What is the difference between twin and twin Xl?


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If you’re familiar with the difference between a Double and Double XL bed, you may have observed that they shape quite alike. If your spatial perception is poor, you may not be talented to tell which one is better. What is the difference between a twin and a twin XL then?

A Dual XL is roughly five inches taller than a regular double bed. It’s slightly smaller than a queen.

As I’m going to telling below, 5 optional pounds may change a lot! Which dimension bed is finest for you? Read the descriptions below to get about the different types of beds available, and use my helpful chart to compare the sizes and prices of specific beds.

Twin vs Twin XL Distinction

Twin and Twin XL beds are very similar. They come in different sizes, are made from the same material, and have similar features. These two beds are perfect for small spaces, ideal for tiny apartments and guest rooms. You can easily move them around if needed.


These mattresses are good choices for kids because they’re narrow. If your kid toss and frequently kicks at night, then you may want to consider a bigger bed to avoid him from dropping off, but if you already have a dual-sized mattress, you may not need to buy a larger one. If you want to buy a child a new bed, you can read this article to learn about a few brilliant kid-friendly options.

They’re affordable mattresses, but they’re not the most expensive ones out there. If you’re looking to buy a bra that fits within your budget, then you might want to consider buying a larger size. If you sleep lonely and don’t mind sleeping on a mattress that doesn’t feel too soft or firm, as long as these mattresses may be a good choice for you. If you’re looking for something affordable, you might want to check out our best affordable mattresses.

If you’re looking for a mattress that’s comfortable enough to share with someone else, you may be disappointed by either of these options. If you contribute your bed with someone else or a big pet, then you might want to think about buying a bigger mattress. You may want to check out some of the finest mattress brands available to see which one suits your needs better.

Twin XL vs Twin Variation

As I noted above: The main contrast between a dual mattress and a Twin XL mattress (and any other size) is the length of the bed. The dual XL is longer than a queen-size mattress but shorter than a full-dimension mattress, although a twin is a similar distance as both a queen-size mattress and a full-size mattress (75 inches).

Length is one factor that affects which mattress is best for you. College students have been using dual XL beds for years because they save space and accommodate tall teens and young adults. If you’re looking for a bed that fits both adult and teenage sleepers, you should probably go for a twin XL. You can real also our finest mattress for even better options.

The larger dual XL is likely to provide more comfort than a smaller dual mattress for anyone taller than six feet. To avoid having their feet hang over the edge of the bed, you should add an additional inch or two of space to the length of the mattress.

On the one hand, a smaller person may not necessarily have the optional legroom, in which case a single bed may be the best option. Twin dimension mattresses tend to be the most popular mattress size for kids’ rooms.

Because twin-size mattresses tend to be cheaper than dual XLs, they’re much easy to find. Bedding accessories may be available at different stores, which could help you save money on your bedding expenses. If you’re looking for a new bed set and need help finding the right one, check out our reviews of the best bed sets for the amount.

If you want to save money by making your queen-size bed from scratch, then buy dual XL mattresses. A twin XL bed is the same size as a big mattress. Two standard twins are too short.

When deciding between a Double and Double xl mattress, one final thing to consider is how the mattress will fit into your room. The extra length of the twin XL may make a smaller room appear smaller, but a standard twin may look odd in a bigger space. If you’re furnishing a primary bedroom and you’re thinking about buying a bigger king or queen-sized bed, then you might be interested in looking at one.

Other sizes of mattresses

Do you know which size bed is best for you? You may check out the mattress size guide for details about how big queen, king, and full mattresses are, including their dimensions. Meanwhile, take a quick look at the table below to see which size beds are most commonly used.

Twin XL vs Twin Selecting Considerations

Here are some things to consider when selecting between these 2 types of mattresses.

Bedroom Size

When choosing your mattress, keep its dimensions and size in mind. Both dual and dual XL mattresses are compact enough for popular rooms, but a twin mattress may be the finest option for smaller rooms.


They’re both within the same price range. dual XL accessories are less available than twin accessories so they may be more expensive. If you’ve got limited funds and you know that you’ll need new bedframes and sheets,, too, you may want a double bed.

Sleeping Position

These two mattresses are both fairly narrow. If you’re a good sleeper, you may not be able to sleep comfortably on either one. If you may sleep with a pillow that takes up a large amount of distance at the head end of the bed, like our most popular pillow for side sleepers, then you might need extra length. If that’s the case, a dual XL would be best for you.


If you’ve got an average height of 5’8″, you’ll probably enjoy the optional legroom on the larger dual XL mattress. If you’re under six feet tall, either mattress could work well for you.


If you’re shopping around for a kid or teen, it may be a good idea to think about buying a twin size. The extra length would help taller people who want to grow out of their beds without growing out of their beds.

Which one is best: Twin XL vs Twin?

The reply. It is dependable on your needs! Here, I’ve listed some benefits and drawbacks of each type of mattress so that you can choose the right one for you.

Twin Mattress Advantages

  • Compact mattresses are among the popular compact in the marketplace, making them unique for tiny spaces.
  • Twin mattresses are an inexpensive mattress option. They’re great for anyone on a low budget.
  • Matching bedding is easy when you’re looking at one mattress.

Twin Mattress disadvantages.

  • A twin mattress is to be used for two people to sleep comfortably.
  • Regular twins are shorter, so if you’re tall, they may not suit.

Twin XL Mattress Advantages

  • A Twin XL mattress has five inches more than a regular Twin mattress. It’s great for tall sleepers or older kids who might grow into them.
  • Twin XL mattresses tend to be affordable, making them a good choice for budget-conscious customers.
  • Twin XL mattresses provide plenty of room for two people to sleep comfortably.

Twin XL Mattress disadvantages.

  • A twin XL mattress is designed to easily fit two sleepers.
  • It might be harder to find matching bedding for twin XL mattresses than for other mattress dimensions, so you may need to shop around a bit.


There isn’t any difference between a dual mattress (5 inches shorter than a queen) and a twin XL mattress (5 inches longer than a queen). If you’re tall enough to reach the ceiling, those extra inches may be really helpful! confidently, this guide will help you choose which size is right for you.

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