How heavy is a mattress


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The weight of a mattress depends on its size and type. If you are going to buy a new bed, it is important to know how heavy is a mattress. Most people think that heavier mattresses are expensive and good in quality, but it is not true. There are different price ranges for both heavier and lighter mattresses depending on their quality and manufacturing company.
However, heavy mattresses are difficult to move, but they contain more materials. Here I am going to share a few mattress types and sizes to better understand how heavy is a mattress.
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Types of mattresses
Size of mattress
Thickness of mattress

Types of mattresses:

Different types of mattresses have their own weight and feel. These are some types of mattresses;
Inner spring
Memory foam
Air bed

Inner spring:

Steel coils that serve as the support base of innerspring mattresses are topped with a thin foam or fiber fill pillow. Weight is dependent on coil count and coil gauge, but the open support system makes the bed lighter and easier to transport.

Memory foam:

Memory foam is a dense substance that often has a base made of higher density foam and a comfort layer made of lower density memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are heavier than innerspring mattresses while not being the heaviest form of mattress.


Memory foam and latex foam both have similar conforming characteristics, and both are weighted according to their densities. Depending on the layers and density, latex mattresses are heavier than other mattresses.

Air bed:

Airbeds are the lightest mattresses available because they rely on air for both comfort and support. Most travelers use air beds because they are the easiest to move and carry. Air beds are known as temporary sleeping arrangements because they are less durable.


Hybrid mattresses combine durable innerspring coils with pressure-relieving memory foam. Due to the number of materials and layers they contain, hybrid mattresses are among the heaviest mattress kinds available.
These were some types of mattresses that will help you to know how heavy is a mattress.

Size of mattress:

King and California king mattresses are the heaviest, while twin mattresses are the lightest. Mattress sizes start as light and increase steadily heavier.


The smallest and lightest bed available is a twin size mattress, which measures 38 inches by 75 inches. Children and single individuals with small apartments do well with twin mattresses. Families with more than one child may benefit from investing in a bunk bed frame to make the most of their limited space since twin beds are simple to move and set up.

Twin XL

With an additional 5 inches of length, twin XL mattresses are roughly the same size as twin beds. With greater area to spread out, twin XL beds are ideal for taller persons who are over 6 feet tall.

Full Size

Teenagers and single people would benefit most from full size beds, which measure 56 inches by 75 inches. Full-size beds weigh between 50 and 60 pounds and provide additional space for sleepers.

King Size

The largest mattress size available is a king size mattress, which measures 76 inches by 80 inches. King mattresses, which provide 38 inches of private space, are ideal for couples. Weight ranges from 130 to 180 pounds for king beds.

California king

California king mattresses have the same area as king mattresses but are longer and slimmer, measuring 72 inches by 84 inches. Because they provide additional legroom, California king beds are ideal for taller couples. The weights of California king beds range from 130 to 180 pounds.

Queen Size

The majority of single adults who live alone prefer queen size mattresses, which measure 60 inches by 80 inches. Queen mattresses provide plenty of area for single sleepers and are suitable for couples who have a small bedroom. Weight ranges from 120 to 160 pounds for queen beds.

Thickness of mattress

High-profile mattresses, which range in height from 12 to 14 inches, typically have more materials or thicker layers, which makes them heavier. How heavy is a mattress also depends on the thickness of the mattress. Some people might like a mattress with a high profile, but keep in mind that the mattress will probably weigh more.


Does the weight of the mattress affect its quality?

Your king-size mattress’s weight won’t always have an impact on its durability or quality. However, there are several circumstances in which knowing your mattress’ weight can be important. When shopping for a new mattress, some customers use weight as a criterion for the mattress’s quality or ease of transport. While quality is important, prospective buyers should also consider the materials themselves, such as the ILD rating and foam density or the coil count and innerspring coil gauge.

Is there any weight limit of a mattress?

No matter the mattress type, every mattress has a weight limit. The term “weight limit” describes the maximum amount of body weight that a bed can hold without sagging. King and California king mattresses can sustain 800 pounds altogether, or 400 pounds on each side of the bed, compared to the typical 400 pounds for twin, twin XL, and full-size mattresses.

Which mattress size is best?

Think about weight while choosing a new mattress. A lighter bed can be a better choice if you move around a lot because it will be simpler to transfer. However, if you intend to stay put for a while, you might want to spend more money on a larger mattress for maximum comfort.

What is the weight of king size mattress in KG?

While king size mattresses’ dimensions rarely vary from standard criteria, the same cannot be said for their weight. Your king size mattress could weigh anywhere from 58kg to 82kg, depending on the materials used to make it.

Can you move the mattress easily?

People who have weak knees, weak backs, or heavier mattresses may probably need help moving their mattresses. It’s important to push with your legs rather than your back while moving and lifting a mattress. When transferring your mattress, you might find it useful to use a dolly or a cart with wheels.

Why are mattresses heavy?

Due to their deeper comfort layers and a variety of support systems, modern mattresses are heavier. Your mattress will weigh more if thicker and denser materials are used in its construction.
A better night’s sleep and greater support are provided by this larger weight, nevertheless. The biggest weight is added by larger or thicker foam mattresses.


In this article, I shared how heavy is a mattress. The weight of the mattress depends on its built quality and size. Also, different mattresses types have different weights. Such as king, size mattresses are the heaviest, and latex mattresses are the lightest. You can move your mattress easily if it is light in weight, and it’s difficult to move a heavy mattress.

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