How to clean blackout curtains


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How to clean blackout curtains

Many countries consider blackout curtains to be the most excellent sleep solution. Every household object, including blackout curtains, needs to be cleaned from time to time. Many people believe that cleaning them is a complicated process. They always search for how to clean blackout curtains without making them fade as time goes on. Let’s look at a few innovative ways to clean blackout curtains by hand and machine and how both methods will make things easier. First, look at the cycle tags to determine how much the water temperature will affect the cycle.

Hand washing/cleaning:

Because most people try to clean the fabric, hand-washing black curtains are straightforward. After all, it’s dusty or has steins on it. Because no water is required, cleaning blackout curtains by hand is more accessible. Although cleaning blackout curtains is a time-consuming process, the color of the curtains is less likely to fade due to the limited (or non-existent) use of water.
Cleaning blackout curtains with water are one of the most secure methods available. Hand washing allows you to maintain complete control over each stage, such as combining the detergent with the water and adding the appropriate amount of water for the best results. You can also keep checking the results. Also, please avoid using any chemicals when cleaning curtains because chemicals can degrade the fabric lining, making it less effective and appealing.

How to clean blackout curtains

Dust/Dirt cleaning:

It’s easy to notice that your blackout curtains have developed a dusty or rough appearance after a week or two. You don’t have to be concerned about that because a basic vacuum cleaner will complete the job in no time. Attach a brush to your vacuum cleaner and use this simple tip to make your blackout curtains appear new. Keep in mind that you must attach a clean or, if feasible, a new brush to the vacuum; otherwise, a dirty brush may cause harm as the suction’s air pressure rises, so you must first set all of the safety measures. If you have a pet and your pet enjoys your room, the most likely bottom of your blackout curtains will be pet hair all over the place. A vacuum will make it appear simple, and your pet will continue to spread hair, so it will not be a constant source of irritation for you. A simple vacuum is a valuable tool for keeping your blackout curtains clean and healthy because it reduces the danger of color damage or fabric fading. It is an excellent way to clean the curtains without removing them from the wall. A lint roller is also a great tool to clean little dusty curtains and pet hair. A lint roller is the best little tool to handle and clean curtains or makes them look fresh, so think wisely and make good use of your available sources to make reasonable changes.

How to clean blackout curtains

Spot cleaning:

Sometimes your blackout curtains get up a stein or two, and you’re unsure how to clean the entire curtain properly. Spot cleaning is a fantastic idea because it will save you money on water and electricity, even though it can be readily cleaned with a detergent or soap. However, you must ensure that the amount of detergent powder used does not damage the fabric since if this occurs, you will still have another problem to deal with. It may force you to replace the entire curtain. The most crucial aspect of this procedure is to avoid using bleach whenever possible.
There is an important note to make: if you are spot cleaning, do so on a small area first to see if the fabric has been damaged. Do it correctly by mixing the detergent well but not using too much during the test cleaning. It may be a simple and quick test, but it will give you peace of mind that the cloth is safe, and you will be able to focus on the remainder of the process.

Steam cleaning is good:

Yes, you are correct. Blackout curtains benefit significantly from steam washing. It’s a straightforward method, but you’ll need to keep the water warm to keep the fabric’s color. To avoid any form of unpleasant stein:
Keep the fabric away from the water when steam washing.
Do not even consider submerging the curtain in water.
Continue cleaning with the steam from the bottom to the top, scrubbing both sides. This method will be fantastic for the long life of the blackout curtains if it is carried out correctly and with care.
If you think it’s worth improving your blackout curtains after this experiment, make it a routine to clean with steam if you don’t have much time because it’s the easiest and least time-consuming approach. It is another way to clean the curtains without removing them from their place.

Machine washing

The curtains should not be washed in a washing machine since the fabric’s color will fade, and the lining will become thinner well before time. But don’t forget that all washing machines have a delicate cycle that may be used to clean curtains and other delicate items. Your blackout curtains can be cleaned in a washing machine using the delicate cycle and cold water with a small amount of soap powder. As a result, follow all of the care instructions and clean your curtains in a washing machine, saving you half the time and work. Front loader washing machines are a better and highly recommended option for washing blackout curtains. The size of the front loading washing machines is well adjustable for the thick and heavy fabric stuff. Moreover, you can monitor your curtain’s washing process better. So if you have an option of a front loader washing machine, it will make life a bit easier in this cause.

Manual drying

If you have enough time to inspect your blackout curtains regularly, this is the best and maybe the safest way to keep them. This is because your curtains will be less likely to spin in circles. So, if you’re concerned about the condition of your curtains, wring them thoroughly before hanging them and checking to see if they’ve dried completely.

Machine drying

Cleaning curtains in a washing machine and drying them in a washing machine are nearly identical. Regardless of your concerns, it would be best to keep in mind the delicate circle in a washing machine. You can dry your curtains in a machine because you can wash them gently. Your blackout curtain depends on you to clean it gently or vigorously. Make an informed decision based on the state of your blackout curtains. Before working on your curtains, you must first ponder as they are an essential aspect of your home’s décor and comfort.

Proper cleaning methods are required:

Blackout curtains, as everyone knows, are heavier than regular curtains and are constructed of a specific material; thus, they require more attention and cleaning procedures than regular curtains. Traditional cleaning methods are ineffective for washing blackout curtains since the fabric can be damaged.

Here are some cleaning tips for blackout curtains, which should be handled with care and gentleness. To get the most remarkable results, always clean with warm water. Instead of using a lot of detergents, use a small amount of soapy water. Another way to achieve the best cleaning results is to shake the curtains in the water lightly. A gentle shake will improve the performance of your blackout curtain. Always wet your curtains thoroughly and shake them gently and thoroughly to dry them. An adequately dried curtain is a sign that it will look much better than it was before cleaning.

Wrinkles after washing:

That is a problem with clothes getting wrinkled after each wash, so don’t be concerned if it happens with your blackout curtains. Hang your curtains properly to dry them before hanging them in your bathroom. Steam is the most effective way to remove wrinkles from a curtain. So do something easy. Close all bathroom doors and windows, then turn on the hot water tap and allow the steam to fill the room. Turn off the tap and close the bathroom door for a few hours if you notice steam on the curtains. This method will aid in the straightening of wrinkled curtains, and you will notice a difference.

Rubber-backed curtains cleaning:

If you’re going to wash rubber-backed curtains, avoid using harsh chemicals or bleach. Even while it is common knowledge that blackout curtains should be used separately, it is worth repeating that no small object should be added when washing blackout curtains. The rubber on the curtains will stay intact even after multiple spins and rinses. Cleaning blackout curtains requires extreme caution every time. Make a to-do list, and you’ll have no trouble getting everything done. Weather is also a significant consideration when washing rubber-backed curtains. Cleaning the curtains on a hot and sunny day might be significant. Those heavy curtains will dry quickly in the scorching sun. Otherwise, it can make you wait for a day or two.

Small tips to remember:

Curtains need inspection before cleaning, whether they need washing or just vacuuming.
Read the tags carefully. It will help you make things easier and better.
Hand washing is an excellent option to avoid any damage or fading of the fabric.
Identify the spots which are memento cleaned.
If your curtains have grommets, they will need more care, and grommets will remain in good shape if you hand wash your curtains.
The quantity of the detergent matters a lot, so use less detergent as much as possible.
Bleach and chemicals are highly discouraged for cleaning curtains.
Cool water will create a friendly alliance with blackout curtains.
A delicate cycle is an option when washing your curtains in a washing machine.
Rinsing properly will make your curtains look better.
A dryer may damage rubber-backed curtains, so avoid the d dryer, especially when you want to dry the curtains.
Make a to-do list and see that repeatedly to avoid any unpleasant situation.


Cleaning blackout curtains is not an easy task, but it is also not a difficult one because it does not require any specific tools or equipment. Cleaning is simple, using simple tools and readily available materials. Cleaning your blackout curtains is critical to keeping them fresh and long-lasting. Sometimes only a spot cleaning is required, and other times a thorough cleaning is required. The key is that it is always a must-do task. I hope this guide has helped you determine how to clean your blackout curtains and get everything done.

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