

Great: Casper is known for its outstanding customer service. After reaching out via their phone number on website, I successfully found a way to resolve my problem within their automated service system. That being said, a stream chat option is something we could’ve added.

Extra Models Compare from Helix and Casper

You should always compare prices and models before making the final decision about a bed. Here is additional information about a some other Helix mattresses and Casper for you to compare.

Helix Sunset

These are hybrid mattresses and are also slightly softer with an ideal 5.5 firmness score. They’re great for side sleepers who want more cushioning at their force points

The Helix Midnight is a straightforward and cool-looking affordable mattress that offers good quality sleep.

The Sunset mattress is a reactive mattress that adapts & responds to what you need.

Helix Dawn

Memory Plus and Dynamic Foam are two distinct types of sleep materials. Memory Plus is made with a top layer that’s dense and supportive, while the Dynamic Foam is softer and lighter. The Dynamic Foam is mostly latex, resulting in a lot of bounciness and a firmness score of 7.5

Having an extra firm mattress helps people who tend to prefer a firmer sleep.

These two products are the same price

Casper Hybrid

The Casper Hybrid mattress is luxurious in look and feel but still remains as affordable for everyone to purchase.

The Casper Hybrid bed should appeal to back and combo sleepers due to its design.

Casper is significantly less expensive than the hybrid.

Casper Wave Hybrid

The Wave is Casper’s luxury mattress and is described by the brand as their most comfortable bed yet.

The design is considered to be fit for the well-being and care of your body, which makes the bed extra comfortable. There are features like the cooling gel & foam that make it softer and more refreshing. Airscape has some cushy extras that make life easier

The mattress is a 6 out of 10 on the firmness scale and should be suitable for people of most sleeping positions. This includes back sleepers, side sleepers, and combinations that include stomach sleeper options.

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Trial, Delivery and Warranty


In Canada, Casper offers free ground shipping via UPS to the contiguous 48 states and needs to pay additional delivery charges in Alaska, Northwest, Hawaii, Territories, Yukon and Nunavut,

Standard ground orders will typically ship within a day or two after you place your order. If White Glove delivery is needed, please select this option during checkout. A company that includes in-home assembly and removal of a used mattress is offering a flat fee for 148.

Helix offers free ground shipping in the contiguous United States but does not offer it in Canada, or several areas of northern Canada. They also charge a delivery fee of $250 CAD for shipments there. Customers usually receive their mattress within a week to 10 days after placing their order with regular ground shipping.

Helix has an in-home mattress setup offer for $149 or $199 depending on what you’ve ordered. You can have your old mattress removed for $75 & if you’d like, the company install a new mattress too

Casper and Helix mattresses are shipped to you fully wrapped in plastic, but then they get vacuum-sealed. This makes them much easier to introduce into the home but hardy enough to survive a (short) trip through your car door.

This process ensures the mattress will fit inside a standard shipping box so it can be delivered to your home. Our delivery team will do the work to ensure your mattress is in perfect condition when it arrives.

Pick white glove delivery service to avoid coming home and waiting through the whole process. If not, you’ll be able to sleep in and be delivered the mattress safely without anyone around.


Many mattress companies offer a trial period for their customers. This allows you to try out a new type of bed and decide on their purchase if it isn’t for you.

You can return your Casper mattress at any point of the 100-night window and the company doesn’t require a break-in period.

Casper will refund you for any product that doesn’t meet your expectations in case you’re not satisfied with the product. If it’s an issue due to shipping, they’ll also send couriers to reclaim the bed from you.

You have the option of exchanging your Casper mattress for a different size. If you need to return your mattress and there is not any warranty information on the box, please provide details so that we can find a way to recycle or donate your mattress.

Helix mattresses have a 100-night sleep trial that includes a break-in period of 30 days. During this time, you will not be able to return your mattress or exchange it for another one.

If you’re unsatisfied for any reason, our refund process is quick and easy. Just return your Helix mattress within 30 days to us and we will pick it up from you.

If the Helix team finds any manufacturing defects or if there has been an unannounced change in our models, those features will be added at no cost to your original purchase. At Urban Mattress, we are committed to serving the earth and helping it keep its beauty. We’ve made we donate button aware of what you told us, so nearly all mattresses donated will be recycled.


A product warranty is a guarantee by the manufacturer that the product will perform for a certain number of years.

The buyer has agreed to some terms with the manufacturer when they purchase the item. In case of a break, the manufacturer will be responsible for repairing or replacing it at no cost to the buyer.

A lot of people use mattresses today so they’re always guaranteed to warranty satisfaction. Mattress warranties span 10 years or longer in most cases.

For a comparison between the warranty coverage, you can check the “warranty” page on both Helix Sleep and Casper. Most mattresses are backed by 10-year promises from both brands.

Buying a mattress online comes with a 100% non-prorated warranty. In the event that your mattress develops a defect, it’s up to you to choose whether to fix it yourself or get replacement options provided for free by the seller.

There are errors, defects, and body impressions that will be covered by the warranty. This includes sagging in the mattress or premature deterioration of components, as well as manufacturing defects with the cover.

The LUXE hybrids will have a longer warranty period than the Helix Plus. This informative change appears at the top of this text.

Helix provides a warranty similar to that of Casper’s – which includes sagging, body impression and up to 1-year inbound. They will also prorate fees for services with body impressions up to 1-inch deep.

Buyers Guide

You have gone through detailed information about Casper and Helix mattresses. In this section we will clear in particular that which mattress price is good.

If we look at Casper mattresses, there is a wide price range. The six models of the Casper Brand have different prices. The Casper Original and Casper hybrid original have average prices. So you can choose the one which better suits your budget

While Helix’s mattress price range is a little slimmer. All the Helix mattresses have almost the same prices. So, I think the Casper mattress is a more favorable choice.

Lets Sum Up

By reading the above article, you will not need to go anywhere. Go through it thoroughly and select the best one for you.

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