how to clean urine mattress


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Your mattress is just like your friend who knows how to deliver you a night of quality sleep. If you have a child or pet at home, there is a big chance that they will pee on the mattress. Now you might be worried about how to clean urine mattress. Cleaning urine from the mattress immediately after the accident is important to prevent getting hard stains. As a bedding expert, I am going to share easy methods to clean your urine mattress.
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How to clean fresh urine from a mattress
How to clean dry urine from mattress
How to clean old urine stains from mattress
How to clear urine smell from mattress
How to clean pet urine from mattress

How to clean fresh urine from a mattress:

Cleaning fresh urine is much easier than the dried. If you find fresh urine on your mattress, you can make it as if nothing happened on it. You just need regular household items like baking soda, white vinegar, towels, spray bottles, and a vacuum cleaner.
If you have all these things, then follow these steps;

Remove your bedding

Remove all your bedding from the mattress and make your mattress ready for the cleaning process.

Make a cleaning mixture

Take your spray bottle and fill it half with water and the other half with white vinegar. Mix it properly to make a good mixture.

Absorb the urine

Use a clean towel and press it on the urine area to absorb urine from your mattress. Please don’t scrub the towel on a mattress to avoid urine from spreading all over the mattress. Push your towel hard on the affected area to absorb urine from deeper layers of the mattress.

Spray the mixture

After absorbing the urine from your mattress now, spray the cleaning mixture on the affected area. Make sure to spray gently and avoid making excess liquid on your mattress.

Use baking soda

Now cover the urine area with baking soda and leave it for 7 to 8 hours on your mattress. Baking soda will absorb the remaining urine from the mattress properly.

Use vacuum cleaner

After leaving the baking soda for 7 to 8 hours, vacuum cleans the baking soda from the mattress and check carefully is there still any stain on your mattress. If you find any stain, then repeat the upper process again to clean it.
Please use a dry-wet vacuum for this process. Household vacuums have a chance of getting affected because of moisture.
Now you know how to clean urine mattress easily at home. Now let’s see how to clean dry urine from a mattress.

How to clean dry urine from mattress:

If you find urine on your mattress after it gets dry, then you need a heavy cleaning solution to clean it properly. You can use your household items, or you can easily buy some items from the store. You need a spray bottle, liquid detergent, vacuum cleaner, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide.
After arranging all these things, here are easy steps to clean your mattress;

Make cleaning mixture

Put 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle, three tablespoons of baking soda, and 3-drops of dish cleaner. Mix them, and your mixture is ready.

Spray mixture on stains

Look for urine stains on your mattress and spray a cleaning mixture on them. Please make sure you sprayed on all stains properly.

Wait for the mixture to get dry

After spraying the cleaning mixture on your mattress, leave it for 6 to 7 hours to dry completely.

Use vacuum cleaner

You will see dry baking soda on your mattress after it gets completely dry. Use a vacuum to clean the particles from your mattress.
Check your mattress carefully. If there is any stain left on your mattress, then repeat this process. If you don’t find any stains, your mattress is ready to use.
I hope after reading this process, you know how to clean urine mattress easily at home by using your household materials.

How to clean old urine stains from mattress

Sometimes you don’t notice urine stains on your mattress because of the mattress cover, but when you remove the mattress cover after some days and you see urine stains, you start getting worried about how to clean it. I have also faced this problem so many times on my mattress, so I know how to completely remove urine stains from the mattress.
Here are some things you need in this process
Laundry detergent
Cold water
Plastic wrap
White vinegar
Spray bottle

Make cleaning mixture

Divide your spray bottle into four parts. Fill two parts of the spray bottle with cold water, one part with white vinegar, and drop a little amount of laundry detergent. Spray this mixture properly on the stain and make sure this mixture goes into the depth of the stain.

Use plastic wrap

Never rub, blot, or make any other attempt to absorb any extra liquid. Instead, place plastic wrap over the wet area and let it remain for 24-48 hours. As a result, the solution will remain liquid and continue to operate on the stain for a longer period of time.

Air dry your mattress

Allow the mattress to dry naturally after removing the plastic wrap. To ensure that the fabric dries completely, it is preferable to leave it for at least one night.

Repeat process if needed

After doing all the above steps, if there is still some stain left on your mattress, you have to repeat the process. Hard stains need a few washes to completely disappear.

Spot clean the stain

Examine the treated area for any dried vinegar solution residue once you’ve completed cleaning and are certain you don’t need to repeat the procedure. Clean up spills with water, then blot them with towels to dry. That’s the complete process of how to clean urine mattress in any condition.

How to clear urine smell from mattress

After cleaning the urine stains from your mattress, the other issue is to clear the smell from the mattress. You need baking soda and a vacuum for this process. Baking soda can truly remove the smell of urine rather than just covering it because of its basic ph. Try out this simple two-ingredient approach to eliminate the smell of urine.

Adding baking soda

Making use of baking soda will prevent you from sneezing uncontrollably in the middle of the night over an unpleasant smell. Sprinkle a light layer of baking soda all over your mattress, paying special attention to the urine-stained area to deodorize it.

Leave the baking soda on the mattress

Giving the baking soda at least 5 to 10 hours will allow it to do its work, which may need you to spend the night on the couch. Be sure to check the baking soda in the morning after leaving it on all night.

Use vacuum

Vacuum your bare mattress after letting the baking soda stay there all night. (The best tool for this is a handheld vacuum or upholstery attachment.) While vacuuming won’t erase the stains, it will get rid of the baking soda and its smell. Repeat the technique if the smell remains.

How to clean pet urine from mattress:

How to clean urine mattress that gets urinated by your pet is also a big problem for anyone. Due to the diverse compounds that make up animal urine and the fact that it is frequently more concentrated, pet urine can often smell a little worse than human urine. Since some animals like to return to marked territory for a repeat performance, it is even more crucial to ensure that pet urine is fully removed.

Things you need;

Baking soda
Enzyme cleaner
White vinegar
Essential oil (optional)

Applying baking soda

Apply baking powder directly to the dirty area without first cleaning up any extra urine using a towel as you typically would. As the pee is drawn up and out of the mattress, baking soda will absorb moisture and deepen in tone.

Use vacuum

To continue absorbing the urine, remove the used baking soda from the area and replace it with fresh baking soda. Continue until the freshly made baking soda stays white.

Cleaning the mattress

After you’ve extracted as much of your pet’s urine from the mattress as you can, clean the urine as if it were human urine. To completely remove the stain, you might need to repeat the procedure.

Use enzyme cleaner

Animal urine not only has extra ingredients such as carbohydrates and fatty acids (in dogs) and ammonia, but it is also more concentrated than human urine (in dogs and cats). These stickier substances can be broken down with the aid of cleaners that contain enzymes, which are biological catalysts that quicken chemical reactions.

Choose an enzyme cleanser made especially for cleaning pet stains, and make sure the product is non-toxic by reading the label. Enzyme cleaners can be purchased online or at the majority of pet retailers.

Avoid harsh or chemical products

It’s important to avoid using toxic substances like bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or any common household cleaner that isn’t particularly marked as being non-hazardous to animals. You should also make sure that any enzyme cleansers you find are non-toxic.


Is this cleaning method useful for other stains?

Simply said, sure. The vinegar solution is an effective all-purpose cleaner that may be applied to a range of different mattress stains. The vinegar solution method won’t always work, though; more difficult compounds like blood or red wine would need a different solution.

How to neutralize urine?

The low pH of baking soda can neutralize urine odor because urine has a high pH and is naturally acidic. Pour baking soda over the affected area and allow it to sit for at least five hours or overnight to neutralize urine.

How to dry urine quickly from a mattress?

Although it’s suggested to let urine air dry with vinegar or baking soda solution, you can accelerate this process by opening your windows or turning on a fan. Another option is to gently dab the area with a dry towel, but be careful not to wipe, or you risk spreading the urine stain.


In this article, I shared how to clean urine mattress by using daily household ingredients. You can buy some ingredients from the store easily if you don’t find them in your home. Avoid using harsh chemical products on your mattress. Try to use a waterproof mattress protector to prevent this accident in the future. You can also easily remove the urine smell from your mattress by following some easy steps. I hope this article will help you to solve your problem with urinated mattress.

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