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 We have effectively reviewed the differences between purple mattress Vs Avocado after spending 43 hours in front of a computer screen.

The guide will give you a detailed description of the specifications, firmness, prices, similarities, and differences between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado. Not only these but many other factors that you may need in the way of decision making that we have discussed in our article.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between Purple mattress vs avocado.

Side By Side Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado In 2022:

Purple Mattress:

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

2 inches of permeable GelFlexTM Grid are incorporated into the Purple Mattress to support pressure spots like the hips and shoulders while maintaining proper alignment throughout the rest of your body. A completely supported sleep is the outcome when used with a dual-layer comfort foam base.

You’ll stay comfy all night due to  more than 1,400 air passages the temperature-neutral Grid has been created with as well as the breathability foams utilized in the base.

As you reposition and shift during the night, the GelFlex Grid rapidly flexes to support your position and springs back into place. The Grid’s layers of foam provide additional padding as it cradles body parts like your hips and shoulders.

Avocado Mattress:

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

The Avocado Green Mattress has three interior layers and a firm (7) feel.

  • Dunlop organic latex construction in two inches
  • 8 inches of innerspring coils with pockets
  • Dunlop organic latex, 1 inch thick.

The 2-inch latex layer acts as the comfort system in this design. According to the requirements of the Global Organic Latex Standard, this latex was produced using the Dunlop process and is organically certified (GOLS).

The Control Union, a corporation that audits and assesses industrial procedures to make sure they adhere to strict guidelines for environmental protection and social justice, runs the GOLS program.

This latex layer offers modest pressure point alleviation and modest body support through moderate contouring.

The support core is constructed from two distinct layers. 8 inches of pocketed innerspring coils make up the upper layer. Three different coil thicknesses are divided into zones to provide support where it is most necessary, and the pocketed-coil design allows the springs to better fit the body’s weight.

That includes adding fortifications to the perimeter in order to provide trustworthy edge support. A 1-inch layer of organic latex beneath the coils serves as a shock absorber, shielding them from impact, boosting stability, and reducing noise and squeaking.

The exterior of the cover is constructed of organic cotton, while the inner is lined with organic wool batting. The Control Union’s Global Organic Textile Standard, which is also a programme, has certified both cotton and wool as organic.

Main Similarities Between Purple Mattress vs Avocado:

  • These both are American-made products.
  • Free compressed shipping in a box.
  • A 100-night trial period is offered for each bed.
  • Both come with a ten-year warranty.
  • They are each about 10 inches tall as well.
  • Both are fantastic for side sleepers and many back sleepers.
  • Both are comparatively firm.
  • Both have a certain amount of springiness.
  • Both manufacturers provide products with springs.
  • Both brands provide a variety of models.
  • Each brand’s name is distinct.

 Main differences Between Purple VS Avocado Mattress:

  • At retail value, the Purple is a little more expensive than the Avocado Eco Organic.
  • They are also built entirely differently, which will be covered in greater detail in the design section.
  • While the Purple is constructed using the distinctive Purple grid layer and polyfoams, the Avocado Eco Organic is made entirely of organic, environmentally friendly materials, including latex and coils.
  • I believe that Purple would be a better choice for those who have pain issues because of its distinctive look. The pressure relief is excellent.
  • There are various hardness options in purple.
  • Avocado features a pillow-top that is optional.
  • Avocado makes use of natural products.
  • Purple is both springy and velvety due to a special material it utilizes. The “raw egg test” is used in the marketing of this substance.
  • Purple is available in versions that are as thin as 9.5′′. Avocado is offered in 11′′ and 13′′ sizes.

Durability Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

A durable mattress can save you hundreds of dollars throughout its lifetime. Customers search so hard for durable mattresses for a number of fantastic reasons, including this. Any consumer who reads the reviews, though, is aware that certain brands don’t appear to care about the same thing.

Despite this, there are still some outstanding companies that produce long-lasting goods and the purple mattress is one of them. When it comes to durability, these mattresses receive top scores. This mattress ought to last between seven and twelve years unless you have greater loads built.

Regarding durability, avocado mattresses are up against the very tough competition. Discovering a mattress with exceptional durability can result in years of more sleep for purchasers. but one that falters abruptly can result in instant discomfort.

These mattresses have a 25-year lifespan, which is good for beds of the present. There may be modest reductions in longevity for people who weigh more than normal or use their mattresses more than once per day.

Edge Support Comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Edge support measures how much more the mattress’ edges are supported in comparison to its center. Although the supportiveness of the purple mattress is highly rated, some people may feel small contouring if they apply excessive pressure to the edge.

For people who lay close to the side of the bed and need supportive balance all the way to the edge, edge support is a crucial feature. The edge support on all avocado is excellent as they move toward the side of the mattress.

Supportiveness Comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

For you to wake up feeling rested in the morning, your mattress must be supportive. All users find these mattresses to be more supportive than average. If you now require further support, this is crucial. The majority of users claim that such purple provides adequate support.

When compared to many of their rivals, the avocado provides good support. Buyers are at ease since these mattresses cradle them, providing the support required to straighten the vertebrae. Buyers don’t report any initial problems with loss of resilience and characterize the mattresses as supportive.

Firmness Comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Purple is medium-firm and on the firmness scale, it scored 6.5 out of 10.

Despite being significantly harder, the basic Avocado  Mattress offers a soft sleeping experience. this typical mattress is a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 = Soft as a cloud, 10 = Very hard). 

Customer Score Comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Purple scored 4.5 on the customer review scale

Avocado scored 4.2 on the customer review scale.

Recommendation Comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Who Should Purchase the purple mattress?

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

  1. I’d suggest taking a look at the Purple if you’re not interested in the conventional mattress feel. This mattress creates the sensation of great comfort.
  2. The pressure-relieving capabilities that this mattress has to offer should be appealing to those who have bad pain difficulties when they sleep. you may also like to read; best mattress for lower back and hip pain
  3. I believe back, side or back-side combo sleepers should feel comfortable on this mattress, just like they would on the Avocado.

Who should purchase Avocado?

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

  1. Most stomach sleepers find the Avocado to be a pleasant alternative because of the Avocado’s hardness and centered support. 
  2. While those who weigh more than 125 pounds gave the Avocado high reviews, 
  3. The Avocado Eco Organic mattress strikes me as a wise choice if you’re seeking a long-lasting mattress.
  4. One of the bed’s main components, Dunlop latex, is renowned for its longevity.
  5. Finally, I think you’ll like this mattress if you back or side sleeper,  or a combination of your back and side.

 Comparison Of Feel Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Purple mattress:

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

Let’s now discuss the feel of these beds in more detail. Depending on your body weight, shape, and favorite position of sleeping, a mattress whether avocado or purple mattress will feel very different to you.

We rated the Purple as a true medium-firm bed, giving it a firmness rating of 6.5 out of 10. For those who sleep on their backs only, I believed it offered adequate spinal alignment. For many users, the GelFlex Grid provides effective relief from pain and conditioning.

Nevertheless, this mattress won’t make you feel like you’re sinking in deeply (like you would on a memory foam bed). Instead, you’ll experience a lifting, almost floating sensation.

Avocado Mattress: 

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

On a scale of 1 to 10, we rated the firmness of the Avocado Eco at 5.9. It feels somewhat softer than the 6.5 out of 10 industry norm for medium-firm. For back and side sleepers, the upper latex layer’s ability to adjust to pressure spots makes it an ideal option.

The Avocado Eco Organic feels durable and springy all over. For combo sleepers that wish to move around the bed easily, I believe it would work incredibly well.

 Construction Difference Between purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

  • Great for relieving pressure and following contours, purple.
  • Avocado seems to have more bounce and firmness.
  • Purple has a distinctive memory foam/latex combination feel because of its exclusive foam substance.
  • Purple has variants that are slimmer.
  • Offering a pillow-top is avocado.
  • Both employ building methods and materials that promote cool sleeping.

 Prices Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

A queen-size original Purple mattress costs $1,099 in total. Both the Purple Hybrid and Purple Hybrid Premier queen mattresses have price tags of $1,599 and $2,199 respectively.

Avocado Twin XL costs 1199 us dollars, Avocado Full mattress costs 1399 US dollars, Avocado queen costs 1599 US DOllars and Avocado king costs 2099US dollars.

Motion Isolation Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Both effectively separate motion. But because Purple is a little softer, it has a tiny advantage. It might be a marginally better choice for partners as a result.

Feel Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Purple Mattress:

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

The way a mattress sounds to you might depend on your body weight and preferred sleeping position, as was already explained. Let’s consider how the aforementioned individuals might feel in each mattress:

Heavy sleepers: This bed will feel somewhat firmer unless you’re a petite sleeper and slightly softer unless you’re a heavyweight sleeper. The Purple, in my opinion, lacks the level of support that bigger sleepers (those weighing more than 240 pounds) require. I advise folks who are overweight to look for beds made for people with heavier bodies.

Back sleepers: People who sleep on their back should consider Purple. They will appreciate the lumbar pressure alleviation they will experience.

Stomach sleepers: The Purple, in my opinion, is not supportive enough for those who are stomach Sleepers who weigh more than 125 pounds. To raise their hips and stop their spine from bending, they’ll need a harder choice.

Side sleepers: Given that the polymeric layer offers some great contouring, I believe the majority of side sleepers will feel more comfortable on this mattress.

Avocado mattress;

Purple Mattress Vs Avocado

Stomach Sleepers: believe tummy or stomach sleepers who weigh under 125 pounds will be at ease on this mattress. In order to avoid backache, it must keep their hips raised and in line with their spine. However, people who are more than 125 pounds risk sinking far enough into the mattress.

Petite sleepers: A mattress will feel harder to you if you’re a petite sleeper than a heavy user would. 

Heavyweight people: In contrast, since you will sink deeper into the mattress if you are a heavier user, it will feel smoother to you. The Avocado Eco Organic, in my opinion, won’t provide enough comfort for sleepers who weighs more than 240 pounds.

Back sleepers: The Avocado Eco Organic, in my opinion, is ideal for one who is back sleepers. Although it is hard enough to avoid drooping, it still permits considerable displacements in the lower spine.

Side sleepers: Many side sleepers who are of moderate weight could find the Avocado to be helpful (130 to 240 pounds). Round their shoulders and hips, there should be minimal pressure. Anyone who suffers from joint pain, though, might wish to choose a softer choice.

Material Comparison Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:  

So that you can get a clearer idea as to how the Avocado and Purple mattresses feel, let’s examine each mattresses’ layers in more detail.

Comfort layer comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Organic Dunlop latex with GOLS certification makes up this layer in avocado. Organic latex has a reputation for being robust, springy, and refreshing.

Purple Grid, a polymer that is hyper-elastic, is used to create this layer of purple mattress. This layer has a waffle-like structure, which allows for significant ventilation. It feels supple, and elastic, and provides excellent actual pressure alleviation.

Supportive layer comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

Individually wrapped coils that are wider at the bed’s border to provide greater support for the borders are placed subsequently in purple mattress. Since the coils are composed of recycled steel, they promote ventilation, which helps you stay cooler at nighttime.

The foam layer above avocado is somewhat denser than the poly layers of foam at the foundation. This increases the longevity and sturdiness of the mattress.

Cover comparison between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:

A mixture of polyester, lycra, and viscose was used to create the purple mattress covering. It feels silky and is incredibly airy.

GOTS-certified organic cotton and organic wool were used to make the cover of avocado mattress. This actually feels airy and gentle to the skin.

Best Features comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado: 

Let’s have a look at the best features of both purple mattresses and avocados.

Purple Mattress’s top qualities

  • The Purple is more mobile than many mattresses with comfort layers made of memory foam. 
  • More movement is possible than with highly conforming memory foamdue to the Purple Grid’s responsiveness and conforming qualities.
  • I’m astonished at how pressure-point-relieving this mattress is. Anyone who experiences pain should check this bed out for some relief.
  • This bed’s responsiveness is another feature I like. You can move around on this mattress fairly simply if you alternate between sleeping on your side, back, and/or stomach.
  • Additionally, this bed sleeps cool, which is always a plus for my fellow hot sleepers.

Avocado Mattress’s top qualities

  • I enjoy how the Avocado Eco Organic mattress exclusively uses natural matter and is truly eco-friendly.
  • I believe it is a fantastic suit for back sleepers, side sleepers, combo sleepers, and heat sleepers because of its materials and pressure-relieving qualities. It might work well for lighter stomach sleepers as well.
  • I also truly value how reasonably priced an organic mattress is.

Company policy Comparison Between Purple Mattress Vs Avocado:  

For Purple Mattress: The company gives 100 days free trial with 10 years warranty. Shipping of the mattress is also free.

For Avocado Mattress:The company gives free shipping along with 100 days trial period and 10 year long warranty.

Purple Mattress VS Avocado: Comparison between Customer Service

 Purple Mattress: Customer service was satisfactory as the company didn’t connect me with the representative and also there was a delay in the answering of questions.

 Avocado: Customer Service was beyond Excellent as they instantly reply and clear our cues regarding the mattress. 

Cons comparison Between  Purple mattress vs Avocado:

Purple Mattress

  • Numerous reviews have stated that it takes some getting accustomed polymeric grid.
  • High-end models are expensive.
  • Purple mattresses are hefty, typically large sizes.
  • You might have to purchase new sheets that fit.
  • The mattress cover from Purple cannot be washed.
  • To wrap the mattress covering, you might want to purchase a mattress cover.


  • Due to the handmade nature of the item, the delivery may take up to two months.
  • According to some evaluations of Avocado Green mattresses, the supplier doesn’t seem to always have the capacity to fulfill purchases.
  • Faint smelling in boxing.

Buyers Guide:

I would suggest you avocado mattress as it is more durable and long-lasting than the purple mattress models. Moreover, Avocado mattress firmness is more appealing and comfortable for side and stomach, and back sleepers..

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we wash the purple mattress?

You can completely remove the white mattress cover (the puffy cover that reads Purple) because it includes a zipper. It can tempt you to remove it and wash it in the washing machine. Please try to avoid

How to clean an Avocado mattress?

After covering the afflicted area with baking soda, wait 10 minutes. Spray the area with your enzymatic cleaner, then wait a few minutes before removing it. Repeatedly wipe the mattress, then top it with more baking soda. Vacuum the baking soda in the morning after letting the mattress dry naturally overnight.

For which frames can we use an avocado Mattress?

The Avocado Green Mattress is intended to perform at its best on a rigid, non-spring foundation, platform, adjustable bed base, or slatted foundation with a maximum distance between boards of 4.5 inches. An Avocado Mattress may seem overly springy when used with a box spring.


There are several variances between these options, even though both of these brands are on the firmer end of a spectrum and offer foam/coil hybrid options. I hope this side-by-side comparison helped you decide which best fits your requirements.


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