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What does a box spring do? Well, it helps keep your mattress in place! If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know much about the details of a box spring, but it’s an integral part of your bed frame. A box spring is a large piece of foam attached to the bottom of your mattress to provide extra support for your mattress and ensure that it doesn’t slide off the bed frame. It’s also used as an added layer of padding between your mattress and the floor, which can help prevent sagging and provide more comfort when sleeping.


What Is called the Box Spring?

Equally important to the mattress, the box spring is a layer of padding used to support the mattress and the base of the bed frame. Box springs are usually made of high-quality, dense foam. Some models are also available with a steel or wood frame. Some box springs are available in a variety of colors and designs. The mattress is often paired with a box spring to provide extra support and a thicker layer of padding. 

What Are the Benefits of a Box Spring?

A box spring is used to provide additional support for the mattress and add padding to the mattress. It can also be used to help keep your mattress from sagging or to keep it from shifting around. A box spring also provides a layer of padding between your mattress and the floor, which can help reduce pressure on your body and keep you more comfortable. 

Box Springs vs. Bed Frames:

If you are getting a new bed, you might be wondering if you need a box spring or a bed frame. This is a very common question, and the answer is complicated.

When you purchase a mattress, you’ll probably purchase a mattress and a box spring. When you purchase a bed frame, you’ll be purchasing it, but it is usually paired with a box spring. This means that you can purchase a mattress, box spring, and bed frame separately.

If you have a box spring, you don’t need a bed frame. You can purchase a mattress, but you’ll have to purchase a box spring for it to fit properly.

You can purchase a mattress without a box spring if you have a bed frame. However, if you do, you’ll have to purchase a box spring for it to fit properly.

Box Spring vs. Platform vs. Foundation 

A box spring’s greatest strength is its ability to absorb shock. Foundations are similar in function to box springs. A foundation is usually made of wood or metal and has slats across the top for structural purposes. However, most people usually use their bed frames as foundations.

An additional layer of padding under the mattress is called a box spring and foundation. A platform is a horizontal surface that supports your mattress, usually made from wood, metal, or plastic. They are usually cheaper than a traditional bed frame, but not much.

Creating a relaxing environment before bedtime can be challenging if you don’t know how to set one up or if you keep asking yourself, “Do I need a box spring? And if so, where should I put it?” If you’re not using foam, hybrid mattress, latex, it doesn’t matter whether you use a box spring or not.

Most people no longer use box springs, but they’re still occasionally useful. If you’re ready to make the switch from a box spring and coil to a memory foam mattress, check out our selection of award-winning foam beds to find the perfect fit for you.

Reasons to Use a Box Spring 

When most mattresses used coils springs, box springs were needed. They needed additional support for their legs and something to absorb the impact of lying, sitting, and jumping on them.

Even though coil mattresses have waned, they can be useful for some people. Box springs were originally designed to give your bed some extra height and support, but they still provide these benefits today.

Improved Airflow 

The box springs are fairly empty from the coils, wood frames, and foam padding inside. If you use a box spring under your mattress, more air will flow around your mattress, which means that more air will travel through too. It’s really important to keep your bedroom airy and well ventilated, especially in the summer months when temperatures often rise.

Increased Height

Many people are still looking to buy mattresses that are of higher quality than their current ones. If you’re tall, have joint pain, or struggle to get up in the morning, a mattress pad can help you reach a comfy height.

Support for Mattress 

Some mattresses don’t provide the support you need, which means they might sag. Sometimes, coil spring mattresses come with a warranty requiring you to use a box spring to extend their lifespan. Make sure to check on your warranty — if you don’t use a box spring, you might not be eligible for some of the benefits.

Shock Absorption

Another way to protect your mattress from shocks is by using an adjustable box spring. When you lie down on a box spring, it helps distribute some of your body weight evenly across its surface. Because of this, using a box spring helps extend your mattress’s life.

If you don’t put a box spring under your mattress, there’s nothing between it and the ground to take some of the weight. You might find yourself tossing your mattress earlier than you would normally do.

Your bed frame is collapsing.

Some bed frames need a box spring. If you’re familiar with collapsible frames, you know why they’re useful. If it doesn’t give enough support in the middle of the bed, the mattress will sag and become uncomfortable. If a bed frame doesn’t have a support system in the middle, it won’t hold its weight.

Is Box Spring Necessary?

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to use a box spring. Today, many bed frames offer enough support for most people to sleep comfortably without a frame. It’s up to you whether you want to use one or not, but keep in mind which type of mattress or bed frame you should use instead.

Under Hybrid Mattresses, Latex, and Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses don’t need the same support absorbing shock as traditional coil mattresses. They’re already made from material that absorbs shocks. Box springs only change how soft or firm the mattress feels. They don’t provide any notable benefits.

Before buying any of these mattresses, check the warranty period. Unlike coil mattresses, which often require box springs, some foam mattresses may not be covered by their warranty if you use a box spring.

On Platform Beds

Platform beds are made out of a solid surface for the bed to rest on. If you don’t need box springs, they’re unnecessary because the bed frame provides a strong support structure. Platform beds are usually lower than regular beds, making them difficult for people with joint issues or back pain. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your sleep, a box spring may offer some benefit.

Your Mattress on Floor

If you don’t want a box spring, then you can put your mattress on the floor without one if you’d rather not spend the extra money. However, bear in mind that it may be harder to use than normal.


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